Hey all Silvanium here with something new. I've decided to do some oneshots in between updates, mainly to keep those creative juices flowing but also to off load some secondary(mainly stuff that is mentioned in the main story that I have no way to implement) ideas for In Crimson it Began and some random one offs. Now these will be both Canon and Non-canon I'll say what one they are at the start of each one.

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(Canonical interlude #1)

The Prank

Calamari County

(Cuttlefish Residence)

December, 2015


The early winter snow covered everything in a thin sheet of white, to skip the semantics it was cold, white, bland(some people thought it was pretty) and cold..did I mention it was cold.

"So let me get this straight. Your gonna prank Marie big time and you want our help?" Pearl asked as she stood in the snow, this honestly was not what she was expecting when Naruko asked her to come over for the week.

Naruko had asked both Pearl and Callie to meet Her near the old swings that where a minute or two from the house….Well more like Naruko dragged both Pearl and Callie outside into the freezing 2° weather just to ask them if they wanted in on the prank.

"Mhmm. So what do you say, are you two in?" Naruko asked with a grin. Pearl gave Naruko a grin, "Well yeah, no shit I'm in what about you Cal?" Pearl said looking at Callie.

"S-s-sure. Can w-w-we g-go in s-si-side now?" Callie responded, her Teeth chattering from the cold.

Pearl sweat dropped at the sight before her, Naruko had literally dragged her out the door with a half asleep Callie the moment she had arrived at the their Grandpa's place so while she was still dressed in her large super warm purple jacket and thick winter pants and boots, Callie on the other hand was literally in her pyjamas( Just a plain shirt and a pair of long pyjama pants) and was barefooted(lucky for her the winter snow had only started the night before so she shouldn't get frostbite…. She hoped.) and seemed a few scant moments from keeling over from the cold all the while Naruko was dressed in only a tank top and a pair of running shorts, completely unaffected by the cold.

"Yeah... we should probably get back inside. Callie is starting to go blue." Pearl pointed out, getting a fierce nod from a slightly blue Callie.

Naruko felt bad now "Ahh shit…Sorry Cal."

"C-c-carry m-me inside a-and w-w-were g-g-g-good."

Pearl gave her look "Why, can't feel your feet?" She said, getting a nod from Callie.

"Uhh*giggle* Callie."


Naruko was barely able to contain her laughter.

Callie gave her an odd look before looking towards Pearl who was looking away while trying to prevent herself from snickering.

"W-what's so f-funny!?" Callie yelled at them, what the hell did they find so funny? What, her freezing to death was funny to them?

"Well Callie. Is it the cold that's doing that, or are you just happy to see me?" Naruko answered with a sly grin.

'Huh? What does she by… Wait, freezing weather and I'm only wearing my pyjamas…' Callie thought as a blush began to form on her cheeks.


Callie gave a rather comical squeak/yelp before covering her chest. Next to her was Pearl who had somehow got close to her without her noticing and decided it would be funny to give Callie a hard flick on a rather…sensitive location.

"C'mon ice-nips. Let's get outta this cold." She laughed, much to Callie's embarrassment.

Rolling her eyes Naruko walked over to the now frozen for an entirely different reason Callie, moments later Naruko was carrying Callie on her back as she walked back to the nice warm house.

"Don't worry, you know Pearl is just teasing. Besides I think it's kinda cute." She said with a grin, making Callie bury her head in the crook of Naruko's neck in embarrassment.


(Callie and Marie's room)

"I'm not sure this is a good idea Ruko." A now fully dressed and no longer freezing Callie asked with a slightly concerned tone.

You see, Naruko's prank was kinda…extreme, and don't get her wrong it will probably be hilarious…but at the same time kinda mean.

"Oh and why's that?" Naruko said as she finished setting up a hidden camera.

"You know that Marie is absolutely terrified of apes…even though they are extinct and all. Remember what happened when we were kids and we watched that recreation of that Human movie where the apes took over the world." Callie explained with an oddly stern(for her) look.

"Yeah yeah, and the ape suits where so bad and unintentionally scary they gave Marie nightmares for month…and also gave her a comically irrational fear of next to anything ape related, hell remember that halloween party."

Exactly the point Callie was trying to get across.

"Yeah and she freaked out bad because there was a person dressed in a gorilla costume, so do we really want a repeat?"

Naruko and Pearl gave her a blank look


"Sounds about right."

