Wow, one year since I posted this story and it's gotten so many faves, follows, and reviews! Thanks to much guys and gals. I honestly was not expecting this to be so popular, let alone so soon. Anyway I do apologize for keeping y'all waiting so long for this chapter and hope y'all enjoy it and have been save during these troubling times. Though as I'm a little paranoid I give a warning of a trigger in here.

Now before we get started here, here's a list of Danny's powers and how he can use them

Intangibility: Able to be used in both human and ghost form
Invisibility: Also useable in both forms
Etco energy beams and shields: Useable in both forms but much stronger when in Ghost form
Flight: Only useable while in ghost form
Duplication: Technically yes he does have it, but he's still working on it
Overshadowing/Possession: Useable in ghost form though will be hesitant to use it unless necessary
Super Strength: Useable in Ghost form though likely will not be as much as say Superman's or Wonder Woman's level of super strength
Ghost sense/ghost breath: Useable in both forms, though for obvious reasons won't be of much use for a while if at all
Cryo powers: yeah, he's kinda has them since it's a part of his ghost sense, but can't yet make ghost ice but will learn to access that power later on
Ghostly wail: Only useable in ghost form and only recently acquired so not much control over it yet and will leave him drained as it's his most powerful attack, so will only use it in dire situations if absolutely necessary

Aboard the Thanagarian command ship a ship flies into the hanger. Once docked the small ship lowers a boarding ramp with Shayera walking down it. Shortly after she had stepped off the ramp she comes upon Kragger, much to her anoyance. "Welcome back, Lieutanat Hol." he greets her.

"You're in my way." comes her reply with little interest in his presence. "Likewise, I'm sure." he can't help but smirk back. "Come with me." he tells her as he turns his back on her and begins to walk away. Shayera remains back as she rolls her eyes at him. "I don't take orders from..." she starts in reply but cuts off as two Thanagarian guards fly down to her with spears. Naturally she looks to them in surprise as they escort her to follow Kragger.

Talak stood at the computers with Paran Dul, lieutenant tasked by Talak to oversee the construction of the bypass, giving her report of the progress on construction of the bypass. "Construction is nearly complete. Teh bypass generator will be operational within the hour."

"Evacuate our troops. I want the bypass activated as soon as it's ready." he orders. Bowing her head slightly Paran Dul would do just that. The screen then blurs into static. Just as it was Talak heard foot steps behind him and turned to see the two spear weilding guards with Shayera. Her helemt off and her hands cuffed behind her back. The guards push her forward and she falls to her knees before Talak. Kneeling down to her he helps her back up to her feet. "What do you think you're doing?" he asks with an edge in his voice as to why they would treat Shayera in such a manner.

Kragger comes up with the answer. "I'm sorry sir. She's guilty of high treason, espionage, and consorting with the enemy." he tells his commander, much to Talak's shock. Shayera's own face looking down in shame before turning back up to meet Talak's gaze. Kragger goes up to the computer to insert a disk into the drive.

The screen then pulls up video footage of Shayera telling the Justice League and Danny about the Hyperspace bypass and that it'll destroy the Earth and everything on it. "Where did you get this?" Talak asks as he turns his head from the screen to Kragger, doing his best to contain his anger. Kragger simply reached to Shayera's chest and removes a device bearing the Hawk symbol, causing her to grit her teeth as she put it together in her head that she had been bugged.

"From the Holocam I planted on her. But wait, it gets better." he shares before directing them to look back to the screen as it plays the footage of Shayera and John Steward having that moment in the bat cave together. Turning back to Shayera, Talak looks upon her in distrust before coldly ordering the guards to take her out of his sight.

Kragger can't help himself but smile as Shayera is removed and will likely be sentinced death for her crimes against the Thanagarian empire. "Commander, I hated to be the one to tell you." he says cooly to his commander. Only to momments later get Talak's fist in his face by a furrious punch. Looking up in shock to his commander from the punch, Kragger gets the orders to take a taskforce down to the surrface and deal with the League and Danny... with no need to take any prisoners.

Later back in the Batcave the league with Danny look over the data from the drive Shayera gave to Bruce. Danny's eyes wide in shock as they watch a simulation of the Earth looking like it's collapsing in on itself from two points. It's not like anything he's ever seen before, and given the crazy stuff he's seen in his own universe that's saying a lot.

"Ingenious." Bruce mutters.

"Yeah, I'm impressed," Clark says as he's taking off his glasses. "let's go wreck it."

Danny nods at that with a grin across his face. About to jump in and voice his agreement, he then gets stopped as Green Lantern brings up that the machine is behind a giant forcefield.

Bruce steps in as he's typing up on the keyboard of the bat-computer. "A force field controlled by the command ship." he informs them all as the screen pulls up a 3D image of the command ship. A small red blip lights up on a spot on the image, signaling where the controls to the force field was. "Go shut it down. I'll take care of the generator."

