How is Ashley's life going? Where is Ashley's life going? Will she ever be normal again? Will she ever trust herself again?

Ashley has regained 95% of her memories. Jess thought it was better to not try and pull those last painful memories of her kidnapping and her actions under the Cabal. Trying to show faith that Ashley was ready to move to ward 2. She no longer had to wear the bracelets. Also anyone of Ashley's old or new family was welcome to visit her, inside her room.

Will of course disagreed, but didn't push the subject. He want to push Ashley to remember now, she needed to deal with what had happen. But he was sure in time Ashley would deal with all her memories. He was now seeing Ashley once a week, almost always accompanied by Gina.

Will was also not a fan of the games Jess made up, to help Ashley learn to control her powers. They were only working on her Vampire powers. Learning to extend 1 claw only, or claws only on 1 hand. How to use her strength, smell, and hearing without fully transforming. All this was with Nikola's help. Jess had menaced she wanted Ashley to start sparing with Nikola soon. Will didn't like how close Jess and Tesla had gotten either. Anyone who was really buddies with Tesla would have to have their own agenda, as well.

Ashley was glad that Gina was coming with Will. She liked seeing Will, but she knew he was there to do his head shrinking thing. At least with Jess, she was there to hang out. There were times they did nothing but giggle and act goofy. Even though Jess was about 40, she still was a lot of fun, Ashley thought.

The 3 were in Ashley's room playing a game of scrabble. Ashley didn't really like the game. But if it kept Will from psychoanalyzing her, she was all for it.

"Zebra and it's a double word score," Gina boasted. Will shook his head and wrote down her score. "My turn," Ashley said swiveling the board.

-In Nikola's Lab-

Nikola stood at his table working on some small device. He was facing the sofa so he could watch Helen and Jess playing with baby Elizabeth, Lizzie for short. He liked the kid but made it clear he didn't plan to hold the thing until it was house trained and stopped drooling.

"Give me my baby," Helen said as reached over and took Lizzie from Jess. "Your baby," Jess laughed. Jess and Helen loved teasing each other. Nikola loved seeing Helen so carefree. When it was just Helen and Jess, they both seemed to laughed harder, smiled longer and relaxed. In a way that he hadn't seen Helen do since Oxford. He did really like Jess too. Over the short time they had grown close. They even teased each other and were very relaxed as well.

Helen pulled of Lizzie's socks, "I love those baby toes…. I'm going to eat those baby toes!" "Please elaborate, why women love baby toes or chubby baby legs?" Nikola asked only half looking up. Helen and Jess laughed and leaned on each other. "Their toes look like little grapes," Jess said. "You just want to pop them in your mouth," added Helen. Nikola just shook his head, and went back to work.

Jess stood up and took Lizzie from Helen. She held her so Lizzie was facing forward. Walking up to the table swaying Lizzie a little. "What is uncle Nikie working on?" "Uncle Nikie, I've told you don't start that or Heinrich is going to start calling me grandpa." Nikola said as he looked up. He had this face he made at just Lizzie. It was a scrunched up smile but you could see he liked her. Lizzie blinked back a few times. "Why does she do that blinking thing?" Jess looked at her daughter, "I don't know she just started doing it. But I've only seen her do it to you and Ashley."

Nikola motioned for Helen to come over. "Take the bundle of goo." Helen reached and took her goddaughter, "Uncle Nikie real does like you. He's just a bit particular about his suits." Nikola looked down wiping way invisible wrinkles from his vest and shirt. He did like to wear his vest and sometimes a tie.

"Face me," Nikola instructed Jess. He took he arms and raised them out from her sides. He grabbed the device that he had been working on. It was on a black leather belt. He reached around to put it on her. Jess smiled looking down at him, "Hello, hello." "Mommy's going to now show you how to smack a guy when he get fresh," Helen teased as she pointed at Nikola. He ignored both of them. After he buckled the belt, he checked the 2" x 4" box. Slapping Jess' hand, when she tried to touch it. "There now we just need to see how well it works," he said standing straight up again. Jess put her hands down, "What is it?" "It's a wearable version of your telepathic blocker dome." "Really," Helen said moving to take a closer look. "For the gal on the go," Nikola teased. "Well, thank you tooth boy." Jess flashed him a quick smile.