Callie facepalmed 'Of course they'd say that…though, it would be funny.' She thought with a small grin.

"Look if it makes you feel any better the only thing that is going to be used to scare her is this Cymbal Monkey toy that I have set up with a motion sensor." Naruko said as she showed Callie said toy getting a deadpan from her.

"That is going to give her a heart attack, come on look at it. It looks fucking evil."

"That's the point dummy."

After a few moments Naruko decided to sit the demonic looking abomination on Marie's bed.

"You know, this is kinda pay back for what Marie did when we were kids." Naruko said, getting Callie and Pearl's attention. "Remember a few years back when we were like twelve and Marie locked me in the basement because I pissed her off, and I had that panic attack?"

Callie winced at the memory, yeah she remembered it. Though ironically the basement is now Naruko's room…kinda funny really.

It has taken hours for Naruko to calm down after their Grandpa had given Marie an uncharacteristically harsh scolding…which also lead to him accidentally revealing what little information he had on what Naruko went through before Marie stumbled across her near that lake a few years prior when they were on a camping trip near Mount Nantai*.

Suffice to say Marie bawled her eyes out when she realised that Naruko likely hated her for what she did, and the fact that Naruko didn't even look at her for a week kinda solidified that. Though it didn't last long, as Naruko apologized for pissing Marie off….which only made her worse and after Marie latching onto Naruko and apologising for a solid hour, they made up…kinda.

"Didn't you forgive her though?" Pearl asked.

"Oh fuck no, look Pearl I absolutely fucking love Marie and I'd never do anything to harm her…but fucking hell I had nightmares for over a damn month, so to be honest this has been a long time coming."

As….as kinda childish as it sounded Pearl had to admit that Naruko did have a point, Callie just shrugged and said she was gonna go play some video games leaving only Naruko and Pearl in the room.

"Great she's gone…now help me open this box." Naruko said as she dragged a sealed cardboard box out of the wardrobe.

"What's in the box Naruko?" Pearl asked concerned.

"The main part of the prank~" Naruko replied with a somewhat scary grin. Pearl had moved over to Naruko and helped her open up the overly sealed up box.

Pearl gaped at it's contents.

"Holy fuck Naruko that's too far." A devilish grin made its way across Pearl's face "I love it."

Oh yeah Marie was in for it, let's just hope she doesn't get scared for life….or break up with Naruko over this.


It had been hours since the prank was set up and Marie still was not back yet. Leaving two rather bored Inklings sitting in the living room having gotten bored with playing a multiplayer video game(Which Callie totally cheated at).

"Man…you'd think she'd be back by now." A rather bored Pearl groaned.

Who would have thought that doing some last minute Squidmas shopping with the Old Man would take so long.

"Soo...should we call off the prank?"

Pearl looked at Callie like she grew a second head, "Why? What are you afraid she is gonna lock you out of the room like last time?"

Callie rolled her eyes. "No I'm more concerned that she is likely going to be in a bad mood. Because when I called her an hour ago she sounded pretty agitated. If anything it's probably because she was being pestered by some of our more…'exuberant' fans." Callie explained. The fact that they had only arrived themselves at roughly two in the morning and then their Grandpa had asked Marie to go Squidmas shopping with him later that same morning, though he was hoping that both Callie and Naruko would come too but Callie was uncharacteristically sleeping in for once and Naruko was out for a morning run leaving Marie the only one to go with him…yeah let's just say Marie would be pretty grumpy when she got back, seeing as it was a six hour drive from Inkopolis to their hometown in Calamari County and she and their grandfather left at 9:30 in the morning so she had little sleep.

They were originally going to go through Octo Valley to get to their Grandpa's place seeing as it was a near instant trip through the kettles, but they wanted to stay a few days so they had to drive(Naruko had to drive) there seeing as they couldn't exactly take their luggage through the kettle...well really they could but Callie wanted to stop at this really good burger place that was on the way through.

"So she's gonna likely be a moody bitch because some of your more stupid fans won't leave her alone?"

"Yep." Callie lazily replied.

Pearl gave Callie a bewildered look "Wow…you just called your fans idiots Cal, I guess Marie's on screen persona and Naruko's general dislike for your fans is rubbing off on you." She said cheekily.

Rolling her eyes Callie punched Pearl in the arm "Oh like you're any better. Besides you know I didn't mean it like that ya damn gremlin."