"That thing's the size of a city," exclaimed Flash, "what are you gonna do, throw a batarang at it?" Danny's brows perk in puzzlement. "I'm sorry, a what?" he asks the speedster.

Bruce didn't even blink at Flash's statement but couldn't help but smirk slyly at Danny's question. Clark was the only one who saw him reach into his jacket and pull out one of his famous batarangs. "Something like that." was his reply to Flash before he stood and held out the batarang to Danny. The teenager took it gently from the elder hero's hand and examined it. "Cool." he says before looking out in the cave and flicks his wrist to toss the batarang.

He had aimed for a stalactite near the stair way leading in and out of the cave, but it veered off course and went right into the glass case holding one of Batman's suits and the embeds itself into the forehead of the mannequin wearing the suit. Danny winced at seeing his mishap and sheepishly looks back to Bruce, who fixes a bat-glare at the teenager.

Luckily for Danny, a beeping from the bat-computer echoes out and takes Bruce's attention off from him. "Proximity sensors just got triggered. Looks like we have company." the millionaire hero informs the rest. Martian Manhunter morphs and returns to his green skinned form he is commonly seen and Danny lights up with that white halo moving up and down along his body and reveals himself in his black and white jumpsuit, the leather jacket gone.

To Danny's surprise Flash had taken out a spare suit from a hallow compartment in a ring he wore on his finger. Clark pulled open the flaps of his civilian suit and revealed he had been wearing the superman suit underneath the entire time. His back had been to Diana as she changed into her Wonder Woman suit, so he didn't see how she changed but with all he's seen he wouldn't be surprised if she just changed outfits by spinning around a few times and just appeared in her costume.

"Everyone, find cover and wait for the Thanagarians." Bruce tells them as he heads over to the case Danny broke to take that suit. Giving the teen another batbglare as he pulls the batarang from the mannequin. Danny bites his bottom lip softly before going invisible and flies off to get into a hiding place for when the hawks will arrive.

It didn't take the Thanagarians long to arrive. Breaking down the door to the batcave from within Wayne Manor they entered the cave after Kragger and started spreading out to find the League.

"Come and get some!" Green Lantern says after blasting green energy at one of the hawk soldier's bazooka and breaking it. The hawkmen fly into battle against him and as the fight ensues, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Flash join in the fight.

Superman comes in and grabs the blaster in the hands of a Thanagarian that was aiming to shoot Flash as the speedster's back was turned, causing the hawkman to yell out loudly as the man of steel crushes it and his hand. "Let's use our inside voice." he said before punching the hawkman in the face.

Two more Thanagarians were chasing after Flash, their blasters missing him with every shot they fired at him. Zipping all around he zoomed around and got behind them and spun his arms fast enough to create a strong vortex of wind. The vortex blew them right into Batman's giant penny, an old souvenir from one of Batman's adventures when he was starting out, and make it topple over on top of them, tail-side up.

Flash zipped on top of the penny and makes a quip. "Tails, I win."

Danny flew by with a smirk at the quip and begins to make another quip of his own to go with Flash's, but the ghost boy instead yells out as he gets clipped on the shoulder and in his pause in flight, Kragger flies in at him with an axe. The blade sparking with electricity and since it's a Nth metal weapon it hurts Danny as the lieutenant slashes Danny across the chest as he slams into the teenager.

Panting out in pain as he lays on the ground on his back with Kragger looming above him with his axe. All the leaguers had their hands full with the rest of the strike squad to come help him. Batman was the only one able to see the teenager's dire situation. "Phantom!"

Danny's eyes glow toxic green as he raises his hand and blasts at Kragger in the chest, but Kragger moved fast enough to duck back a bit and allow two of his soldiers to shoot a net at Danny as the ghost boy shot back up to his feet. Helplessly pinned against a stone wall he looked up as the Thanagarians readied a large blaster, aimed right at him. "Get back.. " he stammers as panic wells within his chest. "I said get BACK!" his stammering evens out and goes into a wail.

The word "back" was drawn out until it lost all sense as a word itself and was more of an unnatural sound unmeant for mortal ears to hear. Perhaps this is what the call of a banshee must sound like. Visible green waves of sound billowing out from Danny's gapping mouth as he kept wailing. Kragger, his soldiers, and even the leaguers all held their hands to their ears as the unearthly noise echoed off the cavern walls. Superman in particular was greatly affected as his super sensitive ears heard the sound even more so than the others, maybe save for the bats in the cave who all flew away as the first visible soundwave rode out.

All the glass cases of display mounts within the direction Danny was facing shattered into bits from the sound, every small item in the path got thrown back through the air, and anything else not bolted down to the floor buckled and toppled over along with Kragger and his soldiers that were about to shoot Danny. The floor right in front of Danny was cracking up and small shards of the stone flew off. One such piece of rubble smacked Kragger right in the eye.

Slowly the power behind Danny's attack began to die down as the teen's energy sapped away. Ending it before he got completely drained the boy slumped back as he looked down and saw a ring of white light form around his waist. Tensing up and gritting his teeth he willed the ring to come back up and keep him in his ghost form through sheer will. Panting heavily as he worked to relax. "What the hell was that?"

