Chapter 3

This world lost a point in my opinion.

It was the opportunity to have the most badass-looking of the fantasy races, the motherfucking orcs; twelve feet tall barbaric killing machines built like green brick houses and full of thirst for blood and glory. Hell it, could've even go with the World of Warcraft approach and thrown a healthy bit of honor to the mix.

Instead, the orcs here were of the obese, pink, pig-face variant, full of thirst for food and pussy and nothing else.

In retrospect, I should've expected something like that giving the disturbing amount of hentai-logic I have encountered on my short journey, from lust-inducing mushrooms to clothe-melding slimes to literally tentacle-raping plants. It disturbed me to think my mother had spent years traveling in a place like this.

To be fair to the pig face orc; it was scary as fuck. The thing was a mountain of fat and muscles clad in a stained armor made of fur and hide, with a pork head that looked too small for its body that was letting out some of the most terrifying-sounding squeals that I ever heard. Add a battleax with a blade the size of my mother's breasts to the mix, and I could see why an experienced Warrior would piss herself when facing one of those.

Man, Mother doesn't slack off when it comes to teaching, most people would have noped out of the way if they saw this pig monstrosity walking around the road, not say 'Yep, perfect training partner to my beloved son.' and put me to action.

I duck my head to let the ax pass, it was too close this time; some of my hair fell to the ground

"Careful!" Mother shouted, her stern expression wavering slightly. "You are in the middle of a life and death battle! Do not lose your focus."

"Sorry, mom!" I shouted back ducking the next swing properly this time.

To tell the truth, even with the questionable anime logic, I'm fucking pump for her willingness to train me. I guess the dangers of the road had shown her that I couldn't go without proper training anymore, that and the fact that… On her words: 'You're strong as a girl now, you should be able to handle.'

Something tells me that I was meant to be born as a girl. Fuck, the only thing masculine about me was hanging between my legs, I wonder if 'Rana' would have been a girl if I wasn't hijacked their body while in mother's womb.

"Pay attention to its legs, find the rhyme to its attacks!" I heard mother shouting. "The body speaks about each movement it'll make, talk to it!"

I get it, mother, I really do; nobody can really put a weapon in motion without some telltale of it happening. The placement of the feet, the spin on the waist, the bulge and relaxation on the shoulder muscles, I know what to look for. But when my opponent it's a freaking pig monster that frenetically swings its weapon with more anger than thought, it was kind of difficult to tell where it would…

Maybe that's why it is such a good opponent, to get me used to fight against people who fight instinctively.

I let my back hit a tree, and jumped to make the orc bury its ax in the trunk behind me. Using the giant blade was leverage, I drove my knee in the pig face, smashing the ugly muzzle and landed a few meters behind it.



Before I could even register what happened, my body slid beneath its legs and jumped on it's back. I was back in control just in time to decide to drive my dagger on an unprotected part of its neck.

Blood gushed outward. I quickly pulled my weapon and jumped out of the way, but some of it managed to get in my left eye. The monster whined and fell dead on the ground while I yelped and tried to wipe the disgusting stuff out of my eyes.


A sound drew my attention and I turn to see mother- Holy shit when did she cross the distance between us?

She maneuvered her javelin before her, bumping the butt on the ground; I noticed the blade had blood and it…

Oh, if I hadn't managed to pull off the finishing move, the monster would have been dead anyway.

"That was very good Rana." Mother said with a smile, "Expect the last part; your opponent won't wait for you to get the blood out of your eye."

"I know, sorry." I wiped the last of it and blinked for a bit to get my vision back. It was still a bit red. "I won't happen again."

"I hope so." I felt mother's warmth before I felt her body touching mine, her hand snaking over my own. "You can relax your grip now."

Only then I realized my fingers were starting to lose their feeling on the handle. I looked down at the blood-soaked dagger, and my small hand holding it.


… They won't open.

After trying and failing to do so for a couple of seconds, Mother reached out and opened them for me. Taking the trembling digits into her grasp.

"Sorry," I said, feeling the softness fully encases my side and a delicate chin being laid on the top of my head.

"Mm…" Mother mumbled, pulling me closer, it's kind of funny to me that she had to sit on the back of a dead orc to do so. "You're kind Rana, that's not a bad thing. You should not be ashamed of it."

Fuck I don't have that problem when I transform, or even during fights, but after it…

"I have to get over it, I-"

"Shuush, you're young. Everything within its own time, just be happy with the progress you're making."

Humming, I closed my eyes and nudged the purple-clad pillows on my mother chest.

"… Shouldn't we be looking for their nest, mom?"

"Later. After I get my hug time for the day, I like to be spoiled too you know~."


