Chapter 2

The First Quest

Once I reached my room, I quickly wore my skin-tight suit, armor, and grabbed my weapons.

Truth be told, I definitely copied some of Goblin slayer's ideas into my armor.

My black-red colored armor was made of Mithril and Hard leather. Most of it was Mithril though.

The Mithril was connected by hard leather on the joints so that it doesn't make any sound and restrict my movements. Moreover, it had Mithril chainmail stuck to the leather on the inside just in case someone slips past the leather. There was also a thin layer of hard leather on the inside after the chainmail for comfort.

All in all, it was quite a good armor.

It didn't restrict any movements at all. I also had 2 small and round Mithril shields stuck on my arms.

My leg armor was the same. I was specific when I ordered it as I knew I will be going against Goblins one day. And as they are small, they will definitely attack my legs. Its main parts were made of Mithril while joints were connected by tough leather which had Mithril chainmail stuck on the inside which was also attached to the hard leather inside.

Also, my knees had Mithril spikes to act as a weapon just in case. I thought of having Mithril spikes attached to my elbows but my trainer shot that idea down very quickly and taught me the reason rather painfully as to why it was a bad decision.

I stopped the full-body shudder that threatened to pass through my spine on thinking about that sadist.

My shoes were again made of Mithril, even the sols. They were also covered with leather on the inside to provide comfort.

My helmet was also made of Mithril while it was covered with leather on the inside to soften the blow and comfort. Although it was open from the front, unlike Goblin slayer's helmet.

The reason – I didn't want to compromise my field of vision if I had to fight in the daylight. The helmet covered my head, ears, chin, and my neck although I could cover all of my head like the Goblin Slayer by sliding a, part to the front of the helmet that rests on the top.

I could even stick the helmet with my chest armor. This way there was no space between my armors. Once I wore it, it looked like a full-body armor.

All in all, my whole armor was super lightweight so my speed also didn't get affected – much.

Well, it was tons better than the steel one, that's for sure. I also have a similar one but it's made of steel instead of Mithril. And trust me it is heavier than this and decreases the speed marginally. I just had it just for emergency cases and training.

(.'. Mithril is a metal which is stronger and lighter than steel).

There were also my gloves made of hard leather so that they would remain safe while fighting.

Then there was my skin-tight leather suit. It was to be worn under the armor. This way, I wouldn't have to dirty my clothes. They were worn so that armor could easily slide in and out. It also offered small protection in case any attack went through my armor.

Last but not least, I tied a small black cloth around my face which was enchanted by yours truly to block harmful gases. I would later learn that it doesn't block the smell of shit and blood though.

As for my weapons – I had 4 enchanted blades on me.

A normal-sized bastard sword for fighting in open space (a perfect fit for me), 2 short swords (perfect for fighting in closed spaces like caves), and 1 dagger for multi-purposes.

Thankfully, I wouldn't need my Bastard Sword for the Goblins so I left it there.

All the swords were enchanted to be forever sharp and everlasting by again – yours truly.

Enchanting weapons is not that difficult. But the enchanters are very rare. A simple enchantment to any weapon adds a zero to their cost. Most enchantment for the weapon is for everlasting and sharpness. Only a few have some special enchantments.

If the adventurer work didn't work out for me, I could easily take care of myself by enchanting weapons.

Unfortunately, I couldn't enchant armor that easily. And it is not worth the effort. I was a growing boy after all. I didn't want to enchant an armor that wouldn't be fitting me in a year.

In fact, it's been more than 6 months since I modified my armor. It is starting to constrict again.

'I will have to give it to a blacksmith to get it modified sometime soon' I mused. I just hope there is a blacksmith here that is good enough.

I have decided that when I reach my proper height, only then will I enchant my armor. Till then I can make do with this one. Moreover, enchantments are not forever.

Although my swords are enchanted, they will lose their enchantments over time and use.

A simple sword could be used to deal with 4-5 people as it chips away with fat and blood. Sometimes it even breaks when it crosses the hard bones of hard creatures. People like me who are skilled in the ways of the sword could kill 9 to 10 people with it. And with a Mithril sword the number could raise up the number to 30 or you could say that it triples. And if we use some basic enchantments, it could kill 20-30 times more.

