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Tsunade rested against the railing of her balcony as she gazed over the many buildings in Uzu. Her honey brown eyes were slightly unfocused and she carried an aura of sadness and helplessness.

It had been almost two weeks since Naruto had broken down in her arms, crying and apologizing profusely.

He had not explained why he was apologizing to her and Tsunade did not push him to do so. Quite frankly, she was scared of what she would discover should she push him to speak about it.

Naruto rarely ever showed such vulnerability and whenever he did it was because something affected him on a personal level and he could do nothing about it.

She had comforted him for hours, whispering sweet nothings and conveying the love she held for him. If anything it only made the entire situation worse.

One could begin to assume that Naruto had... laid with another woman.

But Tsunade dismissed those ideas as soon as they surfaced. Naruto was obsessively loyal and while he appreciated the beauty of women, he was not that kind of man.

Naruto was devoted to her. On a level that most people would never understand.

Naruto was not a filthy man and she would never accuse him of cheating on her.

Something else was affecting him and he had reverted back to the person he had been before meeting her...

It pained her so heavily to know that she was unable to provide the comfort and stability she once used to.

Naruto would just sit on his throne for the entire day, completely still and unmoving. Almost like a statue... He'd remain completely silent with an unfocused gaze and ignored every individual who tried speaking with him.

Herself included...

He would only ever get up from his throne to eat and bathe and once finished he would return to sit upon his throne.

Two weeks...

Two agonizing weeks...

Tsunade did not know how much more she could take. She was running out of solutions.

Nothing worked!

It was physically eating at her!

Did she do something wrong?

A painful feeling emanated from her breast as her eyes narrowed in sadness.

Was she not enough for him anymore?

Her eyes grew wet with unshed tears as her body trembled. The cold hands of sorrow began to wrap around her form, threatening to squeeze the life out of her.

Was she-

Tsunade's train of thought was interrupted as the door to her personal quarters was opened. In the doorway stood the very man that her thoughts were focused on.

There was something... off about him. But for the life of her she couldn't nail it down.

His violet gaze found hers and when they did she could have sworn her heart skipped a beat. The sheer emotion emitting from those eyes of his...

A feeling of warmth and comfort settled in the room, ruthlessly squashing the previous depressing aura that had encased itself around Tsunade.

A tear slowly slid down her cheek as her lover closed the distance between them in seconds. His rough and coarse hands gently stroked her cheeks before wiping away the tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

He said nothing.

She did not ponder the oddity of him remaining quiet and chose to bask in his love. The way his hands roamed across her body... Memorizing each and every curve. Before she knew it his lips were upon hers as their tongues fought for dominance.

A familiar sense of comfort rested deep within her bosom as his hands expertly glided across her body. He paid attention to every little thing, taking great care in making sure that she knew she was safe in his arms.

Her eyes opened and when she stared into those beautiful violet ringed orbs of his... she noticed that they possessed black tomoes encircling the rings.

Ten of them to be exact... Five in each eye.

She was not able to question this particular change due to the boy's mouth attaching to her neck. A blissful sigh of pleasure escaped her mouth as the boy's hands began to travel south, down to her hips and slowly moving towards the valley of her pelvis.

Tsunade would have certainly questioned the oddity of this entire situation had it not been for the hazy fog of pleasure overriding her senses.

His hands... His lips... His fingers... His scent...

It drove her mad.

She yearned for his touch. Gentle or rough, it didn't matter. She had missed this sensation in its entirety. How he would focus his entire being on her and only her.

She was the only person that mattered. The only woman that mattered. In his arms she felt like a true Queen.

Like a Goddess.

Tsunade knew not the reason for her lover's sudden lustful hunger but she did not and would not complain about it. She had missed this so very much!

He knew her every weak spot.

Odd. She never remembered telling him about those spots... The spot just behind her left knee. It was...

Another wave of ecstasy crashed into her and she was powerless to stop it. She had lost count of her orgasms after the sixth one.

Naruto did not allow her to gather her thoughts and wits. She was but an incoherent mess in his hands as she succumbed to the mind numbing pleasure of his touch.

For what felt like hours she was forced to endure his touch. His fingers would never stop, his tongue continued to work, and his lips were never idle.

Through the foggy haze of blissful pleasure Tsunade was able to finally compartmentalize her thoughts and senses for but a brief moment.

