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Ekolu let out a tired groan as she slammed her head onto the kitchen table.

You see, the others had decided that they should go trick or treating this year(primarily because Eight had never done so) and for whatever reason they all voted on her to plan the route. And sure she was fine with doing it and all(Totally not because Eight had given her that cute wide-eyed look that she knows makes her crumble like a poorly made pillar) but the sheer amount of houses they wanted to go to was ridiculous!

The plan was to start at Pearl's house and work their way around to Naruko's apartment to drop off their accumulated bounty. Then they were going to head to the residential areas around the Plaza and Square and then to the Reef for a quick snack/more free candy before finally returning to Naruko's place to gorge themselves on the assorted sweets.

Sounds easy on paper right?

WRONG! You're wrong!

Why, you ask? Well that's simple.

Marina was dead set on them taking a certain route for 'efficiency' and sure, said route was time efficient. There was however, a teensy little problem…

Marina's so called 'best possible' route led straight through fucking Northpoint. Now that itself wasn't too bad, no it was the fact that it was through the shittiest part of Northpoint… as in the part with all the druggies. And let me tell ya, nothing ruins a night more than a crackhead coming up to you asking(demanding) for a smoke or some change/screaming that the gremlins are gonna eat them or worse yet, seeing some drugged up lunatic taking a dump on the sidewalk or getting mugged, though the last one likely would end with the mugger getting their ass kicked in by Naruko or Callie.

Marina however refused to see that fact and was insistent that Ekolu was just being a bitch and that it was going to be fine because her old apartment was in that area. That in itself had led to another bunch of questions that never got answers. But that wasn't what was frustrating Ekolu, no the thing that was really frustrating her was the fact that they had all voted on her planning the route but then Marina pulls this shit and essentially tries to take over despite agreeing to let Ekolu do it and continues to criticise everything she attempted to put in place for plans.

Honestly, Ekolu thought the former Octarian Engineer could go fuck herself. But of course she couldn't say that oh no definitely not, because if she did then Marina would pull the 'You brutally made your way through Octo-Valley two years ago and hurt several of my friends' crap or she'd say something along the lines of 'Why should she trust the person who beat the shit out of an 'apparently' surrendering Octoling' . Well jokes on her, Ekolu didn't give a shit if Marina pulled the guilt card… and the last time she did that it was with Naruko and it ended with her getting thrown out a window and then lead to Naruko threatening to burn the Octolings manga collection.

Hell it's not like Ekolu hated Marina.. disliked her a bit, but not out right hate. Not that Marina saw that. But other then all that, Ekolu had her reasons for not wanting to go through Northpoint.

Letting out a sigh Ekolu lifted her head of the wooden dining table and withdrew her phone. "Guess I'll just browse the chatroom." She murmured as she opened the app, the last time she checked it Callie was talking about why she wasn't allowed to cook anymore and she was curious if she was still ranting about it.

Edgyteen has logged in

Bootius Maximus: And that's why I'm not allowed to use the deep fryer anymore.

Cheese_Puff: Wow…just wow.

Eighto: How did us talking about Halloween plans turn into this? Also, Ekolu does your sister normally gnaw on things in her sleep?

Edgyteen: You're also not allowed to use the oven, the sandwich press, the slow cooker, the waffle iron and several other kitchen appliances.

Bootius Maximus: Meanie!

Edgyteen: Hey, I'm not the one who somehow managed to burn water. Remember the last time you tried to boil some eggs?

Bootius Maximus: I'm not that bad! I can cook just fine!

Edgyteen: The last time you tried to make a cheesecake it tried to eat ME! Not the other way around! And that was with Naruko's instructions.

Cheese_Puff: Wait wut?

MC. Princess: Callie if I remember correctly it was Naruko doing all the cooking when she and Marie were dating.

Eighto: Guys really, do we have a set plan? And seriously Eko I think she's trying to eat my leg!

MC. Princess: In other words. When she was living with you two she cooked, you two didn't.

Charger Ace:... I really miss her living with us.. She makes such good food.

