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Beautiful Days

Chapter 1

Ethan POV

After visiting the library to hug Amma goodbye and telling her all about the college road trip that Link and I were taking, and as I turned to leave the library. I have a very polite chat with the infamous Lena Duchannes as I leave. I hop into Link's Beater, and I read the Charles Bukowski book that Lena gave me as a going away present. I turn to a random page in the book, as Link drives down the road. I put on my glasses and begin reading the first part of the poem out loud in my head,"I'll tell you/I've lived with some gorgeous women /ememand I was so bewitched by those beautiful creatures that my eyebrows twitched."

As I read that line from the book, a memory flashed in my head of Lena and I dancing in the snow, and her voice rang in my head telling me goodbye. I took off my glasses as Link was passing the now leaving Gatlin sign that was slightly charred on the left side, another memory flashed in my mind. Again it was of Lena and I, arguing with about her powers and when I kissed her as lighting hitting the sign.

As we pass the sign by heading towards the highway, I remembered all the time I've spent with Lena and my relationship with her, it was like I'd been walking through a fog and now that I was leaving that fog was lifting away. I shout at Link to stop the car, he franticly asks me why but I insist he stops the car or turn around. He stopped the car and I get out and scream almost at the top of my lungs ," Lena!" I know she can hear me, I tell Link that I'm gonna get my girl, and before he can stop me or ask anymore questions, I take off running back towards the Library.

I run as fast as my legs can take me to the back of the library, where the Caster's Library was and go to the door of the place. I bang on the door and yell at Lena through the door, " Lena, you can't get rid of me that easy. You can't get rid of my love for you that easy either, I told you from the beginning I'm not going anywhere and I meant it!" After I was finished saying my piece out of breath and leaning against the door, I hear the doors unlock and open.

I see Lena peek out from, the door and I pull her close to me, and hug her tight to me. I hear her lightly sob and tell me with an apologetic tone to her voice, " I'm sorry Ethan, I just didn't want you to get hurt or think of me as a freak. Claiming both the light and dark side, has never been done before. I just didn't wanna hurt you, so I though it would be better to forget me. But I learned that it won't be that easy with you. So I'm sorry Ethan, please let me make it up to you for lost time." I lift her chin to face me and wipe the tears from her eyes, I lean down to capture her lips. I give her the most passionate kiss, and feel her kiss me back with the same emotion. I hear Amma clear her throat behind Lena, and we break apart to see her smiling at us, Lena pulls me into the Caster Library, I tell her, I have to tell Link what's going on and call and reschedule the NYU campus tour. She nods and I head back up to the library's parking, lot and see Link sitting in the car with his window down.

I hear his music blasting out the window, I walk over to driver's side of his car and tell him, " Hey, I'm gonna have to take a rain check on the campus tour, and I'm getting my girl back." He smiles at me and says to me playfully, " Good I can go back home and sleep, but I am glad your not giving her up. But I'm heading towards the sanitorium to see my mom, but do tell Lena and Amma I said hello." I nod and tell him I will, Link takes off back towards his previous direction. I go down to the library, and sit and wait for Lena to be done with her lessons.

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