Author/notes: So I started watching this ten-year-old fan-service anime just for the heck of it, and I ended up kind loving it, it has interesting lore, interesting characters and a ton of fanfic fuel (Plus a shit load of quality waifus), seriously if you give it a try knowing what it is, you'd pleasant surprised.

But then, as I was basking in the bouncing boobs and cat fights, I began to wonder about the fanfic scene for this series, because a world like that lends itself to a lot of opportunity for lewdness, but to my chagrin there was only 77 fics on FF and none on QQ, so I was like "Damn, I'm mean, I can see why; fan servicy shows like that aren't known for holding attention, and this one is ten years old, but I expect more. I wonder if I could-" Then my Muse came bursting through my wall riding the kool-aid man, with booze in one hand and lube in the other, and there was PARTYING that night.

This is our brain child.

Sorry for the long post, just the some few things. This story have main objectives are Fun and Lewds, the premise is to basically to have the MC lewd the Queen's blade's cast and have fun along the way, it will have a story, because I don't like my porn without one, and they help develop the characters so they can be more the warm bodies for the MC to fuck, but the story will serve as a build off to lewdness, that said it won't be full on lewds (or lemons, whatever) in every chapter, because I believe if I bloat the story with it, it'd become boring and predicable, but I'll try to put at least one 'Hot' scene in each chapter.

And lastly; About the Mc, he's on a Isekai situation there, basically he reincarnated on the place with a cheat power, the power is original creation I came up with by ripping off other animes, and yes it will make him overpowered (I like the challenger of writing compelling story with game breaker characters) more details about it at the end of the chapter; I'll be putting a summary to help you understand.

Chapter 01

Sometimes, I ponder about the tropes and cliches that plagued this new world I've reincarnated intoimple things like 'Where the hell are all these monsters coming from?', or 'Why the hell most men here are either wimps or assholes', or, my all-time favorite; 'Why there is modern-looking female underwear in a medieval society?'. These are all legit questions I ask myself from time to time ever since the day was born again.

I suppose I shouldn't expect much common sense of a world clearly based on those trashy fan-servicy anime of my old life, but some basic critical thinking would be nice, like those female adventurers that come to my new family's shop; these crazy bitches almost always go for the bikini armor, just… No lady, no! You're not freaking Red Sonja, you gonna get yourself killed!

In the seven years I've been living here, I have come to accept, and even find amusement in the silly situations I witness every day, maybe I'd point out the dumbness of it in the future, when my sharp commentaries aren't dismissed as 'little kid questions'.

But there are some tropes and cliches I can't accept, more specifically the ones that go past the weirdly funny, and enter the realms of life-threatening retarded; like village kids with no sense of self-preservation.

Seriously, what is up with kids and dense, dark forests!? It's like they want to be brutally eaten by monsters. And not only that, but the little devils decided that winter was the perfect time to wander inside without adult supervision, the time of year where the flow of bright-eyed adventurers coming to the village reduces to almost none, thus allowing the monster population to grow unchecked.

The result; the girl of the group has been kidnapped by goblins, the boys were injured but thankfully not death, they bumped into me on their way back to the village.

I couldn't wait for the adults to mount a response, it would take too long for them to do so, and my Mother, the only significant response they could produce, was making an emergency delivery to a neighboring village. By the time she gets here, it would be too late for the girl.

So it falls to me and my seven-years-old ass to get her back. In some ways, it was fortunate that this happened now and not before winter started, I wouldn't be able to act if that was the case; there was no way I would risk my neck like that when the only special thing about me was my adult mind, but now my… isekai cheat power had manifested itself.

My mother made me promise that I wouldn't use it; she is worried, and it's no wonder she is, given that neither she nor I knew what the fuck was that power and where the hell did it came from, but this is an emergency, I simply couldn't stand by and let a little girl be taken by goblins knowing I could do something about it. Great power brings great responsibility and all that talk. Plus, I don't technically have to break my promise. Even without activating it; I could still kick some serious ass with the passive benefits that it brought.

The globins' track led me to a jagged, snow-covered path among the trees, even after an hour of intense sprinting and fast movements my body's still good to go, I'm not even winded down. My way-too-light-for-this-weather clothes also helped me go faster; I made my way across the knee-high layer of snow with speeds that no small child could achieve. I was quickly catching up with the monsters; their laughter could be heard in the wind.

I was surprisingly familiar with the layout of this forest even though I didn't dare getting anywhere close to it without one of my parents around. My father has been taking me to camp here since I could walk in order to teach me about the ways of the world; I didn't manage to bear-hug monsters to death like he hoped (A bit unfair me thinks, considering I was two at the time…) But I learned quite a bit about surviving and making my way through the wilderness.

