Chapter 2

A New Start

For the next few days of walking I was constantly followed by the feeling of someone watching me, but I was never able to find anyone. I passed through several villages and nobody payed me much mind. I was still astounded how easy it had been to run away.

The whole time I would constantly be looking behind me. I always expecting someone to have come to take me home, but no one was ever there. In a way I guess I almost wanted to see someone there. I wanted someone to care enough to come after me, but no one ever came.

If I really thought about it, even if someone cared enough to come after me, with the distance I had walked and the path I had taken, it was highly unlikely they would ever find me. That didn't stop me from wishing.

For a while after leaving I recognized all the towns from trips, I'd gone one, but now, I had no idea where I was. I honestly didn't care anymore at that was beginning to scare me. When I was tried, I slept, when I was hungry, I stole something and ate, I simply didn't care.

The village I was currently walking in was a small one, I'd never seen it before. I didn't recognize any of the people either, but one person stuck out when I looked in the crowds of people in the streets. It was a boy, he looked a few years older than me with bright orange hair, always wearing a hat.

I'd stuck around in the village longer than most, something drew me to it. I kept seeing that boy, everywhere I looked he was right there. I don't why I felt so drawn to him, but I did. I watched him for a while but never our right spoke to him.

In fact, I never had a single interaction with him until today. I'd walking down the main street, I planned to leave the village that day. No sense in sticking around any longer. I'd left at night, there was no particular reason I'd chose to leave at night. My sleep schedule was just messed up I didn't sleep at a particular time in general, I just slept when I was tired. I still can't decide if leaving at that time had been a good or bad idea.

I was just moments away from leaving the village for good when a few of the kids from the village cornered me. I recognized these kids around from the few days I'd spent here but I didn't know much about any of them.

It wasn't the first time something like this had happened to me but that certainly didn't make it any better. One of the kids, a green haired boy walked up to me and let out an awful sounding giggle, "Hey guys look at this freak!"

One of the kids laughed in response, "Ya looked at her hair, and eyes! That's so weird! I've never seen anything like it!"

"Me neither!"

"I haven't seen her around before."

"Defiantly someone I would have noticed!"

"Such a freak."

I thought leaving my town would make the voices leave, but I was wrong. No matter where I went the voices followed me, they just found different hosts.

The green-haired boy, flicked my forehead and laughed when I flinched, "Hey kid, where you from?"

Of course, I didn't respond. "You deaf or something," the kid asked harshly, "I asked you a question, and I expect an answer. Where you from?"

It was moments like these that I sometimes doubted my decision to stop talking, was it really worth it? Though I constantly debated if my choice had been a good one, I never changed it. I'd been silent for a long time now and talking... well it felt wrong. So, I didn't say anything.

The kids continued to throw rude comments at me, occasionally pushing me or something but, I didn't move. They would get bored eventually.

These kids were more persistent than the others before them and I didn't have any idea how long they were going to go at it. So, I just waited, waited for it all to end.

I don't know how long I waited for them to stop and I don't actually know if I they would have because I was lucky this time I heard a voice call out, "I don't think that's very nice of you kids," he said swinging a cane around his arm, "Scram."

One of the kids muttered a quick crap before they all ran off leaving me and the person who had rescued me alone. It was then that I noticed who it was, it was that boy, the one I had been watching. I glanced at the cane he was holding; he didn't look like he needed a cane or anything. I thought it would be some fasion statement or something.

The kid looked at me and smiled, it wasn't really a nice-looking smile though I'd say it was slyer or something. "So," he asked, "What's your name kid? I haven't seen you around."

I of course, didn't say a word.

"You going to answer me?"

I shook my head.

The boy muttered a quick, "We could use her," and abruptly turned around, "By the way," he called out while walking away, "My names Roman."

That was the first time I ever spoke to Roman, after that my life became very different.

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