Chapter 5

The entire world rolled around me.

My breaths were loud and ragged. My heart was pounding in my chest in such a way that it affected my focus.

I didn't land on the ground so much as I kick it; briskly changing my trajectory in a way I could thrust my dagger at one of the small openings I'd managed to find. It was casually deflected before it hit its mark, and my mother hard knee bury itself in my gut.

"Efficiency, Rana; your attacks lack it." She chastised, "You are a warrior, not an acrobat. Stop trying to add flare."

I didn't bother answering; my heavy panting wouldn't allow it. I just powered through the pain on my belly and jumped at her again, using my twin daggers to poke away at her nigh-impervious guard.

It didn't take long before I was flung away again.

Something I learned pretty quickly during our stay in Gainos, Mother has been holding back a lot on our spars. It made sense really; we were on the road, not only we had to make progress during the day, but we couldn't spend all our energy training due to the threat of monsters. But now that we're staying in the surprisingly cozy Saint Alicia Cathedral in the glorious city of Gainos, Mother was free to drive me to the brink of exhaustion.

Hehehe, double meaning.

"Less smile, more control!" She shouts as her javelin opens another wound, a swallow thing just severe enough to cause pain. "Your opponent will capitalize on your every mistake!"

Ok, and another reason she might be driving me so hard was my recent near encounter with death, I can see how that might have spooked her.

I parried her next strike, pretending to lose hold of one of my dagger. While it felt to the ground, I thrusted my other one, Mother deflected obviously blow, but while she did so, my foot met the hilt of my falling dagger and kicked it at the target.

The dagger cut through the right side of my mother's apron, releasing the breast held inside. My eyes trailed its pale form as it bounced, and suddenly, my face hit the ground, and a heavy weight dropped on top of me.

"Clever move. You are a clever fighter, my son, it will serve you well in the future… But you're are too virile for your own good." I heard her sighing. She shifted her weight a bit, causing some pleasant popping along my spine. "Honestly, a girl only needs to show you her blossom and you guard just flies open. That's a bad habit to have Rana."

"Not… every girl…" I panted. Is it weird that having my mother sitting on me was turning me on? Or is it because of my weird sexual powers in combination with my now active sex life? "Just… you."

She affectingly bumped her fist on my head. "There is no flattering your way out of this young man. This habit needs to be ironed out immediately." The weight left my back. "Come on now, up! The next round we'll fight naked!"

… Maybe there is something about being too excited to fight.

In that very moment, the Cathedral's bells rang, symbolize the end of the midday congregation and the end of our free time.

"Well." Mother let out a breath, the kind that you let out after a good workout, "Tomorrow then." She said, tying the torn parts of her apron together in a quick repair, hiding the awe-inspiring sight as a result.

I forced my body to lay on my back and took a deep breath, letting the ringing of the bells drive me to a pseudo short of meditation where I could focus on the metaphysical… things that flowed inside me.

Holy Energy surged forward. I had more control over it then my cheat power, but couldn't do much more than concentrating on the place I want it to manifest. In this case, I enveloped my entire body with it, manifesting a subtle white aura. It quickly healed all the swallow wounds I had on my skin and took away a substantial part of my exhaustion.

The sweat was the only thing that remained from the training. Everything else melted over the soft, warm buzz that left me feeling giggly.

Not because I'd just sweep away the signs of a heavy workout just like that, but because I could now do something that I always wanted to do.


… Well, sort of. Apparently, there was a difference. Melpha tried to explain, but it didn't matter.

I can use it to heal myself, and if I'm very close to someone, I can use it to heal others. Not the kind of magic I was imagining, but at this point I take what I can get.

I'mma white mage.

Still basking in my magical satisfaction, I vigorously jumped to my feet as if to make a point of how energetic I was feeling, and found Mother looking at me strangely.

"What?" I asked.

She shook her head and gave me a predictable answer. "Nothing." That only told me that there was something. "Shall we go? The All-Holy must be waiting for us. We shouldn't keep her waiting." Annnd She still defying Melpha's wishes by calling her formally.

I sighed, Mother still not used being an bigger object of worship than the highest authorities of her religion. I couldn't blame her because even if I was taking it infinitely better, it still weirds me out sometimes. She is becoming more and more troubled lately. Especially with Melpha's insistence…

Maybe I'll have to intervene soon.

For now though, I shook these thoughts away and followed my mother through the cathedral courtyard.

"Do you think we can go look for the Lancer today? I mean I know Sister Melpha said-"

"Your Holiness, Rana we must address her properly, she's the All-Holy…" Mother said then added under her breath. "Even if she doesn't acts like it."

That earned a quiet chuckle from me. I suppose it's difficult to worship the leader of your religion when they act like a faithful servant.

"…I know 'your holiness' said that we shouldn't worry about trivial matters like that, but the way I see it, there has been a kidnapping attempt to the All-Holy, people should be more alarmed."

Mother sighed. "Rana… Queen's Blade's years are very complicated, especially in the big cities, and especially in Gainos. People get a lot more boulder and reckless during these times, so attempts like that on important figures are quite common." I heard this response before, and it still boggles my mind. "Besides the All-Holy is under the Queen's protection, and from what I heard about this Queen; the kidnappers won't be troubling anyone, anytime soon."

"If you say so."

Ah, Queen Aldra, I must confess that I never gave a damn about who rules the country; this hardly makes a difference for a relatively isolated village like Boska. But here in Gainos, her name was spoken with reverence, and she was a frequent topic of conversation.

Apparent Queens rarely rules for more than one reign, and never for two, so when the third Queen's Blade comes for Queens like that, people begin to wonder if this will be the year the record will be broken.

