Far off in the distant cosmos, there lies a planet teeming with technological life. This planet is known as Cybertron. Those who inhabit this unique planet are a race of autonomous robotic organisms commonly referred to as Autobots. Of the trillions of Autobots that inhabit the planet, none have becomes quite as famous as Optimus Prime.

The latest in a long line of Primes, Optimus' destiny seemed to be destined for greatness. But there was a time where he did not believe this. A time when he was not the great Prime, or even a leader. In fact, he began as a humble soldier-in-training named Orion Pax.

"Order!" Zeta Prime, leader of the Autobots demanded. "I call this court into order. Cadet Orion Pax and Cadet Sentinel of the Elite Guard. Step forward."

Two bots stepped forward, one red and one blue. The blue bot looked pissed, and more than a little upset. The red one looked stoic, as if trying to hold back a flood of emotions.

"It has come to my attention that while on a routine Energon scouting mission, your team broke protocol and engaged organic life forms." Zeta Prime declared. "These actions not only led to the failure of your mission, but the loss of your third Cadet, Elita-1. Is this correct?"

"Yes sir." The red bot, Orion Pax confirmed.

Zeta raised an eyebrow at this.

"Have you nothing else to say?" He asked.

"I was command on this mission." Orion replied. "I take full responsibility for what happened."

Zeta Prime seem surprised, then turned to the blue bot, Sentinel.

"And what about, Cadet Sentinel?" He offered.

"I wanted to go back for her." Sentinel said quietly, his metallic fingers clenching hard into fists. "I wanted to save her, but Orion pulled me back before I had the chance. We couldn't even recover her shell!"

Orion just turned away in shame. Zeta Prime seemed to sigh, looking back at Orion.

"I had high hopes for you, Orion Pax." he admitted. "I thought that one day, you could become one of the greatest generals the Elite Guard had ever seen. However, I'm afraid that will never happen now. For your crimes, I hereby discharge you from the Elite Guard, and strip you of your eligibility to join. You will be escorted to your barracks to clean out your footlocker, then you are to never step foot in the academy again."

Orion just lowered his head as he walked off. Sentinel watched him go, giving the bot a hard glare.

Orion just finished cleaning out his locker, having been stripped of his Elite Guard decal. He took one look at himself in the mirror, sighing in regret. His optic sensors then glanced over at Elita-1's now deserted bunk, a wave of sorrow washing over his processor. He closed his locker he turned to leave, only to see Zeta Prime standing there.

"Sir." Orion let out. "I wasn't-"

"At ease, Orion." Zeta told him. "I know this is hard for you. After watching all your stellar cycles of hard work and dedication, discharging you was by far one of the hardest choices I had to make. However, I couldn't let a talent like yours go to waste."

"Really?" Orion asked.

Zeta nodded, and the two started walking.

"While I cannot reinstate you into the Elite Guard, I was able to cross a few wires and get you a position on a ship."

"That's… thank you sir." Orion replied.

"Don't thank me just yet." Zeta told him. "I wasn't able to get you a full commanding position. Instead, you'll be co-commanding with an Autobot veteran. When I told them of your skills and valor, they were more than eager to see what you had to offer."

"It's still more than I thought I could get." Orion responded.

"Well then, I suggest you make your way to docking bay G-1." Zeta told him. "Your ship awaits, Commander Pax."

"Yes sir!" Orion replied before heading off.

Orion stood in front of the doors to Docking Bay G-1. He wasn't sure what was waiting for him inside, but he did know that this was his only chance to redeem himself. Steeling himself, he opened the doors and went out to see the ship. The ship was a large, yellow and red ship that was clearly left over from the Great War. As he looked over the ship, he saw an older white and orange bot working on the underside of it.

"Some vessel." Orion remarked.

"He may not seem like much to look at, but there's more to this ship than meets the optic sensor." The old bot declared, coming out from under the ship. "The name's Ratchet. And you are?"

"Orion. Orion Pax." He introduced. "I'm your new co-commander."

"I see." Ratchet remarked with a nod. "Well, you'll find the other Commander inside, going over the ship's systems."

