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By the time the fight is done the girl looks like she is about to pass out. Next up is Tris and Peter.

Peter completely beats tris. By the time they are done Tris's already bruised face is destroyed. Anything that started to heal. Opened up and is bleeding again. Her face looks more black and blue than her original skin color. She was knocked unconscious again. And has to be carried out of the room. Four returns in the room after triss gets hauled out. I didn't even notice that he left in the first place.

Me and Dan step onto the mat on the floor. I see that he is trying to size me up. He saw my fight with tris yesterday. So he probably is expecting me to strike first. But we don't fight for a little while. And then the instructor yells at us.

"Fight you, idiots!"

When I turn to face him Dan takes his chance and punches me in the face. I fall to the ground but quickly recover. I roll over and stand up when Dan goes to pin me. He is slower than I thought he would be. I'm going to stick to my original plan

I'm going to wait for him to attack me and then I'm going to go for the leg. I refuse to be beaten to a pulp. He goes to swing and I move and kick his leg. He buckles into the floor. And I kick him in the head and he knocks out cold. I see him lying on the floor and he looks peaceful while he sleeps. I start to regret knocking him out. But then I remember that it was me or him.

I see Four watching me. Like some animal. I think he was expecting me to lose when put up against someone bigger than me. I stare at him as I wipe the blood away from my lip. I don't break eye contact until Peeta taps my shoulder and asks if I'm alright.

"I'm fine. I'm going to go into the infirmary to get a bandage" I say he nods. And watches the next fight.

I walk into the infirmary and grab a bandage. I walk the halls trying to figure out how to get out. When I pass unconscious tris. I look at her and reach for the clipboard that is next to her. I recognize most of the words because of my sister. When she was training to be a doctor she would come home with these notes. And they would have these huge words that made no sense. So I would ask her about them and she would explain and then I would praise her and she would get flustered.

I shiver at the memory. And put the clipboard down. Someone taps on my shoulder.

"Trying to finish the job?" I turn around and see four standing their arms crossed by.

"No. I just needed going to be heading back now" I say

We walk back to the training room. "I thought you would lose." Four states

"I know"I respond

When we walk out of the infirmary I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding

"Don't like hospitals?" he asks

"No…" I say thinking of when they told me that njj h the capital bombed district twelve, or when Peeta tried to kill me. "...Nothing good comes from hospitals, Only

death fear and memories,"I say

He doesn't say anything back. I have a feeling he has a place that holds fear and bad memories. But I doubt that I will ever know where it is and why he feels that way about it.

"We are going out to the fence tomorrow."

"The Fence?"I ask and immediately regret the question.

"Yes the fence"

"I have absolutely no idea what that is."

"Can u ask you a question?" He asks. And continues before I have a chance to answer.

"I didn't see you at the choosing ceremony."

"That's not a question," I respond

"I'm getting there," he says and rubs the back of his neck

"I'm not just going to answer anything you ask with nothing in return," I say at least let me get something out of this

"Question for a question," I state

He nods so I continue.

"I'll go first. What is a place that Nothing good came from? A place full of your fear and memories?"

"Yeah. I'm not answering that. But I will tell you my name."

"Fine but you have to answer it eventually. but for now, I will compromise. But I want to know your full name and why they call you four."

"You really go for the deep questions. Huh?"

"I guess. Don't avoid the question."

"My real name is Tobias. They call me four because that's how many fears I have."


"One question."He reminds me

"Fine. What's your question ?"

"Where are you from?"

I stop dead in my tracks.

"I don't think I should answer that"

"Why not it's a simple question."

"No question is simple," I say

"No, there are questions that are simple."

"Like what," I ask

"Math questions."He says confidently

"That's different. That has rules and it cannot go another way. Ok, let me correct myself. Open-ended questions are never simple. Ask another question."I say

"Whos finnick?" He asks

I suck in a breath.

"He was…" I say slowly trying to figure out how I'm supposed to explain him. 'Oh yeah I was put up against him and we were supposed to fight to the death but it turns out that he and my mentor Haymitch and him put a plot to save me because I was a symbol for the revolution against the government that made twenty four kids fight to the death. Then he followed me into the war and ended up saving my and peetas ass and then was dragged down by mutts,then i had to blow him up'

"A friend. He was a friend" i repeat Hoping to sound more confident then I am.

"He died. And peeta and I was with him when he died. So it sorta stuck."

I don't know why I'm telling him this I'm not usually this open. Haymitch made sure to point that out as often as he could back home.

I think it's something about his demeanor. He seems cold and calculating. But I think that something happened to him. Because nobody is just like me and him. We aren't born angry. After I lost my dad and my mom in a way I became less interested in people. I guess I became more selfish I was not concerned with anyone or anything.

Some people are the exception like peeta even though his mom was a complete witch and a little abusive he didn't become like her. He became the opposite kind hearted and loving. I think it's easier to end up like me and Tobias, it takes strength to end up like peeta. That's a strength I didn't have. I don't think Tobias had that strength either.

"Can you help me improve my hand to hand?"I ask

"It doesn't look like you need a lot of help."he says I think I see the beginning of a smile but as quick as it appeared it was gone.

"Of course it doesn't. You put me against the weakest links. One of them had no experience and was very small..." to be fair I shouldn't be talking because I look as if I hadn't eaten in four months. He looks at me and I think he is thinking the same thing I am.

"Yes I know I'm small but so is she. And the guy Dan he was beaten so bad he could barley see me let alone beat me. If I'm put against somone like Peter or Molly I would be done for." I say

"Still you put down Dan and he is four times your weight it's impressive." He says I can't put my finger on the tone he is using. But its less monotonous then usual.

" it's not that impressive. If he could see he would have one" I make sure to emphasize to see.

"So can you."I ask. He hesitates before he speaks

"Yes." He says as we arrive by the the training area

"Meet me here at 7:00" he says and stalks off.