I believe the saying is 'The third Blade of a Twice Queen is always the liveliest of them all!' Basically, it's a way of saying this Queens Blade will be particularly interesting.

Not that this matters for me or my mother, though.

"… I still say we should check on that, just to be sure."

"And I say that while paranoia is important, you should know when to use it." Mother commended in a lighter tone.

We moved to the side, between two arcs of stone to let the crowd of the congregation pass. Mother was… not quite hidden, but a bit too guarded. I stood in the open, waving at a few people that moved past to test their reaction, an act that made Mother inhale sharply. All I got back was neutral to friendly looks and a few response waves, no sign of religious adoration here. Mother visibly relaxed after that.

Really, the hot priestess is a bit too talkative when she gets going, but she is not the kind of woman that would break our trust this easily.

I step closer to her.

"Ah!" She gasped quietly and sent me an annoyed look. Once again, I felt a wave of male pride for having pinched Dat Ass.

"Common mom, you're too tense! Everything is alright, remember?"

"Yes…yes." She said, then smiled. "You're right. We should just…"

"Holy- I mean Mrs. Cattleya, Rana! Salutations!"

The flowing crowd turned to dumbly watch as the All-Holy, the sublime, angelic woman who blessed them with her melodic words, skipped towards us. I'm sure it must have been quite a sight for them.

"Your holiness! Please be more conscious of your status!" Mother rasped out, quietly.

"Ah." The beautiful priestess just smiled and waved her hands. "Oh it's fine, we're all equal in the eyes of the god. Anyway, I've discovered another book about sanctified rituals hidden in the library today. It must be a sign!" Melpha's eyes were shining like a child's. "Oh Holy Mo- I mean Mrs. Cattleya, we have to try it please!"

"Alright, alright." Mother looked around fearfully, but the crowd was already moving on, I guess church-goes are used to the All-Holy's quirkiness. "Just keep it down please, remember what we agreed?"

"Of course!" The priestess placed a hand over her impressive chest. "I shall not reveal Lord- I mean Rana's status before he is ready. As per your holy instructions." Her hands then balled into exciting fists. "But if we follow the content of the scriptures maybe he will be ready then. Oh, Holy Mother, please let me try to bring out his potential again."

Mother once again had a troubled expression

"Hey, aren't you forgetting anyone?" I step in.

"Ah!" Melpha gasped. "Forgive me, Lord Saint! I was so-"

"Your Holiness!" Mother scolded.

"Ah, I apologize!"

The bit earned a few chuckles from me. There was no harm done; the people already left.

"So what are we doing today, Melpha?"

The priestess' eyes lit up, while Mother gave me a look.


"There is no harm if nobody knows about it. Come onnn mom. I wanna use my new powers." I begged like a spoiled child I was.

I did want to test this new holy power… but the biggest reason for me to insist was because of what I suspected this ritual involves, no, what I'm pretty sure it involves; this weird religion hadn't let me down yet.

Lewd nuns are lewd.

Mother's resolve quickly fell to the might of my puppy dog eyes, it was only natural.

"Alright." She sighed. "I suppose we could experiment a bit before we start dinner, but nothing too radical, ok? I don't want to repent the incident with the holy needle bed."

"Yes!" Melpha cheered and quickly grabbed my hand. "Lord Saint, this way, please. Ah, Holy Mother I'm sure your presence would only enhance the ritual…"

And with that, we were led inside.


A Saint is an individual chosen by the heavens to fulfill a great destiny in the world. Unlike the members of the church, who have to train for their entire life to be able to use their bodies as a mere catalyst for the Holy Energy, the Saints' Holy Energy come naturally from within themselves, a trait not even the angels themselves have as their holy energy come from their prized holy milk. The last saint who walked on this earth was Alicia the White, who singlehandedly put n end to the Great War that ravaged the lands 120 years ago and was crowned the first queen. Four years later, she would set into motion the mandate from the heavens that established the first Queen's Blade.

Until now, all the saints have been females, and all of them had strong ties with heaven.

Not gonna lie, that 'strong ties with heavens' part worries me a bit. I still not sure if I want to affiliate myself with something that is looking more and more like the medieval catholic church.

But! I got to admit their old rituals of sainthoods were making the possibility… tempting.

"Hum, I think you must bring your hips a bit lower, the book says it should be right above her-err his face."

"I see. Like this?"

"Yes! Exactly like that."

"Your holiness… This is embarrassing…"

So, sooo tempting…

Melpha had laid me on the stone altar, but before I could start worrying about blood sacrifices, the curvy nun had laid on top of me, her face near my belly and her huge breasts smashed over my growing bulge. This, by itself, was a very good sign of things to come, but when she worked to fit my mother in; things got really fun.

Namely, mother was straddling my head, putting my face right beneath her fat, thong-covered pussy.

There was no better place to be.

"Ah… Uh… yes, the positions of deep worship usually are. I forgot you didn't receive priestess training…"

"No, it's alright… It's just, Rana's breaths they are…"

"What should I do?" I asked, even though I don't care about the answer. I already knew what I was going to do and- god, her thong is starting to show a wet mark over the slit.

"Ah you don't have to do anything Lord Saint, this is supposed to be a tuning ritual for the holy energies, you're mostly the receptor… Uh, I didn't know how to integrate you properly Holy Mother. The instructions for another type of ritual were the closest thing I could find."

"It's alright let's just… start this." Wait, is mother… I blew some air from my mouth. She did a little jump.


"Right, please do as I instructed you Holy Mother, I'll start the praying."

And so she did. Melpha's voice is very pleasant to the ear normally, but when she's praying, it's downright magical.