After a few brief minutes of sprinting, their shape became visible. I quickly assessed the situation.

There were four goblins; usual dumb green monsters not much taller than I was. They had the girl's between then and had tied her hands with a scrap of her ruined dress. It didn't look like she's been raped yet, thank god, but she seemed pretty shaken.

A few weeks ago, I wouldn't dream of approaching them. Perhaps if there was only one goblin, and I was armed with a good dagger or small cub, I could have done something; living with two ex-adventures has taught me somethings about fighting, but against four? Unarmed? No, it would be suicide.

Now though.

I crushed the head of one of the monsters with a rock before the others even noticed. I had already jumped on another by the time the last two pointed their weapons at my direction.

After smashing it to fleshy bits, I turned toward the girl. "Get down!" I shouted, my voice echoing across the area. I wanted to say I sounded heroic, but I don't know how heroic I could sound with my squeaky girly voice.

Thankfully, the girl obeyed me immediately. Now it would be harder for the goblins to use her as a hostage or human shield.

The nearest goblin leaped toward me with a battle cry, I simply stepped to the side and let him fall face first on the snow while focusing on the other coming right behind him. He swung his rusty dagger with a surprisingly fast movement, but I managed to quickly grab hold of the hand holding the weapon and used my superior strength to twist his arm and make him stab his own neck.

I wouldn't be able to do that before, my girly frame and delicate arms made me weaker than the average boy; now though, I could fight muscular adult men and be reasonably sure I would win.

The last goblin stood back up with an angry snarl, but I was waiting for it, and now I had a dagger.

… And that was it.

My first real fight of this new life, hell, my first real fight period, I stood against a monster that wanted to end my life and won, and I'm barely seven years old. I hope I'm not setting a precedent… But who am I kidding; someone with a power like mine in an adventure happy world was bound to have an interesting life.

"Are you ok?" I asked the still unresponsive girl. She was a little older than me, and a bit familiar, but I didn't know her name. I usually don't hang out with the children of my village; they're hard to interact with when you have an older mind. "There doesn't see to be any serious injury… ah, you must be pretty cold with your dress torn like that. I'm sorry I didn't bring a jacket."

"RANA!" Cried the girl, suddenly jumping and pulling my head into a tight embrace. To my horrifying surprise, she had two soft bumps on her chest. Holy shit already! How old is she? Nine? Ten? No wonder women of this world are so well endowed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so scared!" She cried with her face buried my hair, her body trembling with the sobs.

"It's alright, it's alright, it's all over now, you're safe now." I patted her back awkwardly; consoling traumatizing children isn't my thing…

It took a few minutes for her to calm down enough to let me go, but some tears still persist. "… I'm sorry about all the things I said about you." She mumbled, wiping her eyes.

"Ah." Yeah, being the village resident anti-social has earned me some bad reputation among the younger population it seems, but then again it allowed me to spend some more time at the forge learning the badass art of blacksmithing without being disturbed, not a bad deal in my opinion.

I send her a smile; my mother always said my smiles help calms her down. I hope they had a similar effect here. "It's alright, I don't really mind, the important thing now is getting you to safety."

She was still sobbing as I started to lead her away, "I-I will tell everyone. We will stop saying those things, you'll be a hero!"

"It's really alright, you don't have to feel guilty or anything, let's just move before something els-"

Then, I heard it, the very distinct sound of something sharp cutting the air, it was like those time in the shop when adventurers tried out the…

"Look out!" I shout, tackling the girl and putting my body above hers. A rail of arrows fell upon the area not a moment later.

More laughter echoed across the forest. I turned to see five goblin archers making a victory dance on the branches of the tree on the other side of the clearing, beneath, around the trunk, more goblins started to show up. Seven, twelve, nineteen, fuck, there were a lot of them.

That's why the four didn't rape the girl immediately! They were taking her to the nest!

"That's no good, no good at all!"

My attention was drawn to a figure stepping forward form the goblin mass. A short, round figure wearing an 'evil warlock that just got out of a BDSM bar' cosplay, it was porky and green, with many traits shared with the monsters around it.

Great, one of the sapient ones was leading the horde.

"Don't go around-" He paused to slap the head of one of the archers. "Shooting blindly like that! You might kill the merchandise!"

I heard rumors about these little fuckers. Walking between the line of monster and non-monsters, with the ability to attract and command their most feral cousins, few cities around the Queen's lands even accept their presence, but the ones who do are almost guaranteed to have a healthy slave market.