But then again Mithril could store more magic and thus more enchantments. Even if its enchantments wore off, I could just apply my magic and fill those enchantments again if the blade doesn't break midbattle. But that is for the future when I will need to face strong monsters. That time I will need a powerful weapon to combat them.

By my estimation, I could use my swords to kill 200-300 beings before the enchantments break away as my weapons were made of steel with basic enchantments. Considering that, I haven't used them since I enchanted them, I am sure, I wouldn't need to enchant the weapons for a few months.

If my swords were made of Mithril, I would have been able to defeat 600-900 beings before it had broken but I don't think I would need that type of weapon this early.

Mithril is quite costly than steel. 1 Kilo of Mithril is the same price as 5 Kilo Steel so having steel weapons, was more profitable. I could easily enchant some other sword if this breaks away. It uses just 5% of my magic reserves of a day to enchant just 1 normal sized bastard sword… I am just so awesome.

The con of using a steel enchanted sword is that it is a bad matchup against powerful monsters. You need to have a weapon that could last long as they are tough and you don't know when the fight would be over.

I didn't use steel armor as Mithril armor was more profitable after all a nick could be fatal if your luck is bad. Weight was one of the big factors too. The steel armor was like I said, for emergencies and training.

I fastened 2 short swords on both my sides and hid the dagger on my thigh. I also had an Adventure's Tool Kit, some dried meat, a water skin in my pouch on the left. I don't know when I could need them.

I took 2 small empty bottles of potion in my other pouch and poured the potions I bought into them. 1 was the Healing potion and the other was the Stamina potion. I didn't think I would need them but it was better to be safe than sorry.

I didn't need the poison-antidote potion as I developed poison immunity by ingesting a small amount of poison every day since I was 4 years old and realized that the world was an unforgiving and cruel place. It was also the time when I hijacked this body from the previous owner.

Anyway, I increased the poison dosage every month after that. A decade later, I am immune to most of the poisons that would kill a grown man ten times over. And the anti-venom potion would not help against the venoms, I am not immune against. It would just prolong my suffering.

Both bottles in which I poured the potions were enchanted to be unbreakable by yours truly. That's why I changed the potions into them. After all, I didn't want them to break during the fight.

Feeling ready for the quest, I took off in the direction of the village.


It took me only 1 hour to get there. I was on the road for 20 minutes when I saw a merchant riding. Fortunately, It was going in the same direction and charged just a copper for the ride. It got some protection and I got my ride. Usually, they charge extra but my protection discounted some of the cost. Well, he asked for more but I bargained him down.

Reaching there, I met with the village chief who reported the quest as the first thing on the quest is to collect all the information from the quest giver.

The chief was an elderly man who was looked to be in his late 40's but was probably in his 50's. Still, he was built like a brick, though I could see that the age was sapping his strength.

The village was quite big in my opinion. There were about 100 people in total who lived in the village.

From him, I got to know that there has also been 1 raid last night too. The goblins tried to kidnap a girl but the villagers drove them off. 4 more young men got injured in the struggle. Fortunately, no one got killed.

They didn't know how many of the goblins were there exactly but after asking from everyone I suspected their numbers to be 6. Still, I wasn't fully sure as they don't remember their conditions as the goblins usually attacked in the night.

Still, I don't think that anyone was leading them. I asked them if the number of goblins has increased but they were quite clueless in that regard too.

Thankfully they knew from which direction they came from.

I was pretty sure that they had some cave for their nest. And I was right. It took me only 20 minutes to find their cave.

The cave appeared abruptly in the middle of the forest just beyond the village. How long had it been there? None of the villagers remembered. It seemed as though it had been there forever—and yet, at the same time, it was like the cave had only just recently come to be, in a flash.

'Most probably the goblin themselves dug it up' I mused.

Such an impression was common here in the world, which had not been under human development for very long.

Every part of the world was continually changing. Even among the elves, there was none who knew the exact geography of all places. And now, goblins had made a home in this cave. Were they stragglers, survivors from some battle? Or just wild creatures, nobody knew.

What people did know was that goblins had appeared out of that cave, attacked the village, stolen some livestock, and finally tried to kidnap a woman.