Nikola reached over and pressed the only button. "Feel anything?" "Well, it's not shocking me." "I mean, can you feel any emotions or hear anyone's thoughts?" He walked behind Helen. Jess was reaching out, when Helen jumped. "Don't do that when I'm holding the baby, Blood cheek!" Helen slap Nikola's arm, then rubbed the spot he must have pinched. Jess laughed, "Nope, it's working. Although I hope Lizzie isn't able to pick up the profanity going thought Helen's mind, no doubt." Jess grabbed Nikola and stood toe to toe with him. Placing her hands on his shoulders. It was his turn to say, "Hello, hello." "Interesting, I can feel you but it's muddled." Nikola stepped back, "Just another of Nikola Tesla's great inventions," he bowed.

Jess pushed the button and reached out again. She couldn't help but start to blush. Helen was mad at Nikola and a tiny bit turned on. Jess took the device off. Placing it on the table, then she took Lizzie back giving Helen her naughty girl look.

"Is it finished? I can take it with me?" She was looking up close at it. "Yes, just be gentle with it. I only made the one." "Maybe you should try wearing it around Sally and see what happens. It is water-" Helen's question was cut off. Jess and Helen had their small communicators start flashing red. It meant there was a problem with Ashley. Helen and Jess looked at each other with a little panick. Jess deposited Lizzie in Nikola's arms and was on Helen's heels. As they raced to the 3rd ward.

Nikola looked horrified at the 3 month old baby in his arms. He hadn't even been able to get an objection out. "I really do like this suit, kid. Try not to expel anything on it." He grabbed her little blanket and follow at a walk. He wasn't sure he could run with the baby and not hurt it.

Trevor had summoned Bromley as well, but he hadn't arrived when Helen and Jess ran in. The scene was alarming. Ashley was in full Vampire mode and keeping Will cornered. She had almost a death grip on Gina's wrist. But she was holding her behind and to the side. There was no way of physically controlling her, without the bracelets. That didn't stop Jess. Dealing with wild or injured animals was in her blood.

Jess took in the scene and reacted. Even as Helen told her not to go in there. Jess push the door open and looked at Gina. "What the Hell is going on!?" Ashley turned her head to look at Jess, hissing and clawing with her free hand at Will. "I don't know what happened." Gina was on the verge of tears. She struggled to get free of Ashley's grip.

Jess side stepped, so she was in front of Ashley but well out of her current reach. "Honey Bunny, what's up?" Ashley, shook her head and growled. Jess could see Will was holding he right forearm. "How's it going Will?" "A little help, she's gone nuts!" Jess looked back to Ashley, "I know Will can be a pain, but that's no reason to slice and dice him." "Where is Bromley," Will yelled so they could hear him out the door. Helen stood in the door way, "He's coming Will."

Ashley was now getting more agitated, she was now facing down 3 people. Will in the corner, Jess in front of her and Mom at the door. But she stayed many focused on Will. "Ashley, let Gina go," Helen called out. Seeing how tight her grip was. Jess quickly formed a plan, "Are you hurting your sister?" Ashley looked at Gina with concern, "Sorry." She let go and Gina rubbed her wrist. Jess didn't need to use her telepathic powers, she gave Gina a look that said be ready. Gina nodded and said, "Thank you for letting me go, Ashley." Ashley looked at her sister and that's when Jess closed the distanced. Jess grabbed Ashley's right hand and her throat, pushing her against the wall. Gina used both hands and grab Ashley's left hand.

Jess was well aware if Ashley wanted to hurt them it wouldn't be hard. But the emotion coming from Ashley was different and confusing today. "WILL, OUT!" Jess commanded, Helen grabbed Will as he rushed for the door.

"Talk to me Ashley… Use your words Bunny." Gina saw Jess' eyes were closed and her knuckles were going white. As she was squeezing Ashley's throat with each request. "Let me in Bunny… I'm not going to hurt you." Helen saw Will's wound was only a glancing blow. Just as Bromley entered Helen motioned for him to wait a second. Will commented that Ashley was unstable and Bromley needed to get in there before Gina or Jess got themselves hurt.

-inside Ashley's Mind-

Jess was pounding on a large wooden door. Begging Ashley to let her in. Ashley called out, "No, go away." "I'm not leaving, you know I'll stay here til I pass out!" "Is Gina safe?" "Yes, I don't think you hurt her." Ashley started to open the door.

-back in the room-

Gina could see Jess' legs were being to shake. Both Jess and Ashley looked like they were in pain. But Ashley's claw started to retract.

- inside Ashley's Mind -

"I wouldn't hurt her. But he tried to." Ashley cracked the door open.

"Who Bunny? Who was hurting your sister?"

An image of Will appeared. Ashley tried to slam the door, but Jess stuck her foot in it and forcing it to stay open.

"Bunny, let me in." Jess begged, as she held the door open but wouldn't cross the threshold.