Snapping his head up with a star, Danny looked up and sighed at seeing it was just Green lantern who had spoken. Wonder woman flew to him as Batman joined her by her side with a batarang in hand. Kneeling to Danny, the dark knight cut away at the net with the batarang.

"My ghostly wail... It's kind of a new power i got just before coming here.." Danny's voice sounded horse and a tad raw. "Sorry."

Wonder Woman looked down to Danny in concern as the teenager seemed out of it. As he tried to stand up his legs wobbled from under him and she quickly took hold of him and hung his arm off her shoulders to keep him steady as he leaned on her. No one asked him anything further as the league started back up the stairs upward to Wayne Manor. They found Alfred sweeping up shattered glass from the windows.

"Mind the glass, sir." he warned cautiously as they came by.

"Thanks Diana, but I can stand now." Danny told her as he gently eased himself off from her side, now able to stand on his own. Reluctantly she takes her arm from him and watches intently as she can't help but worry for him as he stumbles just a bit but manages to keep up on his feet.

Batman held a look towards Danny in concern too for a bit before turning to Green Lantern. "I want you, Superman, and Wonder Woman to go to the command ship and shut down the force field."

"And the rest of us?" J'onn gestures to himself, Batman, and Flash.

Seeing he wasn't included in that, Danny frowned and stepped up. "Yeah, what are WE going to do?" he emphasized the word we to show he's coming.

Batman doesn't register he's planning on excluding Danny. "You're going to help me retake the Watchtower." Danny perks up some as he remembers Batman and Wonder Woman telling him about the League's orbiting space station. Batman knew it would be the less risky mission, so Danny would be fine to come with them. Not that they'd be up in the Watchtower all that long a time.

"It's crawling with Thanagarian soldiers," Flash points out as he comes up to Danny's side. "how're you planning on getting inside?" he rests his hand on Danny's shoulder gently.

"With that." Batman points outside to the ship the Thanagarians came in sitting just outside the shattered window.

Superman, Green lantern, and Wonder woman all nod before the three of them fly off to storm the command ship and shut down the force field. Superman still rubbing his ringing ears some. And Diana spared one last look to Danny before joining John and Clark in the sky.

Batman, Flash, and Danny stood behind J'onn as the Martian spent several minutes to examine the complex looking controls of the Thanagarian ship.

"Well?" Asked Batman.

"I have no idea how to fly this vessel."

"What's this do?" Flash asked as he reached out and pressed a button to the Martian's right. It turned out to be the control to the ship's weapons as a beam of energy fired out and blasted a fairly large hole in the side of Wayne Manor.

Danny winced and gritted his teeth as he let out a soft hiss. Batman narrowed his eyes and moved his face very close to Flash's. "That's not helping." he said through his own gritted teeth.

J'onn looks up after holding his chin in his hand. "I need one of the hawkmen."

Dragging Kragger outside to the ship Batman slams him into the side of the ship. Part of it had been the urgency to get what J'onn needed from him to be able to fly the ship, but the bigger part of it was for what the chief advisor had done to Danny.

"You think I'll tell you anything?" he sneered then spat in Danny's direction, his ears still painfully ringing from the teen's ghostly wail hitting him at near point blank range and frankly he felt like his teeth might of been knocked slightly loose as well. If not for Thanagarians being much more durable than normal humans, he and the other soldiers that got hit with that wail could of been ripped apart. "I'd sooner choke on your bones."

"Fine by me." Danny grabs him by the front of his cracked and nearly falling apart chest plate to pull him in close and cocks back his fist. "Start with these." J'onn stops him before the teenager can actually hit him.

"We're running out of time, I'll take the information from him." the Martian says as Danny backs off from Kragger.

"I thought you couldn't read their minds?" Flashed asked. Danny's eyes widening in surprise at this. He remembered being told by J'onn that he was a telepath, but not that he couldn't read the minds of the Thanagarians.

Then J'onn's face got all ominous as his eyes glowed an earie yellow as he reached out to grip Kregger's head. "I'll just have to try harder."

Neither Batman, Flash, nor Danny could see what was going on inside the Thanagarian's mind as J'onn got through his mental defenses, but knew it must be rough as the Martian's body was taking on physical damage with slashes and claw-marks all over himself. Just as Danny was getting enough and was about to see if he could pull J'onn out of this, the Martian released his hold on Kragger and let the Thanagarian slump. J'onn's wounds slowly started fading as the Martian panted and held his face in his hand for a moment.

"I... I have what we need." He clearly did not enjoy that at all.

The four heroes boarded the ship, Danny sparing one last look to Kregger as the Thanagarian lied there on the ground, drooling and blanking staring at nothing as he was left comatose. Glancing down to his own chest, the cut Kregger's axe had left on him from earlier closed up a while ago thanks to a speedy healing factor since it was nothing major of a wound, the teenager rest a hand on it. As much as the teen disliked the man for hurting him like that and had hunted him and his new friends like dogs, he felt bad it had come to reducing Kregger to this state.

