Ahh I have so many stories but after seeing the latest ep an idea popped up in my head. I don't think Jack killed Mary. I think he sent her somewhere. He did want to be left alone. I read comments on You Tube that maybe Jack sent Mary to the Empty. That could be a step towards the Empty storyline and the boys finding out about Cas's deal.

I decided to use that idea and write it as a fic.

Mary walks out of the cabin not looking back at the burnt corpse of Nick. What happened back there scared the huntress. That wasn't Jack back there. Yes Nick needed to be stopped but Jack has never gone that extreme on anyone.

Mary has fought alongside Jack for months in the other world. She has seen how he used his abilities and powers to defeat the angels. Mary has never seen Jack do that before. Worst thing was Nick was human. Jack was physically burning and torturing a human being.

The Jack I knew would have not done that. She thought.

The flap of wings causes the huntress to flinch.

'I healed Sam." Jack spoke a smile forming on his face "Everything's gonna be okay."

"Good. That's good." Mary replies keeping her back to the nephilim.

Jack can see Mary is tense.

"Mary. Nick… he was a bad person, a killer. I had to stop him." He explains.

Mary turns round to face the nephilim. She thinks about the eyes, the hands, the power that came from the nephilim that burned Nick to the core.

Seeing Jack's face reminded her. She couldn't push the memory to the side. It horrified her what he did.

Mary shakes her head.

"Not like that." She says.

"He deserved it."

"Take me home, Jack."

Mary just wanted to leave. The place was a graveyard to her now. She can still smell the smoke that burned her nostrils and made her want to choke.

She waits impatiently but Jack stood with his hands by his sides.

"I...I will. I will. I.. I just… Tell me it's okay."

"It's you're not. You… It's not your fault, but the Jack I know would never have done that. You...You're… Something's wrong."

"No, I'm you're wrong." Jack yells.

"Sweetheart." Mary puts on a nervous smile "You know I'm not."

"You know, Sam and Dean, they were grateful."

"If Sam and Dean saw what you did, they would be as worried as I am."

"Are you gonna tell them?" Jack's voice goes quiet. Worry appears on his face.

"You need help, we'll help you. We're your family."

Jack shakes his head.

"You can't."

"We care about you, Jack."

"No, just leave me alone."


"Leave me alone. Please, just...Leave me alone. Leave me alone! Please. Leave me alone. Leave me alone."

Jack walks off, clutching his head. His head was ringing. Pounding against his skull. The nephilim became agitated as the ringing got faster and louder. He couldn't make it stop.

Mary follows the nephilim feeling concerned.

"What's happening?" She asks.

"Leave me alone!" Jack yells.

"What's going on?"

"Leave me alone!"

Mary was panicking. Something was obviously happening to the poor kid.

Was it a panic attack?

His powers?

Someone or something trying to hurt him?

If Jack opened up what was wrong maybe Mary could help him.

She had to snap him out of this. Get him to stop pushing her away. Let her in.

"Jack, just… Listen!" Mary says. "Jack? Please! Listen to me!"

Jack turns to Mary. His eyes glow gold.


Waves of power shoot out of the nephilim. It hits Mary. Each wave goes through her. The huntress couldn't move but her eyes slowly widened The last wave hits Mary and she vanishes in mid-air.

The gold fades from Jack's eyes and the ringing stops. His eyes go on the spot where the huntress was standing.

"Mary." He whispered.

He reaches out hoping to sense her. There was nothing.

The nephilim paces around the cabin but there was no sign of her. He goes into the cabin. He looks at Nick's corpse in disgust before searching the area.

"Mary." He calls out.

He goes back outside.

"Mary!" He yelled.

His eyes dart in all directions.

"I get you are mad Mary but this isn't funny."

He walks back to the spot where she disappeared. Realization slowly rises. The nephilim comes out of his denial state and slowly becomes aware of what happened.

Mary didn't run off. Jack sent her away.

Where did he send her?

Jack swallows.

He really screwed up this time.

Sam, Dean, Cas none of them can't find out about what happened. They would be more than worried, they will probably kill him. Dean would anyway.

Jack is powerful but ending up in the Winchesters bad books, big mistake.

Jack needed to find Mary fast and get her back home before the truth comes out about her disappearance.

Jack knew the perfect person when it came to searching for someone.

Before he goes to that person, he had to get rid of Nick first.

Jack gets the shovel and starts digging a hole.

Mary wakes up and gasps for air. She rolls to the side and coughs a few times. She looks round and frowns at how dark it was.

Is it night already?

Mary stands up and looks round. It wasn't dark, it was black and it was quiet too quiet.

"What the..."

The incident with Jack flashes across Mary's eyes.


"Jack." She yelled.

Mary gets out her phone to use for light. She sighs when she sees a long crack across the screen.

Thanks Jack.


Mary starts walking. She had no idea where she was going. She couldn't see a damm thing in front of her.


Her voice echoes.

A bad feeling rose inside Mary. This place did not look like Earth.

Am I dead She questioned.

Did Jack kill her?

This didn't look like Heaven. Was she in Hell?

"HELLO" She yells louder this time.

Mary desperately wanted to hear a response or even a sign. The thought of not knowing where she was frightened her.

"What is this place?" She asks.

"Oh. Look who's here."

Mary froze. The voice sending a chill down her spine.


Mary turns around. Nick stood in front of her. His face had a mixture of anger and amusement.

"Nick." She whispered.

Holy crap she must be dead.

"Not quite." He says.

His eyes go red.

Mary takes a step back. Her eyes widen.


The colour fades from his eyes.


"How? Nick?"

"I'm not possessing him. I'm appearing to you in his form so I can talk to you. If you wanna see my other form..."

"I would rather not." Mary quickly answers. Remembering the horrifying figure of the Devil stepping out of the portal.

"Thought so." Lucifer smirked.

"How are you here?" Mary asks.

Lucifer raises his eyebrow.

"Umm you do know where you are right?" Mary frowns at him. "The place where demons and angels go after they are die. Ring any bells."

Mary thinks. She thinks back to the portal. Where Lucifer is? What Billie has mentioned in the past, the place that no one could come back from.

It finally occurred to Mary where she was.

She was in the empty.

I could leave it as a one shot. If you want me to continue let me know.