Dumah and Jake gathered up the werewolves and knocked all the hunters out. Dumah made the werewolves take the hunters back to their motels once that was done the angel altered their memories. According to the new memories the hunt failed. The werewolves overwhelmed the hunters but luckily the hunters managed to get away but unfortunately not all of them survived. Dumah allowed the werewolves to kill June and Olly while Aaron was injured the werewolves wanted to hurt Eliana but Dumah thought if every hunter is extremely hurt it would be seen as suspicious they needed to make this story realistic and believable so Dumah made Trey and Eliana believe they were the ones who took everyone back to the motel. In terms of the funerals Dumah will let the hunters take care of that. Once that was all done Dumah took the werewolves to the safe house.

Dumah felt relieved when she went back into her original vessel. Trey refused to back down he fought her all the way it reminded her so much of her fight against the Shadow. The reminder nearly caused her to lose control. Dumah held on and like a good soldier she fought on and completed the mission. She found the werewolves now she can move on to the next stage.

Dumah allowed the werewolves to settle down. She thought it would be best to give them time to adjust to their surroundings before revealing her big plans.

A smile forms on her face when she heard footsteps coming from behind.

"You like it here?" She asks.

Jake joins her and looks out of the window.

"Now I do." He says as he admires the view.

It went silent. After a minute Dumah decided to break the silence.

"You have questions." The werewolf hesitated and lowers his head. Since Dumah threatened to kill him Jake has been wary he feared if he said or did the wrong thing the angel could change her mind and end his life. "You are very welcome to ask me." Dumah assured him. "I don't bite." She smirked.

"Okay." He looked relieved by that. "How is this place safe? The house is huge people can see it from miles away."

"Clocking spell. This place is invisible, off the map no one can find it not even Lucifer. I did several protection spells and traps I covered every room. Don't worry you are very safe." She smiles. "That's why it is called a safe house."


"You look shocked?"

"No umm yes umm."

"I get it. You don't expect all this from one angel Michael is different he is an archangel but me no." She laughs. "After all we our suppose to be the mindless soldiers...then everything changed...we changed. When I was appointed as the new leader of Heaven I read every book there was on spells and magic I dedicated myself to research hoping to find ways to keep the power going in Heaven. You are probably aware of Heaven's current condition."

"Um no."

"Huh? Michael didn't tell you?" The angel frowned.

"Tell me what?"

"That Heaven is in danger? The angels are close to becoming extinct!"

"No no he never mentioned any of that?"

Dumah huffs a sigh.

"I shouldn't be surprised Michael didn't want to help the first time he was alive."

"Why are you helping him?"

"I told you Lucifer." Dumah nodded. "If he destroys this world Heaven will fall and if that happens there will be a war between the living and the dead. Eventually we will all be wiped out both the humans and the supernatural community."

"That sounds bad."

"Understatement of the century." Dumah snorted.

"Why won't Michael help you?"

"We are a disappointment we're nothing compared to his angels I...I want to prove to him that we are worth saving also...I agree with him." She looks at the werewolf and nods. "Humans they lie, they sin yet most of them go to Heaven. You guys you are doing everything you can to survive and you suffer because of it. Your needs are simple and pure but no one will accept that. Some monsters are living in peace they are not harming anyone but they still get hurt. You could be good but when you die you go to Purgatory it's sad really." She sighs . "Sad that monsters will never get peace. I think that needs to change so therefore I support Michael's plan I have your back Jake." Jake frowns. Dumah raises her eyebrow. "You don't believe me?"

"I'm confused. Angels protect humans I kill humans isn't murder a sin?"

"Humans eat animals. There is no difference. I do have a suggestion I think you should target those who deserve to die you should target the sinners think about it..." She grins. "When you kill the sinners they will go to Hell and they will suffer they will never be at peace. Eventually all evil will be gone because they will all be rotting away in Hell. You would be seen as a hero. "

"I still don't get it." Jake signed. "Say Michael still doesn't want to help you then what?"

"Heaven is my home it is my job to save my home and the angels if Michael chooses to not help us I will still be going forward and doing everything I can to ensure Heaven lives on for another day. No disrespect to Michael but if we don't do anything now Heaven will fall and his plans for a perfect world." She laughs. "There will be no world to rule. I have come this far I am not giving up now if I had to sacrifice myself in order to keep the power going I would do it within a heartbeat at least I would die knowing Heaven is safe and my brothers and sisters are okay." She smiles. "That's all that matters."