Cheese_Puff: The fried rice and satay chicken she made the other day was great!

MC. Princess: Yeah well you fucked that up didn't ya Marie.

Bootius Maximus: Pearl come on, she knows she messed up. Please stop reminding her… she still cries about it at night.


Bootius Maximus: Why not? Naruko is sleeping atm so you don't have to worry about accidentally setting her off like last time.

Edgyteen: Can confirm she is sleeping like a log… Ha, poor Eight. Naruko is using her leg like a pillow and she has no clue what to do.

Eighto: I think she's trying to eat my leg! Help!

MC. Princess: Wait, what happened last time?

Bootius Maximus:You need to talk about this stuff.

Charger Ace: And why the fuck would I do that, huh! How the hell do you think I feel that you just fucking told everyone about my personal issues!


Bootius Maximus: You keep just pushing me away! Me! Your fucking cousin…

Charger Ace: Cal…I..I'm sorry okay.

Bootius Maximus has logged out

Charger Ace: God fucking damn it!

Charger Ace has logged out

Edgyteen: Holy shit!

Edgyteen: I step away for a drink and this happens?

Cheese_Puff: Okay, could someone please tell me what the fuck is up with them?

Cheese_Puff: Because this shit ain't normal.

Eighto: Am I being ignored? I think I am T-T

Edgyteen: Not in the chat.

MC. Princess: Agreed. Besides I ain't talking behind my girls back like that.

Cheese_Puff: Well that's no help.

Edgyteen: Well to be honest with you, it's really none of your business Four.

Cheese_Puff: Oh, but it's fine if you get involved?

Edgyteen: Well… yeah, I'm family you're not.

Cheese_Puff: And Pearl?

Edgyteen: Childhood friend.

MC. Princess: Look Four. It's just better if you don't get involved okay. I get that you only want to help, but this whole mess is extremely delicate.

Cheese_Puff:... Yeah I guess you guys are right. Sorry for being rude. Also c'mon why do you keep calling me Four? You know my name.

Edgyteen: Meh it's all good. also because we know it pisses you off.

Cheese_Puff: Ass

Edgyteen: Don't lie, you love it.

Eighto: Naruko is awake.

Charger Ace has logged on

MC. Princess: Hey look who's back.

Charger Ace: Hey Ekolu could.. I ask a favour?

Edgyteen: Shoot

Charger Ace: Can I crash at your place for a few days? Callie kicked me out of the apartment.

MC. Princess: Shit… That bad?

Charger Ace: You tell me,

Charger Ace uploaded an image

Edgyteen: Damn! Callie has a fucking mean right hook.

Cheese_Puff: Wow that looks like it hurt.

MC. Princess: Why is it always your left eye? I swear I have never seen you get a black-eye on the right side before, and you used to get into fights all the time back in school.

Charger Ace: You know what… I really don't know. Also, she didn't punch me(I'd probably be unconscious if she did) she threw a boot.

MC. Princess: A fucking boot? Wait, she owns a pair of boots? I thought she only wore them when it was absolutely necessary.

Charger Ace: I know big shock right.

Vermilion: Damn, what did you do to piss Cal off that badly?

Charger Ace: Ekolu I thought you said she was sleeping!

Edgyteen: She was!

Eighto: I just said she woke up -_-

Vermilion: I just woke up, also I never logged out earlier. But enough of that, what. did. you. do?

Charger Ace: It was an argument that's it.

Vermilion: That black eye says otherwise.

Vermilion: I'm guessing it has something to do with what Callie brought up earlier in the chat?

Charger Ace: Oh for fucks sake not you as well!

Charger Ace: Just drop it okay.

Vermilion: Fine, I'll just ask Callie later.

Charger Ace: Anyway, can I stay at your place or not Ekolu?

Edgyteen: Sure I'll swing around to pick you up when I'm dropping Eight off at Pearl and Marina's place.

Charger Ace: Don't bother I'm gonna get some food first then walk.

Charger Ace: And yes I do have a key.

Edgyteen: Okay then. You remember the rules right?