"Oh." Orion let out. "I thought that…"

"Me? Please." Ratchet remarked. "I'm just the medic. Would've retired stellar cycles ago had she not given me that look."

"She?" Orion repeated.

"Ratchet!" a female voice called from inside the ship. "I've still got a negative reading on the power couplings!"

"Working on it!" Ratchet replied.

"Just get it done as soon as you can." the voice insisted. "We got a call out in quadrant 84, and the technicians are getting restless."

"I hear you!" Ratchet retorted.

Ratchet slid back under the ship to continue his work, leaving Orion alone. He turned towards the bridge and decided to head inside.

As Orion walked through the ship, he could see that the ship, while in rough shape, had been meticulously repaired and tended to. Some of the tech was outdated or in the process of being upgraded. He made his way up to the bridge where a fembot was looking over a variety of screens. Her purple color scheme and the short wings sticking out of her back had the young commander instantly on edge.

"Excuse me." He spoke up.

The fembot turned, revealing bright red eyes and a heavy scratched Decepticon brand on her chest plate. Orion was slightly taken aback, but the fembot quickly offered him a disarming smile.

"First time seeing a live Decepticon I take it?" she asked.

"Uh… sort of." Orion replied hesidently. "You're… Arsenal, right? The Decepticon that defected during the war?"

"Well, well, seems we have a history buff on board." She mused. "You're right though. I am Arsenal, and you're Orion Pax if I remember correctly. Zeta spoke highly of you."

"Nice to be well liked." Orion replied, holding out his hand. "So what's an ex-Con doing on a ship like this?"

"After the war, there weren't a lot of places willing to hire an ex-Con." Arsenal explained, looking back at the screens and ignoring the hand. "Luckily for me, Ratchet had managed to convince the higher ups to let me take command on this fine vessel. Since then, I've been recruiting bots for my repair crew."

"I see." Orion responded, lowering his hand. "So… why a repair crew?"

"Lots of travel, see new places, and out in space, there's no one to judge us for our mistakes." she explained. "Out there, we have a clean slate."

She then lifted her head, as well as her voice.

"Isn't that right, boys?" she called out.

"Yeah!" two younger voices called out from the cargo bay.

Orion turned towards the bay as Arsenal looked up from her work.

"Come, I'll introduce you to the rest of the crew." she told him.

The two walked down to the cargo bay where a small yellow bot with little horns on his head was carrying some boxes and a larger green bot easily twice the yellow one's size carried twice as many. They were the only ones back there, a fact that surprised Orion.

"Bumblebee, Bulkhead, fall in!" Arsenal ordered.

The two set their boxes down and moved into position in front of Arsenal and Orion.

"Bee, Bulkhead, say hello to Orion Pax." She introduced. "He's my new co-commander as of today."

"Welcome to the crew." Bumblebee greeted.

"Nice to meet you, Orion." Bulkhead said.

"These two were Cadets at the Elite Guard Academy as well." Arsenal explained. "Like you, unfortunate circumstances lead to them being kicked out."

"Sorry about that." Orion replied.

Bumblebee shrugged.

"Can't change what happened." the young bot lamented. "Still, at least I'm not in some Energon mine or working as a janitorial drone. I'll take repair crew over that anyday."

"As much as I would have loved to join the Wreckers one day, I'm just glad someone is willing to give me a second chance." Bulkhead added.

Orion smiled.

"Agreed." he said. "So we better not waste it."

"Then let's cut the scrap and get back to work!" Arsenal declared. "Ratchet! How are those power couplings?"

"All good out here!" Ratchet confirmed.

"The let's get this ship in the air." Arsenal declared. "There's work to be done!"

Life on the repair crew was nothing like what Orion had expected. Though Arsenal was the commanding officer, she treated her crew like family. Ratchet, while a bit of a grouch with a short fuse, proved to be the wisest, and perhaps the most knowledgeable member of the team. While Bulkhead did occasionally have fits of clumsiness, he was as good at building stuff as he was breaking it. Orion was surprised to learn that he'd worked on a construction crew before joining the Elite Guard. Bumblebee was by far the youngest member, which showed in his mannerisms and short attention span. Even so, the young bot was always there when he was needed, and never once shirked on his duties. Orion quickly found his place among them, and found himself incredibly grateful to have been given this second chance.

