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A Wizarding MechWarrior

Chapter 1

The Dursley's considered themselves perfectly normal, thank you very much. The husband, Vernon, worked in a normal office for a perfectly normal drill manufacturing company, Grunnings, and was a mustached, slightly overweight man. Mrs. Dursley, known in the perfectly normal neighborhood as Petunia, was a tall, lanky blonde haired, horse faced woman with a longer than normal neck, perfect for what would seem the normal housewife occupation of eavesdropping on the neighbors. The son, Dudley, at almost five years old, was a tubby little bundle of attitude like all normal children. However, the Dursley's, for all their outer normalness, had a rather unnormal secret. Petunia's nephew, Harry Potter.

Harry, like his parents, was born a wizard, of course, being only four and a half years old, Harry didn't know this. But his aunt did. And she hated magic and anything that had to do with it. So needless to say, poor Harry wasn't treated that well under his aunt and uncle's care. Making him do all of the chores that he could safely do in the house, like the cleaning and starting a few weeks ago, the cooking, and any other demeaning task that they could think off.

Harry even slept in the boot cupboard under the stairs on a thin mattress and wore Dudley's oversized hand-me-downs. In short, he was treated poorly.

Right now, Harry was locked up in her cupboard for the trifling offense of not being quick enough with serving a freshly bake pie that was still piping hot, to Dudley. His cousin of course, threw a tantrum, knowing quite well that Vernon would throw Harry into his cupboard. Sure enough, Harry was slung into the cupboard and the door locked behind him.

Eventually the Dursley's went to sleep and Harry just lied there on his thin mattress clutching the very letter that had been found with him all those years ago. As he slipped into unconsciousness, he whispered softly, "Someone, help, please." The four-year old slipped into unconsciousness not knowing that his plea had been heard.

A powerful force heard his whispered cry for help. The force went by many names, Zeus, Odin, Allah, or even just God, and was disgusted by what it found. The being that all of the names described quickly nullified any magical monitoring on the boy and scanned all of creation for someplace to take the boy so that he could be raised properly to fulfill Fate's prophecy and still yet survive.

After nixing several places in the boy's current dimension and the first few alternate dimensions, the force found the right one.

It was very similar to Harry's current dimension, except that it was about a thousand years ahead plus twenty-five years. Humanity had traveled to the distant stars and reached the pinnacle of technological advancement and then suffered under four brutal wars known as The Succession Wars. The fourth one was just wrapping up and a war for a throne had just ended in the outer reaches of mankind's colonization in an area known as the Aurigan Reach.

The being took a closer look and smiled to itself. The young High Lady would be a perfect adoptive mother for the young lad, and the mercenary that she had on call would be an excellent mentor. In fact, this particular mercenary was descended from a young twenty-first century boy who was taken in by a good friend of his. Amaterasu, as she was known among heavenly beings, Yuuko Ichihara being her mortal name.

Alas, Amaterasu's mortal form died due to a complete mad man so the Shinto kami could not take this boy in. However, the being's attention turned to the young High Lady, Kamea Arano, and smiled. Yes, she would do quite well. And the being opened the way.

Harry was out, finally in a deep sleep. But it was plagued by nightmares of a woman screaming and a flash of green light and well as his relatives and their endless cruel treatment of him. Then, the nightmares ended as a gentle, and soothing presence caressed him and, in a flash, Harry Potter vanished from his cupboard, never to return to Number 4 Privet Drive.

Coromodir VI, Local time: 18:00, Cordia City, Arano Royal Palace, Year: 3030

The sun was beginning to set over the Arano Royal Palace as High Lady Kamea Arano slowly walked through one of the palace gardens. A cool wind gently blew as she walked among the flowers, tired from the fount of tedium that never seemed to run dry.

The High Lady sighed as she watched the dropships arrive and depart from the nearby spaceport, remembering the days all to clearly when she was fighting a war. Kamea chuckled to herself in amusement. A war that she would not have survived or won if it weren't for the tactical and clinical mind of Raju "Mastiff" Montgomery's last student; the noble-turned pirate turned guardsman turned mercenary, Stephen "Sabertooth" Ichihara and the rest of his mixed band.

Sabertooth and the rest of his merry band stopped in at Cordia City from time to time, but the life of a mercenary MechWarrior was ever changing especially in recent years. Another damnable Succession War had raged for the last two years, luckily the Aurigan Reach was able to stay out of it somewhat due to an alliance with both the Taurian Concordant and the Magistry of Canopus. Unfortunately, a Succession War drew the mercenaries in like flies to meat so for the past few years, not even she had been able to get into contact with the Argo and its crew.

"Between worrying about my friends aboard the Argo and the Council's constant bickering over finding myself a husband, I'm beginning to go insane," Kamea murmured to herself. A loud roar from the spaceport, distinctive of a landing Leopard distracted Kamea for a moment.