Yesca was just another of the dozen village around Gainos that has been created primarily to feed the big city.

The village itself wasn't part of the most commonly used route to Gainos, but if it were, it would've been the last stop. Just a little more than a day's travel from here and we would reach our destination.

"Excuse me," Mother said as we entered the inn, "We come back from our quest,"

The elderly innkeeper raised his head and moved to receive the line of severed orc ears we brought, mumbling something about bad joints while at it.

I left Mother to deal with the transaction and went to grab something to eat in the, for all intents and purpose, restaurant area, where the innkeeper's wife and daughter work to feed the guests.

Technically, I'm not a quest yet, but I'm an incredibly cute kid that has the blue eyes of an angel; I've long since discovered how to get food on my own.

Looks like there was only one other guest around, thank god for that. If we were in Balakovo, the 'official' last stop to Gainos in the main road, the place would be filled to the brim with battle-hungry wannabes-queens still riding on the rush of the first month of Queen's Blade.

So I-

Wait and second.

Is that a…

… What.

Just…What the fuck…

What in the actual fuck was I seeming?

"What." I mouthed, bringing the attention of the woman I was looming close. "Are. You. Wearing!?"

"Hm? What is it boy, are you lost?"

Even being literally the first person ever to figure out my gender on the first glance, she won't escape my wrath so easily.

"What the hell is this jacket!? It's like it wanted to be a vest, but become nipple pasties instead. And what in the hell are these tiny-ass shoulder plates are supposed to stop!? Are you planning to fight enemies who wield slings!? And, And That's a codpiece!? Please tell me you're not wearing a snake codpiece!"

The woman curled her purple colored lips into a smile. "His name is Keltan."

My poor brain, which was just starting to work again, did another reboot.

"It's alive! You use your pet as a codpiece!?"

"Don't be silly." The woman chuckled. "He is my fiancé."

"I-" My eyebrow twitched violently while a pulsing vein on my forehead threaten to explode. "You're fucking with me, aren't you?"

"Bravo." She said, clapping her hands.

I don't even… Grr!

"Are you a jester or are you a Warrior, Lady?"

"I've been many things over the years." She commented, finishing the last remains of her drink. The slight movement of her ears drew my attention to them for the first time, and made me pause. It was the first time I've seen an Elf. "Now, nosy boy, what can I do for you? Are you just here to insult my wardrobe?"

"If you people wore proper armor I wouldn't say anything!" Fuck it, now that the woman got me going there was no reason to stop the line of questioning. "Why are you fighting so unprotected anyway?" I'm assuming she is a Warrior anyway, given the sword and shield.

In fact, she could well be the most distinctive Warrior I've ever seen. She had an odd double hued green hair, with purple lipsticks and long ears, her body was the expected for this world: mouth-watering curvy and fit in all the right places. Ironically, it wouldn't bring much attention if it wasn't for the outfit, or more precisely, the snake.

"Kukuku, once you get good enough, armor just slows you down." She finally turned her head to look at me fully… alright, I admit, she is fucking gorgeous, all those rumors about elfs were true.

"That sounds like someone's last words." I deadpanned.

"Oh snarky, I like it." I'm starting to think 'hot and sultry' is her voice default setting "But I am telling the truth boy, even if you don't like it." Her red colored eyes trailed upward. "Isn't that right, Giant Slayer?"

I felt my mother's protective hand landing on my shoulder.

"Wild elf, Echidna." Mother's tone was guarded, but not exactly unfriendly. It was the weird tone I sometimes hear adventures using to address each other.

"You got… rounder," The elf trailed the tip of her tongue over her lips. "But not in a bad way, not bad at all. Motherhood really suits you."

"Thank you." Mother responded in a calm voice. "And you look absolutely the same."

"Kukuku, Story of my life." The elf's eye dropped to me again. "So this is your and the musclebrain's spawn. Explain the lack of fear and the overabundance of guts. Most children would stay away from me due to the killing intent I'm letting."

Killing intent!? That cheap writing concept is that a thing here!?

Whatever, the only thing I'm feeling looking at her is frustration and horniness; it's like we are newlywed having a fight or something.

"You know each other?" I craned my head to ask my mother.

"Yes, we fought together a few times. Twelve, no, thirteen years ago."

"Time certainly flies." The elf said, suddenly standing up, "Well, if there is nothing else I must be going."

"Our staying isn't troubling you, is it?" Mother asked, "It was not my intention."

"Kukuku, nothing so dramatic. I just doubt I would find any work around here now that the Giant Slayer is in town, it's time to search somewhere else."

She took a few steps toward us and brushed my cheek with the long nail of her index finger until I flinched away. "Nice to me you interesting boy~."

