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Chapter 1

Sookie's POV

I was stitting on my front porch on a Friday summer evening with Jessica, while we waited for Tara to come pick us up. The was a new vampire club call Fangtasia in Shiverport that Just opened up, Jess and Tara wanted to check it out and have a girls night for Tara and I. While it was date night for Jessica and Jason, you see Jason and Jess met in high school. She was a cheerleader, but not a stuck up one, Tara, Jess and I were the best of friends though we weren't cheerleaders and Jason used to play football along with Hoyt and a few other back in the day.

But once they locked eyes, they were in love, they dated all the way until graduation. They did break up after graduation going to different colleges, Jess going to a local college around town and Jason went to LSU on a football scholarship, about two years later while having a beer with Hoyt he saw Jess and they reconneted and began dating again summer of that year.

Now Tara or Tori as her cousin Lafayette called her, she and I have been friends since kindergarten and haven't stopped yet. How we met is, kids would call me a freak cause I was a telepath and could read people's thoughts, but never knew why. Well while they were throwing stones at me, Tara punched the ringleader of the group and scared off the rest, she helped me up and we became friends after that. She was there for me when my uncle had tried to rape me and was there for me and my parents and gran died. So I am forever grateful for friends Tara and Lafayette.

As Jess and I stare out into the sunset, we were drinking sweet tea (A/N: I making Jess human for the first part of this story then, changing her into a vampire. Key reason to why, I said I'd bring Bill into the story later.) I was in a white sundress and white sandals that had white flowers on the straps, while Jess was in a light yellow sundress with yellow wedges to match. We were reminiscing about school days and talking about our work schedules, I hear a truck turn down my drive way of my farm house that was gran's, I know it could only be Jason. I headed into the house to whip us all up a light dinner which I looked around the kitchen, settled for chicken and broccoli alfredo to make, I hear Jess run off the porch to go meet Jason at his truck.

As I'm cooking our dinner, I hear Jason and Jess laughing, kissing, and talking about their days, as they come through my screen door. I'm boiling the pasta and tell Jason to go wash up in the bathroom upstairs, he let's Jessica down and tells me the food smells good, while Jess makes her way to the kitchen to help me with dinner. I hear another car make its way down the driveway, and knew it was nobody but Tara. You see its tradition on yhe weekends that I cook for our friends, cause Gran used to do so for all of my friends, we were like a family, as Jess sets up the table with gran's dishes and I brought the glasses of sweet tea with Jess's help, Jason comes down the stairs changed out of his uniform and into some comfortable clothes which were plaid red with black wife beater the shirt and, blue jeans and his tan steeltoe boots.

He took his seat by Jess at the right of the table and Tara sits to my left of me. I also made a salad to go with the pasta, as we pass around the food to one another and talk about work, Tara starts to tell me about Fangtasia. Here I was thinking when she told what she knew about the club, while I was talking with her at work about it. I thought it was a theme club but nope she tells me it was a straight up vampire club, we all stare at her and I hear Jason start his shit about vampires, he doesn't hate them. I think he doesn't understand them, but myself don't mind then, if they want to live peaceful among us then I feel no ill will toward them, since they came pit of their coffins.

Jess on the other hand, she has the same opinion as I do but she was nearly attack by vampires the night she snuck out, of her parents house. She wanted to go party with friends instead of listening to her parents, and the vampires tried to rape and kill her, she got away from them and had to call me to come and get her at a dinner. So she is afraid of them but not as much as she used to be, Tara starts to tell us that we will be safe there. As her new girlfriend, named Pam would be watching over us and making sure nothing happens to us. This calmed Jason down and after the last bits of dinner were eaten, and dishes were done. We all got ready to head over to the club.

(A/N: Hope you all like my first chapter and here are somethings. 1. Jessica lives with Sookie and will get into that in a later chapter. 2. Tara and Pam are dating in this story, cause I always shipped them. And 3 the second chapter we will meet Eric. Til then see you in the next one.)