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This one is just Frankenstein being exasperated seeing two beings probably liking each other but didn't do anything further to advance their relationship. I guess. o(-(

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Subtle Moves (1)

Frankenstein saw it. Maybe they thought no one noticed, or maybe they thought that what they did—or usually do—weren't of importance to others, including the Dark Spear wielder. One day, Raizel spared exactly five seconds during dinner time for His attention to shift to a particular grey-haired modified human, said human was sipping on the broth of his bowl of ramen. Then, he saw something else after that. They had some snacks while chattering about their usual routine in school, at home, and neither of the two. Mostly neither. Damn Union wouldn't stop bothering their peaceful life.

Frankenstein was observant. He paid attention to his surrounding, objects and people. From body movement to faces. So it wasn't too extraordinary for him to notice M-21 staring at a pale hand of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel taking a cookie from His plate to His mouth. After that, the werewolf-heart bearer quickly blinked and looked at random direction with perplexed look on his face.

The next few days weren't very different … at least not significantly. When the three modified humans met Raizel on the school gate, they nodded slightly out of politeness and respect to Him, which the Latter responded with an even lighter nod. Then the Noblesse sauntered away, accompanied by His ordinary human friends and the other two young nobles who barged into his school the other day. It was something Frankenstein encountered everyday when he went home with his Master, nothing unusual. Except he caught M-21 staring longer to his Master's back compared to the other two, even after He walked away. The younger modified human noticed the principal peering over his shoulder and was about to break the attention when a voice too familiar was heard.

"Frankenstein, you can go first."

"What? Oh—" It was his Master's—"Is there anything you want to do, Master?"

Raizel turned his whole body to face the opposite direction. "Just a second."

The Noble continued to tread His way with firm steps. When He stopped in front of M-21, the security guard was stiff and his ashen-eyes was on a pair of crimson questioningly. But M-21 had to feel confident and assuring as a guard in a prestigious school, so he fixed his stance and faced the Noblesse properly.

"Is—" "M—"

"What?" said M-21 reflexively.

"I just want to ask," A silence, "where is the location of the newly opened ramen restaurant you found yesterday."

Actually, it was Tao who found it first, and the man invited everyone to eat there. Frankenstein refused at first; he haughtily yet playfully stated that his ramen is the best, most delicious and nutritious, always a masterpiece! Well, everyone hardly disagreed, even Seira, his confidant in cooking. In the end, he complied to bring everyone there under a pretext of tasting other chef's ramen to improve his.

Frankenstein kept watching, unreadable look on his face. Raizel could actually ask his servant for direction; he was standing closer to his Master. But the Noblesse chose to ask someone who was ten meters away from Him. Nothing weird, nothing unusual.

The young modified human didn't let out any sound or make any movement. His lips were parted slightly, eyebrows furrowed (probably thinking, expecting the Man in front of him to ask someone else about this very remarkably unimportant question, or scrutinizing every detail of his Master's face, but who knew). His gaze shifted to the side in a flash before answering, "It's next to the building across the museum you visited three days ago during the study tour, only few meters from there."

Raizel nodded in respond. Wait—Frankenstein noticed—He smiled too?

That was different.

The rest of that day was spent by his Master hanging out with His friends in the aforementioned ramen restaurant. Frankenstein didn't see anything strange after that.

There was also an occurrence at home, when there were only the three of them: Frankenstein, his Master, and his first modified-human employee. It was yesterday. M-21 was about to take his cup of tea, but he accidentally nudged Raizel's gaming book and it felt. He then crouched, while muttering "I'm sorry", to put the book back.

When his hand reached the book, another hand touched the back of his.

Raizel was beside him, crouching too. And reaching too. And they touched.

Frankenstein, whom had been sitting on the couch and internally gasped, kept witnessing the event unfolding.

They froze in that position for seconds; it seemed that the both of them had lost their reflexes. Or something else. It was definitelly something else. The silent observer on the side was certain, because he felt something, feelings, from Raizel. Surprise, fluster, like when someone wasn't sure of what he was doing, and another thing that Frankenstein felt through his link with his Master. An undescribable pleasant feeling. Did Raizel just unwittingly and recklessly connect to His servant in the middle of this happening?

Frankenstein eyed Raizel. There was a faint blush on His face.

He eyed the other person. He looked worse.

Silver eyes were wide on the hand touching his, and a thin shade of red slowly but surely start coloring the young man's cheeks. He turned even pinker than he already was.

M-21 frantically took the book and put it back on the table, avoiding the fingers that touched his hand.


This looked exactly like that cheesy drama and shoujo manga scene that Frankenstein was unwilling to see. Something like this rarely happened in real life, and he didn't expect that it happened to two of most silent, aloof, and distant people in his house. Really.

Master had always been good at keeping a neutral expression and controlling His emotion. Only someone who had lived with Him for ages would be able to read through the slightest change of behavior and feeling that the Noblesse had. Well, being bonded to Him also helped, but still. How Raizel faced the young modified human with how He did the others were comparably different, the doctor must admit. And those mentioned were the obvious ones. He was able to recall the times when one of them stole glances when the other wasn't aware every time they were together and not in battle. Or when Raizel actually direct His vision to M-21 when he was giving reports, instead of His tea. Also all those late-night meetings on the balcony. Not that often, but when it happened, it was a long session of silence with a fair amount of talking in between while standing five feet apart. And when He faintly showed how worried He was when the group didn't find M-21 immediatelly after a heavy battle. Or when M-21 was swallowed by the same feelings of worry and afraid when Raizel went to sleep because He had used too much power, even though Frankenstein had reminded him that it was temporary and He would wake up.

Huh. That was actually quite a lot.