Pearl recoiled in faux hurt and retorted "Yeah well at least nobody ever mistook me for a boy when we were kids." She said smugly.

"Hmph, well at least I stand at a solid 5"6,what are you 4"7?" Callie responded, it's not her fault people thought she was a boy when she was younger. Hell she remembered that Marie had stabbed a kid from a year higher than them with a pencil back when they went to school because of said mindset… She also remembered that Marie had stabbed her in the butt with a spork once when they were ten, it's not her fault that nobody told her not to eat the rest of the brownies. Totally unfair treatment in her opinion…huh now that she thought about it, Marie had stabbed approximately fifteen kids with a pencil at school solely because they were picking on her and Naruko..weird how it's Naruko who is the one doing the ass kicking now.

"4"9 actually and really? My height again Callie? Such low hanging fruit." Pearl chided slightly disappointed at Callie's unoriginality.

"But then again, You did write some edgy(cringy) as fuck poetry when you went through that goth phase when we were younger… oh wait what am I saying, it was only like a year ago." Pearl said with a smug look.

Callie sputtered her face reddening from embarrassment at the memory "I..I have no idea what you are talking about. What goth phase." Callie deflected. Pearl pulled her phone from her pocket, "Oh? And what's this then?" She said as she showed Callie a picture.

To Callie's horror the picture in question was one from just over a year ago, it showed a very very different Callie.

Said picture showed Callie dressed in nearly all black clothing with matching black makeup and nail polish, and a rather disgruntled look on her face from being photographed, and to top it off the most horrifying(she's over exaggerating a little) thing if all was that she had her lip and nose pierced in the picture, though Pearl didn't know why Callie was so fussy about the lip and nose piercings hell she had her tongue pierced and you don't see her being weird about it.

Yeah that was what she looked like before the Squid Sisters was a thing…wow she really looked good in those pants, whatever happened to them?

"I believe that's checkmate." Pearl said smugly as she reclined in her seat.

"We-well I…at least…." Callie fumbled with her words causing Pearl to snicker. Callie fumed slightly "Well at least I actually have tits!"

Pearl froze dead still, her head mechanically turning towards Callie "What?"

"You heard me." Callie said with a victorious smirk, though she subtlety readied herself for if Pearl decided to tackle her.

Pearl looked away with a huff "Hmph. Well unlike you I have an absolutely rocking ass! Beat that." Pearl retorted.

"Hey! My butt is great!"

this back and forth banter continued on for about fifteen minutes before they heard the front door slam open.

"Where back Squiddos." came the voice of an energetic old man.

"Welcome back Gramps, Marie!" Callie shouted from the couch.

"Hey old timer. Damn Marie, you look like shit." Pearl said casually getting a tired glare form Marie.

"Shut it Midget!" She snapped back as she stormed up the stairs. Callie gave Pearl a concerned look and whispered,"I think the prank is gonna be a bad idea. Should we call it off?". Pearl shook her head negatively "Fuck no, besides it's a bit late now-"


Craig* gave the girls a look "Okay Squiddos, what did you do?" Callie looked at her grandfather nervously and Pearl was to busy laughing her ass off. "Well Gramps…you see-"


The sound of someone running was heard growing closer to the stairs. A moment later an absolutely petrified Marie came running down the stairs, She ran to Callie and grabbed her and then began to shake her violently all the while rambling incoherently. "M-m-a-arie c-a-alm d-o-own it was j-u-ust a toy!" Callie shouted as she was shaken like a ragdoll.

Suddenly a shadow appeared at the top of the stairs causing Marie to start backing up in fear.

It was… IT WAS….







A gorilla?

Wait a fucking moment

'Oh she fucking didn't.' Callie thought as she looked at the the 'gorilla'.

Pearl had pulled out her phone and began recording, no way in hell she was gonna miss this.

Craig looked blankly at the 'gorilla' at the top of his staircase and then to his granddaughters, and then back to the 'gorilla', and then at Pearl who was giggling like the sadistic little gremlin she is and then finally back to the 'gorilla'. Blinking twice he started to hobble towards the kitchen "You girls have fun now." and just like that he was gone.

The main room was silent the 'gorilla' staring blankly down towards the Inklings below.

"Oookay? What now?" Callie said confused.

The 'gorilla' hopped onto the railing.