Snapping from his daze as Flash came back to the ghost boy to see what was holding him up. Danny joined the others inside the ship and looked out through the windshield as the ship soared upwards to the sky.

Later as the stolen ship neared the Watchtower, J'onn shapeshifts into looking like Kregger while Batman and Flash hide in the back of the ship and Danny goes invisible. The flight had been a long enough time for the teenager to rest and regain what strength he had lost when he used his ghostly wail. As the shapeshifted Martian inputs the docking code with the Thanagarians aboard the Watchtower, Danny's invisible face lights up in awe at the sight of the advanced space station and the stars around them. The boy's awed excitement at seeing space was not missed by J'onn, even without really reaching into the teenager's mind he could feel the glee radiating off the younger hero.

Snapping out of his starry eyed gaze as the ship neared the docking bay more as the doors opened to take the ship. Grinning as he knew he could vent more of his frustration out on these Thanagarians as the ship settles in the docking bay with a rattling shake.

J'onn walked down the boarding ramp of the ship towards two waiting Thanagarian guards.

"We weren't expecting you, sir." one of them voices their surprise.

"There's been a change of plans." J'onn tells them before changing his form into that of a blue cyclops-like creature.

As he subdues the two guards more enter the docking bay, but they are disarmed by a properly aimed batarang and a ecto blast. Danny turns back to the visible spectrum and grins as he cracks his knuckles before flying in and joining batman, who's sporting electrically-charged brass knuckles. Flash zipping and zooming around, disarming the hawk-people of their weapons.

And down back on Earth with Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Superman. It was clear that they had been detected as a massive swarm of fighter-craft surround the large Command ship.

"Pretty bad odds." Comments Wonder Woman, not even blinking at the sheer size of the swarm of fighters.

"Yeah. They don't stand a chance." Superman agreed.

Green Lantern smirked as he felt that if Danny were here he'd make a quip about the Thanagarians not having a ghost of a chance. Diana felt the same. Frowning for a brief moment as her thoughts drifted back to the young man and his strife. She would see to it that he finds his way again after this.

One could of called it a battle, but that would be... inaccurate. This was a full out beat-down. Superman tore through many of the oncoming fighters like a torpedo barreling through sheets of rice paper. Wonder woman doing similar damage and deflecting laser blasts from the fighters with her special bracelets and hitting the ships right back. Lantern blasting many ships with energy blasts from his power ring.

Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Danny stood victorious over the unconscious bodies of the last of the Thanagarians aboard the Watchtower while Batman stood at one of the computers while the other three heroes finished up fighting the soldiers. Danny eyeing the dark knight's work suspiciously as he saw something that looked like calculating coordinates. He may now of been the best student in class, but with all his space flight simulation games he's played over the years he's learned enough to know flight coordinates like these.

"Okay, the Watchtower's ours again." said the Flash before coming over to Batman. "So where's your secret weapon?" he asks.

"You're standing in it." the dark knight says without turning.

Flash's and Danny's eyes widen. "Wait... you mean we're gonna.."

"Take the Watchtower out of orbit and drop it right on top of their little science project?" Danny finishes. Batman finally turns and looks to the ghost boy, nodding his head.

"Get them to the escape pods." the dark knight told the other heroes as he gestured to the fallen Thanagarians.

As the four heroes dragged the soldiers away, Danny paused briefly before glancing back at the computer Batman had been on. He knew there was something Batman wasn't telling him, Flash, and Martian Manhunter. Soon enough he put it together and knew what Batman was hiding when he did the math in his head. Danny's eyes widen as the ghost boy knew it couldn't be. He shifted his feet as the space station shook slightly as the engines shifted into position.

Looking in the direction of the escape pods he narrowed his eyes as he grabbed some unconscious Thanagarians and dragged them with him to join the others at the pods. With Flash zooming all around the station it was a quick job of gathering every last soldier. "Are these the last of them?" asked J'onn as they get more Thanagarians into the escape pods.

"Yep," said Flash, not seeing Batman beginning to silently back out of the pod, "the tower is completely pest-free."

"Good." came Danny's voice as he stood behind Batman as the Dark knight was almost back in the Watchtower. The dark knight's body twitched only slightly, somewhat thrown off by not picking up the ghost boy's presence. Then before Batman knew it he finds himself pushed into the escape pod by a low powered ecto ray in the back. As he falls to the floor in the middle of the pod Danny acts fast and manages to hit the button on the panel to the side and the pod's doors slide close and then seconds later the pod ejects off the space station.

After Batman rushes back up to his feet he, Flash, and J'onn rush to the communicator. "What are you doing?!" demands the Martian.

