Chapter 5

Eric's POV

I had a wonderful evening last night with Sookie, Tonight I rose at about 6:30 p.m. and couldn't think of anything else then what I could do for our date tonight. After 10 minutes, I thought about treating her to dinner at my place though I have never brought anyone to my home but Pam. You don't live to be over 1000 by bringing others to your resting place. I care for her, and I want her to see my home, so I asked my day man to stock my fridge with food and desserts ingredients.

I spent a long time pretending to be human, so I know how to cook. Once that was settled, I took a shower and got dressed. I also had my day man clean up my resting place, while I sorted out what to cook for Sookie tonight. I made a call to see what time she would want to be picked up; she tells me 8 p.m. would be fine. I told her I'd pick her up at 7:30, so it would give her time to get ready. I instructed Bobby to make himself scarce after I pick up Sookie. I saw him glower at me, but he nods says "Yes, Master". I've never seen Bobby act so insolent.

I brush it off and go to my closet to get ready for my date. I keep my leather pants but choose a black dress shirt and with boots after I'm dressed, I look over the house to make sure it was up to my standards. I check my watch on my wrist to see it was only 7:05, So I decided to kill time by feeding and reading a book.

Around 7:20 pm I start getting ready to head toward Sookie's house, I look myself over in the mirror by the door. I grab my keys and head for my charger, as I start my car I see Bobby call for a car to pick him up. I make my way toward her house, excited to see her again. I was praying to my Viking gods that the date would go great and without any problems.

Sookie POV

I look at the clock and see it is 6:05, I had just finished my shower, I put my hair up into a high ponytail. I got dressed in my favorite yellow dress that stops at the top of my thighs, a floral gray and yellow sweater that Gran bought to match the dress for my birthday a few years back, open toed white high heels, a white gold necklace that Jason bought me for Christmas, and white purse to finish off the outfit. After I was dressed, I decided to waste some time by watching TV.

I was just finishing the movie that was on TV, when I check the time on the wall clock in the living room. I saw it was 7:20 p.m., so I shut off the TV and made sure I had everything all together. Then I walked into Jess's room to tell her that I was leaving for my date with Eric. She told me that I looked beautiful, to be safe she'll call if she needed anything, I hug her goodbye head on downstairs. I double check I have everything head out the front door and lock it, I sit on my white porch swing and wait for Eric to arrive.

At 7:30 on the dot I see Eric's Charger pull up in my driveway. He parks the car; I watch him get out and walk up to where I was sitting. I see that he's holding something behind his back, I'm just as I am about to ask what it is. When he pulls me into the sweetest kiss I could ever ask for, I kiss him back and the passion he brings out in me is something that I've never experienced before.

Then he pulls a bouquet of red roses, he says to me, " For you lover." I take them and smell them, and say "Thank you, they're beautiful." He asks if I'm ready to go, I nod and he offers me his left arm. I slide my right arm into his left and he walks me to his car. He opens the door for me, once he makes sure I'm in the car. He gets around in the car before to the driver side at vamp speed, he starts the car, and we make the drive to his home.

We make small talk in the car, as I stare out the window and watch Bon Temps go by at night. The bars and restaurants are full of life more so then they are during the day, it's beautiful to me because I never really go out at night. I'm usually stuck at Merlotte's on the night shift and let's face it I never really date because of what I am. We keep making small talk about our life, when I notice we are passing through Shreveport. After the 10-minute drive through the city, I see Eric take a left turn down a long dirt road.

My curiosity is spiked I can't wait to see Eric's home, I wondered what kind of house a 1,000-year-old Viking vampire would live in?

While we're driving, it dawns on me to call Jason to check on Jessica while I'm on my date. I reach in my purse and pull out my cell phone, I dial Jason's number. On the third ring he answers,

" Hey big brother, I'm out on a date with Eric. Would you mind going and staying with Jess or at least checking up on her?"

He says to me in a tired tone,

"Well yeah Sook, but it may be a while I'm working the night shift. But I'll call her here in a couple hours."

I knew what the night shift meant for Jason. Drunk people, traffic duty, etc. So, I understood it would be a while, but knowing someone would be checking on Jess was fine. I thank him and we hang up, I look over at Eric to see a puzzled look on his face. I explain,

"Jessica is my roommate, and Jason my brother is her boyfriend. I just want to make sure she is safe is all. While I'm out and about."

He nods and tells me in an understanding tone,

" I completely understand, the safety of those we care about is always a good thing to be worried about."

I tell him about Jessica's family situation what went down with her and why she was staying with me. He tells me what I did was noble, we continue down a dirt road.