Shit, to have one of them so close to the village…

"Let's see! Let's see!" The bastard got closer, tilting his head as he looked at us. "Hummm, two human girls rippling with youth and innocence- Oh! What a joyful find! My clients will play a hefty price for you, oh yes they will!"

I ignored his mistake of my gender; it was practically impossible to tell I was a boy from the first look; my trap levels are truly something else. Instead, I turned to the girl.

"Listen to me! You have to run to the village. I'll hold them back whil…" My voice trailed off as I saw the look on her eyes, and the drops of blood that had fallen on her face.

I glanced at my shoulder, where a poorly crafted arrow shaft was sticking off, there was another on my thigh, I didn't even realize they were there.

Pain doesn't affect me like it used to.

Shit, the sight of blood made the girl go into shock, she wouldn't be moving anytime soon.

"Now, now, there is no time to lose! Ohh~ I'm can't wait to begin the training… haul them up, boys!"

I turned to the approaching horde, there too much to reasonably count with a look, I put their number around thirty or fifty. They had left the trees, probably confident in the strength of their number. The ones approaching had sickening smiles on their ugly faces.

…Fuck, looks like strength and speed alone won't get me out of this, not with those ranged weapons… I have no choice.

Sorry, mom…

I reached down inside myself and flipped the metaphorical switch within my soul.


Cattleya, Boska's village famous weaponsmith, ran across the snow-covered forest; the speed and ferocity of her movements would leave people who knew her only as the soft-spoken blacksmith astonished.

She had arrived at the village early than planned and had indented to surprise her beloved son when she was suddenly beset by a group of panicky villagers and a pair of pleading parents.

The look on little Amalie's mother's face would have been enough to send the woman running, but the next bit of news made the woman race.

Her Rana was missing too.

She wanted to hope that the incidents weren't related, but her heart knew who he is. He has been so restless after the… event weeks ago, it was like Owen's blood was awakened inside him, and there is no way Owen's son would turn his back on a maiden in distress.

Motherly worry gripped her heart like a vice, sending waves of anxiety and uncertainty to her soul. Her son, her small, gentle boy was out there facing wicked goblins, her son who has never been in a fight before.

Her knuckle tightened around the shaft of her javelin while a strangled, panicky sound escapes her lips. Her free hand gripped the thick winter cloak she had over her body and tore it away, leaving only her purple smiting apron and underwear, with the new range of mobility on her legs, she shot forward with almost twice the speed of before, the chilling temperatures not even phasing her.

No! She shouldn't be thinking like that! The children need her to focus. She knew this forest like the back of her hand, so where would be the best spot for goblins to nest? They would avoid caves this time of the year; there were too many beasts hibernating in them to be safe, so a defensive clearing, or a hollow tree big enough to house a huddle. Meaning east, the part with the tallest trees.

As she was adjusting her direction, Cattleya heard a loud, cracking boom at a distance, and saw small figures shooting from the treetop toward the sky. They were quick to disappear among the clouds.

Could it be?... He wouldn't… No, if he thought he couldn't handle. Regardless of what she was imagining, this wasn't something she could just ignore.

It didn't take long for the vegetation to part and reveal the prone form lying under a tree.


Cattleya slid to a stop beside the girl, a wave of snow blowing behind her. Her experienced eyes immediately roomed over the girl's body, looking for injuries.

"Oh thank god." She breathed, seeing that she was simply unconscious. She was bringing her close to her boson to give the girl some much needed warmth when she noticed the fabric beneath her; the torn and stretched material was keeping the girl's body separated from the snow.

Cattleya's world lost all colors as terrible recognition settled her mind; her heart started to pound on her chest as she reached a trembling hand to the very familiar shirt.

Enough! The veteran adventurer clamped down these feelings. This wasn't the place for it; she had to keep her calm for the sake of the unconscious child before her, monsters must be close; that early noise was quite loud.

Besides, she is sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.

"Ohja ohja, where is all that bravado from before? Didn't you say you would be training me?" Cattleya snapped her head in the direction of the deep voice that boomed in a loudly, yet oddly calmly manner across the trees. "And you tried to run away too, so shameful."

The busty blacksmith's body sagged in relief, but her worries didn't completely fade; her son was fine, but he was… changed.

He stood there, over the blood-soaked snow, with the shattered bodies of what appears to have been a substantial group of goblins around his feet, and one of the creatures on his hand. He was also casually resting an enormous tree trunk over his shoulder.

Tall, that was always the thing that aways grabbed Cattleya's attention when her son was like this. Tall, broad and powerful, with midnight black hair that fell to his back in wild, spiky waves, piercing blue eyes that could erase the whole world if you stare too much into it, and a body that every inch was chiseled by herculean muscles that struck the perfect balance between wiriness and bulginess, all under a nice tanned skin seems to radiate warmth. He looked like something forged by God to be an example to all men; an apex of masculinity.