"She's not gonna-" Callie didn't get the chance to finish as the 'gorilla' had leapt from the second floor and landed in front of them perfectly…it then proceeded to spear tackle Marie.

"AHHHHHH! NO NO NO! CALLIE, PEARL HELP!" Marie screamed in fright as she thrashed in the grip of the 'gorilla'.

But both Pearl and Callie just watched, or well in Pearl's case she was recording, "NARUKO! ANYONE! PLEASE… help.." Marie whimpered as tears began to gather in her eyes.

The 'gorilla' stopped for a moment before moving its face up to Marie's ear causing her to squirm in its grip.

"Gotcha babe."

Marie froze solid her eyes wide.

The 'gorilla' got off of her and stood up, and then proceeded to remove its head revealing it was just Naruko in a costume.

"Not gonna lie but your face was goddamn hilarious." She said with a chuckle.

"Holy shit Naruko. Don't you think you went a bit far?" Naruko gave Callie a look, "Nah…You're fine right Marie?" She continued as she peeled the gorilla suit off.

Marie was silently staring at the floor

"Hello…are you listening?"

Marie continued to stare at the floor.

"Uhh Naruko….I think you broke her." Pearl said with a sweatdrop.

Naruko rolled her eyes and crouched down "C'mon babe I know your listening." She said as she reached for Marie's shoulder. The next thing she knew a hand shot up and grabbed her wrist quite tightly.

Marie's head shot up, her eyes filled with fury. She pulled Naruko towards her "You have ten seconds." She hissed out causing Naruko's eyes to widen.

Naruko looked behind herself and saw that Pearl and Callie had dipped 'Oh those damn-'

"Times up." Naruko paled. "Now now Marie it was just a prank…babe?"

"Bad girls get the stick." Marie said with a scary look on her face, it was at that moment Naruko had realised she fucked up.

(In the kitchen)

"Should…should we go help?" Callie asked Pearl. She was about to answer but was cut off





"I think you broke my fingers!"






Pearl looked at Callie "Yeah fuck that. I ain't getting beaten with a mop." She said with a light shiver, Callie nodded in agreement.


Callie and Pearl looked at the elder Inkling who was sitting at the table. "Nope." and with that he went back to drinking his cup of tea.

*THWACK* *crash*

"Holy fuck! Are you trying to kill me!?"

"I dunno AM I!"


(later that night)


It had been a few hours since Naruko's prank and let's just say there were some consequences for those involved…well not really seeing as Marie had no clue that Pearl and Callie were involved so the only one punished was Naruko.

And what was her punishment?

She got couched…kinda dumb seeing as she had her own room and all, but Marie insisted(threatened with a mop) that she sleep on the living room couch as punishment not that it really phased Naruko.

And that's where she was. Laying on the couch with her pillow and blanket, completely wide awake and kinda uncomfortable(the couch was kinda old).

"Meh. Could've been worse." Naruko said to herself, she wasn't wrong there it could have been far far worse.

Naruko's musings where disturbed by the sound of the stairs creaking 'Hmm I wonder who's up this late?'

The sound of soft footsteps grew closer to Naruko.

"Hey…are you up?" to Naruko's surprise it was Marie who had come down.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm up…kinda surprised you aren't sleeping though."

"I couldn't sleep." Marie responded as she walked in front of the couch and into the soft light of the TV. A faint blush formed on Naruko's cheeks when she looked at Marie…or really what she was wearing.

Marie was dressed in one of Naruko's shirts and a pair of panties and that was it. "Uhh…you ain't cold?"

Marie gave Naruko a flat look, "I am actually…scooch over." Naruko complied and shifted slightly to allow Marie to lay next to her… well partially on top of her really.

"Huh. Thought you were mad at me still." Naruko said as she wrapped an arm around Marie's waist.

"Oh I am, I just get a better sleep when I cuddle something and we both know Callie has the tendency to drool in her sleep." Marie said with a light smirk before nuzzling against the crook of Naruko's neck.

Naruko chuckled lightly in response.

"G'night Marie." Naruko said as she kissed her girlfriend on the forehead.

"Mmm same to you Naru." Marie murmured as she snuggled deeper into Naruko's shoulder.

All in all it was a good night Naruko thought to herself as she slowly drifted off into sleep.






"Naruko you're still in trouble. So stop groping my ass."

"Aww..you're no fun."

Yeah it was a good night.

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