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I will post the remaining chapters of Never Betray a Fox and Bloody Rose as soon as I'm physically able to get my hands on the pen drive, promise!

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Harry rubbed angrily his face. It didn't make much of a difference since he was filthy from the debacle in the Room of Requirement and being on the run for months; but he could not bear the thought of facing Voldemort for the last time while crying.

He didn't want to die.

Hell, he was seventeen. He should be running as far away from there as possible, instead he was walking resolutely towards his death.

Because that's what Dumbledore had said. He was a horcrux and he had to die for Voldemort to die too. And wasn't that just awesome? Once again, he had to sacrifice something for the wizarding world. First his parents, his childhood, his teenage years had been riddled with danger and the general populace either worshipped him or ridiculed him, neither of which he appreciated. And now. He had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

His life.

Taking out the resurrection stone from his pocket he stared longingly at his parents and Remus, who had died only sometime in the past two hours.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, his voice croaking from unshed tears.

Sirius tiled his head "Didn't feel a thing"

"Gr-great" he sniffed "I guess I'll see you soon" he offered with a bad impression of smile "I'll see Fred too, he'll need someone to cause havoc with"
Remus and James looked at each other frowning while Lily smiled "You won't find him on the other side"


He was about to ask more when a green flash hit him and all he felt was burning.


Harry shot up gasping for breath. He was covered in sweat and his head felt like it was splitting open from the inside; much like it did years ago whenever Voldemort was angry or sent him one of his violent visions.

He gulped, still taking deep breaths. He felt like no matter what, there wasn't enough air in his lungs and he knew that the more worked up he became, the worse it was, but he couldn't help it.

Whenever he dreamed of those times, he felt like he had just lived them again and was left feeling a complete emotional mess.

The sheets rumbled from his side and strong arms went to wrap around his shoulders.

"Shh. Calm down, love. Take deep breaths…. In, hold it… and out" the rough voice instructed. He could feel the other's chest pressed against his back, feel each of the man's breaths, helping him into finding a rhythm back.

"I really hate those horrible nightmares" the man said dropping a kiss against Harry's bare shoulder

"That makes two of us" he rasped leaning back in the embrace, hoping to soothe his migraine

"Think you can go back to sleep?"

"Not sure. My head is killing me but I don't want to dream again" he admitted

"Lay back down, I'll fetch you a pain potion for the pain"

"Thank you, love" he said snuggling back under the covers. It wasn't cold, but the breeze coming from the open windows felt chilly against his sweat soaked body.

He must have nodded off, because he was being gently shaken awake and ordered to swallow. Pain potions. No matter how many new potions and stuff the wizarding world discovered or invented, it seemed that potions had to taste awful no matter what.

"I really wish you wouldn't have to keep relieving the moment you died over and over again…" the deep voice murmured while settling back down so they were spooning Harry "It's been years and… I hate seeing what effect it has on you"

"Can't do much about it" he mumbled "I'm as well adjusted as I could possibly get, at least according to the mind healer. Still, not many people have to make a conscious decision to sacrifice themselves and them come back to life to deal with the trauma of it"

The man snorted "That's an understatement. Name another single person who had to"

"Okay, point. I'm probably the only one. Doesn't change the fact that the healer did his best to help me and I'll probably be forever scarred. Nothing new" he said "You knew that years ago when we got together"

A low growl sounded behind him "Don't make it sound like I somehow resent you for your nightmares. You know It's nothing like that."

"I know" Harry soothed him, wincing at his poor wording

"I would do anything to take this pain away from you"

"I know, as would I for you. But just like you can't help my nightmares, I can't do anything about you going furry once a month" He said turning around to face his lover "We can just be there for each other"

"Always" the man replied leaning forward to leave a lingering kiss on his husband's lips.

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