Cattleya closed her eyes, her battle-hardened mind quickly taking control of her emotions.

A curse, it must be, Cattleya had experienced enough things during her time as an adventure to know that phenomenons that resulted in such severe physical transformation are almost always curses, and God knows she and her husband had angered enough black mages to have one or two curses thrown on their way… or on their lineage.

When her Rana first transformed, she feared he would become a mindless berserker, killing and raping everyone unlucky enough to stand near him; this would fit the theme of a curse that grants such flawless form and absurd physical prowess. Nothing like that had happened, thank god; her son's personality does change while he was like that, but he was still her baby boy inside, only now he had a body that far surpasses her own capabilities. It was still too early to consider it safe or to know if such intense transformation wouldn't leave any lasting damage on his body, but the effects after he changes back… the price he has to pay… it's most certainly the work of a curse.

Plus, each time she looked at him…

The Blacksmith opened her eyes again and dared to stare at her son. She immediately felt her body tingling as the cold on the outside counterbalanced the spreading heat on the inside. The snow dripped over the sudden hypersensitive skin as she breaths quickened and a sight layer of sweat began to form. The shame bubbling on her belly did nothing to stop the growing pressure, nor did the realization that it wasn't only sweat her body was producing.

What a wretched mother she must be, if the vision of an adult version of her own son made her feel that way. She just… missed Owen so much… And he looked so much like him…

"Ohja? Mother?" Striking Blue orbs that put the oceans and the sky to shame turned toward her, her body simply lit up by the attention. "What a delightful surprise!"

The broken goblin and the massive tree were dropped with a pathetical whine and huge crash respectively. The image of her son walking toward her with a jubilant smile on his face always set off powerful motherly instincts no matter the form; she was standing with her arm spread wide before she even noticed.

The world closed in on her, evolving her entire being in an inviting warmth. Each one of her son's muscles felt like mini continents as they pressed tightly against her softness and met her own hard bedrock underneath, her fingers couldn't help but to trail along the defined lines on her son's back while she bit back a moan caused by the dirty, forbidden feelings started to overtaken the motherly happiness she felt for seeing him; she couldn't do anything but shiver.

She stayed in his arm for an eternity; basking in the warm and sturdiness of his form while her nose drowned in the scent of concentrated manliness. Her thoughts began to mush together at the same time her sculptured legs started to lose they characteristic strength; the fingers of her toe curled inside her boots, and her arms hugged tighter and tighter in an attempt to fuse with the world of warmth. No able to hold on anymore, she released a long, breathless moan and nuzzled the warm flesh pressed against her face, plucking the tip of her tongue to taste some-

The famous blacksmith became a mother again as soon as the embrace ended.

"It's good that you are here mother, I was just finishing cleaning after my mess and-"

"Rana!" She said firmly, putting her stern face on... and purposefully ignoring how tightly her clothes clang to her body. "What did I tell you about using that?!"

"Ohja." The boy flinched; his hand went to starch the back of his neck. "But you see mother there were some wicket goblins around, and they're going to unspeakable things to us…" His attempt of explanation only made his mother's eyes narrow more; they will have a talk about that later. His shoulders finally slumped, some of his original personality slipping through the breach. "…Sorry, mom."

Cattleya sighed, "We don't know what this is Rana, or what it could do to you. You have to be more wary of it." She explained patiently.

"I know that… But it was for a good cause right? I mean, I saved the girl!" He tried to argue, looking every bit like his father when he tried the same thing.

Cattleya's heart melted.

"Oh, I know that my boy, and for that, I'm proud of you." She steps closer, her enormous bust dragging over his chiseled chest as she reaches out to pull him down, raising herself to the tip of her toes. The warm kiss was planted just beneath his lips; leaving her own lips an needly, tingling mess she forced herself to ignore. "And I'm so, so happy to see you again."

Mother and son smiled at each other. Cattleya saw him leaning in for another embrace, which she happily reciprocated, it was less intense this time, but it was just as loving.

The busty woman blinked as she felt something burning against her soft belly.


"Ah." He son quickly jumped away. "M-my apologies." He said reaching down to…

The movement drew Cattleya's eyes to a place she swore never to look while her son was like that, she only caught a glimpse of it before he blocked the vision with his large hands and turned to the side. But even then she felt the imaged imprinting itself in her mind.

A storm of… complicated feelings erupted in her heart; from confusion, to awe, to shame, to astonishment, to feelings she would never admit, but among all of those, the one that stood out the most was the womanly pride she felt to have caused a reaction in such splendid thing; it has been a long time since she felt so… sexy.