Charger Ace: Don't make a mess, take my shoes off at the door, don't drink all of your vanilla coke(you still can't be mad about that can you?) and last of all, no going through your stuff… Though I already know you have like 1TB of hentai on your computer as well as several lewd visual novels and that your bedroom is an absolute junkyard.

Charger Ace: Oh, and if I decide to play something on your PS4 or Switch to not be a dick and overwrite one of your saves, because last time I did that you will got all angry and flustered(which is kinda cute tbh) and then you will probably start crying(like last time) then Naruko will kick my ass.

Edgyteen: Good. Also, that only happened one time and it was because I was literally at the last boss of KH:BBS and I was doing a lvl1 critical mode playthrough.

Edgyteen: And my room isn't that bad!

Cheese_Puff: What the hell do you need 1TB of hentai for!?

Edgyteen: I have very discerning tastes.

Cheese_Puff: It's still 1TB!

Edgyteen: Well it's mainly Hentai Visual Novels… don't judge me, some of them have really good stories!

Vermilion: Way better than the furry shit that Pearl is into~

MC. Princess: I'm not a furry!

Edgyteen: Jury's still out on that.

Vermilion: You're computers wallpaper says otherwise.


Cheese_Puff: Couldn't have been that bad.

Edgyteen: Oh it was.

Cheese_Puff: How so?

Edgyteen: Naruko changed her wallpaper from that picture of all of us together on Easter, to a picture of a Lopunny with big tits getting fondled by a Salazzle. Both were naked… and I think the Salazzle was a futa

Cheese_Puff: Hahaha oh my god! That is fucking gold!

Edgyteen: It was pretty well drawn as well. I'm guessing she had it especially commissioned.

Vermilion: I did. It cost me about 1000C, but god damn was the payout worth it.

MC. Princess: You are fucking evil. EVIL I SAY!

MC. Princess: You know how hard it was to explain that to Marina!

Vermilion: Oh please… Marie got worse.

Charger Ace: You just had to fucking remind me of that abomination!

Cheese_Puff: I doubt it is worse than Pokemon hentai.

Edgyteen: Four no!

MC. Princess: Fuck it I'm logging off before she can post it!

Vermilion: To late

Vermilion uploaded an image


Edgyteen: I hate you so much!

Cheese_Puff: Is… is that the green M&M with a dick?

Eighto: I want chocolate milk now.

Cheese_Puff: Nope! Nopenopenopenope!

Charger Ace: ALL OF MY HATE!

Vermilion: Hey it was either that or the picture of you on Halloween when you were 11.

Charger Ace: Don't you fucking dare!

Vermilion uploaded an image

Charger Ace: NOOOOOOOOOO! My image!

Cheese_Puff: Awww, Marie you look adorable.

MC. Princess: We got so much candy that night.

Edgyteen: Huh… never expected you to be the cute costume kinda person. Also I didn't think you were into Digimon.

Charger Ace: Hey! Don't dis my Agumon costume!

Charger Ace: Also Digimon is fucking awesome!

Edgyteen : I wasn't. I was just saying it was unexpected.

MC. Princess: Hey didn't Callie dress in a Evee costume that year?

Charger Ace: Mhmm

Vermilion: Oh shit that's right! Halloween is in a few days.

MC. Princess: You mean Splatoween

Vermilion: Okay first off, fuck you and that Splatfest rebranding shit. Second, who are you guys going as?

Eighto: Oh so now you guys are talking about Halloween.

Edgyteen: Oh hey when did you log on?


Cheese_Puff: You have?

MC. Princess: That's a secret.

MC. Princess: But I can tell you that Marina is dressing as Shantae

Charger Ace: Hmm good choice.

Vermilion: If you go as a damn loli character again this year I'm gonna hang you up from a lamppost by your panties.

MC. Princess: Bitch you can't catch me. Besides I'm going as a character that shows off my more… prominent features.

Charger Ace: I don't know… I don't think many characters have such a large forehead.

MC. Princess: Oh haha you're such a comedian.

