Chuya almost felt sorry for him. Dazai hadn't woken up, but for the past hour, the name Odasaku had been a constant whisper on his lips. His ex-partner had broken into a sweat, and Chuya took out his handkerchief to dab them away.

He couldn't believe he was doing this. But he wasn't about to play with Dazai's wishes either. If Dazai had kept that dark part of his life away from them, then, he would do the same.

Then suddenly all of a sudden, Dazai returned to being calm, and Chuya figured whatever night mare he was visiting was gone now. Had Odasaku really meant that much to this guy ?

Chuya couldn't believe it. Dazai hadn't bothered much about anyone. Why , the man had shot bullets into a dead person for fun, and Chuya had, had to forcefully stop Dazai in situations like those.

But now there was not a trace of that person. What he could see was, a person who missed his friend, and ardently blamed himself for it. Blamed himself so much he was willing to die without even putting a fight in the presence of someone who cared so much as he did for Odasaku.

Chuya was pulled out of his thoughts, when he slowly saw Dazai stirring.

His eyelids felt heavy, and Dazai was content to let it be that way, but he decided against it. He opened his eyes, and took his first good look at the world which had been without him for God knows how long. The moment his vision cleared he wished he hadn't, and shut his eyes again.

"Dear lord, why should you bestow such misery upon me ?" he croaked painfully, that even Chuya who was tempted to punch him, in the beginning could only pitifully resort to scoffing at the great Dazai's condition.


He then reached for Dazai's shoulder, and slowly helped the sorry dimwit, who was now coughing, into a safe sitting position. He then reached for the glass on the bed side table and slowly urged Dazai to sip some water.

Dazai was very well, aware he couldn't move a finger, distasteful as it maybe he let Chuya help him, while he wondered where his friends were. As if reading his mind Chuya answered

"Your dear friends are finishing all the paper work you left for them. And here I was thinking you made the phenomenal change into a basket case."

Dazai chuckled, before tiredly sighing, and staring at the wall dazedly.

Silence ensued, and the two had no qualms about until Dazai broke it

"Thank you."

"You already knew I was going to come." Chuya muttered, annoyed.

"Not for that."

Chuuya just merely nodded, before scoffing and then saying "You're an idiot, Dazai."


"Maybe, my foot ! What did you have in mind after you died ? You thought your little Agency peers would have let it slide ? They hounded me even though I was the one that saved your sorry self, you think they would've left that guy alive ?"

"You would've known what to do." Dazai whispered.

"Yeah, thrown a bloody party that's what." then Chuuya's eyes suddenly widened in realization.

"No Way !"

Dazai smiled.

"You wanted me to cover your death up as suicide ?"

"You always did know me the best." Dazai praised, and Chuuya wanted nothing more than to smack the dude's thirty two teeth off."

"You need to set your priorities straight."

"And you being here, Is that your boss's way of saying I'm sorry ?"

Chuuya simply looked away.

"Well, he did seem like he was worried about you." He muttered.

"Of course, without me you'd all be having a hard time."

"Zip it you pathetic loser." Chuuya ordered, before his eyes softened. "You, .." he hesitated, as Dazai held his gaze "You kept saying Odasaku's name."

Dazai smile was a humourless one.. "Ah, he kicked me out of heaven, refused to get me to heaven, told me I'd rot in hell and all. He's still a big meanie."

"Dazai !" Chuuya cut off warningly "Stop making a joke out of everything."

That stopped Dazai in his rant.

Chuuya then sighed "I honestly didn't think that guy affected you this much. You being you and all. I guess I was wrong. "

"What are you expecting ? An it's okay" Dazai asked, and Chuuya didn't let the bitterness in his voice pass. Good he was making progress.

"No. I'm asking you to let it all out, you idiot." Chuuya replied, as Dazai bitterly bit down on his lips. He wrapped his hands, albeit a little awkwardly around the suicidal maniac, his face resting on Chuuya's shoulder.

A silent tear made it's way down Dazai's face, and for once he didn't stop them coming. His shoulders shook, and a dam broke soaking Chuuya's shirt.

They had a weird relationship; Him and Chuuya. They hated each other, but we're also each other's best allies. Chuuya had always known him. He read his mind, and offered him a deal. A deal where no one would see him cry. He was after all Dazai Osamu.

"It wasn't your fault, man. No one saw that coming." Chuuya gently comforted him, and he hesitantly nodded trying to believe it was true.

And in the end when his former partner, released his embrace, there wasn't a sign at all. There wasn't a sign Dazai had cried.

Chuuya left to give the other Agency members the information that their dear friend had woken up, and no sooner did he finish that sentence, Atsushi had sprinted like the cat that he was followed by Kunikida, Kyouka, and the rest of them. He texted Akutagawa, that his dear ex- mentor was alright, before looking back into the room to see all of the Agency members fawning over him.

"Dazai-san, do you need more water ?" Atsushi pounced

"Dazai, does it hurt anywhere ? Kunikida pressed

"Dazai-san, shall I buy the crepe ?" asked the monotone Kyouka

"No, Kyouka-san, Dazai-san isn't supposed take any sweet things, until he's normal !" Atsushi protested.

"Then Dazai-san what about some tea on rice ?"

"That should do." Yosano-san nodded, checking Dazai's pulse and temperature.

"Then I'll go to the grocery store, and buy the items for Dazai-san's dinner." Kenji declared rushing off

"Dazai-san do you want us to make you some ginger tea now ?" the Tanizaki siblings asked.

"Lucky bastard." Chuuya finally muttered with a smile, seeing the scene unravel in front of him.

Dazai had found a family. Satisfied Chuuya walked away, giving a nod of acknowledgement in the direction of the President, who returned the favor.

The President like Mori knew the bond that they shared.


Four more days passed, since Dazai woke up, and things were back to normal. He was still the annoying person who messed with Kunikida's schedule.

Kunikida still yelled at Atsushi and Dazai in the mornings, and Ranpo-san still spent his time eating snacks and working out murder cases.

Yosano-san was disappointed she didn't get to do anything because, Dazai-san was already in the brink of death. "Terrible loss ", she had woefully stated.

Today Kyouka, came up to Dazai, a very rare occurance, and very secretly showed something to Dazai. The content was in Atsushi's phone.

"Dazai-san, I thought you wouldn't want to pass up on an oppurtunity like this, so I took the liberty of recording it for you, for future counter measures."

Dazai's face, held a devilish grin, and he patted Kyouka's head.

In the Port Mafia's headquarters Chuuya was busy roughing up his subordinates.

"Get up you worthless jerks ! Put up a fight atleast, if you are going down !"

His phone pinged, indicating he had received a message and he opened it to check.

1 message form Mackerel.

He scoffed distastefully.

He opened it, and waited for the image to load. What had that dimwit sent now ?

The image even had a title underneath.

I am touched it read.

When the image finally loaded, Chuuya was stunned.

No way !

"You vile bastard !" he shouted "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU !"

Suffice it to say Chuuya was in a foul mood for weeks after that.

While Dazai grinned at the message he received.


He caught the eye of Kyouka-san and gave her a thumbs up, which she returned with a warm smile.

In the end Odasaku had been right. Being good was more beautiful. Saving lives was worth doing.

And more importantly he was able to live and do it with them. The members of the Armed Detective Agency. And in some twisted way Chuuya Nakahara.

How had Odasaku, known all of this ?

He was after all Dazai's friend.

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