Then her brain rebooted, and she realized on who that unforgettable marvel was attached to.

"Ah!" She quickly moved close to her muscular little boy, patting him in the back with an understanding smile. "It's alright dear, this a perfectly normal reaction to a boy of your age." A bit older, probably, she added in her mind.

"Mooom you're making it worse!"



Deep, constant, terrible pain.

It felt it like there was a blazing sun of pure agony between my legs. The worst of all was the occasional spikes; the spikes make me curls.

Mother opened the door to our house, and I waddled my way inside. I think she wanted to give me an earful for putting myself in danger like that but, after we got to the village and the side effect of my transformation began to appear, she immediately move to console me.

And she was making much, much worse.

"S-so, we were, what do you need sweetie? A bucket of warm water? Some towels?" She asked, looking worried and agitated. The way she bent over to check me put her cleavage directly at my face; my hyper-awareness was making me count every drop of sweat and melted snow trailing on those vast milky lands, the way her arms unintentionally squished them together framed more of her wide nipples on the apron always me biting my knuckles.

If I had any doubts the world I reincarnated in was an ecchi-anime fantasy world, my mother would have blown those out of the water.

She was, quite honestly, the most beautiful woman that I ever lay my eyes on, even by this new world's superior standards; she had soft inviting features that seems to be made for smiles, the gentlest blue eyes you'd ever see on anyone, shoulder length black hair that she keeps in low ponytail and a utterly bombastic body with proportions that are just out of this world. The only flaw you could say she had is a bit of a belly she got for enjoying a quiet, comfortable life a bit too much, but even then, I'd say this actually enhances her image, not detracts. If this is an ecchi-anime world, then she is the living embodiment of a whole checklist of fetishes, the problem was; I shared a lot of the fetishes of this metaphorical checklist.

Living in the same roof as her, and the fact that she is my new biological mother (yes, I can confirm this, still have nightmares about the event sometimes) helped me not to drool over her curves… too much, but in the state I was, everything about her was drawing my wide leering gaze and giving me have ideas.

And her clothes! Or what she considered clothes! That's a fucking naked apron! You can't wave a freaking naked apron in front of me and expect me not to look! Especially when it was over these pair of boobs!

"Rana? Talk to me, sweetie." She had to physically move my face up to break my trance. I was met by a worried glance, a gorgeous face, and a pair of charming oval glasses that stayed on her pretty nose by the power of anime tropes alone. I crossed another fetish from that checklist this day. Tomorrow I'll start making my megane godness t-shirt. God, how would they look all covered by my…

My mighty boner throbbed powerfully while another agonizing spike of pain surged within my boated balls.

I feel to my knees with a shrill cry, my already girly voice made me sound like a wounded animal. Mother sprung to action immediately.

"Hold on! I know just what to do! I just need to get vegetable oil and a bit of honey. I can use the forge to heat up an emergency bath." She moved to hold me.

Wait hold me!? As in bury my body in her titanic breasts!? I would explode!"

"Mom no! no it fine." I waved my arms around unseeingly until I grabbed hold of her belly. Goddammit, It was the same consistency as her breasts! How does that make sense!? "I just need… sometime alone… like last time." Yeah, last time, when I 'figured out' the way to make the pain go away. It was pretty obvious once you consider what I was feeling.

"Oh… Right! I will… help you there…" Mother was a pretty unflappable woman; there was very few things that could make her sound awkward, so her reaction told me she knew, or at least had an idea, of what I did to get rid to the pain last time.

She helped me back to my feet and supported me on the wobbly walk to my room. I tried desperately to make my boner less noticeable, but it was a nigh impossible task, even wearing the weird shirt/dress thing mother made for me. I don't usually wear it because walking around the village in a flowing purple dress that flashed my bubbly trap ass with even the briefest of breezes sounded like a good way to get raped, but my clothes were destroyed so...

"There." Mother carefully lighted the candle on the nightstand while I recuperated from another spike on the bed. "Do you need anything? An extra set of blankets? Something to eat? Maybe some water?"

"I'm fine mom, I just need to be alone for a few… hours, hum, can you leave now please?" I said as politely as possible, with my back turned toward her. Fuck, my balls felt like a pair of brick.

"Y-Yes, aright. I'll be right by the door ok, just shout if you need me."

"No!" I tried to control my voice. "Ah… I-I would prefer that you stay as far away as possible, maybe on the forge, yeah, hitting a big, heavy hammer would be the best."

"Oh… Alright." God fucking damn it, I was too blunt on that last outburst. Shit, seen her like her makes me feel like shit, I should- OH HELL!... My balls… I'll make it up to her later. "I'll bee around… just… good luck…"

And then she finally left.