Of course, my undivided attention was on the gorgeous folds before me-which suddenly descended in my direction! Annnd then pulled out at the last inch. I watched it go with wide eyes, and then it came back again.

At the same time, the pressured applied atop my dick shifted into a wavering frequency; it lowered and rose in several intervals. My dick rose up little by little, getting crushed by its pillowed weight again and again. The layers of clothes between my member and that soft pressure were infuriating.

The fold descended from heavens, the fabric moister than before and starting to become see-through. The tip of my nose brush against it as it passed, prompting a shaky rise and a breathless sigh to punctuate the praying above, the scent it left behind was just…

What kinda derp ritual it this!? Is it a teasing torture… I can definitely see it as a teasing torture. The thing is; I'm not tied up.

"Don't move Rana…" There it goes mother displaying her motherly clairvoyance again. "Ah… the All-Holy said you shouldn't move… Ah…"

The All-Holy also say you should keep it right above me, and what have you been doing in these last two sways, huh? The wet spot on my nose is incriminatory.

Wait… sways, oh good my mother is swaying her hips over my head! Christ, I can only imagine how hot that must look on the outside.

Two mounts fell over my dick, putting it right between them. I moaned like a girl right then, I'm not afraid to admit it. Then, the pussy came and left more of its intoxicatingly sweet smell on my nose.

My struggles to hold it down were fucking heroic, but my caveman instincts couldn't be denied no longer.

My arm snapped up, snaking around my mother's spread thighs while grabbing a substantial amount of her meaty hip, bring it down.

"Ahh! N-No Rana, we're in the middle of a-hng!"

Don't care, too busy kissing my mother beautiful, fat pussy. Talk to you when I get back from the land of delights.

My hips bunked of course, rasping my angrily covered bulge between the softness. It caused a hiccup in the melodic prayer.

"Mmm, N-No… Stop Rana… We in a church… on an altar…" Mother said with her mouth, yet I had stopped forcing her hips down; all this grinding was all on her. "Oooh, we shouldn't…"

My tongue licked like I was a thirsty puppy. I licked all around the wet fabric to get as much of my Mother's taste I possibly could, pulling the fabric from the trembling flesh with my teeth before diving back in.

With the best muscle of my body, I made a pressure massage against the wonderfully plump outer lips, sucked the parted inner ones, and circled around the entrance, to my heart content. My mother's words continued her sweet denials, but her body's reaction showed me her appreciation.

An even warmer softness enveloped my dick- Holy crap that's skin-to-skin contact! My pants are on my ankles now, when did that happen?

I groaned against my mother pussy as I felt a stream of saliva falling over the head my dick, and the breasts started to work on me. God, Melpha's breasts were unbelievable; they're firmer than my mother's and exerted more pressure.

The mental image of the hot nun slowly fucking her tits using my dick made up for the inexperienced and somewhat dull movements, I started bunking my hips in her timid rhythm to help her.

Is that part of the ritual? Don't know, don't care.

With mother impatiently grinding her hips down at my mouth, I refocused my attention. Finally pushing my tongue inside her hungry entrance, giving her fat pussy the enthusiastic french kiss it deserved. Mother's throaty moans echoed across the cathedral.

My tongue started to fight the muscles of my Mother's inner walls to press her sweet buttons. Meanwhile, another softer tongue started timidly dabbling in the head of my dick each time it appeared from the soft globes.

"No… H-he likes… Like this." I heard my mother passionate moans. Suddenly her pussy popped out of my ranger as her bents forward, her shapely body stretching out across mine, feels like she got rid of her apron sometime during the ritual.

I was going to groan for the lack of pussy, but a moan was yanked out of me instead. Two mouths, there are two mouths on my dick!

The breasts were gone, which was regrettable. But I understand how awkward the position could be, plus it made more space for the double bowjob.

Tongues and soft lips dragged across my member in mind-blowing ways, licking the taste of the pre-cum that was constantly flowing down to the base. I could feel one go below, caressing my ballsack while a dainty hand went up to grasp it. Oh god, they're trailing the veins up and down.

In the flashes of consciousness my mind managed to wrestle from the pleasure, I could hear the feminine songs; the moans, the gasps, the sighs. They were constant now, and came in a duo… occasionally trio; my moans are pretty feminine.

Wait… whispered words… what? Is Melpha still praying?... waitwait is Mother giving her instruction!?

My body convulsed beneath the sweaty mass of hot women. Oh yeah, Melpha was getting better. Holy fuck! The goddamn teasing tongues aren't giving me a single moment of respite; they rose up to the crown of my dick, lips closing in two loving kisses.

T-They are tongue kissing each other with my dick in between. My hips bunked as if it wanted to fuck this sexual event. Fuck, I'm not going to last much longer.

At least I'll take one of them with me.

My arms snaked back in place, this time grabbing the flesh of my mother's sizable ass so hard it left marks behind. I used the leverage to bring her pelvis down and give me access to the top half of her pussy: perfect.

I focused on the clit and didn't bother with anything else, sucking it inside my vacuous mouth and treating it as a punching bag for my tongue.

A long, delicious squealing started, and my thick milf-mantle began shaking on top of me. It was about the same time an opportunistic mouth seized the crown of my dick, and I went cross-eyed.

It was a sonorous climax for everyone involved, especially in the echoing halls of Gainos cathedral.

By the end, we were three disgusting, sweaty messes. Mother and Melpha had their faces covered in cum (the poor nun's inexperienced mouth hadn't been able to hold the eruption, and Mother was in the splashing zone.) And I'm fairly sure I almost die by drowned in incestuous pussy juice. Not a bad way to go, all things considered.

It took some time to catch our breaths and find our voices.

