Time Slipped By

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Chapter 12: The Next Level

Neither of them went into their second date thinking about sex. Well…that's a lie. Sultry thoughts were definitely crossing both of their minds. However, neither planned on actually acting on said thoughts. It was too soon. They had just had their first kiss four days ago. The war was over; they had time. Years and years of time. Taking their relationship slow was a luxury they could now fully enjoy.

So when their date ended at Hermione's apartment, the plan was just to end the night with some tea and biscuits. Hermione and Fred were dressed up due to the fancy French restaurant they just left. They both hadn't seen each other in such clothes since Bill and Fleur's wedding, and it wasn't doing their libidos any good.

Entering the apartment, Fred slipped off his jacket and hung it up on the coat rack. He then helped Hermione slip off her shawl; taking more time than necessary to slip the fabric down her shoulders as a he let his fingers run down her bare arms. The dress she was wearing was a deep navy with straps that were barely there. More than once during their date, a strap would slip off her shoulders, and Hermione would push it back up quickly, not noticing Fred's enraptured gaze following her every movement.

As they both slipped off their shoes, Hermione moved into the kitchen to start the kettle. Once started, she joined Fred back in her living room. His body was stretched out and relaxed, his biceps straining against the fabric of his shirt. That's where Hermione's head had been all night; watching Fred's Quidditch-enhanced body push against the fabric of his fitted clothing. Hermione had never loved Quidditch as much as she did once she started dating Fred Weasley.

Her heart started racing when he looked up and grinned as she sat down next to him on the couch. Their legs brushing as she settled in close to his side. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, Fred brushed his fingers softly against the thin strap of her dress, pushing his fingers over it a couple of times before slipping his fingers under. Hermione shivered as Fred moved the thin strap down her shoulder, rubbing his thumb against the exposed skin as he went.

Their eyes met, and they both saw the dilated pupils of their date. With Hermione's left shoulder now completely bare, Fred leaned forwards to run his lips down her neck and across the bare shoulder, nipping at her collarbone as his lips descended. Hermione let out a surprised moan at the sudden nip. In the four days since their first kiss, their lips had only wandered away from each other's lips when they kissed each other's cheeks in greeting. This was something new. Something exciting. Something that made their brains go foggy.

Fred felt his groin tighten as Hermione moaned. Learning her body, where she liked to be kissed and touched, had always been a fantasy of Fred's; actually living it was a heady experience. When she moved her hand up to grip his arm as his lips lingered on her shoulder, Fred let out his own moan when her nails dug into his bicep.

Hermione's stomach was tightening with the most pleasurable of knots. Fred's lips vibrating with his moan against her shoulder made her squirm and squeeze her legs together tightly. Being turned-on around Fred was nothing new. Actually being in the position to do something about it with him definitely was, though, and Hermione wasn't certain she didn't actually want to take advantage of the situation.

As Fred moved his lips back up towards her lips, their tongues met in a ferocious battle for dominance. They both were never ones to back down, and this kiss they were sharing was full proof of that. When Hermione pulled away slightly and bit Fred's lower lip, she knew she had won the battle when she was rewarded with his loud groan. Her victory only lasted a few seconds before Fred had lowered her back onto the couch, his body hovering heavily over her's.

Hermione widened her legs to accommodate Fred's weight, and their lower halves met with a delicious pressure that made both of them let out quiet moans. Hermione scrambled to push Fred slightly off of her as she quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and then pulled the undershirt quickly over his head; their lips meeting again as soon as his chest was bare. Hermione gave Fred access to her neck again as she ran her hand up and down his exposed back; feeling the muscles tense and ripple as she moved her fingers over them.

"Mione…can I…?" Fred nodded towards her dress, and she froze at the thoughts of where this could lead. She had never taken her clothes off in front of a man before. This was unchartered territory, and Hermione wasn't certain where to go from this moment.

At her tensed body, Fred carefully stilled his body as well. He didn't want to scare her, or even worse, pressure her into doing something she wasn't ready for, "We don't have to do anything you're not ready for, love."

Those words and the pure sincerity in Fred's eyes was enough for Hermione. So she lifted herself up and pulled the zipper down as far she could down the back of her dress, "Can you help me?" She asked when she could no longer pull the zipper down farther. His eager nod made her giggle, but his warm hand grazing her bared back as he moved the zipper down the rest of the way made her moan.

He moved off of her completely so she could stand, and Fred watched with his mouth slightly agape as she let the dress fall slowly down her body. Fred swallowed hard as she stood in front of him nervously in her simple, blue underwear. Simple, but the silky pieces of cloth made Fred's hands shake, "You're….magnificent." It was a new thrill for Fred to see that Hermione's blush that started on her cheeks moved down her chest.

He reached for her, but she shook her head with a slight smirk and nodded towards his pants, "Fair is fair." And Fred tried his best not to stumble as he rose to his feet and moved his shaking hands to undo his belt. Hermione patiently waited, glad she wasn't the only one nervous about being almost naked in front of each other.

