"The city of Chicago is in the midst of one of the worst sanitation crises in history. A massive update to the city's trash bots caused a serious malfunction, leading to all of the bots turning downtown Chicago into a massive dump. When asked about the current situation, acting CEO of Sumdac Systems Porter C. Powell had this to say."

"Until the city is willing to accept my updated sanitation contract's increased funding, Sumdac System is under no obligation to service the malfunctioning trash bots."

"In the meantime, with the rise of refuse in the city rising, moods and tempers are rising at an alarming rate. This reporter wonders how long it will be before things truly get out of hand."

Inside his office, Powell sat at his desk as two scientists walked up.

"Gentlemen, Chicago is in desperate need of a new waste disposal method," Powell addressed. "Dazzle me."

One of the scientists dumped a bag of trash out onto the ground while the second scientist held up a vial of nanobots.

"As you recall, Professor Sumdac patented these nanobots to handle pollution within the Great Lakes. Now, they've been altered to be able to function outside of water, and completely eat through all garbage it's placed on."

The second scientist poured the nanobots onto the pile of trash, allowing them to consume the garbage and reduce the pile down to nothing.

"And the best part is we can manufacture them at a fraction of the cost of the old trash bots."

"No, my good man," Powell corrected, greed twinkling in his eyes. "The best part is that we can make the city pay out the nose for these nanobots. I'll make a tidy profit, and be a hero to boot."

Meanwhile across town, the Autobots were doing everything they could to try and help with the increased garbage. Optimus was attached to a large trailer, dragging massive bags of trash to a large barge.

"Almost there!" Ironhide directed. "A little more! There! Dump it!"

Optimus obliged as he tilted the trailer back, allowing the trash to be deposited into the barge. The Autobots quickly got to work grabbing the leftover trash bags and tossing them into the pile.

"This is even less dignifying then repairing Space Bridges," Prowl commented.

"No one ever said the hero's life was glamorous," Jazz told him, tossing a couple bags onto the barge.

"Or smelly," Sari added.

"Just when I thought there couldn't be a more undignified job then repairing organic cities," Sentinel spoke up, chucking some trash onto the pile. "Now we're garbage bots? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we have Allspark fragments to find and Decepticons to stop."

"Neither of which we've seen since Starscream's escape," Optimus countered, transforming and walking up to the others. "So until we have a lead on either, we help out where we can. Besides, work like this can go a long way to restoring some strained human/Autobot relations."

"He's got ya there, Sentinel," Jazz remarked.

"And why do we care what those insects think of us?"

"Because, in case you forgot, this is their world," Arsenal chimed in, "so it would do us all some good if we got along."

"Yeah, yeah," Sentinel relented. "Doesn't mean I have to like it."

Ratchet let out an annoyed grunt, rolling his optics as he worked on a large trash pile next to him. As he tossed a few bags onto the barge, something amidst the refuse caught his optics. He brushed some of the garbage aside, trying to figure out what it was. Once enough was cleared away, he found himself staring at the rusted, headless body of Makeshift. His optics widened, then darkened with anger as the remains of the bot who tore his team apart. Angrily, Ratchet began grabbing as much garbage as he could with his magnets, determined to bury the body under as much garbage as he could. Doing so, he absentmindedly grabbed a person's car, chucking it onto the pile.

"Hey!" an older man cried out, running towards Ratchet. "What are you doing?! That's my car!"

"Yeah, so what?!" Ratchet snapped.

"So what?! So get it out of the garbage right now!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Ratchet used his magnets to pick up the car and carry it over to the street, dropping it. He ended up dropping it a bit harder then needed, causing the suspension to snap, and all the tires to explode.

"You… you just destroyed my car!" the man shouted. "You're gonna pay for that!"

"ME?!" Ratchet replied, stomping his foot. "You're the one who parked it in a pile of garbage!"

"It wasn't in the garbage, you oversized toaster oven!"

"And how is that my fault?!"

By now, the other Autobots had taken notice of the squabble going on. Optimus turned to Arsenal, who sighed and walked over to Ratchet.

"Ratch, what's going on? Why are you arguing with this man?"