As the team was sent out on more and more repair missions, Arsenal took Orion under her wing. She began to teach him how to be a good leader, and the best ways to handle different situations. Occasionally, she'd step back, asking him his opinion on matters or allowing him to come up with a solution to a problem. A mistake was met with gentle correction, while a positive outcome was met with praise.

On one such occasion, the repair crew had been called out to a Space Bridge on a secluded asteroid belt. Bulkhead looked over the entire thing, scratching his head. He turned to Bee, a look of confusion on his faceplate.

"The bridge looks fine to me." he remarked. "You see anything wrong with it?"

"Nothing." Bee replied. "Maybe this was another prank call?"

Arsenal turned to Orion, taking a step back.

"What do you think, Orion?" she asked.

"Not sure." Orion admitted. "Everything seems to check out, but this area did report some asteroid collisions not too long ago. The impact may have caused some damage to the base wiring."

"Then what do you suggest would be the best course of action?" Arsenal pressed.

Orion surveyed the area, looking for anything that seemed out of place. After a bit of scanning, he noticed a cluster of rocks that were gathered over what looked like a small opening in the asteroid.

"There's an opening in the side of the asteroid." Orion reported. "The base wiring may have been exposed, so that's where we need to look."

Arsenal smiled, then turned to Bulkhead.

"You know what to do." she told him. "Get that debris out of the way."

Bulkhead nodded as he activated his wrecking ball. He quickly smashed away the debris and managed to punch his way inside. He looked inside and saw a sleek brown and and black bot sitting in a meditative state.

"Hey guys, there's some bot in here!" Bulkhead called out.

"A bot?" Arsenal questioned. "In this sector?"

Worried, she patched in with Ratchet.

"Ratchet, grab your field kit and some Energon." she commanded. "Bulkhead found a bot."

Ratchet came out with the requested gear as Bulkhead finished widening the hole. Once it was big enough, they all entered the cave and approached the bot.

"Is he offline?" Bumblebee asked.

"I don't think so." Orion replied. "He might be in stasis lock."

"Why don't you let the medic see to him so we can find out." Ratchet snarked.

Everyone parted ranks so Ratchet could reach for him. His servo didn't even have time to touch him before the bot grabbed Ratchet by the wrist.

"Do you mind?" the bot snapped. "I'm trying to meditate here."

"Well we're trying to work here!" Ratchet snapped right back. "What in Primus' name are you even doing out here?!"

"Trying to commune with the Allspark." The bot answered. "But after a million stellar cycles, all I've gotten is a massive processor ache."

Ratchet went to say something else, but Arsenal beat him to the punch.

"Hang on a second." she spoke up. "I remember you. You're the draft dodger Prowl, aren't you?"

"And you're the ex-Decepticon, Arsenal." Prowl replied. "Your point?"

Arsenal's fists clenched slightly, a flicker of anger passing over her optics. She then shook her head, clearing her thoughts.

"Whatever." she decided. "Ratchet, just leave him with the energon and let's get back to work."

"Right." Ratchet agreed, preparing to place the energon on Prowl's lap.

"I don't want your help." Prowl declared, batting Ratchet's hand away.

Unfortunately, when Prowl did that, it send the energon cube flying. Everyone watched as it sailed towards a small ship parked off to the side. Orion's optics went wide.

"Fire in the hole!" He shouted.

The Autobots moved for cover as the cube exploded, destroying the ship. It also caused the Space Bridge to severely tilt, coming out of its moorings and snapping several wires.

"My ship!" Prowl exclaimed. "Now how am I gonna get off this spark forsaken rock?!"

"Forget your ship, look at the bridge!" Bulkhead shouted. "It's been completely destroyed! Do you know how long it's gonna take to rebuild this?!"

"He will." Arsenal declared. "Because he's going to help fix it."

"You can't be serious!" Prowl replied.

Arsenal crossed her arms.

