Title: Bad Faith, A Tale of Maligned Dignity

Rating: R

Pairings: D/H, Ron/?, Hermione/? SS/?

Spoilers: All books

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Summary: …..

Chapter One: Running

Running, Running, always running. It had long now been night-how long, he did not know, but the moon was high in the night sky. His breath came raggedly, scraping his throat raw with each expansion of burning lungs.

Blood, there'd been so much blood. Really, his tired brain processed almost idly, can a body survive after having lost so much of the precious fluid? Footsteps, hasty, and fumbled. How much longer could he run-'til it was finally over? 'Til his heart ceased beating.

He could hear them coming; hear them tearing into the land behind him, almost, he imagined, ripping it apart in their need for a speedy recovery of what they saw as theirs. What was rapidly slipping away with them. Or maybe, he thought, as yet another muscle in his leg cramped, not so rapidly. He bit back a scream. It wouldn't be long now. . .

No! he thought firmly, willing his cramped and aching body to move as he re-adjusted the burden in his arms. I must make it beyond the wards. . . portkey, must. . . can't. . . let him die. . . must get him to the old. . . man. . .

The mans' body in his arms was hardly recognizable as being human, never mind that it was the correct weight of one. Blood coated the arms, torso, and legs; bruises covered the abused back, and the face. . .well, the face. . .

He heard howls behind him, causing his blood to run cold. Sweet God, if they caught him now. . . Hell Hounds, he cursed silently, his bleeding, aching legs almost giving out. They send me Hounds to make me crawl. . .

And crawl he did, willing his body to carry him just beyond the wall. If he could just get beyond it, he could grab the portkey, and he's be safe. . . for the nonce. Until the Dark Lord discovered his fun had been sabotaged. He only hoped they had not seen his face-his position as a spy would then be compromised.

He shuddered. The Lord did not take well to betrayal. The man in his arms moaned lightly, not conscious, but unable to fight the charm prohibiting his becoming the opposite. Cursing under his breath, he hoisted the moaning man in his arms once again, trying desperately to keep his legs from buckling.

Just a few more meters, he eyed the wall before him, almost desperately. He could see the trees beyond it, could almost taste the forest air against his skin. . .

The hounds were approaching rapidly, now. Any moment, and they would be upon him. And all that he fought for this night would be for naught. But at least HE would be safe. And the Order would continue. The Dark Lord would not triumph. . . even if he himself did not see morning.

He could see it now, the bright red crayon just to the left of the giant stone gargoyle that would take them home. They'd be safe. . . maybe. This time.

Gasping from the effort of having run for so long with his burden, he grabbed the small waxen object tightly, making sure one of his charges mangled fingers made contact with its smooth surface.

A minute left. . . thirty seconds. . .

A single Hell Hound leapt towards them no more than thirteen yards away. . . seven seconds. . . three yards. . . one second. . . he came upon them, eyes flashing-teeth and vicious claws barred. . .


There was a tug, a pull, and they collapsed into the dark red carpet of the Old Mans office.

"Sweet Merlin!" Dumbledore cursed, leaning over the torn body in the runners arms. "How did-?"

"Hospital wing!" the bearer of the red crayon gasped, head reeling in pain. "Message for, Potter," he ground out as someone, he didn't know, nor particularly care who, caught him. "Must get the ring-"

The colors swirled around him and he was vaguely aware of Dumbledore calling for them to go to the Hospital Wing.

Draco Malfoy's world went black.

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The mystery man (you'll see =) ) dies. Draco almost dies The Trio comes to visit him in the hospital