"Who says I'm arguing?! I was just telling this fleshling that he has no business calling me a toaster oven!"

"You wrecked my car!" the man called out. "I have every right!"

"Okay, okay, let's all calm down." Arsenal put a hand on Ratchet's chestplate before turning to the man. "Sir, we have contacts in the city who will be more then happy to reimburse you for your car. Just talk to Captain Fanzone of the CPD."

"... fine," the man relented before heading off. "But this isn't over, tin can!"

Ratchet just sneered as the human walked off.

"Pretty tense there Ratchet," Optimus noted. "Even for you. Everything ok?"

"I'm fine!" Ratchet snapped, swatting Arsenal's hand off his chestplate. "Why does everyone insist I'm not!"

"Probably because you're making Captain Fanzone look as calm as Jazz right now," Sari explained. "Uh, no offense."

"None taken," Jazz replied. "Besides, the kid has a point. You're wound tight, and I wouldn't be surprised if you up and snapped."

"They're not wrong," Optimus agreed. "We can't win back the people's trust if we're snapping at them over trivial things. It might be a good idea for someone to work with you on projecting a more positive disposition."

"Boy, I pity the bot that gets stuck with that job," Bee whispered to Sari, causing the two to chuckle.

"Why thank you for volunteering Bumblebee," Optimus spoke up, getting his attention.

"What, me?! But, uh… what about the garbage clean up? That trash isn't gonna throw itself out."

"We'll handle the trash. That way, you and Sari can stay focused on Ratchet."

"Hey, why am I getting dragged into this?" Sari questioned.

"Because you and Bumblebee are the best representations of positive human/Autobot relations," Prowl said, smirking a bit. "And considering that is the entire goal of this venture, having our resident human participate is logical."

"Oh… right."

"I'll tag along too," Jazz volunteered. "To help out with this whole deal."

"Thanks," Bee replied. "Something tells me we're going to need it."

"Well for now, we should get back to work," Cliffjumper declared. "This barge is full, but the city still needs cleaning."

"Right," Optimus agreed. "Autobots, transform and roll out."

The Autobots obliged as they went out into the city, leaving Jazz, Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Sari behind. The two younger bots transformed, as did Ratchet, who opened his passenger door for Sari. As she got in, she saw that her Allspark key was starting to glow.

"That's odd…" she noted.

"Hurry up already!" Ratchet snapped, honking his horn for good measure.

Shaking her head, Sari climbed into Ratchet, allowing him to close the door and drive off. As he did so, a bright glow started emanating from the trash pile. All of a sudden, a robotic hand shot out from the pile. A menacing looking robotic figure pulled itself from the garbage, its rusted body cobbled together from various pieces of scrap metal and other pieces of garbage.

"I am…" the robot began to declare before stopping mid sentence. "Uh… who am I?"

Just then, a small piece of paper floated into his face, prompting him to pull it off and read it.

"I am… 'high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial flavors'... no, that's not it."

He tossed the paper away and reached into a massive trash receptacle that had been embedded onto his back.

"There must be something in here to tell me what I am."

He managed to pull out a street lamp, a fire hydrant, a half-broken engine, and some very badly stained fabric that was surrounded by flies.

"Eh, not my size," he noted, tossing the fabric away. "Can anyone tell me what I am?!"

He looked up, seeing a blimp fly over with a billboard for the Chicago PD attached.

"Chicago Police Department," he read off. "We're here to help… sounds good to me!"

The bot quickly jumped off the trash barge, taking off down towards the city to find help.

Meanwhile at the Decepticon Base, their computer screens started going active.

"My liege," Lugnut spoke up. "I'm picking up a new Allspark energy signal."

"Another shard of the Allspark has shown itself," Megatron mused. "Retrieve it, Lugnut, before it falls into Autobot servos!"

Lugnut threw his oversized servos into the air, shouting as loud as he could manage, which was pretty loud.

"Stasis lock itself could not deter me from your grand and glorious plan! Oh wise and noble Megatron!"

"Just… go," Megatron insisted, his optic twitching.

Lugnut took his leave, Starscream watching with an amused expression.
"I think you did too good of a job orienting that one, Lord Megatron."