"We can't risk the Watchtower burning up on reentry or veering off course. It needs to be guided in manually." Danny tells him as he uses the communicator on his end. He pauses for a moment. "And this dimension needs YOU Batman." he finishes, making Flash and Martian Manhunter's eyes widen at this. They both turn to Batman in shock. The Dark knight doesn't even so much as flinch at being found out he was going to sacrifice himself.

Batman slams his fist against the glass window. Gritting his teeth as he'd be dammed if he let someone like Danny sacrifice themselves like this. "I have no one down there for me and nowhere to go. It's been an honor, being with real heroes like you guys." the ghost boy finishes before cutting off the communication flies down the hallway back to the station's control room and strap in to fly this bird. Luckily pulling up the flight controls were easy enough for the teenager to pull up. Almost like they were all ready set up for him. Gripping the steering controls he followed the set course downwards towards the Gobi Desert he let out a held breath as the ring of light ran up and down his body, turning him to Danny Fenton.

"I'm coming guys. I'll be there soon." he said out loud, tears prickling from the corners of his eyes as he thought about how he'll be seeing his family and friends again.

The older heroes in the escape pod bowing their heads in sorrow. Flash sliding down to sit on the floor sadly. Batman's jaw clenching as he could tell from Danny's voice and words, the ghost boy was knowingly consigning himself to death and not just to save the earth.

Wonder Woman tore through yet another fighter craft and ripped out the laser cannon from it's hull. holding it out she figured out how to use it and shot down more fighters like they were lining up for her on a target range. Green Lantern flew in to the Command ship through a hole he made after using a power drill construct he had made with his ring. Fighting off hawk soldiers in the hallway as he made his way through it.

Every shot of the Lantern being broad casted to the flight deck onto monitors with soldiers on the bridge watching it all, including Hro Talak himself. Steaming with raw rage and anger as his eyes laid upon the Green Lantern John Stewart. The Earthling that stole his beloved Shayera Hol from him. Having gone to visit her as she sat in the prison brig deeper in the ship and confronted her for her betrayal to him and their people by warning the Justice League of their plans and returned the Lantern's ring to the man. Try as he could to reason with her, try to get her to tell him she had only felt lost and alone without him, that her so called love for the Green Lantern was merely a flirtation caused by her loneliness. Only to come to the decision that she'll forget about him once the earth was gone when she could not tell him what he wished to hear from his promised Shayera.

"Intruder alert!" one of the bridge officers called out through the ship-wide communications. "All security teams to engineering!"

"Belay that!" Talak barked to the officer. Taking an axe in hand he practically stormed towards the door. "Green Lantern is mine." He'd be dammed if he was not the one to deal with the man that stole his beloved. The officer did nothing to stop his commander and relayed the belay of the order.

Not long after the commander had left the bridge Superman threw a lone fighter-craft into the glass of the massive window with it stopping half way through the glass. About less than a minute later the ship is thrust all the way through and crashes into one side of the deck, sending the control panels all around in that side into twisted flaming wreckage. What controls are still working are mostly left abandoned as the deck officers rush at Wonder Woman, who had shoved the fighter-craft through.

With the controls of the ship compromised, the ship lurched and shook. Shayera nearly fell over as she stood in her cell. Through the irregularly-placed bars of her cell she saw a squadron of soldiers run past her with weapons at the ready. Out of her sight she heard the sounds of fighting and then some of the soldiers get sent flying back past the doorway of her cell.

Then she saw Wonder Woman come by and once the Amazon princess took notice of her she stood there on the other side of the bars. Hawkgirl had once been one of Diana's best friends, almost as close as sisters. Then Shayera spat on that friendship and betrayed the League and Earth. Amazonians do not take kindly to such traitorous actions

"I should leave you to burn." the princess all but snarls the worlds with such venom towards her former friend. But inspite of her dislike for Shayera she raises her hand holding a sword she likely picked up from the soldiers she fought. The sharp blade slashes through he controls to the cell. The bars withdrew into the wall and the force field disappears. Wonder Woman walks off after having repaid Shayera for giving the League a heads up on the Thanagaraian's plans.

Shayera emerges from the cell and picks up a fallen mace before flying off towards the engineering deck, where the force field controls are.

Ahead of her at the engineering deck, Green Lantern beet her to it and pried the doors open with his ring. Ahead of him in the center of the room he spotted a pillar-shaped machine with a plunger-like device atop it surrounded by a force field.

"The force field controls." Talak's voice comes as he steadily flies down from above and lands in front of the force field. "That is what you came for, yes? You want it?" he lifts his axe, crackling electricity around the shape head. "All you have to do is get by me." he challenges.

"It'll be a pleasure." Lantern raises his ring and shoots a beam at the Commander, who deflects each blast with a swing of his axe.

"No." Talak glares back at the Lantern. "This won't be like the last time you took something that belonged to me."

Green Lantern knew right off that was about Shayera. "Anything I took was freely offered. Maybe you should take better care of your stuff."

