Time Slipped By

Hi guys! So it has been, what, almost ten years since I published a story on ? WOW! Time moves so slow and yet so quickly. But I remembering promising many of my past fans to publish a more detailed story referencing to the moments that were published in my Fremione fic Time Passed, so I finally got into the mood to write it! Because the moments are referenced in a mixed order, so will the chapters. Each moment will equal to a chapter. I'll continue if this fic picks up interest. Happy reading!

Chapter 1: As the Wall Came Crashing Down

Fred didn't exactly know where he was going. Spells and curses were being thrown left and right. He'd been separated from George an hour ago when George ran off to find Angelina. Fred had meant to follow, but as curse after curse flew at him from Death Eaters he lost sight of his twin.

It almost didn't surprise him that his running led to her. No matter where his life was going, what he was doing, who he was with, everything in the past seven years always seemed to lead to her. Hermione. She was still alive. Thank Merlin! But where was Ron? Harry?

Fred ducked as a wayward curse flew towards his head. He really needed to stop watching her. He always caught himself watching her. And if he didn't, George did. Fred could almost feel the elbow in his side, George's amused voice in his ear, "Why don't you take a picture, Gred? It'll last you longer!"

And as another curse barely missed him, Fred turned his focus back to the battle surrounding him. Stupefy! Petrificus Totalus! Confundo! Any spell that he could think of to protect himself. And, even from afar, to protect her. He could hear her even over the roar of battle. She seemed to be handling herself. But as Fred disarmed another Death Eater, he looked over to her to make sure.

And that is when it happened. A wayward curse, meant for…well, who knows? But it was sent towards Hermione, and as she ducked in just enough time, the wall behind her took the hit. And it started to crumple and fall, almost as if in slow motion. And Fred was running towards her without even realized his feet had started moving.

No, please, Merlin, no! His feet barely seemed to carry him quick enough. Why hadn't she moved yet? Didn't she see the wall? No, she was too busy fighting off Death Eaters who were keen to kill the precious Gryffindor Princess of the famous Golden Trio.

And finally, barely a moment too late, Fred Weasley pushed Hermione Granger out of the way of a falling wall. After seven years of knowing the wild-haired, brilliant witch, Fred Weasley realized a few things in quick succession. One: Hermione Granger was going to live; or at the very least not be killed by a falling wall. Two: He was probably going to die from said falling wall toppling onto him. Three: He was, without a doubt, completely in love with Hermione Granger. She was the one for him. And four: If he lives, George is going to take the mickey out of him for not realizing any of this sooner.

And then, time returned to normal, and everything went black for Fred Weasley.