Hermione bit her lip as she watched Fred stand in front of her in only his boxers. She could see his length straining against the thin fabric, and in a bold move, she took a step towards him and reached out her hand to touch him through the fabric. Fred's answering moan sounded like he was in pain, so Hermione flinched back her hand in shock.

Fred's eyes, which he hadn't realized he closed, flew open at her movement, "Why'd you stop?"

Wide-eyed, mouth ajar, "I…you sounded in pain."

Fred was always surprised at Hermione's innocence, "No, love. I'm not in pain. Well…not really. Touch me. Please."

Hermione's hand hesitantly moved out again to graze his member through his boxers, "Like this?" she questioned as she pushed her hand closer, feeling him twitch at the increased pressure.

"Merlin, yes." Fred's eyes closed again, but as Hermione increased the pressure and curled her fingers around him slightly, he was brought back to the moment. He grabbed her wrist, and pulled it back from him slightly. He rushed to explain when her face showed her hurt confusion, "If you keep doing that I'm going to explode."

Hermione tilted her head with a slight smile, "Don't you want to?"

Fred groaned, "Gods, yes! But….if we want to take this further tonight, I want to hold on."

"Further?" Hermione swallowed. Did she want to go further? Was she ready? Hermione looked up at Fred's waiting face, "Yes. Okay."

Fred's smile was ecstatic, but he still had to question, "Are you sure? We don't have to if you're not ready. I'll wait as long as you want."

Hermione knew that. But she also knew herself. She had loved Fred since she was an awkward teenager; and wanted him for almost as long. This was the easiest choice she ever had to make, "Yes. I'm sure. I'm ready if you are."

Fred's mouth opened to reply as he tugged her nearer to him, but just then the kettle erupted with a loud screech. They both laughed, "At least it happened before we took this further."

Hermione rushed out of the living room, turned off the stove, and put the kettle on a backburner. The tea could wait.

Hermione just as quickly went back to Fred and grabbed his hand, "My bedroom is up the hall." She smirked as she dragged him backwards through the hall, pushing herself onto her toes so their lips would meet as they went. They blindly made their way into her bedroom, Fred kicking the door shut once they made it through the doorway.

He lifted his lips from her's as he let his eyes scan her room for the first time. It was a comfortable room with big windows and a chair by them which looked perfect for reading. Perfect for Hermione. But what interested him most at this moment was the big bed a few feet away.

He reached down and curled his arm around Hermione's arse as he lifted her and walked the few feet to place her gently back on the bed. His body followed her's quickly as he let his hands and lips explore her body. Down her chest and across her belly. Fred made sure he took his time to learn every inch of her skin with his lips and tongue. Hermione writhed beneath his lips, but he kept a steady hand on her hip to still her, "Patience, love."

Her answer was simply to stubbornly sit up. Shocked at the sudden movement, Fred's eyes widened when he saw her quickly divest herself of her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts to him. He didn't take his time as his lips wrapped itself around one of her nipples while his hand squeezed the other breast. Patience was a virtue that neither of them apparently had.

"Fred…." Hermione whimpered as she reached down to tug at his boxers, "I need…"

Fred pulled back from his attentions to her breasts, "Yes…okay…I need my wand."

"Your….wand? Is that a euphemism or something?"

Fred chuckled, "No, love. Contraceptive spell, yes? Don't want little Granger-Weasley's running around just yet, right?"

Hermione blushed, "Right. Go get your wand. Quickly." She said the last part as she quirked her eyebrow and moved seductively further onto the bed.

When Fred ran back into the room with his wand, it was to find a now completely naked Hermione waiting for him. Her silky underwear lay abandoned on the floor by her bra. Fred ran his tongue across his lips as he placed his wand against her belly and muttered the spell. Once finished he tossed it haphazardly across the room as he tugged his boxers down his legs and kicked them to join her discarded underwear.

He crawled on top of his sprawled out witch, "You ready?" Fred asked as he ran his fingers down her body and found her soaking wet. Yes, her body was ready for him. But was she?

"Absolutely." She moaned as his fingers grazed her opening, "Please. Now, Fred." That was all the encouragement he needed as he pushed himself into her welcoming body.

Fred groaned as he slid deeper into her. Hermione's answering moan was what prompted him to begin moving. Slowly, at first, Fred gave tiny thrusts. But as Hermione scratched her nails down his back and whimpered, "More." Fred's speed quickened.

It didn't take him long to reach his peak, and he knew he was going to release soon. Fred quickly reached between their bodies, and circled the sensitive nub near Hermione's entrance, hoping for her to reach her climax before him.

Hermione's back arched, and she bit into his shoulder as she cried out with her release. The tightening of her muscles was enough to send Fred over the edge as he joined her shout of pleasure with one of his own.

As Fred separated himself from Hermione with a gentle kiss to her cheek, Fred pulled Hermione with him and cuddled her into his side as they both drifted off into a sated sleep.

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