"Echidna…" Mother said in a warning tone,

"Ara? Did I provoke momma bear? It wasn't my intention." The green-haired elf sent my mother a teasing smile. "I was just appreciating the fact he will grow to look much better than his father kukuku. What is his name anyway?"

Yeah, the thing about Mother is that she tends to attract most of the attention when she's with me, I didn't notice that too much on Boska, but after weeks of traveling together and being constantly dismissed, it was starting to get on my nerves.

"I am Rana," I said firmly, answered the question about me that was directed towards my mother.

"Rana… 'To gaze at longingly'… kukuku." The elf seems to savor my name. "I'll remember that… Goodbye Cattleya, goodbye Rana, I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other in the future." She walked toward the exit, swaying her totally exposed ass along the way. "By the way, send my regards to the musclebrain."

"He… isn't around anymore." Mother informed.

"Truly?" The elf cast one last look to us by the door. "Well then, should I try my luck next time we met? I wonder kukuku."

And with that, she left.

"That last part was mean." I would've said dickish if my mother weren't here, my mouth instinctively hold back the cursing when she's around.

"She means well… most of the time." Mother gave me a smile. "Shall we go upstairs, or do you want something to eat first?"

"I thought we needed to get another tent." Our last one was wrecked by a Queen's Blade's contestant trying to fight mother a few days ago. Mother knocked her out before an angel could make it official.

"Yes but…" She brushed my cheek with her thumb and then presented the reddened finger. "You need washing."



The technology of this world was a weird amalgamation of modern and medieval, as expected for this kind of setting.

Most of the modern aspects manifested in female underwear; I'm not a historian by any means, but I don't think they have lace lingerie, cotton panties with floral patterns or bra with elastic bands during the dark age in my old world.

However, most of everything else falls squarely on medieval technology, including baths.

That's actually not as bad as I had first imagined, turns out medieval people were pretty meticulous about hygiene when they could afford it, baths, in particular, were very popular to the point of some festivities being held in the communal bathhouse back on my village. I have no idea if this is true in my old world as well, or if it's just a custom that men here created to have an excuse to share a bath with the drop dead gorgeous women of this world.

I'd even heard rumors that there are actual showers in the big cities, in the house of rich people. But we, common scrubs, must content ourselves with more simple solutions.

In traveling inns, for a price usually higher than the room itself, you could get a barrel full of water with a compartment underneath to hold hot charcoal, some towels and, if you're really fucking lucky and/or rich, some soap.

It was a goldmine for sweaty travelers.

And for adventurous couples.

I swallowed a moan as my mother's hang worked to properly 'wash' my length. My body slid down slightly against her on, making the mighty mass pressing tightly on my back spill past my shoulders, giving me some pretty good handles to hold myself on.

"Again… You're like that again… the curse it's getting stronger." Mother breathed deeply as my small hands bury deep within the flesh of her breasts, it had quickly become apparent to me that she liked them to be treated roughly.

Her other hand snaked around my crotch and founded my balls; the sudden pressure made me bulk against her grip, adding to her efforts.

"So veiny, so powerful." My dick pulsed as I heard her murmurs. She always gets lost on her own little world whenever she has my dick in her hands.

I tried not to question the extra colors my relationship with my mother had acquired, I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a response to it either, so I just leaned back and enjoyed.

Honestly, I'm fucking thrilled to have it, the 'it's wrong' argument fell flat on the first day, and we're becoming more and more daring as they days passed. This is something that I dreamed of.


"Oh, Owen if only you could see him now…"

That, that was a boner killer, it's awesome that she loved my dead father so much that she thought of him even now… and it's also disturbing that she thought of my father in a situation like this, but the fact is she still thinking about him… I don't like that.

At all.

I growled, brushing my mouth on the flesh of her right breast and sinking my teeth in it.

"Ahhh! Oh, Rana, that's…" I rose to my feet, letting the towel drop to the floor. "Rana?"

"Your turn mom," She yelped as I took her in my arms. I was by no mean big enough to properly hold her, but I could carry her weight to the bed. "You need to be cleaned."

"Ah." She let out as her wet body fell on the mattress, her heavy breast bouncing and spilling to the side slightly. "The bed will get-Hgn!"

Her right nipple was immediately sucked into my mouth. The puffy, pink areola and thick tip felt like a tiny breast on their own, my tongue immediately got to works teasing it, while my hand went to the other mountain, mashing the fingers within and pulling the supple flesh roughly.

"S-So sudden! R-Rana at least let me-Ohhh." Her word failed as my other hand trailed downward to her sex.

Soft, so goddamn soft, her flesh was practically molding against my fingers, so moist and hot.

"W-Wait Rana! That place is no good, you shouldn't-OHHHH~."

