New York was noisy as ever, simply because you don't make the top ten largest cities list and not have it be not noisy. Even so, a single person was swinging through the jungle of concrete and metal. To him, it was a quiet night that would or would not be disturbed by some type of robbery and/or villain with a nefarious plan to rule the world. Couldn't they take the hint that New York wasn't the best place to start?

Landing in a crouch on the side of a building, the outfit that covered the person shifted then pulled away from around his head. Green eyes, unruly black hair and a nearly impossible to see lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Glancing around, he spotted one of the few foes that he actually found attractive.

The suit, if you could call it that, reformed around his head and he let go of the building. A thin line of black shot out of his wrist as he swung after her.

"Cat!" He called after her, making her look over at him, "Can't you ever stop being a thief?!"

She only grinned and ran faster, making the boy go faster before finally snagging her ankle and pulling it out from under her. Black Cat fell on her face and couldn't help but make a moan as he landed on her back.

"Look, Cat," The person sighed, "I'd accept going on a date with you but you keep robbing people and I have to stop you every single time. It getting kind of old."

She snorted, "Right, Spider. You realize I'm old enough to be you mother right?"

"You're really only nineteen, almost twenty." He deadpanned.

"Darn," She dramatically sighed, "how did you know?"

"I don't kiss and tell, Cat, now hand over the goods."

After making sure she didn't have any of it on her person, and a few flirtatious comments later, he returned the stolen items back to their original place. Then he returned and gave the villainess a hard look.

"Like what you see, spider?"

"Cat, you know I'm only a teenager, of course I do…" He muttered, glad his suit made sure she didn't see how much.

"Now, I'm taking us both home before you get caught again by either the Sinister Six or the Avengers." He said before hoisting her over his shoulder and swung away into the night.

Harry James Parker (formerly Potter), groaned as he left school again. One thing he hated was how the jocks always picked him out for his super genius brain. The fifteen year old found a secluded corner and let his suit form around him. Yes, his suit was alive because it was a symbiote. One that had bound itself to him as he was the perfect host, though that made his a target for other symbiotes in the local area.

He started swinging through the city again and nearly ran into a suit of armor going about 200 miles per hour.

"Oi!" He yelled in his best Jersey accent, "I'm swinging here!"

Stark and his toys, Harry grumbled, reaching his apartment that was near to one of the many screens of the lovely night. Didn't help J.J. Jameson was on at this hour, ranting as usual. Idiot couldn't find his way out of a cereal box for all his ranting. He dropped his schoolbag, schoolwork already done as he heard the familiar sound of someone in his kitchen.

Suit vanishing, Harry walked in to find Felicia Hardy making something simple on his stove.

"Really?" Harry groaned, the mature woman smirked.

"Yep~!" She greeted, the villainess smiled at him before asking, "So, how was school? Or do you prefer seeing me after every day?"

Harry just walked up, hugged her then stepped back, "Look, when I told you I was Spider-Man, it didn't mean you try and sidetrack me all the time! I love you a lot but please stop…"

She nodded, sighing, "Ok, ok, just let me feed you before you go kill yourself."

Yes, she was his girlfriend. (More like, she was his fiance because her father was a magic using wizard and somehow got a marriage contract between him and Felicia.)

Harry landed on a corner and looked down at the street, spotting the disturbance to be because of Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow facing Hobgoblin and Green Goblin. Rolling his eyes, Harry launched himself and clotheslined the goblins-at-arms, knocking them out cold. He webbed them up then glowered at the three, (not Natasha of course, she got a free card since she wisely stayed out of the fight, getting people to safety.)

"Spider-man, nice save-" Captain America started before webbing hit him in the face.

"Shut up," Harry said as the police drove up.

He handed the Goblins over to them and after telling them what he saw, focused back on the three. He had told Fury this long ago, he can handle New York by himself as more heroes draw more attention to the city. Of course, that would mean the Fantastic Four would be kicked out but he had saved them from disaster by owning the company through Gringotts. Means he got to see Susan Storm more.

"What have I told you about New York?" Harry said calmly.

Stark looked at Steve Rogers then back at Harry, "That you are its sole protector I believe…"

"Yeah, and you all came back here!" Harry yelled, really annoyed, "More heroes means it draws more Villains to this city! Sure, I have way more than most but I can handle them by myself! Look at you three and then the street! I took them out in moments, you three? You've been at this for half an hour!"

Natasha wisely stepped to the side, knowing that Harry wasn't yelling at her specifically. He had a point though, SHIELD had followed his theory and found that for every Hero, he or she had a specific number of Villains. Spider-man had the Sinister Six (Doctor Otto Octavius, the Lizard, Shocker, Electro, Vulture, and Scorpion), Venom and Carnage, Black Cat, the Goblins, Rhino, Mr. Negative, Mysterio and the newest to the bunch; Lady Widower. This made 15 in all, which was rather extensive, even for heroes.

The Avengers only had 1 or 2 villains that they all had but Harry had a big point. Heroes only attracted more trouble when concentrated in a single area. That's why New York was declared off limits to all heroes other than Spider-man, unless certain details applied. Like the FF, since they only had Dr. Doom to deal with, they could stay as Harry had beaten him before as both he and the Doctor were magic users.

Still didn't make the situation better.

"Look, we were only stopping by when tweedle dee and tweedle dum set upon us, kid." Tony said, trying to wave it off.

Natasha spoke up finally, "Look, Spider-man is right, you two better leave since I'm not really a "hero" in the since that causes this. I'll try and calm him down."

"You only want some private time with him-OW!" Tony yelped, holding his nose as Steve used his shield to shut him up.

"I guess so, besides," Steve held out his hand, "If you need us in any way, please call."

Harry only nodded, feeling like he may need to in the future but still, free time with a sexy Russian spy.

Blasted Hormones!