The Walls Rebuild

Hotch climbed out of the SUV that they had borrowed from the Sheriff and looked around at the administrative building before looking at Rossi.

Morgan, Reid and Prentiss climbed out of the back. Morgan then pressured the other two to lead them into the building.

Before they could make it to the doors Scott and Shelby walked around the corner of the building and just grinned at the two of them before throwing at them a set of climbing harnesses

"You are late, we were all just going to climb the ropes course, and you might want to get suited up."

Reid looked at Prentiss who took the harnesses and passed them around before following the two former students to the ropes course that was a hike into the woods.

When they got there Scott was hooking Shelby in who raced up the rope and across the elements while Peter shook his head. "When she was a student I could hardly get her to climb to the top of the ladder, the FBI has been good for her evidently in overcoming the demons that hid in her closet; she just never realized it before this week."

"So you are all FBI?" Auggie eyed them, "Well I guess that is cool with me."

Ezra looked at Peter, "Maybe she will let me tell you all…"

Shelby called down, "Don't think it Freaken!"

"Don't think what?" Ezra asked

"About telling how I was the one who actually climbed up the cliff and saved Gracie that day!" Shelby shook her head at the man below her.

Peter laughed, "I knew that years ago, Gracie told me a few days after that the Shadow girl rescued her."

"And you knew it had to have been me because of the Shadow assignment you had assigned me." Shelby sighed, "Why can't five year olds keep secrets?"

Peter called up to Shelby, "It's not that she couldn't keep a secret, it was that you were so rock hard that she couldn't help but cry out in pain at how you blocked her out after helping her."

Shelby came down and looked at the team but they realized in that moment she was the girl that had been known as Shelby she was not their equal. She was a broken hurt young girl who was just beginning to heal.

"I call on Hotch to climb next." Shelby smiled deviously as a bunch of the cliff hangers hooked Hotch into the ropes on the ropes course.

Reid couldn't help but laugh as Hotch mangled his way up the course thinking that chopping wood had been easy compared to this task.

"Reid stop laughing or you are next as soon as I get down from here!" Hotch howled out as he tangled himself up in a rope.

Scott laughed and hooked himself in so that he could free the agent from the ropes, "what do they teach you feds about, if you can't handle the easy ropes course, not to mention the harder one that is a little further up the trail?"

Prentiss looked at JJ, no she was Shelby at this time as she stood next to the rest of the cliff hangers and realized just how free she looked even though she was clearly still troubled. That is until Juliette wrapped an arm around her.

"Get off me Princess!" Shelby announced as she twisted out of the unwelcome embrace.

Hotch walked beside Peter as they surveyed the grounds of the school, "I am glad a place like this exists, I just wish more people knew about the work you do at schools like this. Maybe we would have a few less creeps that my team would have to chase if they got real help like this as kids."

"Well the help starts with what you can do. Maybe if lawyers and Judges knew more about Therapy schools they wouldn't be so desperate to send good kids to Juvenile detention centers. Look at how Auggie turned out, he came here and he got a chance to improve life for his family, if they had sent him to the detention centers he would be just another gangster like his brother."

Hotch laughed as he looked at Reid trying to teach Rossi and Morgan how to chop wood, "That is definitely something I never thought I would ever see."

"Yes, it seems like your young doctor spent a little too much time with the books and not enough time actually building character as a boy. I think this week ended up being good for him." Peter laughed

"You will take care of JJ, I mean Shelby for the rest of the week?" Hotch looked at Peter.

"She has always been in safe arms here, even when she doesn't run to me or Sophie I know she finds comfort in the loving arms of the bear statue." Peter sighed, "I found her several nights curled up in the arms of the bear asleep. I never had the heart to tell her that I knew her weak spots though because I girl like Shelby needs to announce them herself and not be pounced on."

"I will pass that on to the team so that they don't make her feel uncomfortable when she returns to the team." Hotch nodded, "I believe it is time we head back our plane will need to leave soon."

"Anytime you are in the area, you are welcome to come visit us here; I can always use role models for my students." Peter shook Hotch's hand before calling out as he turned away, "All former students report to the Lodge for a school wide group time!"

Reid stood by Garcia's door as she walked in the following Monday Morning, "Hey Garcia, when JJ comes in this morning she may seem different but Hotch said it is important that we don't pressure her about what is different."

Garcia looked at Reid and shrugged as if she thought he had a few screws loose.

JJ walked past carrying a thick case file, "Garcia and Reid briefing room in two minutes we have a case!"

Reid looked after JJ's retreating form and tilted his head, "Or maybe not!"

Rossi came up behind Reid, "When the rain wears down a stonewall it can still be repaired. We saw her walls crack open but now she has had time to repair them so that her life stays the normal that she has always known. It is now our job to accept her and show her that nothing has changed in how we view her."

JJ leaned around the corner, "This Unsub isn't going to stop by you all having a coffee break around Garcia's office!"