A single, brief moment...

Her eyes contorted in slight confusion despite the debauchery expression that was no doubt plastered on her face.

She did not remember Naruto having horns...

Why did he hav-?

A shrill cry tore itself from her throat as she climaxed once again. Her head dug deep into the comforter of their shared bed and her legs convulsed violently.

Tsunade was still not allowed rest. Not a second to catch her breath or plead for her lover to slow down.

The muscles in her thighs shook and quivered and her nails tore through the silky fabric of her sheets as her lover's head rested between her thighs.

Why?! Whywhywhywhy?!

The pleasure would not stop!

It was sooooo good though... Did she want it to stop?

He had yet to even penetrate her and here she was... A screaming mess.

This... This all felt like a dream.

A dream she did not wish to wake from.

A dream... a dream.

A dream.



There was a brief lull of silence for a single moment before the world bled black and white. It lasted not but a full second and when color returned...

An Ashen white figure stood over the blonde Senju with a blank face. Violet ringed eyes with black Tomoes stared at the woman's unconscious form, roaming across every inch of her body.

The pale skinned man wore no shirt but was dawned in a pair of black Hakama pants that sported several white Magatama designs.

In his right hand was a black Shakujo that stood a foot taller than him with ten rings hanging off of the top of it resembling the sun. On the bottom of the Shakujo was what appeared to be a half crescent moon that sported a rather sharp edge to it. Resting atop the man's head was two small horns that rose towards the sky jutting outwards.

Floating behind the man was what appeared to be ten pure black balls of Chakra. The orbs aimlessly circled behind the man's back as if they had a mind of their own.

The unique looking man possessed a head full of spikey white locks that jutted outward in all directions. Draped around his neck was a necklace that sported the same Magatama designs as his pants.

"You are stalling, cretin..."

The familiar annoying voice of Zetsu penetrated the man's ears as the creature hovered next to the unique looking being.

"My mother's revival will not b-!"

The creature was silenced as one of the black orbs spiked outwards towards Zetsu almost impaling the creature. The tip of the Gudodama rested but a centimeter away from Zetsu's face.

The Will of Kaguya remained completely silent as its yellow eyes stared at the spike that could actually end its life with a hint of fear.

"Be quiet." Naruto did not tear his gaze away from Tsunade's body and continued to speak. "One more word and Kaguya will not be revived. You will remain silent..."

The Gudodama that threatened to erase Zetsu was immediately pulled back as if it had never happened. Naruto stood motionless for several minutes just staring at the form of his Queen.

His eyes were blank.

His face was blank.

He was... blank.

The ashen haired teen kneeled down beside the woman before placing his hand atop her navel. A sealing formula formed underneath her body that spread out in a five foot radius.

Naruto did not channel his chakra.

The Juubi Jinchuuriki ignored everything around him as he stared at Tsunade's face. She boasted a serene and peaceful expression upon her beautiful face.

Here laid the woman who had at first, been a mother figure to him.

A woman who had treated him like a human.

A woman who had taught him what it meant to be a person instead of a Shinobi.

A woman who cared for him and him only.

A woman... A woman he loved.

The only thing in this world that had ever brought him some semblance of happiness.

Power... Uzu... Control...

None of those things mattered when compared to Tsunade. They were but useless specs of dirt when out side by side.

She was his lover. She was his Queen. She was... his.

Black Chakra began to coalesce from Naruto's hand and it slowly spread across the woman's body covering her in the Chakra of the Sage of Six Paths.

She did not physically change nor did she wake from her induced slumber. She remained asleep and unresponsive as the Chakra covered her like a skin tight suit.

Naruto's eyes slowly trailed behind him as he spotted Zetsu. The teen did not turn his head nor did he give any indications away that would oust him out.

The Juubi Jinchuuriki continued to pump Chakra into Tsunade's form ever so slowly in an attempt to anger Zetsu.

It did not take long to do so either.

While the creature was most certainly seething, it did not speak in fear of being erased by the Gudodama's circling behind Naruto.

With each minute that passed do Zetsu's anger and impatience grow. For an entire hour Naruto slowly poured his Chakra into Tsunade's body. A process that should have been done in mere seconds had that been his goal. It wasn't until the second hour of doing so did Naruto finally address Zetsu.

