Chapter 2

The Day He Remembered

Lena's P.O.V

As I sat there in the Library with my plaid red dress with matching red flats, under the watchful eye of Amma. I couldn't help but feel depressed and sad, I lost the love of my life but I knew that in my heart. That my uncle Macon was right, that no mortal could be safe around us Casters. Especially around someone like me who has claimed both light and dark sides of being a caster, which hasn't been done in our family at all. But I guess a small part of me wanted to, prove Macon wrong I mean Ethan and I wanted to show him. That just because my uncle lost Ethan's mother, who was basically the love of his life.

It wouldn't mean that I would hurt or kill Ethan, while Ethan was trying to show Macon that just like his mother. No matter who I was, he was gonna love me regardless of if I was claimed by the dark. But all I can do now is watch, as he leaves for college to follow his dream. While I'm thinking about what could have been, with the most wonderful person that I could have ever met.

I was reading my poetry book, I heard the door open and saw Ethan walk in and say his goodbyes to Amma. Link and him were heading to New York, to check out NYU for a campus tour. Also to do a summer road trip, before school started. He was wearing a grey and white short sleeved plaid shirt with black jeans and white sneakers, his short light brown hair shining in the afternoon sun.

I kept my eyes on my book but, taking glances at him, I hear Amma say to him, " You boys, be careful out on the road." Ethan tells her they will be, he turns to leave I see him make is way over to me. I smile on the inside as he gets closer to me, when he got to my table.I see him staring at my poetry book, and asks in a curious yet flirting tone, "Bukowski? Is he any good?" I say to him with a smile on my face, "Define good." I see his eyes light up and he smiles lightly at me. He asks me my name and, such as if we were meeting for the first time all over again. We make small talk for a short bit, and as he is just about to leave I give him the book. I tell him it's a getting out of Gatlin present, Ethan smiles at me again and says in a sweet tone, "Thank you, and see you around." I smile sadly and tell him goodbye, he walks out the door of the library. With a sad and heavy heart, I watch him walk out of the door.

On the inside I'm crying but, I know in order to keep him safe I must let him go, to pursue his dreams. I feel Amma place her right hand on my left shoulder, in a comforting manner. She walks over to the door of the library and flips the sign from open to close, we head out the back door and go to the Caster's Library entrance behind the building. Once we were inside, I sat at one of the table's with the books that we've been doing research about my new powers.

I summoned my energies to me, which caused my left eye to change from brown to gold to represent my light side. While my right eye became a darker brown for my dark magic, once my energies were released. I could hear Ethan, holler my name from the other end of Gatlin, hearing him say my name awoke a happiness that I thought I would never feel again. I could feel him getting closer as our bond reconnected, once I could feel he was at the underground library's door.

I ran over to it, I could hear him yelling, that I couldn't get rid of him or the love he had for me that easily. He also told me that he isn't gonna leave me and he meant it, after hearing all the love and caring he had for me. I unlocked the door and opened it, I saw Ethan there panting hard and leaning against the door, he pulled me closer to him and I told him how sorry I was. That I didn't want him to get hurt or think of me as a freak. I cried lightly as I let all of my insecurities go and tell him about how, dangerous I can be with my new powers. But he just wiped my tears away and gave me the most passionate kiss, that he have ever given me.

We hear Amma clear her throat and as we turn to look over at her she smiles at us, Ethan tells Amma and I that he is going to tell Link, that he is staying with us at the library. I nod and watch him leave to go tell his friend the situation, while I'm awaiting his return. I begin practicing what Amma and I read in one of the books about theories about a caster claiming their self. I was leaning about healing and defensive magic, I hear the door to the library open and see Ethan walk in and take a seat at one of the table's while I was practicing my magic.

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