"Ah!" A still panting Melpha smiled. How the fuck she managed to look so innocent when it looked like she's been through an H-game priestess' bad end!? "It worked!"

"What…" Came Mother's breathless response, she shifted to look and me. "Oh my!"

"What are you looking at?" I looked back…

Oh, I have wings.

… That's some Tales of Symphonia's shit right there.

"But why… well, at least it did something." Mother sighed.

"And it was nice." I tried.

"And it was nice," Mother repeated, paused, blinked, and blushed brightly.


"Oh reverent Nulliel, we humbly thank of the success of this ritual…"

"… Is she really praying with her face full of cum?"

"Rana!" What? It was a legit question. Mother sighed. "Do not speak to the All-Holy like that… But you're right. We should clear ourselves." She shifted to the edge of the altar but didn't stand up. Her legs probably are still weak, I knew mine were.

"So were we going to take a bath together or-" My words trailed as I see my mother curling over herself… Something's wrong. "Mom!"

"Eh!" My startled voice was enough to cut through Melpha's praying, "Holy Mother!"

"I'm… fine." That dubious tone isn't something you make when you're 'fine'. "I just feel a little… Oh!" A gasp of pain came from her. "M-My breasts…"

"What!? What's wrong with…"

Mother was holding her breasts in her arms. They slowly started to… inflate.

"Oh-Oh-Oh!" the painful grunts filled me with dread. Mother breasts have always walk at the edge of ridiculous before, but now they entered squarely in the realms of 'too much', her arms could only barely hold them. "O-Oh dear, that's not good…"

"C-calm down," I said, hovering my hands over her skin, afraid to touch her. "They… They stopped growing!" Thank god they did, I was starting to worry about explosions.

"It's… uncomfortable." Mother complained with a painful expression. She slowly, almost as if she was testing, released them. "…Heavy."

… My brain had to reboot.

They're not stupidly gigantic to the point it made it impossible for her to walk; in fact, they aren't even big enough to touch her lap. But they still managed to conceive a considerable among of her torso behind their new, global size. The dark pink nipples have been stretched across the elongated flesh, giving them areolas two times the normal size. The tips were pointing slightly downward before, a product of pregnancy and aging, but now they were truly downed due to the weight… I couldn't… I couldn't look away from her nipples…

"Ah!" Melpha noticed what I was seeing, and her worried expression quickly did a one-eighty into starry delight. "Holy Milk! You're leaking Holy milk! That's incredible Holy Mother!"

"What!" Mother questioned with wide eyes, her hands descending to pass over her leaks. "Milk… I'm lactating!?"

Yes… yes, she was… she was lactating… my mother was lactating…

My mind went blank.

"EH! Rana!? W-Wait, they're still SensitIVEE!"

"Ah, the Holy Mother breastfeeding the Lord Saint, what a blessed sight…"

"H-Hold onn, Rana! Baby, give mommy a minute toOO! O-Oh dear! both of them is too much! Oh-OHhhh~ D-Don't be so greedy, umm- R-Rana? O-Oh dear you're not listeninggggg~!"

What a beautiful day where all my fetishes came together like that, the only thing it could make it better was if mother sprouted cowgirl traits and maybe some Holstein marks on her skin. But that's what my imagination is for.

In the end, we found out it wasn't holy milk, only regular (and delicious) breast milk. Melpha didn't know why that happened, but I made a vow to myself that I'd make it happen again.

Mother's breasts went back to their regular huge size after I sucked them dry, so no harm done.


In many ways, my mother was a predicable woman. Whenever she or my father looked a little grumpy during the day, I could reliably leave my bed later at night and find her at the forge, hammering away at her next masterpiece, or tempering the metal for the next one. During the weeks after father disappeared, she went to the forge every night.

But there isn't a forge in this cathedral, so when I opened my eyes and found myself alone in bed, I went to the second-best place.

As expected, the lights of the kitchen were lit, and a very nice smell was emanating out of it.

Mother was rapidly cutting a long carrot while a pot boiled beside her on top of a oven - I've long since given up understanding how the occasional modern machinery worked in this medieval setting.

It was funny the way her nightclothes hid more skin than her regular ones, yet still enticing all the same. The thin, purple shirt was stretched by the mass of her mighty breast, while below thin, light blue panties cut the skin of her hips and ass in a matter that could only be described asdelicious.

I watched her from the doorframe, contemplating the fact that while Melpha is objectively more beautiful than my mother, she doesn't hold a candle to her Milfness; an attractive aspect older women have and the younger ones lack, and for two women so close in term of hotness, it was a powerful edge.

A deep breath helped to calm myself and keep my rod from bursting from the tiny boyshorts I was wearing under my nightshirt/dress. In my old world, you wouldn't catch me dead wearing an underwear so feminine, but here I don't mind too much because Mother and Melpha had a weird thing about my ass; I started to catch them looking more and more after I've became aware of it. So I don't mind showing off, and frankly; I had the ass for it.

But still, I'm not interested in my ass, as my Mother's was much nicer to look at, and was swaying from side to side as she moved to prepare the ingredients.

…Eventually, however, I had to put the thought of asses to the side and be a good son to my troubled mother.

"Hey!" I chirped.

"Ah!" She flinched with a squeak too adorable for her, she was holding a knife, but I doubt anything bad would happen, and I was right, she was too well-trained to cause an accident. "Rana! Do not sneak on me, young man!" My stern mother is stern.

"Sorry mom," I said, not feeling sorry at all. She knew that, that's why her only response was a sigh. "What are you doing?"

"Just… you know." She gestured at the pot. "I was feeling a little restless, so I thought a midnight lunch my settle my nerves."

"Trying to build things back up, I see." I poked the soft flesh on her belly, the month-long trip and regular fights had greatly reduced its roundness, but it's still heavenly soft and pillowy.

