Chapter 3: Like a Romantic Comedy

If someone had told Quinn even a day or two before that she would be getting fitted for a dress at an upscale boutique on Fifth Avenue to be a bridesmaid for her best friend's - the man she was in love with - fiancée, a woman she'd just met, she would've laughed and called them crazy. It seemed too much like a goddamn romantic comedy to be true.

But that was exactly what she was doing now.

Rachel had selected two dresses, an elegantly sleeveless light blue one, and a pretty light pink dress with a v-neck. The seamstress walked around Quinn, taking her height, waist, and bust measurements. "Ma cherie! I wish I looked like you! You have good measurements, a good figure. Pretty blonde hair, lovely hazel eyes, slim waist, nice nose. Your friend-" The woman turned to Rachel. "-she lacks that! But I plastic surgeon perfect to fix that!," the seamstress exclaimed, speaking English with a heavy French accent.

Quinn blushed and smiled. To her delight, she noticed that Rachel was glowering and looking a little jealous that the woman had praised Quinn but had barely said anything good about her.

The French seamstress handed Quinn the light pink gown and motioned for her to go try it on. Quinn slipped into the dressing room and tried the dress on. It was stunning: light, summery, and slightly revealing. Leave it to Rachel to have good taste on top of everything she was already good at! Rachel approved of the dress and chose it above the pale blue dress Quinn tried on next.

Quinn was slipping out of the light blue gown when she saw the outline of someone in her mirror walk in on her. "Puck!", she cried. "Get out of here, you pervert!" But the "pervert" wasn't Puck - it was Finn!

Quinn crossed her arms over her barely covered chest for some semblance of privacy. "Who's Puck?", Finn asked, a hint of jealousy in his voice. "Um, nobody!", Quinn quickly said. "I was cursing! I said 'fuck'! I was just, um, embarrassed and started that you were in here since I'm, um, not really wearing much." She didn't want Finn to find out about Puck yet since everything had become so complicated. Ugh, why was Puck on her mind anyway?

Luckily, Finn wasn't the brightest guy and amused, he accepted her excuse. "It's all right, Quinn, you don't have to be embarrassed. I've seen you a lot more naked than this, remember?" Quinn's face flamed bright red. Leave it to Finn to always say the wrong thing, the goofy thing in any given situation. "Well, things are different now," she said.

It was true. Things were different with their friendship now since he was about to be married to Rachel. Quinn could tell that the dynamics had kind of shifted for good since now Rachel was a kind of third wheel. Or am I the third wheel to their marriage? Quinn wondered.

"Finn?" Quinn heard Rachel call in her shrill voice. "I need you to give me your opinion on the bridesmaid dress I chose for Quinn." Finn stood up to leave. "I think Rachel expected you'd be done changing by the time I came in." Quinn laughed awkwardly. "You look good, Quinn. You always have." He left, leaving Quinn even more confused about her feelings than ever.

Quinn and Rachel strolled back to the Plaza Hotel. Rachel was chattering away a mile a minute about God knows what and Quinn couldn't get a word in edgewise. She just took the opportunity to see if there was any info she could obtain from the brunette's annoying chit-chat that she could possibly use against her.

Rachel stopped for a minute to catch her breath. "So, where are you and Finn going to honeymoon?", Quinn asked her. "Well, it kind of depends on his football playoffs schedule and if the Bears win or not. The first game is in Detroit but I don't know." Rachel sounded kind of disappointed. "Oh, I see. So basically you get to go along for the ride and miss out on some of your performances as the lead in the number one show on Broadway. But don't worry, it's all right!", Quinn said sarcastically. "You'll get to stay at crappy hotels while Finn practices and spend time with the wives of the other football players who are jealous that you were the one who got to marry the quarterback. And you can hit Detroit's wonderful food scene, complete with beers and lots of cheese."

Rachel turned around so she had direct eye contact with Quinn. "Look, I know that if I marry him, I'll be sacrificing a lot, and my Wicked shows aren't even the half of that. I may only be twenty-one, but I'm not stupid. When things got serious between Finn and me, I started counting single one of his flaws on a piece of loose-leaf paper." She began ticking Finn's flaws off of her fingers. "He makes horrible jokes, he always wears the same striped polo shirts -" Quinn laughed. "He does always wear that shirt, doesn't he?" "-he snores constantly, he drinks Budweiser for God's sake, and he sings off-key. But, oh, Quinn -" Rachel sighed dreamily and looked up at the blonde. "He sure can kiss."

Shit. Quinn knew she shouldn't have been surprised by the fact that Finn and Rachel had kissed —they were engaged— but it hurt for her to hear about some other girl kissing her Finn. "Um, it's been a while…so I'll have to take your word for it," she said awkwardly. Quinn realized that Rachel knew the new Finn compared to the old version of him that she had known. But she supposed one thing hadn't changed — Rachel was right, Finn sure could kiss.

"But in the end I realized that he's so much more than just a Venn diagram of pros and cons," Rachel continued. "So I did something very uncharacteristic for me — I threw that list out." Quinn gasped. "And why did you do that?" "Because I discovered that he might not be 100 percent perfect all of the time — or anywhere close to that," Rachel joked. "But he's so wonderful…" Her voice trailed off dreamily.

The two entered the Plaza Hotel lobby, where Rachel's entire wedding party had gathered. "Come on, Quinn, I want to introduce you to my bridesmaids!", Rachel exclaimed exuberantly. "This is Tina," she said, dragging a pretty dark-haired Asian girl with light brown highlights in her hair over. Tina smiled. "Hi Quinn! Rachel said you're Finn's friend, right? The figure-skating reporter?" Quinn nodded and laughed. "Yes, that would be me. Although I don't know that much about figure skating. I only agreed to cover it because I wanted to watch the Olympics in person."

Mercedes, Rachel's fashionably dressed African-American bridesmaid, came over. "Hey girl," she said to Quinn. "I'm Mercedes, and I've been best friends —and sometimes enemies— with Rachel since high school." Quinn giggled, instantly liking Mercedes's sense of humor. "I'm Finn's best friend, Quinn." "So how long have you known Rachel?" Tina asked Quinn.

This was awkward. "Well, actually I just met her a few hours ago," Quinn muttered. "And you're the maid of honor?" Tina looked as if she wanted to kill someone. "Sweet Jesus. Tina, be nice," Mercedes reprimanded her friend. "You're just jealous. If Rachel wanted you to be her maid of honor, she would have chosen you, not Quinn." "Thanks, Mercedes," Quinn laughed, thankful that someone was sticking up for her. Maybe she'd find a friend — and possibly an ally — here after all.

Quinn's cell phone rang. "Sorry, girls, I have to take that." She stepped away from the circle of women, happy to get some space from all of the drama. "Hello? You've reached Quinn Fabray, current events reporter for The New York Times."

"Yes, I know who you are." Quinn sighed — it was Puck. "What do you want?" she said scornfully.

"I was wondering if your offer still stands."

"What offer?"

"For me to be your plus-one for Finn's wedding."

Quinn considered if it was worth it to put up with Puck for an entire evening. But maybe she could use him to make Finn jealous and Rachel miserable. And he probably looked good in a tux. She shook the last thought away — they were colleagues, and he was immature. Anyway, she liked Finn.

"Fine. But this doesn't mean you get to kiss me."

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