"It does seem my followers are either too loyal or too treacherous."

Starscream just smirked, not letting the jab get to him.

Back in the city, the bot continued walking through the city, passing by several angry drivers.

"Move it, you worthless wreck!" one called out.

"Out of the way, you walking pile of garbage!" another one yelled.

"Worthless wreck? Walking pile of garbage?" the bot questioned. "Is that what I am?"

He pondered that for a moment, his metallic brow furrowing.

"It's a bit long. Maybe… Wreck Garbage? No. Wreck-Gar! I am Wreck-Gar!" He grinned widely. "Yes! I know who I am now! All I need to do now is figure out what I am."

As he rounded the corner, he saw an armored truck being escorted by a trio of police cruisers. Wreck-Gar just stood there, watching as the four vehicles approached, much to their surprise.

"What the heck?!" an officer let out, swerving to avoid him.

Unfortunately, the police car was unable to stop in time, and ended up crashing hard, right into Wreck-Gar's leg. This caused a mass collision, which included all of the other escorts, and the armored van itself. Wreck-Gar looked down and saw the bent door of the police car. He pulled it off, reading the insignia on the side.

"Chicago Police department… help at last!"

He then tore the top off the car and pulled out the officers inside.

"Excuse me, but can you tell me what I am? You are here to help, right?"

"What you are is interfering with police business!" the officer chastised. "Look at this mess! Are you gonna clean it up?!"

"I am Wreck-Gar! I am gonna clean up this mess!"

He unceremoniously dropped the police officers, then began grabbing the crumbled cars, tossing the pieces into his trash receptacle. This included a cylindrical container that fell out of the armored truck, one with a Sumdac Systems logo on it.

"There! All clean! No need to thank me!"

Wreck-Gar then walked off, satisfied with his work.

Meanwhile, Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Jazz were in heavy traffic, much to the medbot's irritation.

"What's with all this Primus-damned traffic?! Don't these people have lives?! Or jobs?!"

"Come on Ratchet," Sari insisted. "You gotta be more patient with people."

"I'd be a lot more patient with them… if they'd GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

"Hey Bumblebee," Jazz piped up, "what about that weird light thing you do that makes everyone get out of your way. Would that work here?"

"Oh more than," Bumblebee replied, flipping the siren on his roof.

This caused some of the cars to move aside, allowing the three Autobots to pass through. Jazz slipped into the middle, with Ratchet taking up the rear.

"There, now that's more like it!" he declared.

"You sure are in a hurry to get away from the docks," Sari noted. "Just what happened that set you off this badly?"

"Nothing happened! I just have better things to think about than garbage clean up."

"Oh sure, Ratchet," Bee replied. "Whatever you-"

"Somebody help, please!" a man called out.

The three Autobots came to a sudden stop as they saw a man and woman standing next to a broken down car, the woman looking visibly pregnant and in labor.

"My wife's about to have a baby but our car broke down!" the man let out. "You have to take us to a hospital!"

"Not a problem," Jazz reassured. "Autobot transport at your service."

"Right," Ratchet replied reluctantly, opening up his back doors. "Get in."

The man ushered his wife carefully into the back, laying her down on the supplied gurney.

"Alright Ratchet, remember that place you took me after I broke my hand?" Sari spoke up. "Go there again. That's where they need to go."

"I remember, I remember."

"And while getting there fast is important, you also want to make sure the mother is kept calm. Her baby is… well, it's an incredibly fragile protoform, and if she's not calm, things could go bad."

"I got it already!"

Once the two were securely inside, Ratchet took off towards the hospital. Jazz and Bee followed, but kept their distance so as to let Ratchet do his thing.

"So… he's clearly ignoring me," Jazz declared. "Do you have any idea what could have set him off like that?"

"Beats me," Bumblebee said with a shrug. "I've only ever seen him this bad twice before."

"Really? When was that?"

"One time was when this bounty hunter named Lockdown was tearing up the city. The other time was when Makeshift was impersonating Arsenal."

"Right, remember hearing about that deal. Really did a number on you guys."