'A common tale' I thought. Including the part where someone came to the Adventurers Guild to file a quest. Thankfully they did it before some woman was actually kidnapped.

Now, I faced the mouth of the cave, hiding in the forest undergrowth, waiting intently for time to go by. The sun had passed its zenith and was working its way down through the sky. I spent quite some time before twilight in observation.

It was my first time seeing any goblins in person. Sure I have seen them in both my lives but only as a drawing in books or on screen.

They were small-sized ugly creatures with green skin. They truly looked evil even by their looks. No woman would willingly sleep with any of them for any price, that's for sure.

'No wonder they had to resort to rapes to get some new boys' I mused

The goblins went in and out of their nest, showing no sign of noticing me. The guards didn't take their jobs seriously, standing around almost; it seemed, out of habit. They didn't look starved to me.

'Most probably as they are feeding on the livestock and crops they stole from the village' I theorized.

The patrol changed every 2 hours. This meant there were at least 6 Goblins for sure as they had to patrol for 12 hours from dawn till dusk. I was beginning to consider that my first estimation of their numbers was in fact, correct.

I couldn't see any totem so the shaman was also out of the picture. And without shaman, there would be no hob. Or it could be – I wasn't sure. If they had hob then they would have attacked with him. Still, I was 99% sure that they were only some wanderers. I wasn't sure that they hadn't kidnapped some girl from the caravans and such. And so smoking them out wasn't an option as it could cause the death of the woman.

I briefly thought whether death will be merciful to her or not. I shook my thought from these morbid thoughts.

'I have to remember that Sword Maiden herself got up after the torture the goblins put her through. Moreover, she became a Gold Rank Adventurer which was pretty damn impressive' I reminded myself

'It seemed I will have to go into the cave to kill them' I mused.

I sighed and decided to get ready. The goblins I saw were coming and going carrying weapons, swords, and clubs mostly. I just watched them and tried to breathe as quietly as possible. They are cowards for sure. If they get some hint that I was here, they will flee.

Knowing they will be waking up in some 2 hours as it was 2 hours before the evening, I decided to attack when there was still some light. I stepped out of the bushes carefully not wanting to alert them by making noise.

Just as a goblin came to change the shift; I picked up 2 heavy stones and threw them towards the goblins.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I am also ambidextrous. Knowing it would be very useful in the future, I trained from the start in using both of my hands. So, I was able to throw the rocks simultaneously.

'Thwack' 'Thwack'

The stones directly impacted their skull making them bleed. Their skull caved in from the stones. They probably didn't even know what hit them before dying. The bastards didn't even have time to scream. I would have loved to torture these things to death as they torture girls but I was on a mission. Culling them is the very least I could do.

I slowly approached the cave entrance as silently as I could. Fun fact: Their blood is not Red, instead it is green. I wasn't sure how and chalked it up to magic.

First things first – I checked whether they were alive or not by slicing their necks clean. I didn't want to give them any chance to surprise me.

'2 done' I mentally counted, imitating Goblin Slayer, as I swiped my blades clean from their loincloths and placed them into their scabbards. I took the sword from one of the goblins. It was a little smaller than my twin swords. It was even rusty. Still, it was perfectly usable for killing.

Goblins are numerous and I don't want to waste any coin in getting new weapons when I can use theirs. The second goblin had a club as a weapon. I discarded that as it was the size of my wand and probably useless.

I also noticed that my cloth does not hide the scent of blood.

'I will have to add enchantments to it' I mused. But then again it will be beneficial if I get used to the smell of shit and blood. I nodded in my mind and decided against enchanting the cloth for blocking the smell of shit and blood. It will be good practice just in case I don't have my cloth. It wouldn't do for me to get distracted from all the smells while fighting.

It doesn't mean that I wasn't already used to seeing blood. But the monster's blood is something else. It gives a lingering smell of evil which is offputting.

The next thing I did was used a spell to hide my body, scent, and sound totally. It was actually the first thing I learned instead of the 'Fireball', the 'Lightning strike', or something flashier.

Initially, I actually used 3 different spells to hide each – scent, sound, and body. But with time I learned to be more efficient. Now I only needed a spell to do it although it uses 6% of my magical reserves instead of the 4% that a normal spell takes.