Hm, experience from my old life told me women with a thicker clitoris tented to be more sensitive, my mother didn't disprove that.

"Oh oh, Ohhhhh. T-time up! Where did you learn- diiiiiiiii!"

I raised my head, her nipple popping out of my mouth, they were already red and swollen; it was easy to leave marks on her body.

"You always make me feel so good mom, now it's my turn to make you feel good, just relax."

"Oh dear Mmmmmm!"

I felt her entrance quivering and gushing a little from a small orgasm, looks like her body was greatly enjoying my bout of aggression even though her mind wasn't caught on yet.

I trailed my tongue over the trembling nipple then move downward in a spiral pattern, taking my time nibble, suck, and leave love bites on the weak spots I have found over this last few weeks. My hand moved from her other breast to massage her hips, her belly, and slip beneath her body to reach her back, digging between her often-overstrained muscles. My other hand stayed over her moist sex, teasing the meaty outer lips, the tender inner ones, and the fun button above all, never entering her beyond the tip of my finger, just enough to tease the strong, quivering muscles inside and leave a desperate need for more.

Mother sang, not to the height she could achieve due to the clenching teeth and bitten lower lips, but the symphony she was making with the quiet gasps and muffled moans were awe-inspiring.

I wasn't large enough to press my entire body against her on the way I wanted, but I was more than nimble enough to reach a lot of places and spread my ministrations across her body. I kicked myself for not doing this before, my need for keeping a naïve-child front paled over the taste of my mother.

More and more her skin grew hot, almost to the point of boiling, more and more I went down.

She realized my intention along the way.

"N-No…" She mumbled heavily, her voice dripping with passion. "You can't… Rana, it's dirtttyy…"

No, it's not, shut up, I said in my head, kissing licking my way to her crotch. I already texted that bit of porn logic, I don't know how it makes sense, but I'm not complaining.

I reached my destination with my hands following behind. Mother's meaty pussy was perfectly proportional to her curves; large and plentifully, I would need all my cards to properly deal with it.

"Noooh~." She wailed as I use my thumbs to spread apart the outer lips, revealing the pink wonder inside. "Donn't looook!"

I would have gushed about how cute the usually mature woman was sounding if I wasn't admiring a beautiful impossibility. On my past life, I had the pleasure of laying a single virgin, it was a memorable experience on itself, but what ground my thoughts to a halt was why my mother's pussy looked to be as tight as a virgin.

Is this a kink of this world? A result of her superhuman musculature? I didn't know. And I didn't care. I just licked my lips and dove in.

"OwoHWOOoOOMmmmmmmmmm." Mother seems to have smacked her hands over her mouth to keep it from screaming.

I cheered in my mind when I realize that pussy on this world still tasted like pussy, but it was somehow more appetizing than before. One more point for this world, it was still winning by a landslide.

I softly traced my mouth over her lips, leaving little kisses along the way, each one made my mother's hips buck against my mouth, then I pushed my tongue out of my mouth and began licking.

"RanA! RANa! RAnA! Pleash, Pleahs, I need shometing inshide!"

I would pay money to see her face now.

She ground roughly against my face when my tongue slid in, I spend a few moments just rolling it on her walls, getting more of the taste and moisture while trying to fight against the inner muscles. Now, I couldn't do a deep oral like I used to, but I'm more than capable of using my finger as a substitute.

So while I suddenly inserted my middle finger until it hit its base, I quickly forced my tongue upward, licking the ceiling of her tunnel. I doubt I hit exactly where I wanted, but she was so aroused it hardly matters.

Her muffled scream echoed across the room. Her hips rose to the air taking my face with it. I took a moment to reposition myself before focus on prolonging the orgasm. My options were limited due to her muscles literally locking me in place, but it was just a matter of keeping the pressure on my tongue and occasionally spin the finger inside her. If I where older I would try to press my nose on her clit, but I had to work with what I have.

To said I took control of my mother's orgasm was a understatement, I could increase the intensity of her cries by a smack of my tongue, change the height of her hips by simply moving my face, the only thing I didn't have control over was the wave of shivers assaulting her body, and the trembling of her tensed limbs.

I think she isn't used to oral stimulation, I don't know how common it is on this world, but I like to think I'm blowing her mind now with something she never experienced before. She is certainly reacting like it.

I kept the orgasm going for thirty seconds, and more and it could literally become uncomfortable for an unprepared body, that and because I didn't think I could keep it for much longer, I'm severely out of practice.

Her hip fell to the bed with her leg slamming outward; I keep myself raised with the hand that was once inside her pressing gently on her crotch to enhance the aftershocks. I snapped my tongue back inside my mouth as my hazy eyes finally focus again.

