Charlie Brown's Purple Friend

A Peanuts/Barney & Friends Fanfiction

By LivingOnLaughs (and Nostalgia)

Chapter 1

Feeling Blue and Being Purple

"You're hopeless, Charlie Brown!"

"Completely hopeless!"

"I told you he'd goof it up! He can't do anything right!"

"This is what you'd call a failure face, Linus."

Charlie Brown had nightmares about what his 'friends' said whenever he did something wrong. The round headed kid pulled his pillow to his face and soaked it with tears as his little sister, Sally watched in confusion. Truth be told, she hated seeing him this upset and wished she could do something about it. Sure, she made mistakes too, but no one poked fun at her for being the SISTER of a blockhead; they just saw her as their friend. So why did they see Charlie Brown as their punching bag.

"Big brother…what's wrong?" a worried Sally Brown asked, walking towards him with the paw of her teddy bear in her hand.

"No one likes me! They all hate me, Sally! Why'm I even trying to make things right when all I do is make them worse?" he sobbed sadly, not even looking up at his little sister. "I mean…Lucy pulls the football away from me, I can't talk to the Little Red Haired Girl, Violet and Patty hate my guts, Shermy just stands there helplessly as he watches me get picked on, Peppermint Patty thinks I like her and Snoopy takes me for granted!"

Sally put a hand on her brother's bed. "Big Brother…no matter what they say, I think you're a really great guy…you're a good man, Charlie Brown; you're the kind of reminder we need; you have humility, nobility and a sense of honor that is very rare indeed." She reassured as he gave her a sad smile. "Besides; Linus, Franklin and Marcie are your friends…they like you for all of your flaws. Marcie even said so, remember?"

Truth be told, with all the insults kids tossed at Charlie Brown's face, he usually ignored or forgot whatever compliments his friends would tell him.

"Sally, how can you be proud to be my sister if all I do is mess everything up?" he asked as she climbed up into bed with him.

"Because we're family and I love you, Charlie." Those last words melted his heart like butter as he cuddled her happily, yet he still let his tears trickle because as soon as he left for school in the morning, he'd be laughed at once again and he always felt so helpless and alone.

Meanwhile, in a dark room with little light (and the only light source being occasional neon glows), four shadowed figures looked at this bittersweet moment on a television.

"It looks like he needs help." One of them pointed out. Her voice was high pitched and she sounded to be younger than Sally.

"Yeah, Sissy. Charlie Brown needs our help." A slightly gruff voice agreed.

"What can we do to help them though?" another voice wondered. His voice sounded oddly similar to Amethyst from Steven Universe.

"I think we should help them." A fourth voice answered.

"But we haven't made our presence known since 2013." The second voice argued.

"That's a long time." The girl's voice added. "Even more than three years."

"I know, guys, but we have to help Charlie Brown…" the fourth voice replied.

"But…Charlie Brown calls himself a failure and that no one likes him." The third voice pointed out.

"We can only help him." The fourth voice sighed and before long, only three shadowed figures were visible. There was complete awe and silence.

"Well, we know the drill, Sissy." A dim light slowly replaced the second voice explained as the room's darkness. The slightly increasing amount of light began revealing an orange, yellow and green figure.

"Yes we do!" the green figure answered. She was a triceratops with a purple/dark magenta stomach and spots. She also wore pink ballet slippers and a matching bow in her hair and carried a blanket. However, her blanket was both lemon yellow and daffodil yellow.

"Well let's do it then!" the yellow figure exclaimed. He was a protoceratops with a green stomach and purple spots (along with matching purple freckles on his cheeks). He also wore red shoes and a baseball cap.

"Yeah!" the orange figure agreed. He was a hadrosaur with neon green scales, many green diamonds (and one yellow diamond) for spots, a yellow stomach and a tuff of orange-brown, yellow and purple hair. Like the protoceratops, he also wore shoes, although his were green with purple laces and he had yellow socks on as well.

"Come on, Barney…let's make Charlie Brown happy again." The triceratops smiled to a plush purple t-rex with a green stomach, green spots and yellow toes. She could've sworn the plush gave her a sparkle like wink with his eye as the three put him in a box already marked with Charlie Brown's address, zip code and the return address.

The next day after school, Charlie Brown groaned as he noticed a box with his name on it. "What's this?" he asked.

"Beats me, Big Brother…it came for you though so it's probably junk mail." Sally sarcastically answered.

"Oh good grief…what am I supposed to do with this?" he wondered, opening the box intensively as to not tear whatever was inside the package. He then ever so carefully opened the top of the box to reveal a toy purple dinosaur that looked like it was stuffed too much with cotton. There were also an over flowing amount of packing peanuts with the toy along with a note.

"Read it, Big Brother." Sally insisted.

"Dear Charlie Brown, we know you've been feeling depressed so we decided to get you a friend. His name is Barney and for the past 30 (almost 31) years, he has helped kids all over the world with his happiness, music and friendliness. XOX Anonymous. Good grief…just my luck to get a dinosaur for a friend…" Charlie Brown groaned as he looked at the purple dinosaur in confusion. How was THIS supposed to make him feel better?

"Why is Barney supposed to be purple, Big Brother?" the blonde six-year-old wondered as Charlie Brown took the plush Barney out of the box and brought him into his room.

"I have no idea, Sally." Charlie admitted, placing Barney on top of his baseball glove and-for a little humor-placed his baseball cap on the plush dinosaur's head. "But he sure looks ready for baseball." He giggled a little.

"Well someone's worried about you if they sent you a DOLL." Sally face palmed.

"Probably…but then again, none of my actual friends listen to me either…" he admitted as he left the room in defeat. However, as the two kids left, Charlie Brown swore to have heard Barney sigh.