I was so adept at this that I didn't need to verbalize it. But its potency and time limit reduces vastly if I didn't verbalize so I just murmured the chant. And lo behold the spell was complete. It was already tried and tested so I wasn't worried about its failure. Now, it would be there for at least 15 minutes before going out.

Moreover, I wasn't worried about using all my spells for the day. Although I wrote that I could only use 3 spells in a day, I could actually use more than two dozen (25) spells. I only wrote 3 as it was the highest I could go without making them suspicious.

A newbie who is able to use 25 spells. Yeah! Like that would go right. They would just think that I am a liar and get me into a problem.

So how I could use so many spells?

It was all thanks to an idea.

I noticed in my early years that almost all wizards and witches use staff (or staves as they usually called) for the spells or some even without them.

So I did an experiment and made a wand.

I used a heartstring of a ferocious dragon that an adventurer killed recently then. It didn't work perfectly but it worked. I then experimented with some other parts of magical beasts before settling on the heartstring of another dragon.

I admit I copied this idea from Harry Potter, but it's not important. The most important thing is it WORKED. Although much of it was trial and error initially, I was able to make a wand for myself after a few years of experimentation. It was a recent thing.

Most of the trial and error was spent in carving runes and deciding which wood was best useful. I had to check my and the dragon heartstring's compatibility with the wood too. I experimented with different woods from yew to elder. I didn't use any other core as the dragons were the most powerful magical beasts in the world. Some could even talk though all of them were definitely evil.

So instead of a stave, I made a wand. Well, it was not a proper wand and more like a rod. It was smaller than the staves but a lot bigger and heavier than wands, which was shown in harry potter movies. Still, with the help of this, I could use many more spells.

In just a few weeks, I have noticed a lot of things about my wand compared to the stave I used before.

First, it amplifies the number of spells by 5 times. This means if I use a stave to perform magic, I would be able to do only 5 spells.

Second, it is a lot easier to cast spells with a wand than it is with staves. The reduction of time is about 90% and that means life and death in the battle. An average mage takes at least 10 seconds to cast a spell. I could do it in just a second. And with time, I will become faster.

And third, it is a lot easier to carry and hide than a stave. I hide it on my thigh.

My wand was 15 inches long and 2 inches in girth. Its core was a heartstring of an old dragon and its wood was from 7000 Years old Elder tree. It was the only tree that I could find which was the oldest. I could have used some other tree and I even used it but it was less efficient compared to now.

I didn't tell anyone else about the wand as this info could get to the evil faction and I wasn't going to give them any more advantage, at least not before the upcoming war.

This doesn't mean that I won't share this knowledge. It's just that very hard to trust someone who would not use it for nefarious deeds.

Moreover, nobody would easily believe me, not until I could prove my worth to them. I could have shared it when I was a prince of the kingdom but then too they might haven't believed me due to my eccentric nature.

Well, my nature is eccentric for them but perfectly good from where I come from.

Now to get inside – I will need light to see. But a light source could give away my position to anyone in sight. Moreover, the goblins could easily find me in dark without even the torch due to their unique eyesight.

'What I wouldn't give for heat-sensing goggles' I mused.

Hmm, there's an idea. Maybe I could replicate the phenomenon with the help of runes.

In the end, there was only 1 option. I took a torch from my Adventure tool kit and lit it up. It could also be used as a club.

From some other perspective, it would look like a torch was floating on its own as I was totally invisible. The spell only hid the body and the armor or anything the person was wearing.

Suddenly I got an idea. I kicked myself for not thinking of it before. For god's sake, it was a common spell in the Harry Potter series. I am talking about 'Lumos' and 'Nox' spells.

Well, next time I will definitely use it after making it from scratch. Yeah, I have to make most of the spells from the scratch. Now, that I don't have any Royal Magician to ask for help, I can't pick their brains for the spell.

I also covered all of my head with the helmet by sliding the panel. I will need it as I was going to fight in the dark anyway. I did not want to get killed by a stray arrow (if they have those). I could now see with only a slit in front of my eyes. Step by step it was getting darker.

With the sword, I liberated from the goblin in my right hand, and a torch in my left, I traversed the cave as silently as I could.

