Naruto had his entire life figured out. He would become a ninja, become one of those eternal genin, while gradually convincing the rest of Konoha that he was mostly harmless, and eventually retire and become one of those old men who fed the ducks and played shogi in the park. There was only one problem – he had yet to graduate the academy, and was growing doubtful that he would ever manage it. Oh well. He would just become a carpenter or something. Maybe move out of the leaf.

Naruto rolled over on the ground, looking at the sky through his shades. If there was one thing Naruto liked, it was laying on the ground and enjoying the warmth. It wasn't watching the clouds per say- it was really just him being really comfortable and enjoying life. Suddenly, he felt something land on his chest. Naruto then realized that the thing was suspiciously warm. Naruto raised his head. There was a rabbit on his chest.

Naruto laid his head back against the ground. The rabbit would probably warm him up a bit. That was fine with him. The rabbit observed the human for a second. This was probably the only human lazy enough for the job.

"You have passed the test," said the rabbit, in a deep baritone.

"The what now?" asked Naruto, as he looked around, before realizing that the rabbit had been the one who was talking. "Bothersome."

The rabbit made some odd clicking noises. Naruto eventually realized that it was laughing. The rabbit stopped, and Naruto laid his head back onto the ground, determined to get a few more seconds of rest before the rabbit did something troublesome. The rabbit didn't say anything either. Naruto wondered if he had found a creature just as lazy as he was. Eventually, they both fell back asleep.

Naruto eventually woke up, to find the rabbit grazing nearby. Naruto stood up, brushing the grass off of his clothes, and turned to the rabbit. "So, what was that test again?"

"Oh. That. Well," said the rabbit, "I don't suppose you would like to become a rabbit summoner?"

"Well," said Naruto, "Not particularly, but I'm not very well versed in summoning contracts."

The rabbit looked at him for a couple seconds. "You know, the rabbit summoning lands, the Plains Burrows are surrounded by some exceptionally soft grass."

Naruto perked up a bit. "Well, I don't know…"

The rabbit thought for a bit. "You don't even have to do anything, and you can just visit whenever you want."

"Wait," said Naruto. "Why would you even want me as a summoner if you don't want me to do anything?"

"Well," said the rabbit, "The rabbit clan burrows are surrounded by other tribes of marsupials, and they have been encroaching on our land for quite a while. Anyway, most rabbits decided that a human summoner would scare them a little."

Naruto blinked. "Wait, would you guys actually fight other summons if the opportunity arose?"

The rabbit laughed. "Of course not! The rabbit clan specializes in more… peaceful tasks. So if you ever need us to get rid of some weeds or eat some grass, you can count on us."

"Wait, so why would I do this again?" asked Naruto.

"Well," said the rabbit, "if its ninja skills you want, you can always check our extensive clan library. We also have a very helpful sage mode."

"Sage mode?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah," said the rabbit. "the idea is that you draw in specialized natural energy, giving you a near infinite supply of chakra, and also various benefits depending on the clan."

"Oh." Said Naruto. "Well, alright, I guess. I suppose I can do some reading in the clan library, and occasionally glare at other marsupials."

Naruto also didn't mind the thought of having an army of rabbits to keep his lawn in order.

"Cool," said the rabbit. "Now, sign this contract." The rabbit pulled a large scroll out of its fur.

"How did you do that?" asked Naruto.

"Do what?" asked the rabbit.

"Pull the scroll out of your fur, of course," said Naruto.

"Fuinjutsu," said the rabbit. "Now, are you going to sign this or what?"

"Sure," said Naruto, as he unrolled the summoning contract.

The summoning contract was nearly as tall as Naruto was, and had golden handle, instead of the wooden ones Naruto was used to seeing on scrolls. The scroll was also covered in intricate drawings, mostly of rabbits, but there was also a couple of extensive battle scenes, a couple of which portrayed an enormous monster with ten large tails. It was the most beautiful scroll Naruto had ever seen.

"Woah," said Naruto. "This is beautiful."

The rabbit nodded. "We pride ourselves on our large territory and our beautiful summoning scroll."

Naruto nodded and looked at the scroll.

"Well, hurry up," said the rabbit.

Naruto was faintly embarrassed. "I forgot my pen."

The rabbit sighed. "There's one sealed into the handle."

Naruto nodded and pulled a surprisingly normal looking pen, which was already covered in ink.

"There was a fancy pen, once, but the previous summoner lost it at some point," said the rabbit.

Naruto nodded and wrote his name. There was only one other name on the scroll.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki