Kurama shifted uneasily in his prison. He cracked open an eye, a familiar wave of disgust filling him as he stared out at the bleak cavern that represented his prison. "I think the worst thing about this place is that damn dripping noise," he grumbled. "Nothing here is real. And my host doesn't know I exist. So it can't be deliberate. So what does it say about my host that his inner world is an empty and bleak cavern with an annoying dripping sound?" he roared in frustration, standing up and smashing against the iron bars of his cell. A faint spike of hatred flashed against Kurama's senses. "What? Did that annoy you brat? Can you hear me?"

"No," Kurama said, slowly. "That's not coming from my host. Something is happening." Kurama pressed against the bars of his cell, straining against the seal that kept him contained. For a moment the bars held, and Kurama felt nothing but cold metal. Then the world cracked, just a tiny bit. A minuscule crack, so small that Kurama couldn't manifest even a hair's worth of power. But while it didn't allow anything to leave, it did allow something to enter. There was a sensation of light, and Kurama eagerly pounced on it, even as the faint killing intent from earlier intensified. He poured his consciousness into the crack and found himself staring into the outside world, only to see a fist plowing into his face.

"Damn brat, a monster like you shouldn't be allowed in the village," the man slurred, clearly drunk. His host just cried, trying to protect his head and he curled up. Kurama sneered, deep in his prison. The man grabbed his host, picking him up and taking a few quick steps before tossing him into a bunch of garbage cans. "And don't ever come around my bar again!"

"Pathetic human. Taking his anger out on my prison as if it were anything more then a container. It's disgusting how pathetic they are, seeking vengeance against one who can't fight back," Kurama commented. There was another wave of killing intent from outside, as his prison looked up, seeing a masked ninja standing overhead. The ninja stared down at them for several minutes, before disappearing silently. "Hmph. No wonder my prison is so pathetic. Hated by the ninja that are supposed to guard it, punished by the villagers it's protecting," Kurama fell silent thinking. "In fact it's downright insulting. This brat may be nothing more then a prison, but he is my prison. Do they think I am helpless? Do they think I could not empower him to take revenge on my behalf?" Kurama roared, his chaka flaring and flowing into the boy. The boy started, pushing trash off his body as he stared in awe as his bruises began to fade.

"Don't just sit there brat! Stand up!" Kuruama roared.

"Who's there?" The boy asked, looking around frantically.

"I'm in here you idiot," Kurama huffed.


"Inside you. I'm the great Nine Tailed Fox that was sealed inside you as a child," Kurama said.

"Wha? That's crazy, I'm just an ordinary kid," the kid said. "That everyone hates for some reason," he added, miserably.

"By all the stars in the sky, did no one even tell you what you are?" Kurama asked, his voice filled with outrage. The boy didn't notice, thinking seriously about the question.

"Some of the villagers call me a demon brat when they think I can't hear them," he offered.

"Is that so?" Kurama asked, his voice dangerous. "Well that's fine then. You are my prison after all,"

"What does that mean?" the kid asked.

"It means that you're mine. And as such you are expected to uphold my reputation. So I won't let you embarrass me again like you did tonight," Kurama sniffed. "I'll teach you how to behave properly as a fox demon. Now what's your name?"

"I'm Naruto," Naruto said.

"Naruto huh? That's a stupid name. But we'll make everyone remember it regardless," Kurama chuckled darkly. "Welcome to life as a demon, kit."