"You wasted precious Energon, you caused extensive damage to a Space Bridge that we were sent to repair, and we're you're only way out of this sector." she listed off. "Believe me, I'm dead serious."

Prowl let out a huff before striking a rock behind him, causing it to crack and crumble.

"First I failed to save the protoforms and now this…" He let out. "You have no idea what it's like. To start down a path only for it to get so twisted up that you don't even know where you are anymore."

Orion came over, placing a hand on Prowl's shoulder. The touch startled the bot and he turned. However, he was met not with anger or annoyance, but compassion and understanding from everyone on the crew.

"Believe it or not, we all understand exactly what you're going through." Orion told him.

Several stellar cycles later, Prowl had been integrated into the repair crew. It had been a rough fit at first, the bot proving to be incredibly stubborn and a loner. Even still, he did his job and worked to repay his debt. The Space Bridge was still being repaired, with the group having to make several trips to Cybertron for new parts. They had just returned to the Space Bridge to complete the final repairs on the Space Bridge.

"Ugh, finally!" Bumblebee exclaimed. "We've been working on this thing forever! If I never see this sector again, it'll be too soon."

"Well the sooner we get this wrapped up, the sooner we can head home for good." Orion told him.

"Orion's right." Arsenal agreed. "We just need to check the foundations, install the new power core, and give it a test."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Bulkhead asked, transforming and driving off.

"Hey, wait for me!" Bumblebee called out, transforming and following after.

Ratchet just sighed, shaking his head.

"Young bots these days." he said. "Can't live with 'em, can't sell 'em for spare parts."

"Lighten up, old friend." Arsenal told them. "They're just eager to finish the job. I'm sure you are too."

"Yeah, yeah." Ratchet replied dismissively.

Arsenal chuckled, then turned to Orion.

"You coming?" she asked.

"Yeah, coming." Orion replied.

They headed out, Ratchet reluctantly following after as they joined the other members of the crew out by the bridge. Bulkhead was installing the power core as Bumblebee and Prowl came out from the caves beneath the bridge.

"The supports are stable and holding well." Bumblebee reported. "Prowl even ninja kicked them and they didn't budge."

"Wanted to make sure I didn't lose another ship." Prowl replied.

Bulkhead slammed the hatch down over the power core, clapping his servos together.

"Power core installed." he declared. "We're ready to test."

Arsenal turned to Orion, gesturing to the control panel. Orion nodded as he pressed a few buttons on the controls, powering up the Space Bridge. At first, everything seemed to be working normally, then an unexpected power surge shot through the bridge. The resulting energy output sent out a massive shockwave that knocked everyone off their feet.

"Bulkhead, what did you do?!" Bumblebee accused.

"It wasn't me!" Bulkhead insisted.

"Assign blame later!" Arsenal shouted. "We need to shut the bridge off!"

Thinking fast, Orion shot out a grappling hook from his wrist, which connected with the power switch. With a solid yank, he turned off the power, shutting down the space bridge. Everyone got to their feet, Arsenal giving Orion a smile.

"Good thinking." she commended.

"Thanks." Orion replied.

As everyone picked themselves up, a strange blue-white glow began to emanate from a pile of rocks near the base of the bridge. Orion noticed it and walked over to it. He tried to pry the rocks apart, but found himself unable to. Going for a different strategy, he slid a mask over his face plate, then grabbed his laser axe. He then used the axe to smash away the rocks, revealing a strange orange container wedged within the rocks. Everyone stared at it, but Ratchet and Arsenal looked horrified.

"What is it?" Bumblebee questioned, reaching for it.

"Don't touch it!" Arsenal snapped.

"Better yet, throw it back in the Space Bridge." Ratchet declared.

"But… what is it?" Bulkhead asked.

"Something that should have stayed buried." Ratchet told him.

Before the discussion could continue, something set off their ship's sensors. Arsenal connected, and almost immediately blanched.

"Scrap." she swore. "Change of plans. Ratchet, load that thing up."

"What's happening?" Orion asked as Ratchet transformed into his vehicle mode.

"No time." Arsenal said quickly. "Load up and get on board. We need to go!"

The rest of the team transformed and sped off towards the ship.