"I thought angels are all winged dicks...sorry." He quickly added when Dumah gave him a look. "When I met Michael and you it has made me see that angels are actually not that bad Michael cares about us you care about Heaven."

"Not just Heaven." Dumah says. "What I'm doing I'm not only saving Heaven I would be saving the world I would be saving you."

"I thank you for that."

"I think Michael will be interested." Dumah replied. "At the moment he thinks we are a disappointment once my plan succeeds I think he will change his mind."

"What is your plan?"

"If I remember correctly I said it would be best if I told everyone the plan that way I do not have to repeat myself." Dumah walks towards the door. She looks over her shoulder. " You coming? "

Jake follows the angel out of the room and down the stairs. They hear a howl of laughter from the living room. The werewolves are huddled together on the couch watching the game.

"HE SCORES!" One shouted.

"IN THEIR FUCKING FACES!" Another roared.

Suddenly the screen went blank.

"Who turned off the TV?" A third one asked.

"I did."

The werewolves look round and see Dumah putting the remote down. She then folds her arms.

"We need to talk."

She stands in front of the TV and looks at every member of the pack with narrowed eyes. One of the werewolves turn to Jake and ask.

"Can we really trust her?"

Jake is about to open his mouth Dumah cuts him off with a laugh.

"You ask that question after you come here? After you use my television? After you eat the hearts from the fridge?"

The werewolf growls in response. Jake reaches out and grabs the werewolf by the shoulder.

"Easy Bryce." Jake looks up and nods at the angel. "You can trust her she's on our side."

"Why does she want to help us?" Another werewolf called Mia asked. "Michael didn't care about the angels if I remember right one angel is working with the Winchesters how do we know she is not working for the Winchesters as well?"

"I'm not." Dumah answered. "And I never will. I'm all for breaking the brothers apart after all Michael needs his Sword back. According to the reports Michael did come back in Dean Winchester."

"How?" Ace asks. "How is that possible?"

"I don't know but we can take advantage of that." Dumah nodded. "Jake has probably already told you about Michael being human." They nod. "So once Michael regains his powers with his Sword he will be the most powerful being in the world. He beat Lucifer the first time he can do it again."

"How is he gonna get his powers back? We don't even know where he is?" Mia asks. "If he is in Dean Sam will be looking for him they have the angel and the nephilim. " Her eyes widen. "The nephilim killed Michael he can easily do it again."

"This is where my plan comes in." The angel grinned. "Heaven is in danger it is close to collapsing when that happens the souls will fall to Earth and there will be a war and your vision of the perfect world will shatter before your very eyes. We need to stop this from happening." She nods. "I know how we can stop it. When monsters die they go to Purgatory when angels and demons die they go to a place called The Empty. There is a spell which opens a portal to the Empty. One of the ingredients is the blood from the nephilim. Together we can trap the nephilim, take his blood and remove his grace after all why should he have grace it is not even his it's Michael's grace."

The werewolves hum in agreement.

"Can we kill him?" Bryce asks.

Dumah shakes her head.

"We need him we will use him as a bargaining chip."

"Against who?" Ace asks.

"Lucifer." Dumah answers. "The Devil wants his son. I pray to Lucifer and tell him we have his son. When Lucifer arrives we will trap him and make a deal with him. He tells us the other ingredients we will give him his son."

"That's a terrible idea." Ace shakes his head. "If Lucifer gets his son back..."

"That's what he thinks." Dumah smirked. "Once we have what we need." She looks at Bryce. "The boy will be all yours."

"What about Lucifer?"

"If Michael is not found." Dumah sighed. "Then we can't give him the grace Lucifer would still be the powerful one." The werewolves became worried. "It's not end of the world." Dumah waves her hand. "We can send him into the Empty. When the portal opens and the angels return we will be a much bigger army we could be strong enough to send Lucifer through the portal."

"If that doesn't work." Mia said with disbelief.

"It will work." Dumah assured her. "This plan is perfect not only Heaven will be saved but also Michael will be an archangel again. His plans will succeed."

"I'm still doubtful." Mia says. Dumah had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. Mia leans forward. "We might have grace inside us but that doesn't mean we're powerful we're no match against Lucifer and his spawn they will crush us."

