It's probably about time to do this as it's been a full year since I've updated. So here goes...

I am officially discontinuing this version of Decisions.

I've probably got a bit to explain to you all, so here goes. First off, thank you all so much. The support I've got from this story is more than I could have ever asked for, the long reviews, the PM's asking me when I'm coming back, I really love you all. But over the past couple years I fell out of love with RWBY and out of love with this silly story I started writing when I was eleven, the first version of this story was posted over four years ago now and I'd almost given up on it ever sounding like what I want it to.

Recently as I was looking over my writing accounts on various platforms I realized something, I've become what I hate most, that author who writes a bit of a story the abandons it, never to be finished. I don't want to be that and I meant what I said in one of my previous authors notes, I will NEVER give up on this story. So since I've rewatched the early season of RWBY, I'm back in the fandom and ready to write some fanfic.

As I've grown older, my writing has improved immensely and I've decided to come back to many of my old stories and improve them. At the begging of this note I said that I was officially abandoning this version, and I am but I still love some of the ideas I've had for this story and I want to share them all with you.

If you have any suggestions for how to improve the new version, let me know I would love to hear them. The biggest change I know I'm making for sure is changing the story from first person to 3rd.

The first chapter of Decisions take 4 will be posted on May 5th of this year and it will update on a weekly basis. I hope to see you all there.