She playfully slapped my hand away, her mouth curling into an easy smile that has been rare to see over these last couple of days. "How rude of you, my son. Insulting your mother's weight problem like that." I rolled my eyes. It's silly how women can't understand the difference between fat and thickness; mother was far from being fat. "You know I feel insecure about it." Yeah, she totally didn't.

I remember an old client one time howling about how disappointed she was to see that the legendary Cattleya has let herself go. She had flashed her bikini armor-clad, muscular body to us, saying it represented all the hard battles she had overcame, and then she pointed at my mother's belly and asked what that represented. Mother just said, "A peaceful life with my beloved husband and son" with the most fulfilled expression a woman could possibly make, and that client left spiritually crushed.

Besides, some thickness is always better than no thickness at all. Sure, the curvy woman will always have to walk the fine line between thickness and fatness, but Mother pulls off beautifully.

"Aaaawoo!" I growled like a puppy as I took a bite of the thickness with a full mouth and sucked some of it on my mouth to make a bubble. Mother laughed and playfully bonked my head until I stopped. "Can I have some of what you're making?"

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Did you really ask me that?"

I grinned. "Right, silly question." As if my Mother would ever bar me from her cooking.

Pulling the chair from the table behind her, I sat down and lowered my head over my folded arms, watching that ass shake from side to side, following the humming.

Our little interaction had made her relax a little, but the problem still exists.

"Hey mom, why me being a Saint bother you so much?"

The knife clanged on the floor.

"… What are you talking about Rana? Why do you think it bothers me?"

"Mom," I said, her tensed back muscles were extremely noticeable under her shirt. "Come on…"

I waited, she waited, eventually the child's stubbornness won, and her shoulders dropped.

She exhaled an arduous breath, still not looking at me.

"… It's easy to forget how attentive you are, do you know that?"

"I'll take that was a compliment."

"It was…" She pushed herself from the counter. Coming to sit with me by the table, her expression carefully controlled. "What did you notice?"

My relationship with my mother was very complicated and definitely not appropriated in most cultures of my old world (not so much in this one, surprising, I guess when you live in a hentai/ecchi world, mother and son stuff can happen sometimes for various circumstances, people here just learned to accept it. But they'd still find it weird if one of us wasn't mind-controlled, or had a weird curse, or something) but we're still a family, and families have talks where only honesty is accepted. It wasn't demanded, but all parties emotionally agree that this isn't the time for bullshit; this was one of those talks.

"You're starting to dislike Melpha. You still respect her as a religious figure but you don't worship her anymore. You don't like the way she's getting my attention, and don't like the way we always end up doing something sexual when she tries another ritual." Mother's fingers tensed a little on the table. She's always surprised when I drop the act like this, even though she knows I'm a lot more mature than I appear to be, especially after this sex-full month of my life. I mostly act like my physical age because the freedom of being a child outweighs not being taken seriously. Plus, it's an excellent way to be underestimated... and I get a kick out of it. I guess my maturity is easy to forget because of how damn adorable I am. "You don't know what to think about your new holy title, but you're happy that it's tied to me. And you really don't like the idea of my saint status going public… You're afraid of it."

A tensed breath was slowly relaxed out. Mother kinda… slumped forwards, her giant breast smashed by the table made for some comical pillows for her to rest her head upon. "Urg, you're way too attentive my son." She partially whined out.

That made me snigger. I kinda love honest talks sometimes; she doesn't feel she has to hide anything and… neither am I, now that I think about it. It's quite sad that we need to establish a specific setting for us to drop our unconscious guards around each other.

I reached out and started patting her head, she sighed happily and turned it to my direction. I let the silence prolong until she started thinking she could get away from it.

"Mom, what's wrong with me being a saint?"

"… Nothing." She finally answered, "It's just…" She pulled back slowly, straightening herself on the chair. "… This is too much Rana. Just weeks ago I was worried sick about your power, and just when we managed to find a way to control it…" I saw the blush when she said that part but didn't mention. "We find out it's from a blessing you receive from heavens the moment you were born. Rana, even without your strange power, you're the first male saint. Do you have any idea of how monumental this is? Of what this means?" She locked her eyes on mine, we have similar shades of blue, but the emotions inside were different. "I don't… And I don't think the All-Holy knows either. This is all uncharted waters."

"I don't know where my power came from, I have some theories but that's it. But mom; I don't think my powers come from heaven."

I'm sure of it, but all I have are feelings and feelings aren't evidence…

Mother shook her head. "Your powers manifested in your childhood and let you achieve great deeds for the sake of others, you have ethereal wings that you can manifest, and holy energy surges directly from your soul. Rana, you fill all the marks, the only thing strange is the fact you're a boy." Sounded like something she has been telling herself.

I trailed my eyes over the table to where my mother's hand laid, and reached out with my own. Or fingers interlaced in a comforting gesture, her thumb softly trailing over my skin.

"It's not just that, isn't it? You're not scared of the unknown." I pushed my chair closer.

Mother closed her eyes. "… Saints are important, I don't have to tell you that. They are not only important religiously, but there are important historically. Rana… there isn't a single saint that didn't carve her name in the history books one way on another. People know that, they know what being a Saint represents." Yeah, she definitely put some thought into that.

"If… if people find out… If the church finds… They would…"

Mother was the strongest woman I knew. For my childhood heart, she could do anything, I knew this are my undeveloped brain, along with a long exposure to a badass monster slayer, speaking, but it didn't change the fact she was absolutely amazing.

But she couldn't finish that sentence.

I closed my own eyes as I pretended her fingers weren't trembling. When I open them again, I exhaled out a breath.