I look out the window and see a medium sized pond, before I turn my attention to a modern looking Viking longhouse, the exterior of the house was all pine wood with a long black roof. The windows were all wide and framed the house very well, there was another small section of the huge house that looked like it could hold a pool or sauna room. The lawn was so lush and green, with some flowers to add some color to the place. Eric parks out front where a stone walkway led to the beautifully carved wooden front door, I hear him lightly chuckle as I stare in awe of his home. I jumped because I hadn't even notice him get out of the car, until he opened my door and offered me his hand.

"Damn Vamp speed."

I muttered as I took it, and he leads me toward the front door. As we walk up to the door, He starts to tell me about the home and, it shocks me as he tells me that he designed built the house from scratch and made some modifications over the years to keep up with the times.

We get to the door, and he fishes out his keys and unlocks it the inside is just as beautiful as the outside, I look up and see a sky light. The ceiling had long wooden beams across it that secured the house, it almost looked like a log cabin minus the wooden logs on the outside, it had a winding staircase with beautiful carvings of animals and Norse gods. The couches and chairs are all fur with black lamps on the wooden tables beside them.

Eric offers to take my sweater to hang in the closet by, the door as he helps me takes it off, I have the hot sparks of arousal run down my body's which I know with his cold hands should feel different, maybe? I don't know it's not like I've ever had the feeling except what goes on though other people's thoughts. I try settle my mind body make my way over to the fireplace, to get a closer look. It has more animals carved on the pillars, with a mix of some Norse Gods. There was some knick knacks on the mantle of the fireplace, another Viking ship model, a thin black box that had a coded lock on it. There were two Viking axes above the mantle. I love that Eric wanted to give me the tour of his home since he said only a few people are even allowed here. I feel like I'm getting to see the real him, and not the persona he put on when he was at Fangtasia. It made me feel special and I told him so, he chuckled as we moved to the next section of the house.

He led me to the kitchen, It was a modern looking kitchen. With a stainless-steel fridge, black marble counters with a black marble island in the middle of the kitchen. The oven was also stainless steel, the cabinets were black. the walls were a black and gray marble titles, the dining room was right across from the kitchen, the table was a beautiful glossy pine wood table, with a place sitting for two and a gold candlestick in the middle of the table.

The next room he showed me was entertainment room, it was almost built like a small theater room with red and gold couch like theater seats. There was a small popcorn machine and a projector on the back wall of the room, the screen was as big as a regular theater would have it and the walls were wood with red curtains.

Next, he showed me the pool and sauna room at the far end of the house the pool almost looked like the sea but also had a warmth coming off of it so I knew it had to be a heated pool. The sauna was just a small room for two with dark brown wood and a glass door where you could look through it. This house from what I could tell so far was beautiful and fit Eric so well, this house was both modern and old. It fit the old soul that Eric had and reminded him of home, but with a modern twist.

We headed back toward the stairs in the living room and lead me upstairs to show me the upper floors of his home. Once we made it upstairs, he led me in to one the first door on the right and showed me the bathroom. It was a fancy looking bathroom with hardwood floors instead of tile flooring and had beige tiles on the walls, the shower was a walk-in that had a sliding glass door with a huge shower head. The towels were beige and white, the sink was porcelain with gold handles and faucet. The toilet was porcelain as well bit with a wooden seat and lid.

we leave the bathroom and enter the room across the hall which was his office which was different than the rest of the house, it was a deep red color with a deep brown desk.

It had two black leather chairs in front of the desk. There were Two black file cabinets and an office lamp on the desk, once the office tour was done. He lead me toward the rooms of the house, he show me the guest room and mentioned should I want to stay this would be my room.

He led me two doors down and show me his room, though the door before his room was Pam's room and didn't want to show me it, which I understood it was her private space, so it would, be wrong to invade her space.

He opened the door, and his room was breath taking his bed was all light brown wood and was a double bed with a long brown bear pelt as the cover. The walls of the room were black, and there was a personal bathroom and an open window facing the pond that we drove by earlier.

Once the tour was complete, he led me back toward the kitchen, where I leaned against the island. He asked me what I wanted for dinner, I thought on it and told him surprise me. He smirked at me and told me to go wait in the dining room, so I walked over to the table and took a seat. I would watch him run back and forth at almost an inhuman speed, getting out pans and ingredients for my dinner. I would catch glimpses of what my dinner might have been, a couple time I would see a lobster be brought out of the fridge, and some linguine pasta along with a white sauce from one of the cabinets.

I was so entranced by his speed and cooking skills, that I didn't even notice a wine glass with white wine sitting in front of me. I would send him my gratitude and take small sips of the drink, as I would then gaze out the giant windows they would over look his land. I would think to myself about how peaceful it must be to live here, I was pulled from my thoughts when he would softly call my name. I would turn around and see two lit dark red candles sitting in wood carved bear and wolf candle holders, but the table was set in fine China with gold edges around the plate.

