Criminal minds x higher ground

Note: in this story higher ground covered the school year ending in 1999. Criminal minds started in 2005 and this takes place mid way season 3 before JJ announces that she is pregnant although this has been made into being late may early June coinciding with the end of the school year at horizon/ start of summer program.

JJ swept across the room as she picked up reports from various desks with a smile on her face.

Spencer watched from across the room and asked Emily, "Does JJ seem happier than usual?"

"Just a little bit, has she said anything about anything special happening?" Emily joined in the JJ watching.

"Not to my knowledge but you never know with her." Spencer said as he looked towards the offices.

JJ walked up towards them as she shifted the reports. "You can't hide that I just saw you watching me."

"You have an air about you today, your mood it is very contagious." Spencer stuttered.

"I found out last night that starting tonight I am on vacation. I originally wasn't going to be able to get this week off but they found a mistake in the paper trail and realized they can spare me for the next week."

"You never said anything about this week, is it important?" Emily said looking after JJ.

"Not really, no, just an old anniversary and my family has access to an exclusive timeshare." JJ shrugged, "but I might not go, all depends on what I decide to do with my vacation."

Morgan looked around the room, "Where is JJ?"

"Uhh, she told me yesterday that she was going on vacation, it was a last minute thing because of paperwork getting mixed up." Spencer reported.

Rossi responded, "How come she didn't tell us?"

"I don't know, I think we only found out because the two of us confronted her yesterday." Emily frowned.

Hotch opened a folder, "This came across my desk this morning. Last month a backpacker up in Agnes Washington stumbled across this." Hotch held up a picture of a sturdy lean-to made entirely of tree branches. "Knowing that this area was little used by the locals the backpacker looked around, stating that he was very impressed with the structure. Inside the lean-to were seven bodies of varying decomposition. The local authorities believe that the most recent was at least a year old."

Emily winced at the pictures of each of the bodies, "this has been known about for almost a month and it is just reaching your desk?"

"The local authorities were treating this as a cold case with no leads until two nights ago a patrol found this on the other end of the trail." Hotch held up another picture. "No details were released about the dump site so it is believed that this is not a copycat. Inside left exactly as the other seven were was an eighth body. She had been dead for less than forty eight hours."

"How come locals don't use that part of the woods? Aren't all woods the same?" Morgan asked.

"Not exactly, prime locations for recreational use by locals would be determined by access to hiking trails and prime sporting locations such as rivers and lakes or areas rich in wildlife for hunting." Spencer announced.

"This area is cut off from rivers and hiking trails by the one main road that runs through the area making it difficult to get to any. It is also in the vicinity of a couple schools making it illegal to discharge a firearm." Hotch explained, "To the south of this vicinity is Laurence Hastings Prep and to the North is Mount Horizon wilderness therapy school."

The fax came to life and spit out a paper, Hotch picked it up, "Alright, they have gotten a positive ID on the recent body. She was a prostitute known for her gothic style from Seattle Washington. She was last seen a week ago talking to a man in his mid-twenties. No one was able to come forward with a positive description.

Emily looked at the picture that had come through, "She was stripped of all her piercings and was left there in a flannel shirt and jeans. She looks like she was going for a hike."

Garcia came up on the monitor, "They have confirmed based on the rate of decomposition that the bodies are all at least one year apart from each other."

"lets get to Agnes Washington then." Emily nodded

Hotch set the file down, "wheels up in thirty minutes then."