Firing off a few more bolts of green energy at Talak, only to have them all deflected. Both fighters fly up and Green Lantern forms a triangular shield construct with his ring and blocks Talak's axe. The axe swings downward several more times and the force begins to crack off a chunk off the top as it starts to crack from the top and downward the middle. Then the Thanagarian commander throws in his fist along with the hilt of his axe and manages to knock John back into some machinery and give the man a few cuts on the face.

"I've beaten you, little man." Talak raises his axe as he grabs Lantern by the throat and picks him up. "Any last words?"

As John's head clears from the ringing and buzzing he looks back at Talak. "Yeah, you can kiss my axe!" he makes a battle-axe from his ring and frees himself. Both combatants swing at each other, trying to overpower the other.

Trading punches back and forward John soon manages to get the upper hand and with one last punch he adds in an extra boost with a small energy blast from his ring and sends Talak flying back into some machinery so hard is sparks and crackles as it explodes slightly. Having dealt with Talak he goes to the force field and shoots a beam at it to try and get through it.

Too busy with his task he doesn't see Talak getting back up and grabbing his axe again. It isn't until Talak brings the blade down and damages his ring and nearly completely brakes his hand does he take notice. As John falls to his knees Talak delivers a wicked uppercut and sends the Lantern across the room and lay very still.

Coming up to the fallen Lantern Talak is ready to finish him off. "Hro! Enough!" Shayera called out. Talak turns his gaze to the traitorous lieutenant as she walks towards him until they are inches apart.

"The fight's over. You're a soldier, not a murderer."

Talak paused for a moment, only to them backhand her and send her to the ground.

"I'm a fool.. for ever loving you!" he shouted at her as she wipes her face with the back of her hand as she looks back up at him before getting back up to her feet. Taking up her mace she readies for a fight with him.

"It didn't have to be this way."

"Yes... it did." he raises his crackling axe as they charge at the other. Weapons clashing as they grunt and yell battle cries.

All things considered Danny was holding up pretty well as the Watchtower began entering the upper atmosphere. The outside of the space station started to light up red with the heated friction of reentry. The lights inside soon started going red as the station shook violently and debris began falling and most of it on fire slightly. Sweat trickling down his face as the teenager struggled with keeping the station on course. Having no choice he reactivates the commlink.

"We're cutting it a little close guys.." he flinches as a piece of flaming debris fell right near him. "Anyone get that force field down yet?" he calls out to anyone able to pick up.

He's then soon greeted with Wonder Woman's voice after he faintly heard Superman's before it got cut off with some strange sounding staic. "Not yet. Where are you?" the Amazonian princess replies.

"Aboard the Watchtower." Admits Danny, inwardly preparing himself. "Guiding it to target." he finishes coolly, not concerned for himself since he was intending on himself for going with the station. Since he's in his human form, he's just as vulnerable as any other human to getting hurt. He knows he wouldn't survive the crash.

"Danny! That's insane!" came Wonder Woman's greatly concerned response. "Get out of there, now!" Danny winced at the tone.

"Sorry Diana, I'm staying.. Better me doing this than Batma.. GAH!" he tells her before he cries out as a chunk of debris fell and struck him in the back of the head before the transmission gets cut off into static.

"Danny!" Wonder Woman calls out with her hand to her communicator in her ear. When he doesn't pick up again she throws her sword away and without a second thought flies up and brakes through the hull of the command ship and gets outside. Luckily she pops out of the ship near Superman as he's zapping enemy fighter ships. "Superman! Do you see the Watchtower?" She calls to him as she rushes up to him.

With a quick and worried look to her he looks up and around with his enhanced senses and his eyes widen as he sees the Watchtower reentering the atmosphere and on it's way towards the bypass generator. "What the?"

Seeing where the man of steel is facing, Diana thanks him with a nod and flies as fast as she can in that direction. Superman flies after her and shoots down Thanagarian fighters coming at her. "What's going on?"

"It's Danny. He's piloting the Watchtower." She explains. Superman's eyes widen and they speed up. Superman giving cover fire to allow Diana to hurry and get to Danny before it's too late.

Shayera held up as best as she could against Talak. But soon enough she was disarmed and even after pleading with him to spare the earth and to find another way for the Thanagarians to win their war against the Gordainians. But he turned her down and after shocking her with the electricity off his axe, he harshly threw her to the floor.

John looks on as Shayera lays there on the floor a ways from him with Talak coming down.

"She won't save you again, Lantern." he tells the Green Lantern before turning and facing him. "No woman's skirt to hide behind. No ring. What are you going to do now?" he approaches his adversary as Lantern's uninjured hand feels around and grabs a fallen pipe off the floor.

"I was thinking of introducing you to my friend here!" he responds as he holds up the pipe. Charging at Talak and swinging the pipe like a club. Talak ducks and swings his axe and cuts the pip in half and gets Lantern across the chest in a shallow cut. John winces and yells as he stumbles back in pain as his hand comes up to the fresh cut across his chest.

Gritting his teeth he come back at Talak and punches him in the face once before Talak returns it with one of his own.