I immediately threw the dress away from me, leaving me wearing only socks and a pair of boots. Looking down I could see the burly meatpole pointing toward the ceiling the wide helmet still partially covered by pale foreskin.

One of the effects that the sudden activation of my cheat power brought, beyond immense strength and power, was an accelerated course of overly healthy puberty to that particular part of my body. Now I had, for all intent and purpose, a fully matured penis hanging between my legs, complete with the ability to wake up with morning woods and have boners during awkward moment. And the size…

Let just say I went from a tiny, trap-appropriated dick to a porn-star grade bitchtamer in a single instant; it was a dick to be envy off.

But it wasn't my dick that was worrying me; it was my balls. There were not grotesquely boated, but a single glare would tell anyone that they were not on the size they supposed to be.

I reached down with both of my hands and made the initial strokes. With my lustful urges finally being attended to, the pain disappeared supernaturally fast, leaving only a heavy, uncomfortable, yet weirdly pleasant pressure instead.

I relaxed on the bed, enjoying the lack of pain, but I knew that if I stop, it would come back worse than before, so I let my hands wander while my mind worked its magic.

Miss Isabelle from the flower shop and how her enormous tits always pressed together in that purple apron of hers. The sassy Angelica her vast bottom that completely engulfed the thin line of the thin underwear she insists on wearing, making appear like she had nothing there. The energetic Miranda and the succulent way her sweaty body looked after a hard day at the forger.

… After a few more try I stopped lying to myself, and let my thought fall where they usually did.

I love Cattleya. It was hard not to fall in love with someone who showers you with love and affection every day of your life. But this is fine, hell, this is expected; she is an easy woman to love.

You could even say I love her like a mother. It's… hard to explain, and very complicated, maybe it had something to do with my biological baby brain, and way she cared and protected me during the most vulnerable time of my new life (being a baby is scary). But I have grown to see her as my mother, it wasn't the exact same thing I felt for my actual mother in my old life, but it's similar, in some ways.

And the fact that I do not entirely see her as my mother complicated things. Perhaps if I did, I wouldn't have grown to also love her like a woman.

It was easier to handle when my father was in the picture, they were a pretty happy and cute couple, anime trope-weirdness aside, with him around I could see that the bombastic woman I was attracted to was already taken and kept just enjoying the sexy images form affair. I would be satisfied with that, I mean, I live in a fan-service world, there is bound to be another woman like my mother somewhere on the globe I just had to find her and never let her go. But my father wasn't around anymore, and while she tried not to show it, his absence affected her a lot, so I tried to comfort her the best I could, and that resulted in us growing a lot closer on these past two years.

I tried to rein in on my attraction because she's still my biological mother and no memory of past life will change that, but the activation of my cheat power made things infinity harder for myself; if her curves were distracting before, now they were downright hypnotic; and the awkward boners… so much awkward boners…

Ah, fuck it! There is a time when a man should just accept his depravities. My raging boner was too hard to worry about silly things like morals and common sense anyway.

So I just laid back and thought of mother.


She shouldn't be doing this…

She should be at the forge working her stress away, or gathering firewood to replace the ones she used forging the emergency order, or cooking for the overly hungry mouth what would undoubtedly show up later.

She should not be kneeling by the door, hearing her son… hearing her son… taking care of his curse.

Cattleya cursed her weakness. Now, not only she was feeling forbidding things toward her son's cursed form, but her feelings are also persisting when he's in normal self. What kind of mother was she!?

But she couldn't help it! S-She couldn't walk away like that! Not with her son suffering like this!

She had stood facing away from the door in the beginning, but her legs gradually lost their strength as the sounds became clearer and more frequent.

She tried closing her eyes to regain some composure, but the image that was torturing her mind jumped to the forefront of her thoughts again, a mixture of shame, pride and curiosity filled her soul. She only came back to herself when her hand was already touching the door.

No, she couldn't. Rana asked her to… she couldn't betray his trust like that, not for something so… so…

B-But what if something went wrong? They didn't know how the curse worked after all, and they wouldn't have clear answers until spring, when they'd able to make the journey to Gainos to consult with the All-Holy, until then she should make sure the curse and whatever effect it brought stayed under control… T-That was what she was doing, right? Surely a bit of supervision wouldn't hurt; it was her duty as a mother to make sure her son was alright.

… But considering what he was doing, maybe it wouldn't be proper.

While Cattleya's mind was in deep conflict, her hand was absolutely certain of what to do. The door was slightly pushed, revealing the content of the room.