Once everyone was onboard, Ratchet offloaded their strange cargo. Orion quickly cornered Arsenal, more than a little worried about her change in demeanor.

"Arsenal, what is going on?" Orion insisted. "I'm your co-commander, I deserve to know what we're dealing with."

She looked ready to argue with him, but when she saw his serious expression, she relented.

"You're a history buff, right?" she recalled. "Ever heard of the Allspark?"

"Of course." Orion confirmed. "It's the source of life for all transformers."

Orion then came to a realization.

"Wait, that's the Allspark?!" Orion let out.

"The very same." She nodded.

"What they don't tell you in the history vids is that the only reason we won the war was because Zeta Prime tossed the Allspark into a space bridge." Ratchet added. "It was the only way to keep it out of Decepticon hands."

"So… we found the Allspark?" Bumblebee asked.

"No, It found us." Ratchet corrected.

"And it's not the only thing that found us." Arsenal declared. "Teletraan One picked up an oncoming signal from a Decepticon ship."

They all rushed onto the bridge of the ship, shocked by this sudden turn of events.

"Decepticon?" Orion repeated. "But I thought the Decepticons were all gone."

"Believe me, they're far from gone." Arsenal informed him. "They may have been driven off Cybertron, but they're still out there."

"Then we need to keep the Allspark as far away from them as possible." Orion declared.

"Agreed." Arsenal nodded before activating long range communications. "I'm patching us in to Cybertronian high command. Zeta Prime needs to know about this."

After entering the proper commands, a communication screen opened up on the windshield, displaying the face of Sentinel.

"Well, well, isn't this a surprise." He greeted. "The con and her band of rejects."

"Connect me to Zeta Prime." Arsenal demanded, her fists clenching in annoyance.

"Now how could a bunch of third rate-"

"Display cargo hold visual." Orion cut off.

A smaller screen appeared, showing the glowing Allspark. Sentinel cut off, his face going serious.

"I'll… put you through right away." he declared.

The screen shut off and Arsenal gave Orion an approving nod. A few seconds later, the screen returned, this time showing Zeta Prime's face.

"Zeta Prime, sir." Arsenal greeted. "My team and I discovered the Allspark on our repair job. We've got in onboard, but Teletraan One's detected Decepticons on our tails. We need back-up immediately."

"We're reading your signal, Arsenal." Zeta Prime replied. "More than likely, this is just a Decepticon scout ship that drifted too close to Autobot space. Still, we'll send a strike force to intercept it."

"Much appreciated." She told him. "In the meantime, I'm gonna get the ship to the nearest operational space bridge."

"Very well." Zeta Prime responded. "However, your duty is to get the Allspark safely to Cybertron. This isn't the war, and you're a repair crew, not heroes."

"Understood." Arsenal replied.

With that, the communication line turned off. Once it did, Arsenal turned to her crew.

"Prowl, set a course for the nearest Space Bridge." she ordered. "Bulkhead, man the blasters. If any debris gets in our way, destroy it."

As the ship flew towards their intended destination, something massive began descending into their path. It was far larger than their ship, dwarfing them immensely. In fact, they weren't even bigger than the ship's cannon, which was aimed directly at them.

"Somehow, I don't think we'll be able to destroy that." Bulkhead replied.

"I've seen that ship in the history tapes." Orion replied. "It's a command ship."

"The Nemesis." Arsenal let out, literally trembling in fear. "Megatron's ship."

"Megatron?" Bumblebee let out. "As in, leader of all Decepticons, Megatron? As in big bad con that's gonna turn us into scrap metal just for being Autobots, Megatron?!"

"As if there's any other Megatron." Ratchet replied.

Onboard the Nemesis, a bot with a mask covering his faceplate stood over the scanners of the ship. He looked at the readings off of the Autobot ship, straightening slightly.

"Unknown energy signature detected, Commander Starscream." the bot called out, his voice sounding incredibly auto-tuned. "Closest match: Allspark."

"Please, you must be joking, Soundwave." Starscream, Megatron's second in command, commented.

