Popo and Nana were happy to be in the company of the esteemed adventurers Dry Bowser and Toadette, who were filling in for certain Smashers that called in sick using a spirit transfer. Of course, the Ice Climbers were in several battles too, but the twins were still in an energetic mood as they wanted to go off on an adventure, with the skeletal reptile and mushroom girl returning to their original forms, with the bodies having been transferred into their spirits as they materialized back to normal after returning the bodies that they used for the relaxing Smashers. But alas, the one meeting they would have in the Smash Mansion would be the catalyst that the cutesy Eskimo pair would need!

"I'm thankful that I wasn't just stuck to the dinosaurs," Dry Bowser said as he was in the middle of a conversation.

Toadette nodded her head in agreement as she brushed back her pink pigtails. "And I'm glad I wasn't just a girly stereotype!"

"Hey guys!" The Ice Climber duo exclaimed as they were jumping in excitement, with the two quickly pulling out their mallets from their parka as they gave each other a hi-5. "You wanna go off on a journey?"

Dry Bowser rubbed his chin as he shook his skull. "Eh... do you really want to? We just finished doing some battles."

"And they were fun, but exhausting!" Toadette added while extending her arms out.

Popo placed his hands on his hips. "Well we could refresh you so you wouldn't feel so tired!"

"Uh huh, we know how to cool you off!" Nana squealed as she twirled around.

Dry Bowser and Toadette looked at each other as they then turned back to the climbers, who were smashing ice blocks with their hammers.

"What would we even be searching for?" Dry Bowser questioned as he began to brush his red hair.

Toadette's stomach growling made the fungi female embarrassed as she nervously laughed while blushing, both of her hands on her grumbling gut. "Golly, I just got hungry all of a sudden! Guess smashing endlessly would do that to ya!"

"That's great! We can go search for some yummy fast food!" Popo chimed as he chucked his hammer into the air.

Nana bounced with ecstasy as she squealed. "Ooh that sounds fun, I wanna go right now!"

Dry Bowser squinted his eyes as he clenched his bony fists. "But don't we have food here-"

The Ice Climbers dashed off to the kitchen and froze everything up, with them going around the manor to freeze everything as they came back. Popo burped and Nana farted as they laughed their gas off.

"Now we don't have any grub here, let's go!" Popo and Nana shouted simultaneously as they grabbed Dry Bowser and Toadette by their arms, rushing out of the building as they headed northward, with it being nighttime as the group passed by Camilla farting bassy poots in a tuba while sitting on it, her fart gas emitting out of the big brass instrument as it made her thunderous tuba toots more deep pitched than it already was.

"I felt like being brassy tonight, so I hope you enjoy my gassy cacophony!" Camilla laughed as she casually waved at the group, wondering where they were heading off as she continued her flatulent music making.