All of the busty woman's thought halted to a stop, her nostril flared as the intense musky smell hit her, it would have caused some reaction if she wasn't hypnotized by what she was seeming.

Her son's slender, sweaty body squirmed among the white sheets of the bed, his little chest moved up and down with each patted breaths, his toes curling and kicking as the pulse of pleasure surged higher and higher, the flickering candlelight made his body shine in an amount ethereal way.

And in his hands, right between his feminine thighs, were on a marvelous pillar of pure masculinity. It should've looked out of place on his small, delicate body, but against all the odds, it fitted like a glove. This was a close second to the divine vision of the one on his cursed form, it was a bit smaller, but even then... His small, delicate hands couldn't hope to hold all of it, they couldn't even wrap around it completely.

Oh, Owen… Your son has surpassed you. You'd be so proud…

She was transfixed by the vision, part of her mind wondered how he has come to this solution during the first crisis, but perhaps this act was ingrained deeply in the mind of every boy, so their instinct would someday naturally lead them to it, and what instincts her son have! What manliness!

…She couldn't… She couldn't do a lot of things. Couldn't move was one, couldn't look away from it, was another, but more importantly, she couldn't let her furtive, traitorous hand reach its destination! If that happens she would truly fail as a mother.

With a willpower built form years of hard battles, she yanked herself away from the light and pressed her back on the wall right beside the door. Her hands holding each other tightly as she kept them leveled to her heaving chest, she tried to calm her own panted breaths while trying to maintain self-control.

This was too much; her body was burning like never before, even Owen couldn't make her feel like this, just where were these forbidden desires coming from!? Was she always been this shameless!? This depraved!? This is her son for heaven's sake, her sweet little Rana!

Dear lord almighty, she could still hear him! His soft moans and quiet whines, they were so enchanting, so intoxicating... makes she want to- and the smell, Oh god the smell!

T-This is no good; she really needs to go now, she wouldn't be able to look at her son in the same way if she stayed.


Cattle yelped, straightening to attention.

Oooh! to have her son see her like this- And why are she getting hotter!? Oh, the shame!

"Mom… please..." The word, contrary to her beliefs, didn't come from beside her where her boy would be casting a judging glare over her breach of trust. Instead, it came further, from inside the room.


Oh god.

"Mom… keep going…"

Cattleya exploded.

She had to bite the hem of her smiting apron to keep the volume of her passion down, the act uncovered her lower end to the coldness of the world, but she barely notice due to the flames lit on the place.

"That's no good, no good at all Rana…" She muttered a moan through fabric and clenched teeth. "Not me… You should be calling for me… I'm can't-"

"Mom…" Her boy called again, and her body properly answered the call.

She let her eyes wander down to her disobeying hips.

Look at her, bucking her hips against the air like a bitch in heat, look of the amount of juice she was pouring. She wasn't a warrior, she wasn't a blacksmith, she wasn't even a mother; she was a whore, a shameless whore who came at her son's call.

"Ah…No… No… We can't Rana… Yes…"

She slid to the ground in an awkward tumble that went entirely unnoticed. Her hand slip through the side of her apron and roughly grabbed a sizeable amount of breast, her other hand traveled to the slopped mess in the middle of her bulking hips, her fingers exploring and invading without ceremonies, bringing her flames to new heights.


"Yes, sweetie… I'm here…"

Mother and son, completely unknowingly to one another, were moving in uncanny synchrony, whenever one bulked, the other ground, whenever one turned to one side, the other changed to the other, anyone looking would think it was the work of magic.

Cattleya was hearing her son chanting with a rapid frequency now. It didn't take a genius to figure out he was close. At this point she was with her face down on the hard, wooded floor with a drooled piece of her apron deep within her mouth, the rest of her body was lying naked in the shadowy corridor. Her face was directly in the light coming from the door, she couldn't see her boy from the position, but the shadows told her what she needed to know.

Her childbearing hips were trembling high in the air, her hungry, drenched hole was filled with three of her finger and wishing for more, the rubbing of the two hardened peaks on the floor was making white spots appear on her vision. Her back arched in a serpentine matter, her legs spread further apart, and her finger stopped trying to reach her core and shifted their effort to open her fat lips instead. She completely presented herself to her vivid fantasy.

Her son moaned beautifully, a sound she would carry on her memories for the rest of her life. She could perfectly visualize the eruption of his magnificent pole, ropes and ropes of thick, white seed flying across the air in an unending stream of passion. This image and the sound of the exact event as it splashed on the walls and ceiling set up her own orgasm.

