Chapter 4


After the short one-sided conversation with Roman, we left. I knew it was dumb, running off with some person I'd only just met planning to join his gang. I'd already done one thing I knew was stupid anyways, (running away) what did I have left to lose?

Roman took the lead and I followed close behind him. He seemed only a few years older, but Roman towered over me. When I was around him, I almost felt safe. Nobody was going to hurt me with a person like him around.

We'd been walking for quite some time, Roman had told me gang headquarters was only a few villages down, near the end of Mistral, but it was going to take us a while to get there.

Throughout the whole walk Roman was complaining about someone taking his car or something so we had to walk the whole time. I'd been walking for so long at this point that a few more days of walking seemed like nothing.

The walk to wherever we were going was much more pleasant than the rest of my trip. Roman had good food and knew how to start a fire, so I was never very cold for long. For my whole life I'd avoided gang members. I tried not to associate myself with them, and here I was camping with a gang member planning to join him. Thigs sure do change over time.

The trip was relatively quiet, I didn't ever talk and Roman rarely said anything, I wouldn't respond so what was the point. He only really said anything when giving me instructions.

Overall, I'd say the trip was uneventful, but my life never stays that way for long.

Roman had walked up to me one day when we were camping for the night and started talking to me, "So kid, you wanna join my gang huh?"

I nodded, if I hadn't mistaken, he'd invited me.

"I said it was my gang when I asked you to join, but I guess that's not entirely true, I co-own the group with a guy named Alex. He's tough and if you want to join your going to need to learn to fight. If you don't things aren't going to end well for you. Some day I'm going to teach you how to fight, and win, but for now I think its best to just teach you how to defend yourself. We can teach you how to fight better in the future. We haven't got the time now. You cool with that?"

I nodded and brushed myself off as I stood up, "Ok kid," said Roman, "We are going to start with the bare basics. I'm going to push you, don't fall over."

Roman only gave me a few seconds to register what he said before he pushed my shoulder roughly, I tried to hold my ground, but ended up falling over anyways.

"First order of business," said Roman, "Were going to have to work on your stance. Can't have you falling over the easily. Stand up."

I stood back up, brushing myself off once again, we were currently camping in some forest on a patch of dirt. I couldn't help but think that this area was Grimm infested.

"First off, don't hold your legs together like that, spread them slightly apart and bend you knees, just a bit," said Roman pushing my shoulder into the right position, "Now I'm going to push you over again, don't fall."

And this time I didn't, I held my ground. For the next couple hours or so were spent with Roman reaching my various things. How to protect my face, the best ways to knock someone out if you need to run away and how to dodge another's blows.

After we were done, I ached all over and was about ready to sleep. Roman had told me that my endurance would get better over time, but I didn't know how anyone could take this much without being exhausted.

For the next few days we repeated this pattern, we walked for hours, stopped and trained then slept. Roman was right, I was getting better at it and the training was getting less tiering.

For the first time in years, I almost felt comfortable. Roman was a gang master, I knew I shouldn't trust him, but for some reason I simply couldn't see him hurting me. I was beginning to like Roman and my life had a pattern, for a while I knew what to expect from life, and I liked it.

But as I've said, nothing lasts forever.

I was training with Roman one night, just like every other, when I heard a noise above us, a bit out of the ordinary, it was generally silent out in the forest, that was where we normally traveled, trying to avoid the public eye.

When I looked up a saw an air aircraft, I'd never seen what kind it was before, it relatively small and probably wasn't a super nice or expensive one.

I didn't like it, but Roman seemed to recognize it. "Hey kid," he said looking over to me, "I just found us our ride," Roman pulled out a cane, the one I'd seen him with on our first encounter and pointed it to the sky. I thought this was strange at first, but then the top flipped off and he fired something into the air.

What ever Roman had fired into the air exploded into some kind of firework looking thig that was black. Whoever was driving the aircraft must have seen it because the aircraft began to tilt forward, obviously intending to land near us.

Instead of finding a clearing to land it, whoever was driving the aircraft decided to just chop down whatever was in his way and land right next to us.

The gusts of wind whipped my hair around my face as a stared in awe at the aircraft landing by me, I was too distracted to notice that the aircraft was landing TOO close to me, Roman had to yank me out of the way so I wouldn't end up in pieces.

Soon enough the aircraft had landed and a man with messed up bright blue hair and yellow eyes jumped out of the aircraft. "Next time you need a ride," the man said glaring at Roman, "Don't call me, it was a pain to find you and I'm not too keen on doing it again."

Roman punched the other guy lightly in the arm, "You say that every time josh, you know you'll do it again."

"Only because you rank higher than me."

"Well anyways let's get going," Roman gestured for me to follow and began to walk towards to aircraft, "Let's make this trip back a quick one, Alex is going to kill me I was supposed to be back with new recruits like a week ago."

It was then that Josh seemed to notice me for the first time, he glanced at me, then at Roman, and at me again, "Uhh," he started, "Who's the kid, she looks kinda funky?"

"I said I would come back with at least one new recruit, didn't I?"

Josh looked at me skeptically, "Uh when he asked for new recruits, I don't think that's what he meant."

"Don't worry," said Roman leading walking into the back of the aircraft and taking a seat, "I've been training her for the past week or so and I think she's going to work out great."

I took a seat next to him, it was clear Josh didn't like me and the situation was feeling kind of awkward.

Josh looked at me and sighed, "I'm not sureā€¦ anyways, what's your name?"

I stared at the floor and internally laughed at myself as I realized that I'd been hanging out with Roman for about a month or so now and he didn't even know my name. Sometimes not talking got a little awkward and this was defiantly one of those times.

I didn't need to talk this time though Roman did it for me, "She's a mute," he shrugged, "I actually don't know her name."

"You've got to be kidding me," Josh exclaimed face palming, "Your bringing a mute little girl you know into our gang! Your crazy, I suggest ditching the girl, she's not going to be of much use."

In that moment I started to panic, Roman may not have been much, but he was all
I had right now. The only thing.

Roman wrapped his arm around my shoulder and laughed, "Oh common I'm gunna keep her, now let's go. No need to keep Alex waiting any longer."

Sighing once again Josh made his way to the piolets seat, "I guess this is your choice, but Alex is going to be seriously ticked off."

"Let him," said Roman shrugging, "Now get going chicken!"

"Your seriously crazy man."

"You don't think I know?"

"Oh, I know you know," said Josh starting up the aircraft, we were finally on our way and I had no idea what the heck to think about this. I just hoped that by the end of the day I would still be alive.


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