The pasta was a simple lobster linguine in a white sauce, with homemade garlic bread and mixed vegetables. I say to him in a sweet tone as I made my way toward the table,

"This smells wonderful Eric, I didn't know you were a chef. Has it been a while since you have cooked for someone?"

Eric would chuckle as he took a sip of his True Blood, while I would take the first bite of my pasta. As soon as the first bite would cross my tongue, I would be in heaven as the flavors would send me on the perfect foodgasm. He then says to me in a charming tone,

" Oh, it's been centuries since I've cooked for someone, I was interested in. The last time I had done so was...Back in the 1970's, I believe. So, you could say it has been awhile but I always keep up the craft for appearances, I do enjoy it it help pass the time. So, what do you do Miss. Stackhouse?"

Swallowing another bite of the pasta and bread, I would wipe my mouth on the red napkins he had set next to the plate, and then say to him in a nonchalant tone.

"Oh, I work at Merlot's the local bar and grill around Bon Temps. I'm just a waitress, but it pays the bills. So, I can't complain really, I mean sure I could have a better paying job. But until I leave town, which isn't likely, and I haven't had the time to go back to college. So... Yeah. Do you like working at Fangtasia?"

I would take a sip of wine, as he sets down his True blood and licks some of it off his lips. He would then look into my eyes and say to me in a matter of fact of tone,

"I do, ever since we vampires have came out of our coffins. I believed that they needed a place to have a relaxing atmosphere to feed, if need be, that is. So why not open a fantasy club for both humans and vampires alike, so the club was born. I mean back in the day it was once a disco, strip club, and now it's a night club. As I watched my business grow from one thing to another, I can't say both Pam and I are disappointed, as to how it all turned out over the years."

I would nod at his answer to my question, while still eating the delicious meal. We would make more small talk about our lives. From him being a Viking prince to me losing my parents and living with my gran, I would then finish off my dinner. While polishing off my red wine, Eric would ask if I would like my dessert in the entertainment room.

He would tell me for dessert, I was having strawberries covered in chocolate. I gave him a playful look, and would wipe my mouth before following him, towards the kitchen to take out a medium size bowl. I then let him lead the way towards the room, once we are there, he asks what my favorite movie is.

That is when I told him to pick, to which he put on a romantic comedy. As we watched I would cuddle up, to him and eat the strawberries. I noticed he was stealing glances, while I was eating my dessert, I give him a playful wink as I seductively put another strawberry into my mouth. Eric would then place a hand under my chin and, pull my face to meet his. As we stared into each other's eyes, I would see his flick down towards my lips. I watched as he would close the distance between me and him and claim my lips in a deep and very passionate kiss.

As I kissed him back, I somehow got swept into his lap in a straddling position. To which I just figured, he did it with his vamp speed. I wasn't going to complain, because I finally got to be closer to Eric.

As we battled for dominance, I would feel his hands wrap around my waist and pull me slightly closer. Letting out a soft playful moan, I'd break the kiss to trail the down his neck. But as I give him a playful bite, on the right side of his neck.

I would feel myself be placed on the couch of the theater seat, Eric would growl and then be hovering over me. The look of lust in his eyes, I would hear him say in a seductive tone,

"Lover, unless you don't want to keep your clothes on. I'd behave with the nibbling, on my neck."

As I felt his slightly warm breath, on my ear. A shiver would run along my body, but where I let out a soft moan, is When I heard his fangs click down and ran the along my throat playfully.

I run my hand in his hair and pull him closer towards my neck. Without prompting or asking Eric would bite down lightly at first. Again, a soft lustful moan came from my lips as, I began to feel himself grind against me. The more heated things got between him and I the harder his bite became; his bite wasn't breaking the skin it was like he was showing some control. But right as he had taken his shirt off, and nearly unzipped my dress I saw him shoot up and look down at me.

Eric would then say to me in a calm, but slightly fustrated tone.

"Sookie, your phone is ringing. Want me to go grab it?"

letting out my own sigh of fustration, I nod and he moves very quickly to I assume is the living room. He would the present me, my phone and the caller ID read Jason. I would press the answer button, and hear a frantic tone to my brother.

"Sook, I'm sorry to bother you on your date...But Jessica is missing, I came by like you asked me to, and as I walk in your home and called her name. But got no answer, and I've looked everywhere...I think I need you to come home."

I couldn't breath or think, it was like my brain was in a loop of panic and worry. I knew Eric had heard everything, because his shirt was back on and his keys were in his hand. He helped me up, and before we walked through the house towards the car. Eric would wrap his arms, around me and hold me close. I broke down and cried into his shirt, but once I had myself back together. We made our way towards his car and I told Jason we were on our way.

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