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Foreman's POV

Things were quiet for a bit again, not too much issue with Hyperion but they were still pushing our buttons.

"Yo Boss!" Tina ran in "I got this new whatchamacallit thing built can we test it later?"

"Another test fire of one of your rockets huh?" I hummed snuffing out my cigarette in the ashtray "Yeah we can try after I finish these bombs for Roland."

"When are you gonna let me try of those." She whined reaching for my lighter.

"Never." I pulled a cigarette out of her mouth "This is a bad habit I shouldn't be doing it there's no way you can, if I ever catch you with one of these, you'll be the next training dummy for my new explosive formula got it?"

"Yes, sir bossman!" she saluted.

Tina had started opening up, but when she talks boy does she have a screw loose, she also insists on calling me boss for some reason.

As we got to work fine tuning some more explosives, I heard a lot of commotion outside, the lights flickered too.

"What the hell's the fuss?" I groaned "The generator on the fritz again?"

I opened the door of my workshop only to see Loader bots getting shot out of space and landing in town.

"Shit!" I hissed grabbing my shotgun.

"What's up?" Tina asked.

"Stay inside." I pushed her back in and locked the door "And get the big one ready!"

"The big one?! OH, CRAP WE NEED THE BIG ONE!"

I aimed my gun and blasted away a bot as more and more landed.

Shit it's a full-on assault by Hyperion, they're not holding out any more.

"Foreman!" I saw Lilith land before me "Get to the center of town as fast as you can."

"I'm working on it!" I threw my exploding disc out as she teleported away again.

These annoying robots had tough body armor that made it hard to do a lot to them with normal bullets or even explosives since you could blow a leg clean off and they'd just keep crawling, an advantage to not having human fighters.

"Son of a bitch you little…" I hissed as one grabbed my ankle.

"RAHH!" Brick jumped off a nearby roof and stomped on one with his foot.

"Thanks for the help." I said spinning around and blasting another.

"They just keep coming." Brick said ripping the arm off one loader and swinging it like a bat.

"They probably stocked up for this attack." I hissed.

The two of us did our best to start cutting a path through the loaders only to get stopped by one of their commanders.

"I remember you." I said looking at a woman "You're that bounty hunter, Nisha."

"Nice to know I'm so memorable." She smirked a bit.

"She's working for Hyperion." Brick said cracking his knuckles "So we can just kill her right."

"Hmph." I laughed a bit "Fine by me!"

"Are you sure about that?" Nisha asked yanking a chain and dragging a dog out.

"Dusty!" Brick yelled.

"Now you're kidnapping dogs?" I glared "Wow, you suck."

"I'm doing more than dognapping." She smiled "HMPH!"

With a swift movement she reached down and snapped the dog's neck.


"What the hell?!"

"Oops, my hand slipped." she laughed

Nisha quickly drew a pistol and blasted Brick a few times, knocking him back.

"Well that was a show." She laughed "His face got all twisted…his fault I hate dogs."

"Tsk." I hissed and lit up a cigarette "I certainly didn't expect that from someone like you but I ain't gonna let you do that do my friend."

I stared her down as my hand moved towards my waist a bit and grabbed the pistol I kept there.

"HMPH!" I pulled up and held down the trigger, the autofire letting loose with a hail of bullets.

*BANG! *

"GAH!" I coughed as my side got blasted in the arm with a shot from Nisha's revolver and I fell down.

She went right through my shield like it was nothing.

"Well this has been fun." She said walking up, boots rattling with each step "But you're gonna be in the way so I'mma kill you now."

"Heh." I picked my cigarette off the ground and put it to my lips taking a long drag and blowing out smoke "Well…I think it's time for us to scram Brick!"

"You can't even walk let along get away." Nisha laughed.

"But they can." Lilith suddenly appeared and grabbed both Brick and I "Sup."

She teleported us across to the center of town where Roland and Mordecai already were.