Frankenstein had have an idea behind preceeding events that had transpired, it was after witnessing what happened between them and perceived the Master's feelings that he was almost completely sure now. Almost. The man didn't want to jump into conclusion too eagerly. He needed more to prove his guess.

They were still doing it.

They were still at it.

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and M-21 were still staring—and throwing subtle, vague gestures—at each other.

Frankenstein had taken a note that sometimes they stared at each other at the same time, which means both beings knew that the other stared at them. When that happened, usually it didn't last for too long. Besides, if it did, the others might already noticed, or even made a comment or question about it. His Master also started to behave in a more open manner towards the modified human. When one of them just arrived at a place where the other were, he often, smoothly and innocently, picked a comfortable position near the other. Yes, Frankenstein remembered that time when they had a tea time together in his office, M-21 surprisingly sat next to Raizel. On the same sofa. Only few centimeters separated them. Raizel spared a glance, but let him did what he did.

Frankenstein inwardly let out a fascinated hum. Never did the grey-eyed man do that. Which means they had gotten closer, hadn't they?

The Dark Spear owner thought that they would go for bolder move. They've been doing this staring and subtle move competition for, what, months? And he hadn't counted all the ones not happened in the house.

It actually piqued him in a weird way, if he must admit involuntarily.

That was why Frankenstein decided he wanted to get to the root of this matter.

After the three security guards and the noble children had gone to their respective rooms, Frankenstein approached Raizel with another cup of tea on a tray. He took an already empty cup on the table in front of the Noblesse, then put the one he just brought on the same place. Raizel was reading his gaming book for a short while before taking the cup and a sip.

It might be the right time to talk about this.

"Master," Frankenstein broke the silence, "I'm really sorry if this comes out as rude, I simply want to fulfill my curiosity and—"

"Frankenstein," Raizel lowered His cup to the saucer. "I know what you've been wanting to know." He turned to Frankenstein and saw a twitch on his face. The servant stood patiently and unnoticeably lowered his head and took a quick look at Raizel. Of course his Master would know.

"Is it strange if I make an effort to be closer to people?"

A pair of blue eyes blinked.

Raizel fell silent discerning His servant's confusion. "I asked because you wanted to know." He took another sip of His sugar-filled tea. Frankenstein scrunched.


Raizel turned to Frankenstein again after a long pause.

"You made an effort to be closer to one person. One."

Now it was Raizel's time to scrunch.

Raizel lowered His cup, even slower than the first time. His gaze was steady at the surface of the brown-clear liquid inside the cup.

"I don't understand. I treat everyone equally … well." At least, that's what Raizel believed.

"Yes, but You treated this one particular person differently," said Frankenstein, before he added, "Ah, also, You behave differently when You're around him."

"How is it different?"

"Let's see, from what I've seen," The scientist put a finger on his chin, smiling amusedly, "You quite obviously talked more to him. You glanced to him occasionally when he wasn't looking. You often took chances of conversing—or even just interacting—with him. Your posture was always more open when he was around,"

"I didn't do all of that to M-21 only."

"I haven't even mentioned any name."

Frankenstein could feel Raizel twitched internally. His grin got wider.

The Noble was stiff as a stone, His hand hesitantly approached the cup. He didn't take any sip.

"Master," Frankenstein took a seat near his Master, delight and curiosity pronounced in his sky-blue eyes. It was the satisfactory of acquiring the accurate result from his observation that got the ball rolling—he is a scientist, after all.

"I know You and he sometimes were together on the balcony. And I wasn't even spying." It wasn't like Raizel (and M-21) kept company of each other and hid it, Frankenstein was sure the other household members knew the routine, yet they didn't say anything—or they were good at self preservation. "And when you accidentally touched him when he took the book, I…"

A moment of silence. "I sensed your emotion. You let me feel it."

And it was one proof that gave it away, because Frankenstein was well aware of how emotionally preserved his Master is. And He was reckless. Yet it was just a touch.

When Frankenstein took a look at Raizel again, His pair of crimson eyes were wide.

Raizel sighed. He slowly closed His fluttering eyes.

"I don't know, Frankenstein," The Noblesse lowered His head. "I've never felt like this since … forever."

Another sigh.

Frankenstein, without any notice given to him, suddenly felt a burst of emotion spilling to him through his link, overwhelming him with strange yet familiar feelings of something he never felt since ages. Fondness, warmth, tenderness, anxiety, fading denial and arising realization, all mixed and were swarming… None of them directed at him. His Master had broken the dam, and He so much trusted Frankenstein to let the water flows.

A paint of astonishment colored the scientist's face, his hand reaching the air, and he couldn't decide whether he wanted to get a hold of his chest or his Master.

All those emotions came not from nothing, and Raizel had no intention to hide them, not from His most loyal servant, not anymore. All these mundane, small gestures and vague attitude, it was all His only way to express His growing affection towards the man whom He just met few months ago. Whom He barely interact with.


Raizel opened His eyes that He didn't realize had closed and looked up to Frankenstein. A pair of stern blue eyes met His gaze.

"Why didn't you tell him?"

Because after routinely witnessing a cliché real-life romance drama unfolding right in front of him, and the Other Man, Frankenstein was sure as heaven that he reciprocated the feelings.

Well, almost. Frankenstein wasn't a mind reader like his Master.

The Master was unspeaking for a while. "I'm all right with what I have now."

Frankenstein didn't respond and Raizel took it as a request for elaboration. "I don't want to ruin the relationship that I currently have with him."

"But," Frankenstein wished he could voice his thought, "you didn't even tell him at all."—he might return the feeling. At first, he wondered whether Raizel read the young man's mind, though this talk just confirmed that He, surprisingly, did not.

"Just let it be as it is."