Although I have masked my sounds, the goblins could easily find me from the torchlight. I made sure to look around on the path for the side tunnels. Fortunately, there were no side tunnels in the cave. I double-checked just to be sure.

It didn't take me much time to reach the main chamber.

There I found 4 goblins just as I estimated.

They were all sleeping without any care in the world, thinking that the guard would alert them of the danger. The smell of shit and piss was 10 times strong from before. With inhumane effort, I controlled my urge to throw up and withheld a grimace.

Before I could get distracted again, I placed the torch on the ground once I got used to the smell. That way the whole room was lit up and I could see easily. I also uncovered my face by sliding the panel back as I didn't want to miss any goblin. With the torch's light, there was enough illumination to clearly see my targets.

And then with that done, I silently crept upon the largest goblin among them and killed him by stabbing the sword through the mouth so that he does not scream and alert others.

The goblin I killed was a bit bigger than the rest of them and looked like to be the leader.

'Maybe he is transitioning into his higher form of Hobgoblin' I wondered.

I twisted the sword as an extra precaution to make sure he would die without making any sound. Still, the bastard made some noise when he was choking down on his own blood.

The other Goblins started to wake up from the sound. Still, they were groggy from the sleep so I had some time to finish them off.

I took out the sword from his neck while deftly ignoring the blood squirting out from his neck and sent it through the face of the nearby goblin. I noticed that the other 2 goblins were somewhat awake and reaching their respective weapons.

Knowing and feeling that the blade I took from the goblin was already useless to me by blood and fat; I picked up the ax lying beside the corpse of the leader and threw it to the nearest goblin. It got stuck into his chest and he easily went down. I wasn't sure if he was killed but he was definitely out of commission for now. The last goblin took the situation and made for the run.

'Not on my watch' I thought.

I wasn't going to let him escape. He will only learn from this encounter and spread suffering. I picked up a big stone from the ground and threw it with all my might. It struck his head dead-on. He went down and didn't move at all. Blood pooled around him and other goblins. I was breathing a little hard when I was done. I took a moment myself to calm my breathing. While the fight wasn't even more than 30 seconds, it felt like I fought for a few minutes.

Still, I quickly checked on all of the goblins to make sure they were dead.

They were.

I was half expecting them to try to kill me or make a break for it. But they were clearly dead.

Now that they were dead I sighed in relief. I don't know how but just killing those 6 took a little toll on me. Like I said, I was breathing a little hard in the end. With my skill, I didn't get any blood on my armor while fighting.

Now that the danger was over, I looked around the main hall of the cave.

Truthfully it was a mess.

Bones of small animals like birds, squirrels, rats, etc were lying around. Bits and pieces of some carcass were also there. Thankfully there was no woman that they had kidnapped as I couldn't see any corpse or human bones. There were also no hidden chambers. I was very thorough in checking. Truthfully I didn't want to kill goblin children today no matter how they turn out to be.

I would have done it though. Thankfully there were none.

In the end, I piled their corpses outside the cave and divested them of their weapons. There were 3 clubs and an ax that was usable. I already used the other sword during the massacre. I took them and placed them on my belt. I already made sure that my belt could carry extra weapons when I ordered it to be made just for this type of situation. With that, I turned back to the cave.

With a long breath, I swished my wand and begin sealing the cave. It took nearly a minute to do that and about 40% of my magical reserve. That was equivalent to 10 spells.

With 1 and a half spell, I used in the starting to mask the senses and a half spell used to start a campfire in the morning to cook breakfast before reaching the Water town; the number came to be 12.

I had 13 more spells to go.

Well, I had 8-10 spells more to go in truth.

The thing is – I always make sure to try to use more than 3/4th of my magical reserve every day. So that it increases a little bit the next day. It was a perfectly tested method by yours truly to increase the magical reserve. More than 95% risk getting magical exhaustion and less than 30% don't do anything, much. The best outcome was to use 70-90% of the magical reserve. And that meant using 18 to 23 spells.

I have increased my magical reserves by about 66% since I started using this method 5 and a half years ago. I could have increased my magical reserves more but the royal mages refused to teach me anything practical until I was well versed in the theory. I chuckled bitterly at the memory of how I usually vented to my mother about old men set in their ways.