What I saw was a picture of pure, concentrated eroticism. Mother's limp body trembled slightly on the bed with a layer of wetness that didn't come for the early bath, her milky skin had acquired a rosy tint to it, and all over I could see the bite marks and hickeys I left all over her. Her chest was waving mighty, with her hardened and reddened nipples rolling with the movements, I was particularly proud of the perfect bite mark that framing the right one. Her face was a thing of beauty, bright with an enormous blush with her lower lips red and puffy for how much it was bitten. Her eyes rolled the room rapidly focusing and unfocusing while the aftershocks made her seen stars.

Damn, my instincts were telling me to go for a kiss, but I don't know it was ok yet, I mean, a chaste mother and son kiss was one thing but… Well fuck, look at me worrying about that after I literally just feasted on my mother's pussy.

I shifted my weight forward to climb over her, and suddenly her eyes snapped open and focused on me. I filched back by their intensity.

"Rana." Her voice was wet and heavy, but it was the most focused I heard of her since I threw her in the bed. "We can't…"

"What?" I mumbled through my sore tongue.

"You can use my body however you like sweetie… but not that." She also shifted her weight as the strength returned to her limbs, the movement of her hip brought… interesting sensations. "…Everything but that."

I looked down and realized two things.

First, my dick was diamond hard, with thick bluish veins throbbing under the reddened skin. Just now, with my mind away from pussy, I could feel how much I wanted, nay, needed to cum.

Second, my cockhead was pressed against my mother's entrance.

Pressed isn't the right world, molded out be more appropriated, my mother trembling buns were sandwiching the red helmet of my cock, the transparent fluids flowing around it. The way they fit together was almost romantic, like they were made for each other.

"Don't… sweetie don't… We can't go back from this…"

It was almost sucking me in. My hips made a tiny thrust forward, and I could see her entrance spreading around my tip, welcoming me into the warmth. It was magical to see. I needed to cum so badly.

"Mn~…Sweetie… Rana… Please…"

Something in my mother whisper stopped me.


My contemplation had to stop because my dick pulsed, demanding my utmost attention; it wasn't like the side effect of my transformation, but it might as well be. I wanted to fuck something so badly that I was almost whining like a dog.

Then, my mind came up with a brilliantly simple idea, the kind that only formed during Zen-levels of horniness.

Mother sighed deeply as I grabbed her plump thighs and pressed them together before me, before pushing them forward until mother hips were curled up and I could see the meaty mound beneath the thick mass pressed together. "Rana what…"

I pressed my penis on top of the moist buns, right between the line of the two juicy thighs pressing together and thrusted.


Both our moans echoed, Mother from the friction of my pole passing right above her clit, and me for the wonderful, wonderful sensations of the improvised fuck sleeve made from my mother warm, sweaty thighs.

I was immensely proud of myself for that idea, and for the fact the tip of my penis actually came out on the other side, an impressive feat considering the sheer thickness of it.

Before either of us could comment, I pulled back and thrusted again, and then again and again until I hugged her knee and went wild, this was not for her pleasure this time, this is just me trying to release the heaviness on my balls.

My grunts filled the air, I could feel a bit of drool escaping from my mouth due to my hard panting but I was beyond the point of caring. The constant friction directly on her clit made my mother squirm and moan again, her second orgasm quickly building up. The increase in the amount of feminine juice and the sheer amount of sweat inside the fissure has given my dick the perfect amount of lubrication.

I kept pounding way faster and more frenetically, curling my mother surprisingly flexible pelvis until it was most pointing to the ceiling, my hips bounced on her cushioned ass, my heavy ballsack smacked directly against her sensitive pussy. I was close, god I was so close. In an attempt to find something to bite I found the soft skin behind my mother's knees.


Her orgasm took me by surprise, it was sooner than I was expected, but feeling her unraveling produced predictable effects on me; with a last, powerful thrust, I pained my mother's belly white.

Then, I released my hold of her thighs, causing them to promptly fall bonelessly beside me, and continued forward. My dick pouring ropes after ropes of an impossible amount of cum, even if less strongly as the first one, wherever I crawled, I marked mother as mine; her crotch, her belly, the valley between her titanic breasts. When I reach my destination, I dropped my knees between her head and invaded her unresisting mouth.

I took me two tried to pass through the gagging entrance of her throat, but when I did, I couldn't help but groan. And my dick was enveloped by overwhelming warmth, and my seed started pouring directly to her stomach.

I felt her gargling beneath me, which only increased my arousal, her hands came to crown gently on my back and ass while my fingers sunk in the midnight darkness of her hair, pulling her face deeper against my crotch until her nose met my hairless crotch.