"Illogical." Soundwave argued. "The Allspark is aboard the Autobot is in line with Megatron's-"

"Megatron is an old fool who has been chasing a ghost for centuries." Starscream cut off. "I seriously doubt the Allspark would be on board such an insignificant vessel."

From behind him, a massive bot twice his size suddenly began shouting.

"Be silent, Starscream!" the massive bot shouted. "It is not your place to question the wisdom of our great and honorable leader! For it is Megatron who will-"

"Who will lead the Decepticons into victory over our Autobot oppressors." a fem-bot that was reminiscent of a spider deadpanned, her optics rolling. "Did you memorize that little speech, Lugnut? Or is it just hardwired into that third-rate processor of yours?"

Just then, a stream of ice came out of nowhere, freezing her hand. She turned to see another bot approaching. He faced her, one of his eyes resembling a monocle as he spoke in an intelligent and sophisticated tone.

"As usual, Black Arachnia," He addressed. "Your demeanor is as unpleasant as that techno-organic mold of yours."

"Blow it out your actuator, three-face." Black Arachnia snarled, snapping the ice on her hand.

The bot's face suddenly spun, and when it stopped, it was a red face with a massive chin, a gap tooth, and a long visor for optics.

"The name is Blitzwing, insect!" He snapped, his voice more angry and brash. "Remember it, because it's the last you'll hear before I-"

His face spun again, this time to a black screen with a set of red eyes and a jack-o-lantern mouth.

"Express my feelings in song!" He shouted, his voice now laced with a hint of madness as he began to sing 'the itsy bitsy spider'.

At this particular point, Black Arachnia nearly pounced on Blitzwing, only barely being held back by Starscream. He began trying to calm her down as Lugnut continued shouting about Megatron. Everything was devolving into a childish shouting match before the doors opened and a single bot entered. They all turned to see a massive bot that towered over them with a cannon on his right arm and an intimidating scowl on his face. This was the form of Megatron. The Decepticons immediately went silent and stood at attention as Megatron stepped forward into the room.

"Soundwave, report." Megatron ordered.

"Energy readings off the scales." Soundwave shared. "Your orders?"

"Cripple their ship, but don't destroy it…" He commanded. "Yet."

"Honestly, I fail to see the point, Lord Megatron." Starscream voiced. "What are the odds that such a tiny ship truly holds the Allspark?"

"I will not take the chance and let it slip through my fingers." Megatron declared. "I have waited far too long already."

The ship immediately started opening fire on Teletraan One, much to the crew's horror.

"Evasive maneuvers!" Arsenal shouted. "Move, move, move!"

They quickly maneuvered the ship around the blasts, doing their best not to get shot. The barrage of attacks caused the ship to shake, rocking everyone on board.

"Time for drastic measures." Arsenal decided. "Activate emergency defense systems! Code name: Omega!"

"I'm sorry, but that feature has been disabled in Cybertron's continued efforts to conserve Energon." Teletraan One declared.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!" Arsenal screamed.

Another blast knocked everyone off their stations and onto the floor.

"We're all gonna die, aren't we?" Bumblebee asked.

"Not on my watch." Arsenal assured him.

Arsenal sprung to the controls and continued steering the ship. The ship then approached an asteroid field, which Teletraan One tried to avoid.

"Warning, Asteroid field." It warned. "Initiating alternate route."

"Override!" Arsenal shouted. "Activate manual controls!"

She shot into the field, weaving through the floating debris and using it as cover from the Nemesis' firepower. This did little as the Nemesis just blasted through one asteroid after another.

Onboard the ship, Soundwave had managed to isolate the signature he'd been tracking.

"Energy signature confirmed." He declared. "Chance of error: 0.0001 percent. Energy source identified as Allspark."

"Nevertheless, my liege, it would be a waste of energon for you to embark on this endeavor." Starscream insisted. "I will depart and investigate this ship to see if the Allspark is truly onboard."

"I didn't spend the last four million stellar cycles searching the galaxy for the Allspark just to let you lay your greasy wings on it." Megatron replied, grabbing Starscream's wing and crushing it. "I will claim the Allspark, and harness its energy into the ultimate weapon, with which I will crush the Autobots once and for all."