"Oh it did. Arsenal wouldn't talk to us for weeks, and Ratchet was throwing wrenches at just about everyone that wasn't Prime. It was like the slightest thing would set him off."

"I get what that's like."

Meanwhile, Wreck-Gar was still walking through the city, looking around curiously.

"Those officers were helpful, but I'm still confused. What am I? What is my purpose? I cleaned up the mess, but now what?"

As he continued walking down the street, several cars were forced to swerve to avoid hitting him.

"Good day, citizens," Wreck-Gar greeted. "Don't mind me. Just contemplating my existence."

Just then, the sound of sirens filled the air. Wreck-Gar looked back and saw several police cars driving towards him.

"The police again? Are they here to help me again?"

Curious, he turned around to face them. The cop cars quickly swerved around the giant robot, barely avoiding crashing into him. As they came to a stop, they climbed out of the car and approached Wreck-Gar. Many of them were armed with high-grade weapons, all trained on the trash-based robot.

"Return the canister you took or we will be forced to open fire!" Captain Fanzone ordered.

"Oh, ok," Wreck-Gar replied, reaching into his receptacle and pulling out a broken wooden railing.

"... that's a banister..." Fanzone groaned, already getting a headache. "I want the nanobots."


This time, Wreck-Gar pulled out a long piece of rope, one that was heavily tangled and clearly unusable.

"Those are knots..." Now Fanzone was pinching the bridge of his nose, groaning even louder. "Just give me the metal can, already!"

"Ooooh. Ok!"

Wreck-Gar then pulled out a giant fan and dropped it near Fanzone. He leapt back in shock as the fan dug its way into the street.

"That… is… a FAN!" Fanzone cried out before slapping his forehead. "This is why I hate machines."

Meanwhile, Ratchet continued driving the couple towards the hospital, trying his best to make the ride as calm as possible for the pair

"You two doing good back there?" Sari asked, peering through the window.

"Yes, thank you," the woman said in between deep breaths.

"I can't believe one of the Autobots is giving us a ride to the hospital," the man remarked. "We've been following your exploits since you got here, but never imagined actually meeting you."

Ratchet just let out a sound like a snort, just continuing his venture to the hospital. After rounding the corner, they finally got to their destination. Ratchet came to a stop, opening his doors.

"Well, here we are," he relayed as the two got out.

"Thank you," the woman told him. "Thank you so much."

"Seriously, thank you," the man insisted. "You have no idea how much this means to us."

The two made their way inside, and Ratchet felt his spark softening slightly at their adulation. Sari, as if sensing his lightening attitude, gently pat his dashboard.

"See what happens when you're nice to people?"

"Yeah, yeah," Ratchet replied, his usual gruffness in his voice instead of the hardened anger from earlier. "Now where'd those young bots get off to? Prime won't be happy if they went off when they should be working."

"We're still here," Jazz reported as he and Bumblebee drove up. "Just watching you work is all."

As they drove off, a slew of sinks flew past their windshields, causing them to skid to a stop.

"What the slag was that?" Ratchet let out.

The three bots rounded the corner to see Wreck-Gar holding out a handful of sinks towards Fanzone.

"Let me make something clear," Fanzone spoke up, sounding beyond exasperated and annoyed. "When I said you gave me everything but the kitchen sink… IT DID NOT MEAN I WANTED A KITCHEN SINK!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Chicago Police," Wreck-Gar said, even if he sounded more confused then sorry.

Seeing Wreck-Gar, the three Autobots transformed, with Ratchet placing Sari on the ground first.

"Who's this guy?" Jazz wondered. "Some new Decepticon?"

Wreck-Gar turned towards the bots, and Ratchet's optics locked onto the rusted, trash repaired frame that had once belonged to Makeshift.

"I am Wreck-Gar! I am some new Decepticon?"

"More like a pain in the neck..." Fanzone groaned.

"Doesn't look like any Con we've seen here," Bee remarked. "Although… something about him does look familiar…"

Ratchet's servos were shaking slightly and his dentas were grinding hard as he glared at Wreck-Gar. Jazz noticed this, glancing over at Ratchet and seeing this.

"He rings a bell for you, doesn't he Ratch?"

"His frame… it's Makeshift's..."