After listening for a moment, she shook her head, "No, not Sabertooth's Leopard. Sumire would bring it in at a lot steeper angle than that and their Leopard rattles a bit as it slows down." She turned and began to head back into the palace when a flash of light lit up an area of the courtyard. Curious, she moved to investigate, although she could hear the sounds of palace guards shouting and moving rapidly.

Pushing aside some flowering vines that cascaded off of a branch, Kamea found what she was looking for. Lying on the ground, in clothes much to big for him, covering in bruises and clutching a letter was a small, sleeping boy, not more than five years old. She took the letter to read later.

The High Lady gently touched the boy to try and wake him, but he was still fast asleep. However, he coiled subconsciously away from the touch. This set off alarms in Kamea's mind. She had seen things like this before in exile but couldn't place where. This prompted her to read the letter.

Kamea Arano, it read.

Who I am doesn't matter right now. It doesn't matter how I know your name either. All that matters at this moment is the young boy that you see in front of you. His name is Harry James Potter, son of the deceased James and Lily Potter. At just four and a half he has survived abuse comparable to that of a survivor of the Icebox, this has been done to him by his own relatives who should have protected him no matter what. Due to circumstances outside his control, they found what they thought was a justifiable reason to abuse him. To explain, he comes from a universe similar to your own, just not in the same millennium; a universe where tales of magic are true, for you see, Harry is a wizard, though he does not know this.

I removed him from his relatives and sent him to you in the hopes that he could have a better life and present you with a solution to your problem of needing an heir. Before he can take the throne, he unfortunately must return to his home universe to deal with the man who murdered his parents. When that time comes you will receive another letter from me. Show this letter to him when he reaches eleven. I recommend that you get him trained as a MechWarrior as soon as he is able to. Good luck.

Kamea looked up from the letter as the boy stirred a little and adjusted his body's position on the hard ground. Now she remembered. Her attention turned back to the letter where in shimmering gold ink, there was a postscript.

P.S. The day of his birth is July 31st.

Kamea tucked the letter away as the doors to the garden burst open and several of her house guards came rushing out, followed by Lord Alexander Madeira and the captain of the guard.

"Kamea! What happened? Are you hurt?" Lord Madeira asked of her, checking her for injuries.

"Alexander, I am fine! I'm not the one who is hurt."

"Wait, what?" he responded.

Kamea gestured to the sleeping Harry, leading the Lord and the guards over to him.

"Who's this, and how did he get in here?" the captain of the guard asked, not getting a good look at Harry's injuries. Kamea silently handed the captain the letter which he read and handed it immediately over to Lord Madeira. As the group neared, several of the guards turned extremely pale, they had family that had survived the Espinosa prison camps, and the boy looked like they did. One looked like he was going to be sick.

"Kamea, what do you intend to do?" Alexander asked.

She turned to the lord and gave her answer, "Adopt him of course. It solves two problems at once. He gets a family that will care for him, and I will have an heir to the throne." The look in her eyes convinced Alexander to not argue with his old friend. The rest of the Council however, would take some convincing. "But that will have to wait until he wakes up. He needs rest and medicine right now."

One of the guards picked up the sleeping Harry as followed Kamea as the group headed inside to the medical ward to get Harry a doctor.

Once at the medical ward, the sleeping Harry was quickly put on an examination bed. Kamea had to cover her ears as the doctor let slip several swears over the boy's condition. Soon enough, Harry was placed on a comfortable bed and the doctor wrote up a treatment regime.

Two Days Later-

Harry was warm and comfortable as he stirred slowly. The mattress that he could feel underneath him was too comfortable for what the Dursley's had given him. He opened his eyes. This certainly wasn't his cupboard in the Dursley house. It was a clean room, with multiple beds evenly spaced out along the wall with beeping equipment on the walls next to them.

He tried to move and found that he was not restrained. He looked around again and then heard a throat clear. A woman dressed in a nurse's outfit came by with a clipboard.

"Awake I see? Alright then, this is just a check to make sure that you're alright." She said.

Quickly and efficiently, the nurse checked his vitals, jotting notes down on her clipboard, or that's what it looked like to him. Once she finished, the nurse left the room saying that, "There is someone waiting to see how you are feeling."

Harry was confused, "Who would want to see a worthless Freak?" He got his answer not five minutes later.

The doors to the medical ward opened and in walked a young woman with long black hair, who looked to be of Hawaiian ancestry, wearing a golden circlet about her head and dress in a regal, but comfortable dress. She walked over to him and sat down in the chair that was next to his bed, moving it so that she could face him.

Harry's eyes held her form, surprise showing clearly in them. Then the woman spoke.

"Hello, Harry. I am Kamea Arano, High Lady of the Aurigan Reach. We have much to talk about, but first, how do you feel?"