I hips bulked against her buried face as I let out the last few bursts of cum. Then continued to do so after it ended, prompted by the aftershock.

Finally, after what seemed like a wonderful eternity, I slowly pulled my droll covered cock form my mother's mouth; a wave of cum retreated together with me like they were in a vacuum, erupting from her mouth in a little cough.

I fell to the side, my heart pounding against my ribs, and my lungs hurting due to the expanding that came with every loud gulp of air. I heard mother burping on my side, before her breaths starting to echoed too.

With shaking limbs, I pushed myself to a sitting position against the headboard of the bed, casting a tired gaze on the woman on my side.

Mother looked like she has been through a bad end of some trashy fantasy visual novel; her erotic body was absolutely drenched in thick, almost jelly-like cum, with her hips still shaking like someone was fucking it, prompted by what appeared to be a series of small orgasms or the phantom sensation of them at least. Her face looked like the result of a teenager wet dream, with a bubble of cum expanding and contracting with each breath, her eyes had rolled up, with only the edges of the beautiful blue showing. The only things that didn't fit, or did, depending on the interpretation were the gaping lips that were curled into a silly smile.

God fucking damn, I felt like the men among men for having taken a woman like her to a high like that.

On a more serious note, it was genuinely nice taking the active role after a month of being putty on mother's hand, not that that wasn't awesome, but I always preferred a more proactive role, this and on my other life, I was just worried that with such a short and sensitive body…

I bumped my head against the wood behind it. Allowing the wonderful feeling to reach my head, then I smiled.

"Still got it."

… Mother burped once again, a sign that her consciousness was quickly returning. The action made me remember the state we're in.

Right, time for another bath.


Gainos, the capital of the Queen's Lands and the most important city of the continent, having heard nothing but word of mouth about it, I had pictured pretty weird images in my head, from a town on the peak of a snowy mountain, to a flying fortress in the sky… the rumors can get pretty outlandish.

But there is one thing they got it right.

It was big.

I'm not even in the city yet I could see its walls overtaking the horizon by its entirely. This was impossible, it should be impossible; not only the city looked like to be the size of a modern metropolis, but also it was constructed in the middle of a freaking lake. It's entire existence seriously pushed the whole medieval esthetic. Perhaps part of the merit was in the magic the people here had access to, or perhaps I'm an ignorant fuck who underestimated medieval methods construction, either way, I was already impressed by it.

I would be a lot more if we could find a way to enter it.

"They are still at it." Mother let out an exasperated sigh, "It has been a month already! What's wrong with youngsters these days."

"T-This happens every time?" I asked, casting a shocked glance downhill to the rocky area before the bridge that led to Gainos. "In every Queen's Blade?"

It was a battlefield… well no; it was multiple duels happening at the same time, but it might as well be a battlefield. The sound of metal crashing along with battle cries filled the air, the thumbing of bodies and the usage of 'techniques' caused loud explosions and a lot, and I mean a lot, of boobies were jiggling around, free from the containment of their armors.

It was the sexiest battlefield I ever saw, and the only one I ever saw — Hell of a first time.

"Yes, every Queen's blade." Mother answered, eyes scanning the battles happening beneath. "New contestants would congregate in Gainos as soon as the year began even though the actual tournament only start at the end of the year, they would quickly grow bored and restless in the city, and the inevitable fights would start... The veterans call it 'the Frenzy Phase', it's the reason why most don't start their journey to Gainos this early in the year."

"Guh." My head ached a little, why even put up the broadcast bubbles if the important fights only happen much later? "Queen's Blades are complicated."

Mother laughed, "Not at all, once you stop to think about, the rules make a surprising amount of sense. But it still no good for us."

"Can't we just… Fight our way through it? You said the first fights doesn't really matter to the tournament, so there is no harm in participating in some of them, it's not like they can force you to fight again." At least that's the vibe I got from our talks whenever the subject came up; the first few months of the Queen's Blade are dedicated primarily to showing off, with the fights not really meaning anything. It's common for a Warrior to fight once and never appear again, in fact, there are so many broadcasts that they all just blended together at some point, it's still entertaining, but there was no one that stands out too much. It didn't help that the vast majority of them are in the level of everyday adventures, thus not really impressive for me.

"True…" Mother began slowly. "But… well, if I participate once it would mean I'm showing interest… and the angels, for all their wisdom and holiness… can be quite…"

"Pardon my interruption kind citizens." As if by magic, an angel appeared, this would be an unusual occurrence anywhere else, but right now there were dozens flying around acting like judges for the fights. The one that approached us was blonde, and had a curvy silhouette; her details were hard to see due to the glow she was emitting.