"Makeshift?!" Bumblebee exclaimed, his stingers coming out on instinct as he aimed them at the garbage bot. "This Wreck-Gar guy is Makeshift?!"

"Who is Makeshift?" Wreck-Gar questioned. "I am Wreck-Gar. I am a pain in the neck."

"Yeah, you can say that again," Fanzone commented.

"Ok. I am Wreck-Gar. I am a pain in the neck."

Fanzone looked ready to retort, but decided against it, just rubbing his face.

"This is why I hate machines..."

"Alright, alright," Jaze spoke up, quickly trying to diffuse the situation. "Clearly, Wreck-Gar here is not Makeshift, and he's also not a Decepticon. So, maybe he's some new form of Autobot."

"I am Wreck-Gar," Wreck-Gar declared, pulling out an Autobot decal and slapping it on his chest, right over the Decepticon symbol. "I am a new form of Autobot."

Bumblebee stared in confusion.

"Okay… anyone else concerned about where he got that decal?"

As he finished saying that, Sari's key started glowing.

"I think we should be more concerned with this," Sari insisted. "Whatever this guy is, he's putting out a ton of Allspark energy."

"I am Wreck-Gar. I am putting out a ton of Allspark energy."

"So, the Allspark fragment embedded itself in Makeshift's body," Bee pieced together, "pulled together all sorts of trash to fix said body, and formed a brand new Autobot?"

"I am Wreck-Gar. I am a brand new Autobot?"

That caused Ratchet to snap, marching up towards Makeshift.

"Listen you scrap pile!" he yelled, tearing off the decal and tossing it aside. "You're not an Autobot, and you never will be an Autobot! You're only good for one thing… GARBAGE!"

Wreck-Gar didn't seem phased by this at all, his optics blinking slightly as his grin never faded.

"I am Wreck-Gar. I am good for one thing..." He got right in Ratchet's faceplate, yelling as loudly as he could. "GARBAGE!"

He then transformed into a garbage truck and chucked a pile of garbage at the group. All of them were immediately buried under various refuse, with both Jazz and Bee covering Sari to try and protect her.

"I must deliver garbage to all!" Wreck-Gar declared before driving off.

As he drove off, leaving a large trail of garbage in his wake, the Autobots pulled themselves from the garbage. Bee lifted up Sari, who was thankfully untouched, venting in disgust.

"Well… this smell is never getting out..." he grumbled.

"Ratchet, what was that?" Jazz questioned, brushing various refuse off himself. "You completely lost your cool back there!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Ratchet snapped back.

"Yes, you do! You got up in that bot's face plate for absolutely no reason, and now you set him off to trash the city we're trying to clean up!"

Before the argument could continue, a limousine suddenly pulled up near the group before coming to a stop. As it did, a robotic driver got out of the driver's seat and opened up the door, allowing Powell to step out.

"Powell?!" Sari let out. "What are you doing here?"

"That, little girl, is not your concern," Powell told her dismissively before turning his attention to Fanzone. "Have you recovered my property yet?"

"Unfortunately not," Fanzone replied. "The bot got away with the nanobots."

"Nanobots?" Bee repeated. "You mean like the stuff that created that monster we fought when we first got here?"

"Those were an unstable prototype, ones unfit for production," Powell quickly defended, almost as if rehearsed. "These nanobots have been especially designed to work outside of an aquatic environment, and deal with this current garbage crisis."

"How dare you mess with my dad's inventions!" Sari snapped, stamping her foot hard from where she was standing in Bee's grip. "He created those to clean the lake, and he told me himself they were unstable outside of water!"

"I merely improved on the design. They should be perfectly safe."

"Not if they're in the hands of you know who," Jazz mused.

"Stable or not, nanobots mixed with an Allspark fragment can't possibly lead to anything good," Ratchet concurred. "We need to find that walking trash-heap before the entire city is consumed by those nanobots."

"On the bright side," Bee let out, glancing at the massive garbage trail leading down the street, "it should be easy to find him"

Meanwhile, Lugnut flew over the city, his scanners searching for any sign of the Allspark fragment. Finally, he got a lock on it, his sensors locking onto a garbage truck.