Charger Ace: I try

MC. Princess: Yeah well, I wasn't talking about my forehead.

Edgyteen: I have a feeling I know who you are going as.

MC. Princess: Then keep it to yourself!

Vermilion: I swear to fucking god if you go as Nowi again!

MC. Princess: I'm not so don't worry. Who are you going as?

Edgyteen: And remember, we all agreed to go as video game characters.

Vermilion: Yeah I have my outfit set.

Eighto: Oh oh, is it the one I suggested!?

Vermilion: Yep

-Later that night-

Ekolu slowly pulled into her usual parking space outside of her apartment. Reaching across to the passenger seat she grabbed a plastic bag that had some food containers in it, the contents of said containers being leftovers from dinner that Naruko had insisted she took with her for both herself and Marie.

Making sure to lock her car, Ekolu made her way to her apartment.

After a minute of fiddling with the keys she finally entered her home to see Marie sleeping on the couch.

Shaking her head slightly she placed the containers on the coffee table and proceeded to wake Marie.

"Hey… hey get up."

Marie groaned softly before sitting up "I'm up.. I'm *yawn* up."

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she moved over so Ekolu could sit down.

"There are better places for a nap y'know." Ekolu said as she sat next to the older girl. Marie rolled her eyes "So, what did Naruko make tonight?" she said motioning to the containers.

"Okay, so first off there is some spicy seafood noodles," Ekolu said as she grabbed the first container and opened it before reaching for the second one "Some katsudon,"

"And some chicken curry with rice and this Urchinese food… I think it's called tteokbokki? Apparently it's a kind of street food that sis wanted to try make, it's actually pretty good." She finished as she opened the other containers.

Marie paled slightly, all of those were spicy… well actually katsudon should be fine, but knowing Naruko... And while yes she could handle spicy food. It was the fact that if Naruko made it, it was going to be like eating fire… really, really delicious fire but fire nonetheless.

She could feel her stomach crying out in despair as she grabbed the container of chicken curry.


"My stomach is going to hate me later." Marie said as she finished off the rest of the noodles, her face was slightly flushed from the spiciness of the food.

"Mhmm" Ekolu hummed as she ate some of the curry. Marie could only stare in morbid amazement and the younger girl devoured the curry with no problem at all. While Marie on the other hand had roughly four to five mouthfuls before the heat became too much.

"So… what's the plan for Halloween?" Marie asked.

Ekolu swallowed the rest of her food and answered proceeded to explain the route she had chosen and the time they were going to start.

"You do know that Marina is gonna be pissed right?"

Ekolu just shrugged "Not my issue. She should have thought of that before voting to let me be in charge."

Marie nodded in agreement as it was true that they did put it to a vote. So Marina couldn't really complain…

She was though wasn't she?

"So.. Want to talk about what happened between you and Callie?"


"Fair enough… Wanna play Mario Kart?"

-A few days later-

(Pearl's Mansion)

Ahh yes, Halloween. A night of terror, a night of delicious candy…

A night for Marina to act like a complete bitch to it seems.

"We are taking my route and that is final Ekolu!" Yeah it was obvious who that is.

Ekolu stared at Marina blankly "Well maybe you should've thought about that two weeks ago."

"That is not the point!" Marina argued.

"Well to bad." Ekolu said as she walked into Pearl's rather spacious living room.

The others were waiting for Marina to stop being so difficult, but she was still insistent on them going through Northpoint.

"So are we heading off soon or what?" Marie asked somewhat impatiently.

"Wow Marie, and here I thought you were embarrassed at the thought of going out in public in your outfit~" Callie teased.

You see Marie had lost a bet with Callie. Meaning Callie had chosen her costume(it was also to make up for their prior argument). She made her go as Hikage from Senran Kagura.

Now that in itself wasn't the embarrassing part, not at all especially since she didn't mind the series, no the embarrassing part was the fact that she was more shall we say… well endowed and more out of shape then the character she was dressed as and let's leave it at that.