"Alright. Then let's go back to Boska."

Her shoulders shook. "… Eh?" She blinked at me before slumping back. "It's not that simple Rana. You're a saint, you have responsibilities-"

"It is that simple," I said, rolling my eyes. "You say so yourself, mom; I'm a male saint. Who is to say I should follow the path scripted in some old books. For all I know, we were doing fine on our own. Hell, if heaven said I have a destiny to fulfill then I will fulfill that destiny anyway, no matter where I am or how I grew up. And honestly; I prefer Boska."

"Eh!?" She reacted a bit louder; on her eyes there was a… weird look. "… I thought… I thought you liked Gainos... and the way you reacts whenever the All-Holy comes with a new saintly duty..."

"I love Gainos, and I like being a saint." Especially when it comes to doing fun stuff with hot blonde nuns. "But l prefer being the blacksmith son… I prefer living in a small village where everyone feels like a family, I prefer having open fields to train and explore… and I prefer you, mom. I want us to be a family more than us being the Holy Mother and the Lord Saint, so let's just go." I lowered my gaze. Sure, begin in Gainos is fantastic, and again, serving as a lead figure for a very sexual religion is fun. But I feel that the more time I spent here, more risk I have to get involved in some big city bullshit. Fuck this! Give me an isolated place where I can kill monsters, forge weapons, and fuck my mother any day of the week.

Mother didn't respond for a while. I turned to her and saw the look she was giving me. "What? Were you trying to stay because of me!? I was ready to go the moment Melpha cleaned me up! Silly mom, you should have just talked to me about this, you're supposed to be the adult!"

My mother laughed, a light, heartfelt laughed that resembled a giggle. Then, she pulled me to her cleavage and I was assaulted by the memories of this afternoon and had to gulp down the sudden influx of saliva.

"Yes, I guess I should have…" She breathes out above me, her arms hugging me even tighter. "I love you."

"I know."

Nailed it.

She giggled again. I brought my arms around her, it was an awkwardly embrace from this position but it was no less loving. Still… those breasts… humm...


"Sorry!" I blabbed quickly; she must have felt my erection against her belly, goddamn tiny gild underwear! "I just keep remembering this afternoon, and you're boobs seems a bit swollen… almost like… Sorry for ruining the mood!"

Mother said nothing, and I was too ashamed to look up. Soon, the strong arms embracing me hosted me up, and I was laid on the table.

"Hum?" I started, but then I saw the powerful, creamy white legs move to straddle my hips, right on top of my growing erection. She stood mountainous over me; her blushing, happy expression could be seen from between her breasts.

"No, Rana you didn't do anything wrong." She cooed, her hands moving to free her hair and remove her glasses. "I… I can't… deny it anymore…" I inhaled in a loud breath as the purple shirt was removed, and the monumental pair of breasts bounced free right before my face. I was right; they're still bigger than usual. "… I want you, Rana." She breathed the beautiful words that made my heart skip a beat. My erection popped out of the thin fabric, hitting her boiling entrance still covered by her underwear, making her gasp a moan. "…I… Please… I want to make love with you."

Am I dreaming? It must be it; there is no way this could… there is no way she would…

Yeah, it became apparent this wasn't a dream when she reaches down and pushes her panty to the side, revealing the dripping lips underneath. When did she get so wet? Has the hug turned her on too?

"Rana." She whispers as she presses down, her outer lips widening to accommodate my girth, not as much as it would in my transformed state, but wide enough to be uncomfortable to an unexperienced woman.

Mother took it like a champ, hungrily enveloping the helmet of my dick into her warm depth, I parted my lips to let out a moan of my own, it only seems to delight her- What is that smell?


Funny how a quiet sound can effortlessly draw the attention of an entire room; in one instant there was the whooshing sound, giving context to the early burn smell. Then, there was fire on the background.

"Ah-Ohmygod! The vegetable soup!"

… I stared at the ceiling with the face of a hardened veteran who lost their friends in combat and now struggles with the concept of joy. My erection stood proud and frustrated, unable to process its abandonment… Poor thing, the bitter cold and empty feeling will traumatize it for days to come.

Fuck vegetables, all kinds of vegetables without exception. And soup too, fuck both of them!


The sky was clean and tinted cyan blue by the barely-there sunlight, the star has already broken from the horizon but hasn't fully appeared over Gainos' rooftops yet. It granted the city a brief period of dim lights and long shadows.

The mighty mountain that serves as a base of the Queen's castle has yet to be fully illuminated, from this side of the city, it made from an incredibly interesting sight; only one side of the top half was bright, while the rest was under heavy shadows.

I stepped outside in the morning chill and shivered mostly out of principle. Gainos' chill doesn't hold a candle to Boska's, which was on the cliffside of a reasonably big mountain, but I believe a chilling gust of wind suddenly rushing from between the buildings would affect everybody no matter where they're from. My purple dress/shirt rose in a way that would make Marilyn Monroe proud, but the joke's on every pervert who wanted a peek on my delicious trap's ass; I was wearing pants!

Not that there were people on the street to see it anyway.

"The wind… There will be a storm within the next few days." My mother commented as she walked to my side, there was a large traveling bag on her back, a bigger version of the one on mine. She smiled at me. "We should be able to reach Balakovo before it, if we keep a steady pace."

"There are sure to be some fights going on there," I commented. It's definitely nice to her so relaxed. "Should I jump over then again?"

She giggled. She actually giggled at that. "Perhaps."

"Lord Saint, Holy Mother…" Melpha began; she has been following closely. "It's truly been a blessing to have met you both. Never in my life I'd imagine that I would have the honor to bear witness to the birth of a saint. Truly, this is a sign of a holy age."