At the bypass generator, the remaining Thanagarian ships start to fly away as the machine is ready. Aboard one of them Paran Dul looks down below to the city-sized machine as one of her deck officers goes on. "All the construction personnel now en route to mother ship."

"Good. Begin Activation sequence." And with the order the machine begins to charge up and begin activation.

Talak had beaten John a great deal. As the Lantern sits crotch down in front of the force field protecting the control of the bypass's force field. The man's face swollen and bruised slightly he looks up to Talak. "That all you got? My Grandma hits harder than you."

That earns a growling cry from Talak as he raises his electrically charged axe and brings it down on at John. Only to instead meet with the force field. The charge of his own weapon and the force field feed back against each other, shocking Talak a great deal and soon enough blow him backwards and the force field shorts out.

Shayera is back on her feet and comes to John's side and together the two go to the plunger and push it down, deactivating the force field around the bypass generator, just in the nick of time.

What's left of the burning Watchtower keeps plummeting towards the bypass right on course. Danny's sweating form hunched over the controls. If he hadn't been knocked out with that blow to the back of the head from that piece of debris the extreme heat around him would of reduced him to unconsciousness.

The computer screen in front of him, miraculously still working, showed the bypass's force field going down as the station keeps it's course right at it and would be crashing into it any moment now.

Fortunately, before the coming impact, Superman and Wonder Woman crash through the walls of the station. Both shielded their faces into their arms as a surge of fire flares up right in front of them. Wonder Woman's eyes widen as she spots Danny's slumped over form at the controls, not moving. "Danny!" she cries out before braving the fire and flying over to him. Superman coming after her and the woman checks on Danny. Holding a hand to her mouth as she sees blood trickling down the back of the boy's neck.

Pulling him up to sit up right she sees he is still breathing. "Thank Hera." she rips the seat belts apart and tenderly scoops Danny's sweating form into her arms and she and Superman rush to get Danny out of the heat and away from the crumbling remains of the Watchtower, home and base of the Justice League for two years now. Getting a safe distance as the station crashed into the hyperspace bypass. Easy to say there was a massive explosion, likely enough to be seen from orbit.

Superman stood behind Wonder Woman as she sat crotched slightly with Danny resting on her lap and in her arms. As Superman took a moment to look out over the devastation, Wonder Woman keeps her concerned gaze down to the young hero she's holding. His sweating had lessened since getting out of the heat of the crumbling and burning Watchtower. She's lightly stroking his face and hair when he starts to stir with a pained groan. Slowly those baby blue eyes part open and he looks up to see the smiling faces of Superman and Wonder Woman.

"Always have to be the hero, don'tcha?" the man of steel asks with a smirk.

After a moment of collecting his wits and mind Danny's eyes widen in shock as he figures out what happened. Shooting up to his feet as he growls. "Why did you stop me?! Why did you save me!?" he screams at them both as he staggers slightly on his shaky feet and wobbling legs. Both Wonder Woman and Superman look at him in shock as the young man shouts at them for saving him.

Tears running down Danny's cheeks as he grits his teeth and grabs at Superman's chest. The bottoms of his fists hitting and hammering weakly at the man of steel's chest as he sobs some, stunning both of the older heroes. Wonder Woman snaps out of it and comes and takes Danny off of Clark's chest. The look on the teenager's face just about breaks her heart before it comes into her chest as his body rakes with sobs and he slumps into her as he cries his eyes out. She gently wraps her arms around him and rubs his back until he tires himself out. "I.. I just want to be with them again.." the boy chokes out through his last few sobs before he's out like a light.

The two Leaguers share a concerned look.

Green Lantern and Shayera looked at the massive crater that once was the hyperspace bypass from a computer screen in the room that had managed to avoid being damaged during the ongoing fights within the engineering deck. Shayera gave Lantern a satisficed smile before looking down to the floor with a sad and guilty expression.

She betrayed her entire people for this.

Further thought on what would happen next for her got interrupted as several dozen Thanagarian soldiers stormed into Engineering deck. The two heroes prepared to defend themselves.

"Stand down!" a charred, bruised and beaten Talak orders as he's back up on his feet and walking towards them. "Lower your weapons." the soldiers obeyed right away.

"Commander?" one of the asked.

"Our mission is a failure." Talak goes on. "There's no more reason to fight. Let them go." he explains, ignoring the looks from his soldiers and the two heroes as he limped over to Shayera. "I hope you're proud of yourself. It'll take years for up to rebuild elsewhere."

Shayera doesn't falter the lest bit as she looks back. "Then you'd better get started." Helping Green Lantern by holding him into her side the two heroes walk out. No one made so much as a move to stop them.

"This is Snapper Carr reporting. In a stunning turn of events the Thanagarian forces have ended their occupation of earth departing for locations unknown."