Meanwhile Callie had gone as Tifa from Advent Children instead of the original version. God's damn it, why couldn't Callie have let her go as Terra from FFVI?

"Shut up Callie!" Marie tossed a cushion at her cousin who was giggling like a mad woman.

Ekolu shook her head with a small smile before sitting next to Eight who was dressed as Joker from P5. Man she should not have let her near video games because she became OBSESSED with the Persona series… like to the point that she was bawling her eyes out when she got to the end of P3:FES.

"To answer your question Marie. We are still waiting on Pearl and Naruko to get dressed and… oh my god. Naruko what the fuck are you wearing!?"

Everyone turned to where Ekolu was looking. Marie's eyes widened and her jaw dropped, a deep red blush made its way to her face. Callie was blushing just as bad and wasn't even trying to hide that she was ogling Naruko.

Eight just gave Naruko a beaming smile and a thumbs up and Four buried her head in the couch while bemoaning that she was surrounded by unfairly hot people and that she wished she had dressed as something better than Linkle from Hyrule Warriors.

"What? Do I look bad?"

Naruko had dressed as the fucking Sorceress from Dragon's Crown. For fucks sake her tits were practically spilling out if the top of her 'robe'.

"Are you sure there isn't another character you can go as sis?" Ekolu asked her eye twitching.

"Well it was either this or Etna from Disgaea. But that would've been kinda off because unlike that character, these babies are a solid F-cup. I ain't a flatty like Pearl is." Naruko said as she cupped her bust teasingly.

"Bitch I am not flat!" Pearl yelled from the other room.

"Whatever you say Pearlie~" Naruko teased as she sat on the couch next to Eight and Ekolu.

"I'm a B-cup you ass! That's not flat, it's perfectly palm sized!" Pearl ranted angrily.

Rolling her eyes Naruko turned to Ekolu "By the way sis. Don't you think your costume is a little lazy? I mean yeah you pull it off pretty much perfectly, but come on Eko you aren't in any position to judge my costume." Naruko said with a grin.

Ekolu gave Naruko a flat look "This is just what I put on at home. I was going to dress as Aerith when I got here seeing as I left my outfit and stuff here but when Eight saw me in this she pretty much forced me to stay in what I am wearing." She explained not making eye contact.

Naruko gave her a grin "Sure~ You just happened to put on an off-shoulder white top, a black tank top underneath that, a dark green jacket with a faux fur trimmed hood, black short shorts, a studded black belt, black thigh high socks and black knee-high boots? And it just happened to coincide with your decision to wear your glasses tonight?" Naruko listed off still grinning.

Ekolu's face went bright red in embarrassment, of course Naruko would see through her flimsy excuse.

"Sounds like you chose that as your outfit to match Eight. Gotta say it suits you though." Naruko said with a smile. At hearing that Eight gave Ekolu a beaming smile that made her stomach flutter.

It was funny how well Ekolu could pull off how Futaba from P5 looks. Hell the only things that were off was the large dull sea-green scar over her right eye as well as the pupil for said eye being the same colour as the scar only it was more of a neon shade on top of the fact that she didn't have a pair of headphones.

Rolling her eyes Naruko pulled Ekolu into a one armed hug "I'm just messing with ya little sis." She said as she gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

It was at the moment Marina decided to make her distaste for Ekolu's chosen route more apparent.

"So we are set on the route? First we go around the neighbourhood, then to Naruko's place to drop off what we get, then to the Plaza and the Square followed by the Reef," Marina began.

Ekolu nodded, so far so good.

"And then we cut through Northpoint so we can-"

"For the last fucking time! We. Are. Not. Cutting. Through. Northpoint!"

Marina glared at Ekolu. The others in the room looked at each other before Naruko asked "Look Marina, we all voted for Ekolu to plan the route hell you did as well. So why are you trying to derail her plans?"

Marina pinched the bridge of her nose "I'm not trying to derail her plans. I'm just saying it would be quicker to cut through Northpoint instead of going through Arrowana." She tried to explain.