Mother stiffened a bit but smiled, turning toward the nun who filled her with so much mix feelings during our stay. "As I say, your holiness, while Rana being a Saint is clearly something incredible, I believe it would be best for him to… Why are you carrying a backpack?"

"Oh, I'll go with you of course!" The blonde nun brought her hand to her chest resolutely, an act that pressed the impressive globes together and made then even more impressive. "You were absolutely right yesterday, Holy Mother. Lord Saint isn't like the ones that came before him, his blessing manifested very differently, and he is a boy. It was naïve of me to think the holy books would have the answer to such occasion. those books were written by humans after all, flawed beings. I see now that we are dealing with a completely unknown phenomenon, a mystery from the heavens! We must adapt to the changes before us. So yes, I too agree that Lord saint must grow up among his peers so he can experiment life in its fullest to prepare for whatever destiny God has in store for him. And I, for one, look forwards to see where he will go!"

… I should have seen that coming. This is a world ruled by anime logic after all; of course the hot nun would want to follow me.

"But what about your duties, your holiness!?" Mother spoke out my doubts after a moment of shocked silence. "You can't just leave Gainos like that!"

It would be like if the pope suddenly decided to go on an adventure, back in my old world.

"Of course I won't be living with you full time. But I think that I should make a pilgrimage to your village a few times a year. Lord Saints requires knowledge about the Word of God and also needs my supervision in case his blessing manifest in another difficult manner." She smiled happily at the plan.

I dawned to me now that this is literally the first request/demand she has ever asked of us. That must be why it felt so difficult to refuse.

Mother was already signing, "But, must you depart with us, right now?"

"Yes, of course! I may learn the way after all, a-and I'd like gets to know you two better." She asked helplessly, "I-if you would allow it, of course."

Well, being around her on these couple of day as earned me several sexy yoga shows and a mind-blowing double blowjob that somehow made my mother lactate… If she goes with us on a journey… a journey that involves long stretches of time on the road, away from civilization and society's judging eyes…

"Of course! We would love to have you with us, Sister!" I want so far as to hug her midsection, she wasn't a soft as Mother, but it felt good.

"Rana!" Mother gapped, clearly still having reservations.

I turned and looked at her.

She signed. "Alright, but we should at least tell someone where you are going, your Holiness. This is highly inappropriate as it is."

I grinned, no matter how tough my mother was, no matter how many enemies she has faced; she can do nothing but bow to the might of my puppy-dog eyes.

And with that, the three of us set out on our journey… Well, first we would have to stop at the castle to let the queen know the All-Holy is going on a pilgrimage, but that shouldn't take too long…

Hm, it might even be for the best to have her leave the city for a bit, given the kidnapping attempt and all of that.

My face bumped into my mother's ass not even a few steps ahead. Usually I wouldn't complain, but my mother isn't a woman to stop like that for no reason.

I turn to look at what has made her stop and…

…What's up with that guy? The motherfucker looks like a Final Fantasy's boss.

I say 'he' but there is nothing to identify his gender from appearance alone; in fact, he looked more humanoid than human. 'It,' would be a better but 'He' stuck in my head for some reason.

'He' was a floating, cloaked figured with a pair bone-like pauldrons on his shoulders and golden horns jutting from his shadowy hood. What kinda worried me is the fact he had a pair of giant black wings on his back, and that his cloak opens up to show a image of the outer space.

I got to admit, most of his costume looked silly, but the wings and the dimensional hole in his stomach showed that he means business.

"Who…" I started, but Melpha's surprised whisper cuts me off.

"A queen's emissary?"

Hum, so he is related to the queen, and he was an 'a' too, meaning there was more than one.

Mother's arm casually swung low for a brief second as her hand made a sign for me to stay back and run if possible. This made me blink; she has never used this sign before… it's for an opponent she doesn't know she can win.

I watched Melpha step forward and place a hand over her chest; presumably with a polite smile I couldn't see.

"Greeting, noble emissary, may I inquire you about your-"

The thing started to float forward, slowly at first.

"You can talk, right?" Mother asked, "Please tell us what do you want. Does the queen wishes to-" And suddenly the thing started floating faster. "Stop right there!"

The Javelin practically teleported to Mother's hand, she held it with a threatening stance that would make most Warriors pause. "This is your last warning if you continue to approach..."

"Ah, Hol-Mrs. Cattleya, I don't think that would be wise-"

The creature suddenly entered my mother's range, and she didn't think twice before thrusting her javelin deep inside the spacy insides of the thing.

He didn't even stop, and just floated through my mother like some kind of ghost.

My eyes widened, and I jump back to create some distance. Shit, I don't know how to fight an ethereal opponent; I don't even know my power would be effective against it. But even still I dedicated part of my concentration to grab my mental switch…

Where the hell did he go!? He was right in front of me a second ago! Can he teleport… too…

Dread, dread like I never felt before descended down my spine. I remember feeling something similar when the way the Azure lancer looked at me.

I could feel him behind me, looming.




The uneven cobbles of the streets of Gainos turned into smooth, marble floor painted in a black and white, chess-board pattern. I launch myself backward as soon as my feet met solid ground.

I slipped in the most undignified manner for the unexpected lack of friction and got disoriented by the change of movement and the sudden lack of oxygen in the air. I thought I was able to make a graceful recovery by crashing my back against something, but Mother still would have reprimanded me; any possible enemy had plenty of time to kill me during these seconds of distraction.

I brought my guard up while trying to get used to the thinner air … where the hell did that guy go!?

No matter, a teleporting enemy was on the loose, there is no way I'm dropping my guard until… the hell am I?