"Damn that hurt." I said tying off my shoulder wound "She's strong I'll give her that much."

"Most of the citizens have gotten outta town." Roland said "But us getting out of here…"

"No thinking like that now." I said "We gotta survive."

"I ain't dying here." Mordecai warned.

We all stood up and stared out into the smoke as Nisha walked up with a giant robotic cyborg.

"Wilhelm." Lilith hissed

"Tsk…well let's go all out!" I smiled aiming my pistol and letting off another burst fire.

"HMPH!" Wilhelm held an arm out to block my bullets "Useless."

"Oh, was it now?" I smiled as a disc rolled to his feet "Because it seems like it was a good distraction to me."

I pressed the trigger in my hand and let off a firework blast. Roland quickly got a turret set up for cover but it barely got a few shots off before Nisha sniped it with her revolver.

"HRAA!" Brick swung at her as she jumped back into a side swipe from Bloodwing.

"This is annoying!" she shot at the bird.

"Maybe that's the point." I shot back at her.

"DIE!" Wilhelm flew back in with a massive jump swinging his arms around and sending me flying.

This guy's strong as hell!

"Just kill them already." Nisha sighed.

"Initiating Rocket Barrage!"

Wilhelm let off a cascade or rockets but Lilith pulled us all close and teleported us away from the epicenter.

"Nice trick, but I've seen it before." Nisha slid to a stop "Showdown!"

"I can't teleport us again!" Lilith warned before taking a shot in the leg "AHH!"


Wilhelm landed with another slam and threw Brick like a doll.

"GAH!" Mordecai and I yelled as the man slammed into us.

"Dammit." Roland hissed.

"This little resistance of yours was fun and all." Nisha smiled "But it's over."

She whistled to herself and walked up to Lilith "You're the one we're supposed to wipe out so…"

She fanned the hammer of her revolver and riddled Lilith with bullets.


"Dammit!" I growled "No one is dying!"

"To late." Wilhelm laughed.

"TINA!" I yelled "FIRE!"

"You got it boss!" She yelled from the roof of my workshop "Ohh you might wanna run we didn't test this one yet…but that only makes it more fun!"

She pulled a lever and a massive mortar launcher emerged from the roof and aimed for the center of down.

"BOOM BITCHES!" We both yelled as she fired it.

The mortar let off a blast of a few dozen rockets, the missiles zipping around the sky before arching towards the ground.

"Smoke bomb mode!" I threw my disc out and created a cover "We gotta go now or we're dying too!"

"I got one more in me!" Lilith grabbed up.

"Tina time to go!" I yelled as she jumped down.

"Right!" and landed.

"Phaseshift!" Lilith teleported us to one of the smaller cliffs near town.

"We're alive." Mordecai said.

"They're…fricken unstoppable." I panted looking down at the burning down with Wilhelm in the center deploying a shield "Dammit they lived."

"How'd they get passed the defenses?" Roland growled as I went over to start patching up Lilith a bit so she wouldn't bleed out.

"Figure it out later." I said "We need to get someplace safe."

"Fine, let's try Sanctuary, we've been stockpiling supplies there any way." Roland said.

"I'll meet you there." I told him "I need to get Tannis, if they're attacking New Haven it's not safe for her at the dig site."


"Yo Patty!" I yelled; she hates it when I call her that but right now, I need a little levity after what just happened.

I walked through the dig site calling for her but got no responses, as I got closer to her main shack I noticed something was wrong, the equipment was tossed all over, Tannis hates messes that she didn't make and she wouldn't make this kind of mess with her own research tools.

"Tannis!" I said getting my gun out and opening the door slowly "Tannis?"

I opened the door and saw obvious signs of a struggle; the whole room was ransacked and not only was Tannis gone but so were her notes and the Vault Key.

"Dammit!" I hissed punching the wall only to see a golden sheriff's badge left on the desk "That bitch…I'll kill her!"


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