I was imaging something more overwhelming from my first meeting with an angel, but she was more… bright than overwhelming.

She landed closed to us. "As you can see this area is currently holding a large number of Queen's Blade duels, for your own safety I, as a message of heaven, command you to retire yourself immediately… Ara?" The angel stopped once her gaze fell on mother. Then, out of nowhere, she pulled a small pocket notebook. "Ara Ara Ara~."

I fell mother tightening her grip on my hand. When I turned to look I saw that her expression was locked in a tight smile, the kind that people make when they're groaning on the inside.

"Cattleya the Giant Slayer!" The angel's chirpy tone echoed almost unnaturally across the area "Oh, is such a pleasure to be in the presence of someone so illustrious and powerful such as yourself. I'm assuming that you come here to participate."

"No lady angel, we're just-"

"Oh yes oh yes, you made it clear that you aren't interested, it says right here. Such a shame too, such a promising queen's candidate, a three times finalist, and one of the youngest to achieve that. Oh, you name has certainly been craved into the hall of Queen's Blade's legends. Oh such renown and fame you have accumulated!"

I slowly closed my eyes and placed my head over it. But before I did that, I caught the sight of multiple battle-hungry Warriors turning their head to our direction.

If angels are patron of something in this world, this one here must be the angel of dick moves.

"Thank you for your kind words lady angel." Mother addressed the symbol of her religion as quickly and politely as she could. She began pulling me back "But if you allow us, my son and I just had a long trip and we should find a place to camp and wait until things are-"

"Nonsense! I'm sure those kind souls would be very happy to escort you to the city if you're willing to negotiate." The angel intoned sweetly. Waving her hand to present the Warriors running towards us.

"Lady Cattleya! Lady Cattleya please would you listen to my humble request-"

"Hello there, I'm Cindy! Say you're pretty strong right!? What do you say we-"

"Giant Slayer! We were destined to meet! The blood of my ancestor demands that-"


Dozen different voices cried over, and more and more came to join them; soon we were surrounded by women who all wanted a piece of my mother, but not in the way I'd always imagined. She tried to politely appease them at first, but their combined aggression and killing intent made mother's body react and grab hold of her javelin, something that only intensified the cries of the growing crowd.

While all of that was happening the angel bitch that got us in this situation was lazily floating above us with a smug smile on her face, ready to announce the inevitable fight.

I decided right now, that I don't like angels very much.

We've been backed into a corner here. Mother could try the intimidation route but I doubt that would work, the ones with survival instincts would probably back out, but there are a lot of suicidally dumb ones in the mix - Believe me I know the type; they always go for the tiniest bikini armor - and the diplomacy option was off the table; she'd have to shout to have her words heard on this commotion, and right now the smallest act of perceive aggression could set them into a frenzy. Her only option was to fight, and she knew that, I could see it in her eyes.

Well, I always wanted to try a bit of anime logic of my own, let's see if I can pull it off.



The city guard Claire sighed again for her friend's antics, but what she really wanted was to let out her own groan of frustration. If Anne was like that in the start of their shift, she could only imagine what she's gonna be like that the end. This is going to be a long day.

"Cut it out!" She snapped sternly to her squatting friend, "And stand up, if the captain finds you like that we both will be punished!"

"But Claiiiireee." Anne bemoaned like a child. "I'm borrrred, and tiredddd and hungryyy and that is nothing interesting going onnn. Baaahhh I hate guard duty!"

"Then you shouldn't have enlisted on the fucking city guards, what did you think the name implies?" Claire looked away from her friend to the length of the bridge at the entrance of the city. Several Queen's Blade's duels were happening on the other side, but none of the Warriors seemed inclined to go back to the city, she knew they wouldn't come until nighttime at least. "Watch some of the fights if you're so bored, it's not like there will be any movement today with them blocking the entrance like that." And God knew it was a pretty sight to look at; their Warrior's spirits crashing together, blades grinding on each other, armor breaking into beautiful, sweaty nakedness…

"I already got tired of the scrubs. I'm not like you that could be entertained all day by tits bouncing around."

Oh, this again. "Humph! It's much better than watch those disgusting mushrooms things bouncing instead. Maybe you wouldn't be dying of boredom if you could appreciate real art."

"Oh oh! that would be nice! Hehehe, junks of all shapes and sizes, escaping from their pants and codpieces and swinging together with their swords, what a wonderful idea! We could call it 'King's Blade'"

Claire pinched the bridge of her nose, "That was not what I meant."

"Oh I know what you meant, I'm just not in the mood to engage with your little 'men are worthless' act today," Anne clacked an exaggerated laugh that she knows pisses Clarie off. "Really, why would I want some bitchy woman who doesn't even have the equipment to satisfies me, when I could get a stoic man who'd just shut up and gives me dick."