Before me, at some distance, there was an unshaped lump of some kind of crystallized material, and there was a figure inside, like those prehistorical insects in fossilized saps. Only it wasn't an insect, it was woman, clearly a Warrior, and catgirl one no less. Most likely from that super rare tribe of animal people that live in the extreme east of the continent.

She wasn't the only one, all around me there were warriors of various races and ethnicities, all locked in that crystalize sap thing, all wearing a look of surprise or distressed expressions on their faces.

"The hall of heroes." A feminine voice spoke, it was low and quiet, almost whispery, but it echoed strongly across the room. "All brave and powerful Warriors who climbed their way to the top and challenged the one at the peak. Epics sagas that ended in failure." I turned to look at the direction of the footsteps. "So, you are the new Saint of this generation."

"… Pff!"

"... What is so funny?" The woman asked.

Well, not really a woman, a teenage girl at best, she looked only a couple of years older than me but…

"Sor…ry!" I tried to contain my chuckles. "Your… clothes… It's too much…" Usually, I would be ranting about how covering only your extremities and leaving your entire front open was an unfathomably stupid idea, but the pieces themselves… I can't even… Fucking hell that thing on her eyes looks like a plastic toy, and, and the horns- and the spikes! Jesus, and the freaking codpiece!


"… How… amusing…" The girl who was dressed like a really try-hard cosplayer pondered, clearly ignoring my roaring laughter. "You have absolutely no Holy Energy in you… and to think I was worried for a second."

I tried to control my laughter. This was a serious situation, damn it! "Who...Pff… are you?"

Oh dear lord in heaven that codpiece is gold!

The girl tilted her head, "You do not need to know. I am done with you."

A spiky codpiece! Who comes up with that and tried to pass as legit armor-

Wait, what?

The toy on her left eye snapped open, and there was a bright light.


Queen Aldra the Crimson Blade, two-time winner of the Queen's Blade tournament, and supreme ruler of Gainos and all the land of this vast continent stared at the amber statue containing a small girl bearing a confused expression within.

She was feeling utter disappointment.

"Well, it seems she was no threat after all." The voice of her beloved whispered in her ears.

"Delmore." She closes her eyes, feeling his phantom touch over her body. No indication of the pleasure reached her face, however. "The All-Holy was mistaken. This girl isn't a saint."

"So it seems…" The Fallen One whispered, she could almost feel his warm breath on the base of her ear. He hadn't touch her during these last few days, the news of a new Saint left him too restless for it. It seems he's trying to make up for the lost time. "Kukuku, I'm disappointed Nulliel, one would think you would have caught up with our plans at this point."

"They may still intervene. The tournament is just beginning." Aldra walked the few steps to her new statue, pressing a hand over its surface. "And with that undead princess sighted a few weeks ago… It seems this Queens Blade will bring a lot of unwanted attention."

"Are you hesitating, my beloved Aldra?" Delmore cooed, his phantom hands becoming more daring.

"Never," She declared firmly, the growing pleasure barely registering in her mind. It was always like this when the subject comes up. "If we succeed in this… My sister will finally..."

"Yes, you will find her, just like you wanted." Delmore's sweet voice massaged her mind. "You just need to keep being the utterly implacable Queen you were born to be. Oh yes my dear, stay on the course, stay strong, stay beautiful. Or plans will come to fruition no matter who tries to intervene."

"Yes." She breathed, her voice soft. The softness lasted for a second before sternness took over once again. Thinking about her sister, or more precisely, her inability to find her, even as the most powerful Warrior in the continent, always left her like that.

Her eyes descended to Rana's petrified form. "She is not worthy of being among my warriors. I'll have her shattered by sundown."

"Kukuku, excellent idea! I look forward to seeing little miss fake Saint shattering into a million pieces before our eyes. Oh, it makes me wish she was a real Saint so the event would be even more delicious~!"

"Humph." Aldra turned and started to walk away before Delmore's melodramatic flare could truly get going. She has many duties to attend to, and she didn't need her lover's voice reciting in her head the entire time.

Now, the traitor Echidna had been sighted in the area surrounding Gainos, she would need send-


Aldra stopped.

The sound was quiet, barely audible, but it held an… unexplainable weight somehow.

Like the world was holding its breath.


The petrifying gaze was an unmatched technique that requires knowledge of a forgotten type of magic and the mastery of the demonic artifact 'Evil Eye." It used to be the signature technique of the legendary SSS monster Medusa, from whom the artifact was forged from, long ago. It was thought to be impossible to be used by a human until Queen Nastrasha the Bold petrified most of the unified army of the Calibara Forest and finally brought the elven territory into the continent proper. The technique would encase anyone with a weaker will than the caster into an amber-like shell that would keep the subject alive and aware, forever.

The sturdiness of the shell is proportional to the caster will, and under Queen Aldra, backed by her will to Find Her Sister; the shell was unbreakable.


"Ohja Ohja, there it goes another decent pair of pants. Mother will get angry."

Aldra looked back.

Then up.

And up, and up, andupupup.

. . . ?ANdwhyisshesotiny!?


The queen blinked, she was looking at a very tall man with extremely handsome features and heroic build. He seemed to be stretching his muscles, uncaring for his glaring nudity.

What was she thinking again?

"Are you alright, my dear Aldra?" Delmore questioned.

"…Yes." She brought her hand to her face to center herself, why does her eye keeps wandering down!? "A man?"

"Huff!" The said Man let out a satisfying breath as he finished his stretches. He finally focused his marvelous blue iris on the girl in front of him. She narrowed her own eye, his gaze… it was so…casual, so sparse on worries even though he's facing her.

"Now then, let's discuss your little petrification trick, shall we? And boy, I have lots to complain about."