"The Allspark fragment!" he declared. "That vehicle must be in possession of it. This organic is not worthy to carry such a prize!"

Lugnut veered down, waiting to intercept Wreck-Gar.

"Garbage for all!" he declared. "Come and get your garbage! Only slightly used!"

When he reached Lugnut, he stopped, remaining in vehicle mode as the massive Decepticon loomed over him. He then pulled out a war hammer and slammed it on the ground in front of Wreck-Gar.

"Hear me, human!" he declared. "The Allspark fragment belongs to Megatron! Surrender it now!"

"No humans here," Wreck-Gar declared, transforming back into his robot form. "I am Wreck-Gar. I am only good for one thing… GARBAGE!"

Lugnut just looked confused at this, unsure how to respond. His sole optic then fell on Wreck-Gar's form, which he recognized as Makeshift's frame.

"Makeshift? Is that you? I thought that traitor Massacre beheaded you!"

"Again with this Makeshift thing. Is he a distant cousin or something?"

Lugnut growled, grabbing Wreck-Gar by the shoulder plates.

"Enough games! Are you Makeshift or not?!"

"I am Wreck-Gar! I am only good for-!"

"BAH!" Lugnut shoved Wreck-Gar aside. "Clearly, you are not Makeshift, so you must be another accursed Autobot."

"I am Wreck-Gar. I am not an Autobot, and I never will be an Autobot."

"Ah. then you must be a fellow Decepticon."

"I am Wreck-Gar," Wreck-Gar mused, glancing down at the Decepticon decal on his chest plate. "I must be a fellow Decepticon."

"Ahh! All hail Megatron!"

"All hail Megatron," Wreck-Gar repeated before looking up in confusion. "Uh… what's a Megatron?"

Not far away, the three Autobots followed the pile of garbage down the street, knowing it would lead them to their wayward Cybertronian. As they drove, Sari was still stewing about the nanobots.

"I can't believe Powell perverted one of my dad's inventions… He can't do that… it's just wrong!"

"Despite Powell's… interactions with you," Ratchet began tactfully, "I don't think he meant any harm when he augmented the nanobots."

"Those are my dad's bots! Powell took his company, then kicked me out, and now he's warping everything my dad stood for! Everytime I see him, I just want to- UGH!"

She lashed out, her boots hitting Ratchet's dashboard hard.

"I… I'm sorry, kid," Ratchet finally spoke.

"Look at it this way, Sari," Jazz suggested, pulling up next to Ratchet, "just because something comes from something bad doesn't mean it's inherently bad."

"Yeah, but what good is supposed to come out of this?" Sari wondered.

"Guess we'll have to just keep an open processor, right Ratchet?"

Ratchet paused, unsure of how to respond. Before he could though, their search led them right to the feet of Wreck-Gar, causing them to transform.

"Greetings," the trash bot greeted. "Would you like to purchase some garbage?"

"It's the Autobots!" Lugnut exclaimed

"Not good," Bee let out, activating his stingers. "It's Lugnut!"

"And here we are without our resident Wreckers..." Jazz mused, pulling out his nunchucks. "Guess we'll have to make do."

"Bah! Puny Autobots like you don't stand a chance against servants of the wise and powerful Megatron!"

Lugnut then prepared his signature Punch, the red button appearing in the center of his fist. All three Autobots recoiled, Sari squealing in fear as she remained hidden in Ratchet's chestplate. However, Wreck-Gar took one look at the big red button, and got a very bad idea.

"Ah the Universal Greeting," he mused, doing a series of hand gestures. "Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong."

He then reached his hand out towards the Punch, much to the horror of the Autobots.

"Take cover!" Ratchet yelled as he and the two other Autobots took off.

The second Wreck-Gar's hand touched the button, everything exploded. Wreck-Gar and Lugnut found themselves in the middle of a massive crater, both covered in char marks, though miraculously still online.

"Those accursed Autobots will pay for this!" Lugnut declared.

"Right, Wreck-Gar remarked, pulling out a cash register. "Cash, check, or char-broiled?"

"Attack!" Lugnut demanded, swatting the register away.