'She never complained' I thought happily as the memories of our time together came to the front of my mind.

In the meantime, I also tied all the goblins to a rope and carried them back to the village. The battle only took 5 minutes in total so there was still light for a little less than 2 hours. The walk back to the village was quite soothing. Adrenaline already wore off and with it came some fatigue. By the time I reached there, my masking spell came undone.

I left the goblins on the edge of the forest. I drank some water from the river to cool off and filled the wineskin pouch with it. I collected the goblins as I went directly to the village chief who was talking to a man.

Seeing me walking in their direction, the man pointed me out to the chief just when I reached there.

"It is done," I said to him making my presence known.

"Oh! Thank you very much for killing those Goblins" He said turning to me. Relief and happiness were clear in his voice.

"There were 6 in total. Corps and livestock were already eaten when I reached there. I only salvaged these 4 crude weapons" I told him showing the weapons.

I asked him if he wanted any which he nodded so I had to part with them. I wasn't stingy. I was already well off. He signed the quest paper so that I could show it to the guild for getting my payment.

"There was something I was meaning to ask," I said to him to which he just nodded

"Can the goblin meat be used to feed the pigs in your village?" I asked him wanting to know an answer.

I thought about this while I was in the capital but I couldn't exactly ask anyone without getting laughed at. Usually, the monster's corpse is just left there or burnt off in some rare cases. In my opinion, it was a waste of perfectly good meat which can be used to feed carnivore animals.

He was taken aback by my question.

"Err we haven't tried it before but we can do that now," He said after mulling about it.

I agreed and gave him a silver coin for his troubles.

"Make sure to do that and tell me about the outcome. Make sure to check each and every part of the goblin. I will come back whenever I get free" I took a pause before continuing "And In case if the pig dies, I will even compensate you properly. Be sure to tell me which parts are poisonous. Also, burn their corpse if their whole body is poisonous. Also, if Pigs started to get aggressive or start showing any other abnormal behavior, kill them, and burn them. Like, I said before, I will compensate you for your losses" I suggested to him before turning away and walking away.

Suddenly I remembered something.

I turned back "The cave where the goblins were living. It is just 10 minutes away in the middle of the forest. It could be used by other goblins in the future so I sealed it up. Still, it is a good place for the goblins to live. So make sure to check it every few days to make sure the monsters don't start living there again. Goblins are quite adept in digging" I said.

"How will we find the place?" He asked

"You will find some clues about skirmish taking place there. I am sure you can easily find the place" I said before walking away.

While I was exiting the village, I got an idea and came back. After asking around, I healed the boys who got injured during the last night's raid. I knew enough healing spells to patch cuts and bruises which was enough for them. Seeing them getting healed, some other people also came. All in all, I healed 12 people.

This decreased my reserves to 40% seeing as it took 12% of my reserves to heal all of them.

I didn't do it out of my good heart. This helped me in getting positive popularity in the village. And in time a good reputation is profitable for this line of work. The second reason was that it would make sure that the chief does as he promised. I already made sure that he would fulfill the deal by paying him upfront but it never hurts to be thorough.

Unfortunately for me, nobody was going back to the city so I had to travel on foot.


'I will need to buy a horse for traveling fast' I mused as I reached the guild. Seriously the time wasted in traveling was quite much. A Horse would certainly be a boon. With it, I can do 2-3 quests like this every day. By my estimation, it will cut back the traveling time by at least 80%.

But, the problem is Horses are quite expensive. Moreover, their upkeep is also not cheap. It was the reason why most of the adventures don't have horses.

It took me 1 and a half an hour to reach the Guild. Knowing I wouldn't be able to take another quest, I jogged to the water town to burn some energy. It was also a good way to remain in shape and increase stamina. I took a few breaks in between.

What? You thought I could run for 1 and a half hours, straight? That's adorable.

I can't.

I am still a 14-year-old boy.

Well, this body is still 14 years old.

I have to take a few breaks in between.

I could have used one of my personal spells to make me faster but it only lasts for 2 minutes, as most of the fights are usually over in that amount of time.