The League watches a news report off a tv inside one of the spare bedrooms in Wayne Manor. Shayera being left to herself downstairs watching the same news report while wearing a change of clothes Bruce had provided for her. The news feed showing Thanagarian ships flying up and away from earth from airspace above the capitol building in DC. Green Lantern's arm bandaged up and held up in a sling while most of the bruising and swelling on his face had gone down. Diana seated at Danny's side as the teenager's unconscious form laid out in the bed.

A big bandage wrapped around his head to cover a cut on the back of his head from the debris that hit him and smaller bandages on his face from minor burns. Given Danny's powers the League knew taking him to a hospital would be risky, plus with no records of him existing in this universe only further the complications.

Danny's new jacket managed to hold up against the heat of the Watchtower reentry some and now hung off the back of a chair in the room and his shirt off and the covers up to his stomach. The League and Alfred had been shocked when they found some scars adoring the young man's chest.

"Once again, the world owes a debt of gratitude to the selfless heroism of the Justice League." Shayera turns off the tv she's watched the news cast from with a saddened look on her face. She's betrayed her own people and she just knows that the people of earth will hate her for her part she had played in the Thanagarian occupation. How she had been acting as a selfless protector of this world when in reality, she was really a spy for her people so to acquire information about this planet.

As she sets the remote down on the coffee table Alfred comes to her with a tray of tea.

"They've been in there a long time."

"Yes, miss, that have." the butler pours a cup of tea for her. "Master Daniel has yet to awaken as well." he shares with her. Shayera had hardly known the teenager, save for meeting him in the batcave when she gave the information about the bypass to the others. But none the less she felt a great deal of concern for him when she saw the state he was in when she and Green Lantern got back to Wayne manor at Batman's insistence, what with there being nowhere else for the League to meet up at.

"If I may be so bold I'm neither a superhero nor a soldier. So I'm hardly qualified to judge your actions by those standards." Alfred finishes pouring tea for her as he stands up right to face her as he speaks. "But I do know this, without the great sacrifices you've made we wouldn't be here to share this nice pot of tea." The butler smiles kindly to her as he offers her the cup of tea.

She smiles thankfully to him as she accepts the tea. Alfred softly lays a hand on top of hers. "Whatever they decide in that room in my eyes, you'll always be a hero." he finishes before walking off to check on Danny's state and if the other Leaguers are ready to see her yet. Only to both of their surprise Green Lantern came down the stairs to come to a stop in front of them. "J'onn asked me to come get you. Said you might be of help to get Danny up." he said, making Shayer's eyes widen in shock.

"She exploited our weaknesses, betrayed us." Wonder woman's voice came from the open doorway as Lantern, Shayera, and Alfred came by, not yet entering the room. It was no surprise Wonder Woman would be venting about what Shayera had done.

"Come on," Flash tried to reason with the Amazonian princess, yet again likely. "she was in the ultimate no-win situation; but when push came to shove, she came through for us, just like always."

"She is a paraiah to her people." J'onn added on. "We are all she has left."

"Believe me, J'onn, I feel for her." Superman says, "But after everything that's happened, I honestly don't know if I can ever completely trust her again. Let alone with letting her near Danny while he's like this." the man of steel spares a saddened glance towards the unconscious teenager.

It had been quite a shock to the league when they saw the scars adoring the young man's well built chest. Likely battle scars from his own heroics back in his own universe, the Leaguers had concluded. But none the less shocked most of them to see such a young hero take on. Batman was no stranger to it. Having had three sidekicks of his own and been in more than his own fair share of scrapes and near death encounters. "We're arguing in circles." he said, "We can take a vote after we get Danny back." he finishes to get everyone back on track to help out Danny.

That's when Shayera and Lantern enter the room. "How can I help?" she asks after a brief and shocked look at Danny's form on the bed as Danny's head rolls side to side some as he looks like he's whimpering. Diana had sat by his side and was stroking his hair and forehead, trying to comfort him while her other hand holds Danny's.

The Leaguers in the room look to one another briefly before looking to her. J'onn steps forward to tell her the plan. "The seven of us are going to go into his mind together and find out why he was so adamant about ending his own life and bring him back to us." Shayera's eyes widen at the sound of this plan. Batman then comes up to her with a piece of paper, the note Danny had found in his jacket from before. Taking the note she reads it out loud.

"My apologies, Daniel. But you had to be sent away so HE can not come to be in our universe. The rules I must abide by are very clear that I can not interfere any further than I already have. I'm afraid they are lost for good. I do wish I could bring them back, but I have broken the rules enough just by letting you know I exist as it is and I can do no further than this message. I do hope you find some comfort in the new world you reside in now, for there is no other way to come back from your end unless the Infi-map should open to you. Again I am sorry for your loss.

Sincerely, Clockwork"

Read the note.

Please don't kill me guys for making Danny get like this. But he did just loose his family and friends(and his teacher) only to then be thrown into the midst of an alien invasion on another universe and now finds out he can never go back to his own and his loved ones can't be returned to him.

Hoppy854- Yeah I do plan on Danny meeting up with some of the sidekicks and other young heroes. Teen heroes gotta stick to together after all. XD

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