"Right… what kind of tac do you want? Thumbtack? Carpet tac?" He pulled the two types of tacks from his backpack before dropping them both to reveal some old documents. "Income tac?"

"Nevermind!" Lugnut snapped, transforming into his vehicle form. "I will destroy these Autobots myself!"

Acting on some kind of compulsion, Wreck-Gar leapt onto Lugnut as he took off.

"Would you like to hear our specials of the day?" he asked, pulling out the canister of nanobots. "Warning: Biohazard. Property of Sumdac Systems. Huh, that doesn't look too appatizing."

What Wreck-Gar didn't see was that the canister had a very nasty crack in it, and the nanobots inside were glowing a bright orange. A small drop of them fell from the crack, landing on the Decepticon's tail-fin. Almost immediately, Lugnut began screaming in pain as the bots began to eat away at his plating.

"Get it off me!" Lugnut yelled.

"Right," Wreck-Gar replied, pulling out a drill. "Get it off you!"

Without further ado, Wreck-Gar began to use the drill to completely detach Lugnuts tailfin. While the top half of Lugnut flew away in an out of control fashion, the tailfin and Wreck-Gar crashed down towards the lake, taking the out of control nanobots with them. Ratchet pulled Sari from his chest plate as all four of the remaining spectators watched the crash.

"Would it be too much to ask that the crash gets rid of both our problems?" Bee asked.

"Not a chance," Ratchet replied. "And if those Allspark infused nanobots could eat through a Decepticon…"

"Imagine what they could do to downtown Chicago…" Sari realized.

Meanwhile, the mayor was standing along the shore of Lake Michigan, alongside his aid, and several members of the Chicago Mayoral Cabinet.

"This demonstration better be good," the mayor's aid insisted. "Your approval rating has plummeted since this sanitation dispute began."

The mayor grimaced at the notion, just giving a wordless nod. Not a minute after that, Powell's limo arrived at the scene. Powell didn't even give his robotic driver a chance to open the door, slamming it in its face plate as he rushed forward.

"Mr. Mayor," he greeted in a frantic tone. "I'm afraid we hit a little glitch. We're going to have to postpone this demonstration until-"

"What's going on?!" one of the cabinet members shouted. "Look at that garbage scow!"

Everyone's eyes turned towards the water, where a lone scow was drifting towards the shore. Onboard, the remains of Lugnut's tailfin had landed, infecting the entire ship with nanobots. Of course, the bots had quickly begun doing what they were programmed to do: consume.

"Is that garbage scow getting… smaller?" The Mayor's aid questioned.

"Uh… yes," Powell quickly co-opted. "That is our nanobots in action. Thought we'd have to postpone to get the best angle of them in action, but now there appears to be no need." Powell then cleared his throat, getting straight to business. "So, shall we discuss our contract now?"

Onboard the scow, Wreck-Gar had just managed to pull himself from the garbage, looking out at the shore to see all the people gathered around. They were all cheering at the destruction of the garbage, but the naive robot had no way of knowing that.

"They love me! They really love me! They cheer, for I, Wreck-Gar, have brought them the gift of garbage! Fear not, good citizens! Your garbage is coming!"

On the bridge above the scow, the three Autobots were racing to try and keep up with the scow, desperately wanting to reach it in time.

"If that scow hits the shore, it's bye-bye Chicago!" Bee exclaimed.

"We need a plan," Jazz insisted.

Just then, Ratchet transformed and came to a stop, causing the other Autobots to hit the brakes.

"I have to stop it," Ratchet declared. "It was my anger that caused this mess in the first place, anger Wreck-Gar didn't deserve."

"That's why you were so angry before," Bee realized. "You saw Makeshift's wreckage in the trash and it brought up old memories."

"Makeshift almost scrapped my oldest friend, and nearly tore our team apart. Just seeing his frame set me off. But it's like Jazz said, just because something comes from something bad doesn't mean it's inherently bad. I've got to make this right… or get eaten by nanobots trying."

Ratchet quickly leapt onto the garbage scow, landing in one of the decreasing piles of garbage. He quickly pulled free of the nano-bot infested refuse, turning to Wreck-Gar, who was at the controls.