Cattleya wailed over the mushed fabric as the pressure that has been growing throughout the day was released in a single moment, her own liquids splashed forwards, she felt it running down her arms and legs. Her entire lower side lost all feeling becoming one mass of overpowering heat.Wave after wave of pleasure rolled across her tensed, trembling muscles, they reach her head like a sledgehammer, and she felt her mind melting into a pink abyss.

She came to awareness seconds later, taking a long gulp of air to let some life back to her limp limbs. Her wide hips fell, splashing on a larger puddle of her own making. She trembling, twitching and feeling utterly relaxed.

A childish giggle escaped her lips; it felt appropriate.

She gathered some of her replenishing strength and turned to her back, her bust bouncing in a funny way as she did.

It felt wonderful… everything about herself felt wonderful right now; like she was lying on a sea of clouds with angels serenading on the background. She was the most powerful, beautiful and sexy woman of the world. God, she couldn't remember the last time she felt like this, or if she everdid…

If only Rana were in her arms, everything would be-


She sprung herself forward; ready to grab her clothes and a mob to clean up the mess, if Rana found her like this, what would he think-.

A soft, girly snore echoed from the room, Cattleya paused and blinked at the familiar noise. More sounds like that followed, and she allowed herself to collapse against the wall.

There, against the wall, the full weight of her actions fell over her shoulders.

"What was I…" She brought a hand to her mouth, her mind rolling back to the events of this past hour, and to her terrible shame, her body reacted to it. "Oh god!"

She just… She just…

She just masturbated to her own son.

The blacksmith bit back a choke. Her widened blue eyes watering with tears.

What now!? How could she look at his innocent eyes and act nothing happened!? How could after she f-fantasized about that!? Did she even deserve to be his mother anymore, after she used his suffering to satisfied her own twisted desires!? Oh God, he was in danger around her, she was predator!

"Mom… Thank you…"

Rana's cute, sleepy voice was like a nuclear weapon against her dark thoughts; she blinked, suddenly seeing the events in a different light, remembering an important thing she had missed.

She son has called for her.

In the height of his passion, he has called for her, her! Suddenly, she felt like she had slain another giant.

Maybe… just maybe… just a tiny maybe…

This wasn't… so bad?

"What am I thinking!?" She laughed at her own silliness, her hands going to her blushing cheeks. "M-me and Rana, no no no! This is not allowed! We are mother and son, we can't! Definitely can't~" Is that moment, holding her redden cheeks with a growing smile, Cattleya the mature mother wiggled like a school girl thinking of her favorite boyband.

"Right!" She rose to her feet, laying a pair of encouraging slaps on her cheeks. The corridor was a mess, and she bet Rana's room was even worse, plus she had to prepare a feast of a breakfast to the ravenous little boy that will wake up tomorrow. Lots and lots of things to do. "Fight on!" She cheered herself in the way her son would have, had he been awake.

And so, Cattleya got to work, her early self-deprecating thoughts occasionally resurging but far, far weaker than before.

Whatever the future holds, she had a feeling everything would be alright.

A/N: Right, his power, you should have an idea after you read the chapter but it goes like this.

Summary (Basically what Rana knows about it):

THE ONE: A power based on The Sunshine ability of Escanor from Nanatsu no Taizai, but with some obvious differences, it lets the MC willingly transform into a musclebound, adult version of himself (Like that trick Gon pulled that one time...) in this form he is immensely strong and fast, letting him overpower most foes easily, it also affect his personally (more details was the story progresses) but he still maintains awareness and free will. He also noticed women acted strangely around him... The power burst also spread to his base form, increasing his physical attributes until the point he can beat weak monsters and untrained adults (about the level of kid Goku at the start of Dragon Ball) most warriors are still beyond him though, but he could get lucky.

As for side effect, as shown in the chapter, transforming into his adult form build power vast amount of sexual energy in his body, that leaves him with terrible, supernaturally painful need to masturbate (or any act it might release the energy from his body) after he changes back, he feels that is a fair trade though.

He will find more about it throughout the story

More detail about it, these are things he don't know(which I saw fit to tell you guys, the characters may or may not figure out about this on the story, cuz again that's not the focus).

1) On his adult form, he releases a metaphysical pheromones that arousals everyone around him (but it works better on the opposite sex) it also lowers their inhibitions quite a bit. Repetitive and Prolong exposure can lead to the manifestation of variable effects (Basically Porn Logic powers),

2) The longer he stays transformed the more he will build off sexual energy, this has to be 'release' before he transform back, and will suffer never ending pain if he negligent it. His adult form can also be affect by the accumulated sexual energy but it does not comes in the form of pain, instead it makes him lose his mind and act to 'release it', by any means necessary

3) He let out the same pheromones of his adult from while he is in the act of 'releasing' the build up energy.