"So you'd rather expose Eight to all the druggies and other nasty shit that is in the part of Northpoint that you want us to go through? Let's not forget that our little group has four celebrities in it. We'd be painting a target on our backs. Especially seeing as we are all dressed up for Halloween." Naruko tried to reason.

Her words appeared to get through to the younger girl for a moment "Look, I'm sure if we go through this route it'd be fine," nope… were all Octolings this thick skulled? Wait why was that a saying? They don't have bones.

"See, if we go through the night market and then down (Abalone Rd) and then cut through the alley connecting (Azul St) and (Catchari Ave) we can-"

"Are you fucking dense? How many times am I going to have to repeat myself? For the last fucking time, we are not going through Northpoint! So either get your fucking head out of your ass or don't come at all!" Ekolu said angrily as she stormed out of the room with Eight following shortly after her with a look of concern.

Marina was stunned from the sudden outburst but quickly shook it off.

"Well… there's no need to be so damn rude about it." Marina grumbled.

"God you just don't get it do you Ida?" Naruko said in Octenese.

The others except for Callie gave her a confused look. "OK why the shift in language?"

"Because I'm not going to repeat myself. And Four doesn't need to know what I'm gonna tell you."

Rolling her eyes Marina complied with Naruko's unspoken request "Fine. So what is so important that we are speaking in my native tongue?"

Callie seemingly got where this was going and made an effort to convince Four and Marie to go with her to check on Ekolu "Hey let's go see if Eko is alright."

Marie gave a small nod before the both of them pulled an extremely confused Four out of the room.

"OK look Marina, Ekolu has her reasons for not wanting to go through Northpoint. And I'm gonna have to ask you to stop demanding we do that." Naruko explained.

"Oh? And what possible reason could that be? Something stupid no doubt." Marina said only the get pinned against the wall.

"It's because two years ago she had to kill an Octoling Infiltrator in that fucking alley to save my life. So tell me Ida, is my sister not wanting to go through the place that holds such trauma for her something stupid!? She was fifteen years old and not even affiliated with us at the time, she was just a fucking innocent girl that was giving me a lift to one of our safe houses and then she got dragged into this shit!" Naruko hissed as she dropped Marina who fell on her ass.

"How would you like it if I dragged your ass through the ruins of Facility H? Well!"

Marina looked away from Naruko. She had no idea that was the reason.. shit now Marina was feeling like a complete bitch.

"*sigh* Look. I'm not mad, hell I highly doubt Eko is too. You didn't know.. but please, stop pushing it okay?" Naruko held a hand out to Marina.

She took her hand and was pulled to her feet. "I uh… I guess I should go and apologise to-"

"I fucking called it!"

"Holy hell Pearl! Are you serious?"

"What, you think it's bad?"

"Pearl that thing does practically nothing to cover your ass… god I hope you don't drop anything because I'm pretty sure we'd all see something we'd rather not seeing."

Marina gave Naruko a concerned look "Oh yeah… 50/50 chance you will either love or hate Pearl costume." Naruko said with a devilish grin.

"Do I even want to know why you own a pair of black leather thigh high, high-heeled boots? I mean sure you pull of the look but I'm getting some real big S&M vibes."

Marina's pupils shrunk at the mention of the boots 'She didn't!?' she thought as she ran into the other room.

Entering the other room Marina's jaw dropped 'She did…'

Standing proudly in the centre of the room was Pearl…

Dressed in a perfect copy of 2B's outfit.

2B as in the one from Neir:Automata.

As in the one that wore a white leotard that showed off practically her whole ass.

"Hey babe, how do I look!" Pearl said as she did a little spin.

Oh…oh Marina felt a bit faint.

Yeah this was going to be an interesting experience.

-The next day-

(Naruko's apartment)

"So… On a scale of one to ten how screwed are we with the studio?" Marina asked Pearl as she sipped her tea nervously.

The small girl was glued to her phone looking through several Squitter posts.

Across the table Marie was eagerly tearing into a stack of chocolate pancakes and Callie was staring at her with a mixed expression.

