Author's Note: After years of not writing anything (but stuffing my Favorite Stories to over 3,600 fanfics), here I am with a new story in another fandom. What can I say? I love PokerPair and this plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone.

As for my Naruto fanfics… I can only promise that I will never take them down.

If you understand Portuguese, then you might already know what this story will be about.

Warning: Tyki MikkxFem!Allen Walker (she is twenty in the story; Tyki is still twenty-six); Modern AU where Brexit and Bolsonaro becoming Brazil's president never happened; Probable OOC-ness; And an American writing the POV of someone from England who's vacationing in Brazil.

Disclaimer: I don't own -Man in any way, shape or form. All rights belong to Hoshino Katsura.

Boto Cor de Rosa



Ellen Walker contently sighed as she looked around her hotel room. White walls colored cream by the lamps contrasted nicely with the darker wood of the furniture, harmonious with both the brightly colored bedspread of the King-sized bed and the photos and paintings on the wall. Beige curtains flanking the balcony doors were drawn back to let sunlight flood the space. The small kitchenette located right by the door was equipped with a microwave, sink, dishware and mini-fridge; providing the option of storing drinks and some food. A flat screen TV was situated close to the balcony with the sole armchair and its ottoman companion resting in front, and the writing desk paired with a simpler chair next door. The bathroom was rather compact compared to the main space, but that wasn't a problem by any means. The closet was naturally bare, with only hangers and an electronic safe taking up space. And placed on the bedside table, alongside the telephone and digital alarm clock, were guide books and magazines; their great purpose: getting the reader to want to go outside and fulfill their role of tourist as much as they can during their stay. All in all, it was a lovely room that booked no form of complaint.

'Especially since I'm not the one paying for this,' the young woman wryly thought as she set her suitcase by the bed. For whatever reason Komui Lee, head supervisor of the London Black Order department store she worked at, decided to offer up an all-expense paid two week vacation in Manaus, Brazil as the grand prize for the annual end of the year raffle. And against her (and some of her co-workers) expectations, Ellen won the trip. She can still remember the shock she felt hearing the numbers of the raffle ticket Lenalee persuaded her to buy being called out.

Her unexpected streak of good luck continued from then on. She easily compiled an extensive itinerary with the help of Howard Link, a rather stiff sales manager with a surprising sweet tooth. Lavi's crash course on Portuguese was quite helpful and supplemented with plenty of audio clips featuring all Brazilian dialects. Komui and his friend Reever took care of arranging the flights, hotel room, traveling requirements and funds. She heard nothing about or from Cross, so she could only assume (hope) he wasn't going to dump additional debt on her until she returned. Lenalee and Miranda not only helped Ellen with purchasing clothes and other necessities, the former even offered to look after her golden retriever Timcampy. And Kanda… well, they fought less than usual. He would deny it if asked, but Ellen is fairly sure the surly Japanese man decided to tone down his attitude so that she wouldn't be too stressed before the trip. She made a mental note to upgrade the usual twenty-five pound gift card Kanda normally got for his birthday to fifty pounds. Fair is fair, after all.

Ellen stopped musing on Kanda's temporary consideration when she glanced at the alarm clock. The red numbers '6:30' steadily glowed back at her, and suddenly the exhaustion Ellen had been ignoring since she checked into the Manaus Hotéis - Milennium came crashing down.

"Ugh… Well, I suppose the past twenty-four hours haven't been totally peaceful," the young woman groaned as she rubbed her forehead, trying to alleviate the growing headache. While she was excited to now be in Brazil, it didn't change the fact that she had just spent over seventeen hours traveling by air. Seventeen hours. Spent not just on one plane, but three. With all the hassle of boarding and disembarking occurring three times. And she hadn't been able to sleep much during any of the flights. Oh, did she mention the security checks, customs, baggage claim and other such hassles?

'It's time for a nap,' Ellen thought in a daze as she laid down on the bed. She was on vacation, so it was best to start it when she was fully rested. And even if she ended up sleeping until late evening, the online searches she had done with Lavi back home illustrated that there was just as much to do in Manaus at night as there was during the day. So why delay the inevitable?

She closed her eyes and swiftly fell asleep.


Cultural Notes:

Manaus Hotéis–Millennium is a real hotel in Manaus. It's located in the Chapada neighborhood, which is upper middle class. I chose it because 'free breakfast' is an option listed in the room reservations I came across on the Internet. And we all know who has a very large appetite...

Manaus – the capital of the state of Amazonas. It's right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, making it only accessible by air or boat. There are a lot of places to visit if you're a tourist, but I won't list them here because they'll show up later. And it was one of the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is why it has a giant stadium… that they barely use for matches now...

Most of the research on Brazil is coming from Wikipedia and other online sources. If you've been to Brazil and know anything about Manaus, please feel free to share! Same goes for anyone who knows British slang. And review if you have the time; that's important, too.