For that time, my speed and strength is 2 times my normal speed and strength. The cost is 4% worth of my magical reserves. If I use more magic than I could become even faster, and stronger for a longer time. The highest I have gone is 6 times and it used 24% worth of my magical reserves. More than that, my body starts to get hurt.

I also feel a little sore after using the spell depending on the intensity of the spell. If I regulate my speed to be less than 4 times my own, then I don't feel sore. I suspect that the spell let the person use his full strength and speed. I am talking about the freaky strength which lets the mothers pull out their babies from the wreckage. Once the limit is surpassed, the spell starts to damage the body.

But still, compared to everyone else I am far more powerful. I suspected that I was born with a mutation. Even during my childhood, I was quite powerful. My weight is quite more than it should be and I drown very easily.

I suspected that I was somewhat like Captain America, only a weaker version. I had a large stamina. I could run faster than even some adults. I healed very fast. These were a few things that were the product of this mutation.

This was also the reason that some form of consciousness remained of the previous occupant of the body seeing as how his skull didn't crack open when he fell down from the stars directly on his head at the age of 4.

This mutation played a large role in my life. I was only able to master so many weapons because of that. My healing factor allowed me to go longer frequently and thus I could train for a longer time.

Anyways, in the break that I took from jogging, I cooked the meat jerky. I produced fire for cooking manually which took a little time. I didn't use any spell as I wanted to save it for the warding that I would need to do for my room.

By the time I reached here, the evening has come and gone. The stars were twinkling into the night while 2 moons shone brightly in the sky.

The image of 2 moons in the sky really hit home that this is a fictional world. Even after a decade of arriving here, I expect a single moon in the sky instead of 2 when I look up.

'And what the hell is with that green moon? How the hell can a moon be green' I wondered.

Anyway, when I entered the Guild, it was filled with all the adventurers who came back after doing the quest. They were telling or regaling their story to each other. I tuned them out as I didn't want to hear their lie-filled story. What they tell and what actually happened are totally different things. I zeroed on the receptionist. Thankfully she was still there. It took some time for my turn to come while I waited in the line.

The receptionist at first didn't recognize me due to my helmet although she was clearly surprised when she saw my tag. Like I said she probably thought I was going to die. She gave me the reward money after checking the quest sheet which I had to get signed by the quest giver.

Yeah, many new adventurers were also surprised when they learned that information. The guild also checks on the quest giver to confirm too.

Again this idea was of yours truly. And if for some reason quest giver died or was unavailable then Guild only gives the adventurer money after checking on the village and confirming that the quest is complete. This continues until the adventurer built a little trust in the guild. It was a great way to avoid con adventurers.

And in case, for some reason, the adventurer is unable to get it signed, an inspector could confirm the truth. This helps in getting the truth as no one can lie to an inspector due to their blessings. The client is fined extra if they are lying, for trying to con the Adventurer Guild.

As it was already dark, I took off to my place to crash. Today was quite a big day and I wasn't in any shape to take any new quest. Nor was there any time to do it. Come to think of it I haven't actually rested properly in the last 4 days since I was exiled.

I took off my helmet when I reached the farm.

With a thud, I dropped my armor and my helmet in the trunk after entering the room where I found it just like I left. I wasn't in any position to use any more spells. I was physically exhausted. Still, I preserved and swished the wand to clean my room. It used up a spell to fully clean the room as it was very dirty instead of half a spell it normally uses. All the dust was placed in the corner. Then I picked it up and dropped it from the window.

I then, set up basic protection wards.

It stops anyone to magically spy on me. It also stops anyone with harmful intentions from coming in by zapping them. If the person tries again, then the zapping level increases from low pain to high pain and then death level. It also paralyzes them for 20 hours so I can see who wants to harm me.

The warding spell took 6 spells worth of my magical reserve totaling my spell usage to 22. And that wouldn't last for more than 12 hours. I will need to properly enchant the walls to increase the length of the warding spell. Then again I didn't want my efforts to go waste if for some reason I had to ditch this place.

'I will need to look for a permanent base. Maybe some type of warehouse' I mused tiredly as I walked back to the bed.

By the time I was done with the warding, I was ready to drop at any moment. My eyelids were dropping from exhaustion. I decided to leave the thought of residence for tomorrow.

I was asleep before I even hit the bed.


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