"To be honest, she had it coming." Ekolu said as she placed two fresh stacks of pancakes in front of Marina and Pearl before walking back into the kitchen to help Naruko with the rest of the food.

"God these people are fucking parasites. Like really, look at this." Pearl said, turning her phone to her girlfriend.

Lovely Mistral:

Got beat up last night by a piece of shit gremlin dressed as a total slut last night, in fact Leviathan was dressed similarly, but then again Naruko is a degenarate piece of shit. Just because HimePearlie is a celebrity doesn't mean she should get away with this crap!


Holy shit what is wrong with that gremlin?


Mistral got her ass kicked? Meh knowing her she had it coming, but poor form on Pearl's part. You'd expect better from an idol but then again, all the talent in Off the Hook comes from Marina.


Mistral should sue! It's obvious Leviathan instigated that fight.

Jimmy Argosy:

Yep definitely. Leviathan is a violent nut job and I fear for others that play Turf War/Ranked now that her ban has been lifted.


Holy shit it she has!?

Lovely Mistral:

Thx for all the support everyone! Also did you see what Marie looks like now? What a fatty.

Lady Iceheart:

You know, you talk a big game but if I recall you started that shit by calling them sluts and trying to pick a fight with Naruko. You and your gravitators are fucking toxic!

Lady Iceheart:

Video proof of your lies.

(Video file)

Lady Iceheart:

Also Pearl happens to be a lovely person and has an excellent voice. And who are you to call both Naruko and Pearl sluts? They happened to have dressed as characters from two separate video games( The Sorceress from Dragons Crown and 2B from Neir:Automata) in fact what you had on was the literal definition of slut.

Marina sighed at the remarks made on Mistral's Squitter post. Of course she would try and make them look like the bad guys in this situation.

"Good thing Ysayle posted that video of Mistral starting that fight. Also fuck her for calling me fat, sure I've gained some weight but I'm not a fatty as she said." Marie said bitterly. Her slight weight gain in recent months was a kinda touchy topic, not that she put on a lot but it was noticeable if you really looked.

"Just ignore her. She's a fucking degenarate and a slut that whores herself for promotions and brand deals." Pearl said as she cut into her breakfast.

"What's a whore?" Eight asked cutely from the couch.

Marina was about to respond when an angry shout came from the kitchen.

"Oh that's fucking it!"

Moments later Naruko stormed out of the kitchen and up to her room. Shortly after she came back out now dressed in black jeans and a purple tank top instead of the shorts and pyjama shirt she was wearing before.

"Naruko what are you doing?"

Naruko ignored Pearl in favour of putting her custom combat boots on and leaving her apartment.


Ekolu sprinted past them and out the door as well.

Callie looked at the others "Think she saw what Mistral said?" No answer.

"*sigh* I'll go after her." Callie said as she made her way to the door.

"Who wants to bet all three of them are going to get arrested?"

Marie gave Pearl a flat look "I don't take sucker bets." She said as she finished off her breakfast.


Four sat up on the couch groggily "What'd I miss?" she murmured sleepily, her face having the remnants of the candy she had gorged herself on the prior night.

Yeah… it really was an interesting Halloween.

Yeah… kinda thought I deleted this. Hell I only found it because I accidentally click it instead of the in progress chapter of the main fic.

I am a fucking idiot ain't I?

Well expect the Christmas/New year's chapter either around the 30th or early next month.

And lastly, do you guys want an expanded version of events of what went down when the group went trick or treating? Or should I leave what happened as ambiguous so you can make your own conclusions.

Costumes for each character:

Naruko - Sorceress(Dragons Crown)

Ekolu - Futaba Sakura(Persona 5)

Callie - Tifa(FFVII Advent Children)

Marie - Hikage(Senran Kagura)

Pearl - 2B(Neir:Automata)

Marina - Shantae(Shantae series)

Eight - Akira Kurusu/Joker(Persona 5)

Four - Linkle(LoZ Hyrule Warriors)

Do any of you want a chapter focusing on Callie's various cooking mishaps? I kinda want to write one now.