"You're being negative Mia." Jake says.

"I'm not it's just..." She sighs. "So many things can wrong in this plan. We're just a pack who hunt humans this..." She gestures with her hands. "Angels, Heaven this is way beyond us. I don't think we can do it."

"You chose to be Michael's soldier." Dumah goes up to the female werewolf and leans in her face. "You chose to be part of this fight! Michael is out there doing everything he can to survive! He has done everything for you! This is how you repay him? You give up?" Mia sinks in her seat as Dumah got closer. "Michael doesn't like cowards." The angel spoke her voice dangerously low. "Cowards do not deserve a place in his army." The blade slides out of her sleeve. "They don't deserve a place in his new world."

"Look maybe we should..."

Dumah shoots a glare in Jake's direction. Jake goes quiet and lowers his head. The angel turns her attention back to Mia.

"I'm the leader of Heaven." Dumah says. " The angels chose me. Their fate is in my hands. I can't let them down I can't let the world down. I understand you are worried but that doesn't mean you should give up. Lucifer will be gone one way or another I will make sure of it even if I have to take the Devil on myself."

Dumah's mind goes to Michael's grace. That power all that power...

The angel quickly snaps out of it she couldn't let her mind go down route. Power comes with a price. Just look what happened to Metatron.

Dumah noticed Mia looking at her with a puzzled expression. Dumah gives her a reassuring smile.

"Let's worry about that when the time comes." She steps back and looks at everyone. "Did you know that grace doesn't just mean super strength and immunity there is so much more. You are all part of one body you are all Michael this means you all share this connection this connection will benefit you. Michael is a General. A General has to know where his army is."

She raises her eyebrow and sees if anyone knows where she is going with this. Ace sits up and says.

"Are you saying we can locate the other monsters?"

"If you try yes." She nods. "You can. All you got to do is connect with your grace and expand your surroundings you will feel monsters from miles away. Vampires, djinns, shapeshifters anyone who has the grace. Angels are able to communicate with each other from long distances."

"We could do that to?" Bryce asks.

"Think about when I said you are all one body. Imagine the brain sending signals through the body to the places it needs to go now while connecting with the grace imagine a picture, a message think of where it needs to go that message will travel through the grace and connect with someone who has the same grace. Everyone should receive the message because they are all part of the same frequency."

Bryce nods he looked impressed.

"That's kinda cool actually."

"I can teach you. You can learn so much from me." Dumah grinned. "When the other monsters arrive we can teach them to. Eventually we will be unstoppable. We would be the most powerful army in the world. You want Michael back?"

"Yes." One werewolf said.

"You want to be victorious?"


"You want the new world?"


"I said...Do you want the new world?"

"YES!" All the werewolves cheered.

"Well then..." Dumah clasps her hands. "I guess we better get started. There's a training room downstairs..."

As soon as the words left Dumah's mouth the werewolves jump up and leave the room. Dumah chuckles at the sight. She turns and sees Jake leaning on the door frame.

"So are you satisfied?" Dumah asks. "I did answer all your questions."

Jake nods.

"You did." He walks up to her and looks down at her face. "Seems like you got everything under control."

"You're right." Dumah smirked.

I do have everything under control.

Dean tensed when he heard the door open. He hoped it was Dr Charles he really needed information about his brother. Dean then sighs and slumps back on the bed when a doctor he has never seen before steps in.

"I'm Dr White." The doctor smiled. He walks around the bed and looks down at the older Winchester. "How are you feeling today?"

"Fine." Dean answered his voice blunt.

The doctor gets out his stethoscope and places it on the hunter's chest.

"Can you take a deep breath for me?"

Dean obeys. The doctor hums and nods.

"Heart rate sounds normal...too normal." Dean's breath hitched when the doctor's eyes turn black. "I think we need to pick up the pace."

Dean's breathing increased. His heart is pounding against his chest.

"That's it." The demon nods and grins. "Just like that."

"What the Hell do you want you son of a bitch?"

The demon gets out a syringe. He gets out a vial and puts the syringe in it.

"This...This will slow down your heart."

He removes the syringe and picks up the IV.

"Then your heart will stop."

His finger goes on the plunger. A smirk forms on his lips.

"Then you die."

The monsters' abilities I made that up. I wanted to do more with Michael's monsters I wanted to make them interesting.

Next chapter coming soon. :)