Harry stood on the roof of the Artemis cabin alongside the Wolf-Spider, watching as the two camps were having a peace treaty made and signed. Peter Parker and Mary Jane were watching all of this from the Poseidon cabin rooftop, but everything seemed so tense right now. Harry looked around and felt his skin crawl as he thought about what would happen if Voldemort won. Utter chaos, that was what would ensue if the crazed Dark Wizard won. He wouldn't let that happen, not in a million years.

Wolf-Spider pointed out at the horizon, Harry looked that way and grimaced. Troop transporters were moving towards the shore and it seemed that Hitler wouldn't stop until New York fell under his undead grasp. He looked over at Spider-Man and received a nod of understanding, causing the spider empowered hero to leap down onto the peace talks to get the Romans and Greeks moving to protect the city.

"Lets get moving, Spider-Man and She-Venom can handle an army of teenagers themselves." Harry said to Wolf-Spider, "And they'll make sure your secret girlfriend survives too."

Wolf-Spider whipped his head around, staring at Harry in shock, "H-how?!"

"Not that hard to see when you two are in love," Harry grinned, "With how easy it is to see you have hearts in your eyes for one another. Now lets get moving, that Nazi Madman isn't going to end himself without some motivation."

Within several hours, the human population of New York was finding themselves in a situation that most thought the military would handle. Children in armor were setting up blockades and other defences along the water borders and it seemed that the military didn't get the momo until just now. Or it seemed that way until they started helping the kids clear out civilians and arm the barricades with weaponry. Tanks rumbled in as soldiers armed the barriers and the children, armed with swords and shields along with other ancient weaponry, backed them up.

In the air, the four spider heroes along with the newly arrived hunters of Artemis, took over the rooftops of the city. Artemis appeared alongside them, putting snipers into strategic positions on the rooftops. New York was becoming a battleground that day, everyone knew it.

"Move!" One of the soldiers shouted as the first of the transports arrived, "They're dropping their first wave now!"

Undead hordes rushed out of the transports, screaming with rage. The barricades unloaded upon the hordes, as Spider-Man swung across the docks, webbing up the more dangerous monsters that lumbered after their brethren. Arrows soared out of the air and dusted the monsters that were too close to the barricades. The next few waves came and went but then tanks surged out of the waves and blasted apart several of the barriers, allowing hordes of the undead to swarm the streets.

It only got worse over the next few hours before Hilter decided to make his appearance. With most of his forces pushed back, the city burning and barely standing, the undead Nazi arrived in the largest treaded vehicle ever seen by mankind.

"Fool!" He roared as everything seemed to go silent, "I will conquer this place and begin the Eternal Reich! Nothing will stop me! Forward, my Hell Machine!"

Spider-Man swung towards the massive machine that had just pushed its way into the city, massive turrets blasting holes into the surrounding skyscrapers and other buildings. She-Venom, Wolf-Spider and Spider-Wizard swung in from multiple sides as Peter landed on the side of the tank. Right next to one of the massive turrets, just his luck to be landing next to this thing. It opened up to begin firing but Peter had other plans.

He grabbed the turret barrel and started pulling it upwards, the metal screaming in protest as it bent awkwardly. It then exploded, sending Spider-Man flying on top of the Hell Machine. He groaned before being set upon by some of the undead, but he didn't really stop. He had to save this city from this monstrosity of a tank. He sent several of the undead over the edge before returning to destroying the turrets before he felt the tank shake.

"What are they doing in there?!" He said under his breath before She-Venom punched a hole in the side of the tank, nearly taking his foot off.

"Hey, dear," She smiled before pulling herself free of the hole, "Wolf-Spider and Spider-Wizard set the tank to overdrive and then flooded the engine room with gasoline. We better get off this thing right now."

"Alrighty then," Peter nodded before taking his wife's hand and leaping off the side of the tank as it collapsed in on itself, imploding.

Harry coughed as he slowly got up from where he had landed, spotting Wolf-Spider close by before getting up. He spotted the crazy Nazi floating in the air, surrounded by a orange shield of some sort. In his hand was the Reality stone, glowing bright red, as the German zombie sneered at them.

"You have not defeated me! I will not let fools like yourselves kill me! NOW DIE!"

Harry would have done something if it hadn't been for Wolf-Spider leaping at Hitler and knocking him out of the air, his fists slamming into the undead's face. Harry ran over and could only watch as Wolf-Spider punched, clawed, tore and thrashed the undead Nazi. He was really impressed and even more so when the Son of Arachne pulled out a bronze sword.

"This is for everything you've done to my city and my girlfriend, you unholy piece of flesh!" Wolf-Spider snarled before beheading Hitler.

Harry ran up but was blasted back when the body lifted the reality stone, Hilter's head reattaching itself to his body, like it never even happened! Wolf-Spider snarled before slashing, his blade cutting Hitler's arm off, Harry taking the moment to fire a web line at the infinity stone and pull it towards himself. Hitler roared in agony before this universe's Spider-Man stabbed the zombie Nazi through the skull, cutting his scream off entirely.

The body sent a wave of energy out, knocking them both back as the corpse floated into a horizontal position. The orange energy surged into the air, as everything that Hitler had brought into this world was completely destroyed, removing it from the entire universe completely. They had won this battle but the War was far from over now.