Chapter #: 1:

[Seven Years]

[Castle Town ~ Kikka]

[Outside Magic Knights Colosseum]

The sound of bare feet slapping against the cobblestone streets echoed among the usual commotion of the day to day life of the city of Kikka. Just outside of the Colosseum people attempt to get out of the way as a young boy with long silver hair in dreads; came rush pass them with his Azure blue eye looking forward. A few moments later men and women dressed in the armor of the Colosseum guard shouting for someone up ahead

" Stop that Kid!"

The guards saw the boy shoot down an ally-way, but as the guards got there, they found that the boy they been chasing was gone. But the guards still enter the ally looking for any sign of where the boy may of went not even considering he used magic do to his age.

But as they got deep into the ally the boy, they have been chasing watch them pass him from his hiding spot as he used his spell 'Shadow Merge EX' it was a very handy spell especially when no one expects a kid to be able to use something like it. And with the EX version, it seemed to block all forms of detection magic as long the user remains intent on concealing oneself and being one with the shadows. As he stood there watching them, he heard a voice from inside his mind.

((Azure at your current stage of magical development, you can pull off possible three more of the spells efficiently at a hundred percent or six spells variety at a ninety- or lower-percent efficient rate. So please take the time and choose your spells wisely.))

Azure smiled and thought

(I'll take it under advisement, but until then while we wait for our friends to move on give me a list of spells you suggest for me to use if it came to it to get away from those guards. Along with my general info and well-being, stats)

There were a few moments Azure watch as the guards of the Colosseum; comb everywhere for him in the alley. He watches as some of them used spells and such trying to find if he was hiding or using magic and thanks to the 'EX' portion of 'Shadow merger' When the last Guard used a flash type spell that lite the entire alleyway. Instead of coming out or being forced out due to the light from the shadows the spell moved him to closet remain shadow to remain hidden. Then 'Wisdom King Raphael' projected the information into Azure mind's eye

Name: Azure Magnus (Silva)

Job: Student

Age: 7 years old

Equipped with: NA

Physical Strength:3 Magic Amount: 6 Magic Control: 6 Magic Sensing: 6 Cleverness: 6 Growth 6

Magic Affinity: ?

Hidden Skill: 'Wisdom King Raphael'

Spells copied and improved:

- Spirit of Phoenix EX - Fortress Creation EX - Mémoire Absolue EX - Mana Skin EX

- Flash Bog EX - Fire Breath EX - Control Magic Grass EX - Flash EX - Compounding Magic EX

- Ice Age Touch EX - Earth burial prison EX - Water Walk EX - Summon Familiar EX

- Interdimensional Slash EX - Thunder Golem EX - Wizard Eyes EX - Howling wind slash EX

- Mermaids Tears EX - Shadow Merge EX - Strength Boost EX- Phoenix tears EX

- Flower of Truth EX - Location EX - Invisible Soldiers EX - Mud Man EX

- Water Golem EX - Thief's Wind Cloud EX - Fly EX - Ice Breath EX

- Ice Golem EX - Magma Bomb EX - Sand Dragon Roar EX - Acid Dragon Slash EX

- Shapeshifting EX - Earth Merge EX - Elemental Armor EX - Qualle Operation EX

- Earth Golem EX - Feather Fall EX - Invisible Scout EX - Shadow Mimic EX

- Forest of Mirrors EX - Slow EX - Primal Roar EX - Earthquake EX

- Shadow Dragon Gate EX - Echo EX - Vortex Binding of Thousand cuts EX - The World through a Rock Model EX

Azure's right eyebrow raised as over fifty percent of the spells that 'Wisdom King Raphael' had put in for a suggestion were lethal as all hell, if he used them in the wrong way. He only knew this as he tried most of them outside of the city when he had free time and his mother wasn't aware of it. His usual targets were boars and other monsters that lived in the lower realm. But again, it allowed him to reflect on whether or not a spell should be used, The damage some of the spells did to the monster's flesh often made him realize after the spell finished and he looks at the damage could bring down on an individual person or thing. Maybe it was because he had the soul of an older man and not some child interest in seeing in just using the magic for fun or seeing the things around him go boom. Azure found that the more magic he learns, the more tempered his resolve got on how to use his magic; especially when it came to how to any of the magic he possessed should ever be used on/or against other humans.

But now as he watched them getting ready to move on, he was slightly relieved as he didn't really want to hurt anyone, nor did he want to suffer punishment for sneaking into the Colosseum to watch the matches. When he should have been in class, but he decided he rather add to his spell arsenal with the help of 'Wisdom King Raphael.' They had been doing this as long as Azure could remember, and he knew full well that wasn't a good enough reason as his mother had scolded him many times in the past.

Of course, in Azure case, most people who knew his family and the situation would believe the whole situation he was currently in was just a boy being a boy but not knowing about the hidden skill Azure had and that he was capable of copying and adapting peoples magic.

This was the reason why he chooses to hang out at Colosseum so much; because of most people there and around their deal in battle-type magic. This drew Azure; as at an early age he knew he wanted to be a Magic Knight. This seemed like a place where he could use his skill to improve his chance towards his future goal.

He kept those thoughts to himself, as the Colosseum guards left the alley; in search of their target elsewhere. But he knew before he climbed out of the shadow and broke the spell merger he thought to 'Wisdom'

(can I use the part of you that govern control over 'Chant Annulment' to speed cast Shadow Dragon Gate EX to open a gate back to the school or house the moment I leave the shadow?)

To which 'Wisdom' said back to Azure,

((It possible but It'll drain you of two spells worth of magic.))

Azure nodded and understood. 'Wisdom King Raphael' gave him a diagram on how to do it one fluid movement. Azure began to gather his power in preparation for his great escape, as he drifted back to get the right distance to be ready.

Once Azure was sure he was in the right position; He kicked off and flew forward, and in a matter of seconds he came springing out from the shadow, he has been hiding inside. As he hung in the air from the force of acceleration of leaving the shadow as he did. He let loose and released the spell he been storing up and preparing and as he fell towards the ground and as he did the shadow he was casting on the ground as he soared through the air began to morph and change first the shadow grew. Then two void were eyes should be and then the shadow took on a dragon type head and its mouth open as it did a swirl black portal was inside An Azure vanish once and slid into the portal easily; before the shadow dragon head, mouth slowly closed shut, and then it dissipated.

As this happens, a little old woman who usually sells skewered grilled violet snake walks out from another set of shadows holding her chin and says

" What an interest young man I manage to discover on my walk today, An by the looks of it he doesn't have grimoire yet. Which mean he's still underage, but once he receives one along with the fact he's already able to cast magic in succession on that level already even with a grimoire he should be a real talent in a few more years in and wizard knight group that he may join."

As the old woman finish saying that she changes form and become a tall, middle-aged man with short messy blond hair and gray eyes. One of his notable features is a blue asterisk symbol on the left side of his forehead.

[Azure's Home]

A circular shadowy portal opens inside of Kitchen area of Azure 's mother home; They had lived there for the last seven years. As the portal became complete, Azure came tumbling through at the same speed he had entered which was a problem as he went flying through the house smashing into few things knock them to the ground or shattering them totally. Of course, as his momentum finally ended, he found his head resting on something unevenly and it wasn't the floor, so he opens his eyes to see his mother face who had a blank look of surprise as she tried to figure out what she had just witnessed. For the first time in the seven years getting her did Azure finally found a reason to swallow hard and start to break into a cold sweat as he waited for his mother to speak.