"Wreck-Gar! We cannot let this scow reach the shore!"

"No! I am Wreck-Gar! I am only good for one thing… GARBAGE!" he pushed down on the throttle, speeding up the boat. "I know what I am now. And I owe it all to you."

"Get away from the controls, you malfunctioning scrap heap!"

Ratchet activated his magnets and pushed against the controls, trying to slow the boat down. However, Wreck-Gar just pushed back harder until the controls snapped under his finger. The boat then shot forward, now with no way to stop its advance.

"You glitch head!" Ratchet called out. "You're gonna destroy the whole city! Even you wouldn't dare do something that stupid!"

"I am Wreck-Gar! I dare to be stupid!" he declared as his eyes changed to red. "I will destroy the whole city!"

Wreck-Gar then leapt down in front of Ratchet, who took a defensive stance.

"Alright..." Ratchet let out, gritting his dentas as he vented harshly. "You've forced me to do the one thing that requires more courage then I've ever mustered in my entire Autobot career. I..." he held out a hand, "apologize."

Wreck-Gar's eyes flashed back to blue as he looked confused.

"Come again?"

"I take back everything I said about you. You shouldn't let others tell you what you can and can't be. You can be anything you want."

"You mean… I could be… a hero?"

"Of course you can," Ratchet nodded, "and I'd say stopping the scow of Allspark infused nanobots is a good place to start."

"Alright!" Wreck-Gar declared, slapping a new Autobot decal on his chest plate. "I am Wreck-Gar the hero!"

He then pulled out a vacuum cleaner, attaching the power cable to his frame before vacuuming up all of the nanobots. It only took a few seconds to suck up the remainder of the nanobots, leaving the damaged wreck of the scow left for the two to ride on. The two smiled to take it in, but their victory was cut short when Wreck-Gar's pack started to churn and smoke. The nanobots inside began to hum with power, glowing an angry orange.

"What's going on?" Wreck-Gar questioned, trying to look at his back while stumbling around, the ruined deck creaking under his pedes.

Finally, the deck gave out, causing Wreck-Gar to fall into the river.

"Thank you!" he called out before finally splashing down.

"No!" Ratchet let out.

Before he could get to him, a massive explosion of energy shot out, causing Ratchet to avert his optics for a moment. Once the light faded, Ratchet had his magnets out.

"Hold on, kid! I'll get you out!"

His magnets tried to fish him out, but all he managed to grab were some bits of metal, and other garbage. He let them drop into the water, lamenting the loss of his brief friend.

On the shore, the gathered humans all watched as the ruined scow slowly sank into the lake, and a drenched Ratchet stepped out of the water. Jazz and Bumblebee quickly rode over, transforming as the latter held Sari in his hands.

"Ratchet, are you alright?" the small child asked.

"Where's Wreck-Gar?" Jazz questioned.

"He's… he's gone…"

"And my nanobots along with them!" Powell accused.

"If that's the case," the Mayor's aid spoke up, "then we have no reason to renew your contract."

"What?!" Powell let out. "That's-"

Just then, Ratchet scooped up Powell, the Mayor, and his aid. He dangled all three by their shirt collars, holding them up to his face.

"Listen you flesh bags! We lost a good bot today because of your little dispute! So now you're both going to settle this or I'm dunking you all in the river! Got it?!"

"Well…" Powell spoke up, quickly realizing he was not in a position to argue. "I… suppose we could repair the current trash bots."

"And… we could probably allow for a small increase in your contract budget," the mayor's aid reluctantly conceded.

The mayor nodded before he and Powell shook hands, causing the crowds to cheer.

"Nice work, doc bot," Bee commended. "Guess you got a way with words after all."

"Maybe," Ratchet said as his optics glanced out at the water. "Maybe..."

Meanwhile, down in the depths of the bay, Wreck-Gar was still online, though the explosion had left him buried in the silt of the lakebed. His optics flashed on, seeing several fish swimming by.

"Fear not creatures of the deep! I am Wreck-Gar! I am a hero!"

He tried to free himself, but found the process nigh impossible.

"Uh… can someone give me a hand? Or a fin?... anyone?"