He then shoved Starscream off before making for the launching bay. Starscream remained where he'd been left, rubbing his dented wing. He snarled, but said nothing.

Back with the Autobots, the ship picked up a Decepticon signal closing in. When Arsenal brought it on screen, everyone froze in fright.

"Megatron…" She let out.

"That's Megatron?" Orion asked.

"Yes, it's him." She answered, suddenly becoming serious. "Everyone form up!"

She rushed over to a panel on the side of the ship, grabbing a set of cybertronian drives. Once everyone was lined up, she opened each of their chest plates, inserting the drives.

"Congratulations, you've just been upgraded to warrior status." she announced.

"What?!" Bumblebee let out. "But we're repair bots! We're not trained for combat!"

"You attended the Academy, didn't you?" Arsenal questioned. "Besides, we don't have a choice. No matter what, we cannot allow the Allspark to end up in Decepticon hands."

"Agreed!" Orion replied.

Just then, a massive rumbling came from the top of the ship. Arsenal checked the monitors to see it was Megatron trying to blast through the hull.

"Ratchet, seal that breach!" Arsenal ordered. "Prowl, hold the ship steady! Bulkhead, Bumblebee, protect the Allspark! Orion, you're with me! We hold off Megatron at all costs!"

"Understood." Orion replied as he took a position next to her.

Together, the two activated several clamps on the outside of the ship, grabbing Megatron and trying to stop him from cutting into the ship. He struggled to fight them off the clamps, but their hold was too strong for him.

Onboard the Nemesis, Starscream had slipped away to repair his wing. While he did so, he slipped a small drive out of a compartment in his arm, inserting it into his neck. He let out a cough, then began speaking in Megatron's voice.

"Testing, testing." he said, smirking before connecting to the bridge. "Open fire on the Autobot ship! Now!"

"Megatron, are you certain-?" Soundwave began to ask.

"Do not question my orders!" 'Megatron' insisted. "Do as I command!"

He immediately cut the line, pulling the drive out of his neck as he looked out the window. To his utter delight, several blasts struck the ship, causing a massive explosion.

The explosion threw all of the Autobots off of their feet. The ship shook hard and began going down, the engines smoking and almost every system either failing or offline. On the top of the ship, Megatron's severely damaged and severed arm clung to the roof, the rest of him nowhere to be seen. Orion quickly got to his feet and hit a few commands on the console, activating some nozzles that were sealing up the breach in the hull.

"The Decepticons shot at us while their leader was still onboard?" Bulkhead questioned. "That doesn't make any sense!"

"Decepticons aren't exactly the epitome of loyalty." Arsenal pointed out.

"We got bigger problems!" Orion called out. "Like the fact we're about to crash!"

Arsenal took the controls and tried to level the ship as a massive asteroid the size of a small moon came into view.

"Hold on to your chassies!" she warned.

She pulled up, the bottom of the ship scraping against rock and leaving deep gashes. Still, the ship kept flying, a space bridge coming into view. Down in the hull, the Allspark began charging up, much to the surprise of Bumblebee and Bulkhead.

"Umm… is it supposed to do that?" Bumblebee questioned.

The light began to pour into the ship, using it as a conduit for a focused beam of energy. It shot at the space bridge, powering it on. The ship passed through the portal mere seconds before the Space Bridge overloaded.

Onboard the Nemesis, the Decepticons watched the explosion, everyone immediately panicking.

"Where did they go?!" Lugnut demanded. "Where have they taken our glorious leader!"

"Unknown." Soundwave replied. "Potentially dangerous energy build up detected."

"Then why are we just standing here like a bunch of glitch-ridden protoforms?!" Black Arachnia exclaimed. "We need to move!"

As they tried to make their escape, Starscream stepped forward, blocking their path.

"Retreat is not an option." Starscream told them. "If Lord Megatron is gone, then we must stay together. Only united, and under my leadership, can we stand a chance of ridding the galaxy of those pathetic Autobots!"

Just then alarms started blaring across the ship, prompting the Decepticons to turn and see a massive surge of energy heading straight towards them. Having wasted all their time, they could only watch in horror as the energy engulfed their ship.