The team disembarked from the jet to be greated by the towns Police Chief, "Welcome to Agnes, never thought I would be welcoming the FBi to my little corner of the earth." The man greated, "I am Sheriff Curtis Swan by the way."

Hotch introduced the team, "I am SSA Aaron Hotchner, and these are SSA David Rossi, SSA Emily Prentiss, SSA Derek Morgan and SSA Dr. Spencer Reid.

Morgan eyed the man quickly before looking around, "You wouldn't happen to have a daughter who dates Vampires would you?"

"No, I would be rich for each time I have heard that one, although I do have a step daughter Gracie, who hates the Twilight books with a passion." Sheriff Swan laughed

"I am very supportive of that outlook. A few members of the team have made me read those books and I feel that they are very shallow and poorly written. Basically an ape is capable of writing better than that. The only thing the author had going for her was the concept of forbidden love." Reid answered

Sheriff Swan nodded and changed the subject eager to get away from the Twilight talk, "Now how about I get you folks to the Inn? I hope you don't mind but I had my Deputy's move all the files to a room in the Inn I run with my wife, I just don't have the room at our closet of a police station to accommodate your team as well as my guys."

"I am sure everything will be fine, do we have access to your network there though?" Hotch asked the Sheriff.

"No, but not because of being at the inn, purely because Agnes is still stuck in the paper age, we don't have the income or the crime rate to necessitate an electronic system." Sheriff Swan replied.

"Well at the very least we are going to need an internet connection so we can connect to Washington D.C." Morgan informed

"As soon as we get back I will see about getting your room linked with the network in our house, it isn't fast but it is steady and reliable, important thing is it isn't dial up, which we had till just last year." Sheriff Swan nodded as he showed them the way to his waiting SUV. "Sorry for the tight fit but it seats six passengers, while also being good on the backroads, when we get back to town one my deputies will be on hand with his cruiser if you need to go in two directions."

"That will be helpful, do you think you could take us to the dump sites?" Hotch asked the chief.

"Of course, let's just get back into town, it is quite a hike out there so we will need to get some supplies before going out there." Sheriff Swan replied as he closed up the doors to the SUV before getting behind the wheel.

"So what are your observations of this dump site?" Prentiss asked the Sheriff.

"He had to know what he was doing. The killer I mean, not many people venture out on the trails he chose and he was familiar with building a sturdy lean-to as well as he for some twisted reason used a portable bear cage that he built the lean-to around." The Sheriff described everything from the dump site.

"The Unsub wanted to make sure his victims were safe while also protected from the elements." Morgan replied.

"Are you familiar with the Lean-to's that he uses?" Rossi asked

"Well as a guy who lives up here in the mountains, I come across many different styles and some are more effective than others. This maniac uses a style very similar to the horizon lean-to. I have watched some of their lean-to building competitions that they have on occasion." Sheriff Swan answered

"Have you looked at anyone at this Horizon as being our unsub?" Hotch asked.

"I have actually been hoping it was a coincidence. I was looking for any reason why I shouldn't have to restrict Gracie from going up to spend the Summer there. She chooses nearly every summer to go and join in on the summer program in some shape or form up there. She has had a passion for working with these kids even though most are older than her ever since she was five and had to be rescued by a couple of the students." Sheriff Swan sighed, "I have never before known a six year old who knew exactly what she wanted to do upon growing up and now she is fifteen and that passion is stronger than ever."

"Is your daughter there now?" Prentiss asked concerned

"Next week is when their summer program starts, this is the first year she was going to stay in the cabins with the students. Up till now she has stayed with Sophie and Peter the directors of the school." Sheriff Swan answered before asking, "Do you really think there could be a connection?"

"You say that it is a school for troubled kids, it is possible, but we will need to see any information you have on these students." Hotch answered.

"I have a few files on different kids from Horizon, usually for petty things, I have one on Home invasion and Property destruction but the others are all lesser crimes than that. I have asked before from stuff from Peter but all he has is observation notes and confessions on most of his older students. When a student ages out at eighteen or graduates shortly thereafter their files leave with them because where any that came to him through the court system were tried as minors, which is what landed them there." Sheriff Swan shook his head.

"So the files are all sealed." Rossi shook his head

"And I have not had probable causes to be able to get the court order to get any of them unsealed." Sheriff Swan sighed.

"Alright, when we get to town, Reid and Prentiss, I want you to go up to Horizon and see if you can get a list of all the students that have gone through Horizon since it opened. Get the list to Garcia and see if she can find the students who have a criminal record. We should be able to go from there to get into their juvenile records." Hotch ordered