Claire felt her temple rising and gleefully grabbed the opportunity to alleviate some of the boredom that was also affecting her.

"Oh sure, you'd get your useless meatpoles. But you also get a sleaze, cunning, lazy, wimp, that assumes you're going to take care of him just because you let him stick it. But if you go to a woman, not only you will gain someone who will stand by your side, take care of you and give you emotional support, but you will also have a partner who knows more ways to pleasure a woman's body than 'get the thing hard and thrust hips'" Clarie buffed a righteous breath, dropping the absolute truth.

"Hah! 'Stand by your side', 'emotional support' bitch we almost killed each other when we shared a room that one time. And that last part was you admitting that a woman has to work to give the pleasure that a man can provide naturally."

"That time was different! We weren't dating!" 'Unfortunately' thought Clarie, eyes trailing over her friend's prodigious curves that the bulky guard uniform struggled to hide

Anne slowly turned toward her, her lips curling into a suggestive smile, "Oh, so you saying that if we were dating, you would've treated me differently."

Claire's heart skipped a bit, but she kept control of her hope. "Humph, of course I would! You'd be begging to marry me by now if we were dating."

"Ohhh~ so would you stand by my side?"


"Give me emotional support?"


"Rock my world with mindblowing sex?"

"Y-Yes." Clarie hiccupped for the unexpected question.

"Clarie…" The woman blinked, and Anne was right there, her green eyes shining with a needy light. "You mean it? I mean, I never tried it, but when you say those things." Oh god her voice was so…

No! She is messing with me! Claire shouted in her mind. She knew Anne for years; there was no way she'd fall for that.

"I mean it." Claire said, shrugging her shoulder with a knowing slime. "Unfortunately, you are interested in the worst sex, so there is no chance of anything happen between us, not at all."

"…Oh." Anne let out in a small, quiet sound. "I mean, yes, how silly of me, I just thought… With my best friend it would be… Forget I said anything."

… She was messing with her, Claire knew it.

No matter so miserable she looked. No matter how down she kept her gaze. No matter who wet her eyes were getting. No matter how much her slender shoulder trembled. Anne was messing with her!


"…H-hey Anne… Hum… You don't have to be like that… You're damn sexy, so I'm sure…" Claire gulped. "… I-I… I mean. If you want to try-"

"No thanks, you're too dickless for me!"

… She brought this upon herself.

Claire, growled, "Fine! If you want to live a dull life without ever enjoying the better things God has put in this world by my guest!"

"Please, if you get a boyfriend you would be changing your tone really soon."

"So would you if you get a girlfriend!"

Both friends glared each other for a few seconds, then as they're about to continue their argument, the world shook.


A meteor landed between them, right inside the city gate.

"What!" Claria heard Anne shouting on the other side of the cloud of dust, but she ignored her in favor of getting back to her feet and pulling out her sword.

This was an enemy attack! An invasion! She has to-

"OOJHAAAA!" A figure rose and rose. Standing tall within the cloud. "Success! Did you see that mother? Shouting the name of the technique really does make it more effective. I can't believe I could reach all the way here with a single jump!"

"A-Ah, Rana, hum, I don't think you're able to use techniques…"

"Really? Well, I'm so strong like this that I might as well have."

The Cloud of dust finally settled, and Clarie's sword dropped to the ground.

"So Mother! We are finally here! Gainos! Oh man, I can't wait to see what this city has in store for us." The… naked, very naked… man said, starting to walk out of the carter he had created and into the city proper.

The blushing woman in his arms reacted instantly.

"Wait Rana, we're in public! You can just walk around like that!"

"Ojha! Sorry Mother Hohoho!"

Claire and Anne watched them go, none capable of speaking under the sheer presence they have been subjected.

Eventually, their brain started to work once again.

"D-Damn!" Anne cried, her hand trying to keep her nosebleed from dirtying her uniform. "Just who was that guy? Did you see that woman getting all cozy in those arms like that? Wait did he call her mother!? Owww fuck." She moaned as the memory of the toned and most delicious-lookingass she'd ever saw manifested on her mind. "I need a boyfriend."

Claire gapped, there wasn't much her mouth to do besides that. She had gotten up before Anne, so she saw most of it… most of the god-carved muscles packed together in a harmonic valley of sculptured packs and vast pectorals, for the first time in her life a set of gorgeous female curves filled her with anger instead of desire, for the simple fact they're covering most of the torso of the man behind it, but the instrument he had hanging beneath…

Suddenly, Anne's words began to make a lot of sense in her mind, and the female form didn't seem so attractive anymore.

"Y-Yeah." She gulped. "Me too."