"No, he said things! He's probably right!"

"Who knows you? Me, I know you. I brought my Elizabeth to see you. I trusted you with my little baby."

"You did," Ashley opened the door, slide to her knees crying in the doorway.

"You are a good girl and you protect everyone, and I protect you." Jess slide to the floor with her and kissed her forehead.

"Rest Bunny, We'll fix this together. Like we always do."

-back in the room-

Ashley and Jess had slide to their knees. Jess opened her eyes as she kissed Ashley forehead. Ashley was human again. Gina and Jess put Ashley in bed and exited the room. Jess was visibly shaking.

Will was standing next to Helen and Bromley. "Hold on, what the Hell was that?" Jess' adrenaline was still going and she made a bee line for Will. As Gina pulled the door closed. Jess hear Helen ask something but march up to Will. With a wicked right cross she knocked Will on his butt. "Don't you ever do that again!" It was all she got out before everything went black.

Everyone held their breath as Will went down. But Gina and Bromley anticipated that Jess would faint. Bromley scooped her up before she could hit the ground. Trevor decided someone should help Will up. Helen, Gina and Bromley (who was carrying Jess) were already on their way to the infirmary.

Finally Justin came over to clean and dress Will's arm. It didn't even need stitches. Everyone else was fussing over Jessica. Jess came to and at first couldn't remember what had happen. Gina walked everyone through what had happen from the start. "Then you knock Will on his ass!" Jess looked out the window to Will who was over doing it with the ice pack. "I hit him?" "He went down like a sack of potatoes."

"Ashley- I mean Gina, that enough." Helen said shaking her head for using the wrong daughter name.

Jess was trying to replay in her head what had happened. "I kind of bent Rule number 1. Sally is not going to be too happy with me. I need to go see Ash." Jess tried to get up. "When are you going to learn? You always say that and I always say no!" Helen said pushing her back down. Jess took Helen hand and moved it, "Guess what this time, I AM going to go see her!" Helen had never seen that look, or maybe she did but only once. Helen followed her but didn't say a word. They just got in the lift when Jess grabbed Helen's wrist, "Oh my lord, where is Elizabeth?" "Nikola and Greg are looking after her."

Ashley was tried but alright. Lang had given her another meal and she was doing fine. No damage from what Jess felt was to forceful of her. Ashley said she felt find and didn't think Jess had done anything wrong. Jess said they would talk more later after they had both rested. After Jess had time to review any video of what happened. And after she sorted out the emotions she had felt coming off of Ashley.


What set Ashley off?

"So Ash, are you feeling ready to move out of here yet?" Will asked as he swiveled the board for his turn.

"Well, Jess and I have talked about that being a goal. I'm just not ready yet."

"You can't hide in here forever." Will said with a flat voice. He wasn't trying to be mean as he laid out the letters for his word.

Gina got mad, "What do you mean hide? She recovering and relearning her own body!"

" I mean she's not dealing with the fact that she's more dangerous than Tesla, now." Will's voice got a little firmer.

"She not dangerous! She got more game now, and when she's mastered how to use it. No one will ever mess with her again!"

Ashley tried to say something but it was as if they forgot she was in the room.

"You didn't see what she's capable of. Druitt and Tesla couldn't stop her or any of the others!" Will pushed back his chair so he was facing Gina.

Gina might look like the nice girl next door, but she was a Magnus. And raised by a Rolling Thunder. "Will, I think you're done for the day. Get out!"

At that point Gina stood up and pointed to the door. Ashley stood as well, feeling very shaky.

Will stood up doing his typical hand gestures, "Hate to tell you this, but you're not in charge here. I'm actually trained to do this. I'm glad Jess and you got the ball rolling. But now I think it's time you face the facts, you're out of your league."

Everything slowed down for Ashley. She could hear their hearts pounding. Could see and hear Will clenching his jaw. As he stepped into Gina's personal space. She saw Gina's hands clench into a fist, and then relax after letting out a breath. Something was happening to Ashley, something that had never happened before. The feeling was new, her blood was raising. Gina needed to move, needed to be safe.

"STOP!" Ashley shouted almost at the top of her lungs.

Before either Will or Gina knew it, Ashley had Vamped out. Flipped the table, grabbed Gina and clawed at Will. She wasn't sure what to do. Part of her what to ripe Will into pieces, but Gina was begging Ashley to relax. How could she relax, after what Will said. She knew if she hurt him, it would only prove his point. Maybe she needed to move, but maybe instead of ward 2. Maybe she need to be in the Shu.