"Come. I am ready." A Gudodama slowly floated over Naruto's head and formed into a spike. The life ending Gudodama hovered in the air like an omen of death.

A precaution should Zetsu overstep his boundary.

The Will of Kaguya slowly slithered over towards Tsunade's body before glaring into the eyes of the Juubi Jinchuuriki.

Eyes like sulfuric acid bore into the eyes of Kami for several minutes as both men refused to turn away.

Zetsu's mass slowly slithered closer to Tsunade as Naruto continued to stare at the creature without a hint of emotion on his face.

Naruto did not bother removing his hand from Tsunade's stomach as Zetsu was but an inch away from the woman's body.

An inch.

A single inch was all that separated Zetsu from reuniting with his mother.

"Remove your hand." Zetsu demanded with a glare.

The Juubi Jinchuuriki tilted his head before shaking his head. "No. Do as I say or Kaguya does not come back."

A tense silence settled into the room as both beings stared at one another before Zetsu spoke.

"It will not-" The creature was interrupted from continuing as the Gudodama resting above Naruto's head traveled forward in the blink of an eye. It rested but a centimeter away from Zetsu's 'head' and did not move.

"Lie again and I will end you." Naruto stated simply. "You have one more time to disobey an order from me and Kaguya will remain forever trapped in the moon. You will cease to exist in this world and I care not either way... The world can burn for all I care."

Another minute passed by in tense silence before Zetsu finally acquiesced to Naruto's demands. The creature watched Naruto with a wary eye as it slithered closer and closer to Tsunade's body.

Time slowed down to a crawl as the creature was but a centimeter away from Tsunade.

A cruel smirk formed on Naruto's face. A sadistic... cruel... vengeful smirk.

Tsunade's body was engulfed in a golden flash and in her place laid a woman with crimson hair and violet eyes.

Before Zetsu could even comprehend the action that Naruto committed, golden chains sprang out from the woman's lower back, Ensnaring and pulling the creature's body towards the woman.

Zetsu released a startled scream at the same time as the sealing formula below the woman flashed a brilliant white.

Naruto's hand immediately made contact with the crimson haired woman's navel and the Chakra that had previously been channeling into Tsunade flushed into the Uzumaki's system all at once.

Zetsu released a bowl of pure unadulterated anger as his yellow eyes glared into Naruto's Rinnegan with pure hate.


Naruto stared at the creature for a single second before slowly rising to his feet. "Thousands upon thousands of years planning... plotting... scheming... Only to get outwitted by a teenager."

Naruto slowly craned his head towards the heavens as he continued. "You believed that you could manipulate my emotions like you did with Indra... Madara... Obito... You are nothing."

The sky began to turn black as the earth shook violently. A dome of pure black Chakra began to slowly encase the Uzumaki who held Zetsu's ensnared form.

Zetsu released howls of pure anger and hatred as the dome of energy continued to enclose around him and the woman he was attached to. He screamed obscenities and insults into the heavens above as he cursed Naruto with everything in his being.

Naruto slowly tilted his head down towards the redheaded Uzumaki member before bowing his head gratefully. "Thank you, Kiyo... I will never forget this sacrifice... Like Retsu, I am proud of the woman you came to be... I ask for your forgiveness."

The Amazonian Uzumaki smiled at her King before closing her eyes. The dome of black Chakra was now cutting off her vision and was seconds away from swallowing her whole.

"It is I who should be asking for forgiveness, Your Majesty... I wish I could have done more for you... Thank you, My King." Tears slowly slid down her face as she accepted her fate.

For her King...

For her Queen...

For Uzu...

"You did enough, Kiyo." Naruto stated warmly.

The dome of black Chakra closed silently as the world began to shake and quake more vigorously. The winds roared with an angry passion and the skies screamed in anger.

The dome of black energy that held Kiyo and Zetsu began to condense and shrink as the world continued to shake violently.

A shockwave of incomprehensible measure shot forth from the tiny orb forcing Naruto to shield his eyes. A ear splitting shriek exploded all around him as a brilliant white flash of light swallowed the world.

The world went completely still as the winds tapered down to a gentle breeze. The darkened sky returned to it's sky blue color and the Earth ceased its violent trembles.

The Juubi Jinchuuriki slowly uncovered his eyes and stared at the figure that was now floating in the air.

