Foreman's POV

After leaving Fyrestone and dealing with some road running bandits in cars we finally arrived in a place called New Haven, a rusted out junk town in the middle of a junk heap of twisted metal and trash.

"Zed said to meet with a woman named Helena Pierce." I grabbing a smoke off my sleeve "Damn last one."

"A nice little town, no bandits I wouldn't mind staying here for a bit." Lilith laughed.

"Hmm." I took a puff "I wouldn't call it nice myself."

"It's better than that last little place was, at least there's more than two people here." Mordecai said.

"Well hey there, you sure sound familiar have I met you before?" a man asked.

Looking over near the gat to town was a man behind a table covered in tools and grease, similar to himself in a way.

"I don't think so." I said.

"Ah well, my name's Scooter I run the Catch-A-Rides." he said.

"Oh we helped you fix that one outside of Fyrestone." I shook his hand.

"See I knew I knew you." He laughed "You sure did a good job, anytime you need anything just ask."

"Well we do need something actually." Roland said "We're looking for a woman named Pierce."

"Oh yeah Helena, she's just through there." Scooter pointed at a building.

We followed his directions and went into a small building and found a rather…torn up woman with a nasty facial scar, glass eye and robotic arm.

"Yikes-GAH" I groaned when Lilith elbowed me.

"I heard you might be coming." She said turning to face us but not looking happy "You've been making quite a fuss you know, drawing attention from unwanted figures."

"Popular is popular." Mordecai said.

"We're just looking for the vault." I said.

"I don't care, you shouldn't waste time with such childish dreaming." She glared a bit…I think it was hard to tell with her bad eye.

"Look you gonna help us or not?" I asked.

"I'm trying to keep this town from self destructing I don't have time to help people chasing fairy tales." She said "You can stay in town, but pull your own weight if you do."

We left defeated and without lead again.

"Well that was a waste." I sighed sitting on a barrel.

"What now?" Lilith asked.

"I don't know, wait and maybe get her to like us so she'll help?" Roland said.

"That could work, and then we'll find the Vault in another oh, five years or so." Mordecai said.

"Well that ain't an option." I said "We gotta figure something else out."

We all split up to do some work and such.

"Come on." I kicked a machine to get it to dispense the cigarette packs I just paid for, the metal thunking as the box fell out "There we go."

I walked back out and wandered around town for a bit looking for something to do.

"That Feeder is off." I said watching Scooter working on one of his cars "It won't load the rockets right, either it'll jam up or detonate in the chamber. Mind if I take a look?"

"Well I don't normally let anyone mess with my rides ever since my sister went and messed up that one runner." He said.

"I won't touch the car just the turret." I said climbing up.

I leaned over and moved some parts around.

"Can I borrow that screwdriver." I said.

Scooter handed the tool over and I removed a panel to see inside.

"There it is." I reached in and moved it over "There should run smoother now."


"Ugh a bed." Lilith laid down "We might be stuck here but at least we can relax."

"Can't complain about that." I yawned.

We were all relaxing in a little hovel we decided to stay in when the echo spurted to life with a public message.

"Listen up mud people." A woman said "This is Doctor Tannis, skipping the details that would make some of you drool in confusion I have concluded that the Vault is real."

At that we all leaned closer.

"In addition to that fact the Vault can likely only be opened once every two centuries." She explained "And that time will be soon."

"Wait it can't always be opened?" Roland said.

"If this thing really is a key, we need to find the other pieces." Mordecai said "And we need to hurry."

"That lady sounds like she knows what she's talking about." Brick nodded.

"Our magic friend hasn't said anything in a while." I scratched my head "But this Doctor lady seems like the only lead we've got; we should try and get in touch with her."


Not wasting time, the next morning, we headed out, I don't think Helena was happy we were chasing after the Vault, I'm pretty sure she wanted up to stick around and do her menial labor, but we pressured her for Tannis location and she gave us coordinates for a dig site nearby.

"This is where she's supposed to be." I looked around the dig site.

It was layered and rocky, with large slabs of bizarrely patterned rocks, statues and arches.

"Creepy." Mordecai said.

"I don't know it's not that bad." Lilith said "It has…charm."

"You sure this woman is here?" Roland asked shooting a Spiderant "This place is infested."

"We better hope she's not dead then." I shrugged "Else we'll be at another dead end."

There was a little shack on a ridge nearby so we made a target for it and found a woman in side, not to old with short black hair and clothes meant for getting hands dirty, her room was cluttered with maps and books, torn up like a wind had ripped through.

"What are you doing here and what do you want?" She said.

"Are you Dr. Tannis?" Lilith asked "The one looking for the Vault."

"That's what they call me, that or crazy loon." She said before turning to a chair "Although he keeps calling me a bitch!"

"Crazy, Crazy, Crazy." I hummed lighting up.

"Don't blow such fumes in my office." She shoved me "You'll disturb everything."

"Clearly." I hummed.

"Now what do you want?" she asked.

"We were wondering if you knew what this was?" Lilith handed her the artifact we found "We heard it's a piece of a key to the Vault?"

"Incredible!" she picked it up "Indeed you simpletons have managed to find one, give it to me."

"Whoa now, finder keepers." Mordecai said.

"Look you want to find the Vault right, leave the key with me so I can do some research and we can find the Vault together, I used to have another piece you know."

"Used to?" Brick asked.

"Yes I turned it over to the one they call Crazy Earl along with some of my underwear." she said "I assume he still has it, go get it we'll need it and the other pieces to open the Vault at the right time."

She pushed us out and slammed the door.

"She's crazy." Roland said.

"Are we sure it's a good idea to let her watch the key?" Lilith asked "She might break it."

"She's an odd one." I commented "Crazy for sure, but hey some people like that."

"Oh like you." Mordecai smirked.

"Haha, she's not ugly, but she's a little loony." I said.

"You know what they say about crazy girls." He commented.

"That's enough of that." Lilith got back in her car "Let's find this scrapyard and the other piece."


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