Tresses as white as snow gently swayed in the air, covering a large portion of the area and sinking into the ground below.

The woman was garbed in a high-collared hime-kimono that sported black Tomoes running down the centre with the edges of the gown adorned with intricate gold and purple lines.

The Goddess slowly opened her eyes before blinking slowly. She stood motionless for several seconds before slowly tilting her head down. Her white orbs gazed at Naruto for all but a second before she slowly floated towards him.

The Goddess of Chakra reached the Sage of Six Paths and stood before him, staring into his eyes. The Goddess stood a whole head shorter than the man.

"It was not my intention for you to sacrifice what you love most." Kaguya's head tilted as her hands traced the boy's chest, stroking the Magatama necklace he wore around his neck. "Zetsu's fanatical devotion almost ruined everything..."

Naruto's eyes trailed down the woman's face before he spoke quietly. "My Queen is the only reason I still live today."

If Kaguya was affected by the boy's words then she did little to show it. Her pale orbs continued to gaze into the boy's Rinnegan as her claw-like nails stroked his chest.

"I played the role of a concubine before... I can do so again." A coy smirk danced on the Goddess' face as she pulled her body flush to his. "Your Queen is not immortal, Uzumaki Naruto..."

A small frown frown tugged at Naruto's features as he closed his eyes. Kaguya was not wrong... Tsunade would never live to the age he would.

While he could certainly continue to revive her at her prime with his power, it would be selfish and inconsiderate to do so...

Unless she was completely fine with it. But there was always the possibility that Tsunade would wish to eventually rest...

Was it wrong to be selfish? To wish she'd never leave him?

"There is nothing wrong with being selfish, Uzumaki Naruto." Kaguya pulled away from the teen and began to walk away from him. Her tresses gently glided across the ground as she continued. "Everyone is allowed to be selfish at some point or another."

Naruto watched her movements with a keen eye before shaking his head and turning his attention towards the sky. "When do you suspect them to make an appearance?"

A small smirk formed on the woman's face as she circled around his form. "A few years... I'm sure that they have caught wind of me now." A dark glint appeared in her eyes as she stroked the boy's left arm. "When they arrive... They will die."

Naruto glanced at the Rabbit Goddess before nodding his head. He was silent for a scant few moments before speaking quietly. "Tsunade will not approve of you... What you feel for me is little more than Hero Worship, Kaguya..."

Kaguya turned her head towards the boy as a beautiful smile formed on her face. "I have been in isolation for several millennia... Hundreds of centuries... Alone..." The woman's arms encircled his form from behind as she rested her horned head against his back. "Can you imagine what it must feel like to give up on hope? To wallow in the anger and despair of your past failures..."

"Thousands and thousands of years. And then one day... An individual who understands you down to your very core appears before you and promises everything that you've ever wanted... You do not truly understand that feeling, Uzumaki Naruto... I have waited thousands of years to be freed. To be understood... To be loved... I can wait a little longer, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto said nothing in response as he and Kaguya were engulfed in a golden light.


The two beings appeared in Uzu just outside of Naruto's personal quarters. It did not take but a single second for Genji to appear within his line of sight with his sword drawn and his body tense.

Naruto stared at his right hand for a few seconds before sighing quietly. "You are still annoying and will forever be annoying, Genji."

The sword wielding Uzumaki sheathed his blade with a heavy sigh as he wiped his brow. "You gave me a heart attack, Your Majesty... You know that I have a weak heart."

Naruto shook his head before glancing towards Kaguya who was staring at Genji with a curious gaze. "Our progenitor walks again." He gestured towards Kaguya briefly before opening the door to his personal Chambers and walking inside.

Kaguya stared into Genji's violet eyes before narrowing her own. "Peculiar... You are not actually human. A wayward spirit... Interesting." She immediately turned away from the man without another word before following Naruto his room and closing the door behind her.

Kaguya stood at the entrance of the room as she spotted Naruto tending to Tsunade's unconscious form. His hand was gently stroking through her blonde tresses and he possessed a gentle expression on his face.

Tsunade's body began to slowly stir as her face scrunched up. The woman unknowingly leaned into her lovers touch and yawned quietly. Her hands began to rub her eyes before they slowly opened.

Honey brown orbs met pale white and time stopped as Tsunade and Kaguya gazed at one another.

"Who... are you?"

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