"Stand down, Bo." When Bo didn't move, Luke repeated. "I said, stand down!" Bo cocked the hammer back and replied. "I don't think so, Lukas." Before Luke could even react, a shot rang out.


^^2 hours earlier^^

"Where is he?"

"Bo, he's fine. Just hold on now!" Enos held an angry Bo back by his arm. Bo glared at Enos, who still had a firm hold on his arm.

"You need to calm down before you go in there." Bo took a deep breath and pushed back his long hair.

"What happened?"

"He was run off the road."

"Did he see who did it?"

"Haven't had the chance to ask him yet." Enos let go of Bo's arm. "You got yourself together now?"

"Yeah." Together they walked into the room where Luke was and saw him sitting on the bed, half dressed.

"You okay, Lukas?"

"Yeah, Bo. I'll be fine. Just broke a couple ribs."

"Did you see who ran you off the road?"

"Yeah, Enos. It was Hughie."

"Hughie Hogg?" Luke nodded.

"He was driving his white VW Beetle with the horns in front. Saw him plain as day." Bo looked at Enos then back to Luke. Before anything more could be said, Bo ran from the room.

"Shit!" Luke got up and went to the door way. "Bo! Bo, wait!" But Bo was already out the door. When Luke heard the General's engine, he turned to Enos and replied. "You got to stop him, if he finds Hughie before we do. There's no tellin' what he's going to do."

"Bo ain't gonna hurt no one, Luke." Luke took ahold of Enos' fore-arms.

"You don't understand. Bo ain't the same since he got back." Luke went back to his room and put on his boots then grabbed his shirt. He tried to get his shirt on, with not much luck.

"Let me help." Enos took ahold of his shirt and helped Luke put it on.

"What do ya mean, 'Bo ain't the same?'" Luke started to walk towards the door.

"He don't trust people anymore. Very over protective. Not just with me but the younger kids as well. Ma thinks it's just a phase but I'm not to sure about that." They made their way outside and Luke looked around.

"He went that way." Luke pointed down the road.

"Think he'll head to the old coffin works?"

"Yeah, Enos I do. That's where I was run off the road."

"You up to goin'?"

"Yeah." Luke got into Enos' patrol car.

"It's a little strange sitting upfront." Luke told Enos, who now was laughing at that comment. They arrived at the old coffin works twenty minutes later. They both got out of the car and started to look around.

"He's not here."

"Someone was." Luke pointed to fresh tire tracks. They went inside the building and looked around. Against one wall there were piles of flatened cardboard boxes and crates of whiskey jugs.

"Enos, you think Hughie's here to sell his whiskey?"

"Boss Hogg would never allow second rate whiskey in his county. Bad for business."

"Yeah, his."

"Since Jesse went legal a lot of moonshiners lost business, except Boss Hogg. His whiskey is the only one that ranks right up there with Jesse's. If you can't afford or find Jesse's..." "You go with J.D." Luke finished Enos' sentance.

"Where would Hughie go?"

"The carnival."

"Enos, why in the world would he hang out at the carnival?"

"Miss Lulu will be there judging flowers and such. J.D. will be there for the food."

"Well, Enos. Let's go find him before Bo does."

^^^At the carnival^^^

Bo took the revolver out of the glove box and put it into his waistband before he got out of the General. He looked around and saw Hughie talking to Boss Hogg. He over heard Boss Hogg telling Hughie to get out of his county before he arrested him for being a menace to society. Hughie walked back to his car where Bo was waiting for him. Bo walked up to Hughie and stood several yards away from him.

"You almost killed my cousin."

"Yeah, Bo. So what!" When he saw the gun in Bo's waistband he replied. "What are you going to do? Shoot me?"

"If I have to." Bo removed the gun as Hughie laughed and slowly moved his hand to behind his back. Where he had a gun hidden. Luke ran towards Bo and stopped several yards away from him, when he saw the exchange between the two men.

"Stand down, Bo." Bo didn't make an attempt to move. "I said, stand down!" Bo cocked back the hammer.

"I don't think so, Lukas." Just then a shot rang out.

"NO!" Luke ran over to Bo, who was laying on his back with his left hand on his right side.


"Don't let him get away." Luke looked around and noticed that Hughie was laying on the ground, not moving. Luke stood up and was about to walk to Hughie when a man walked up to them, holding a rifle.

"Sheriff Little?" Luke asked as the man approached him.

"Take care of your cousin, Luke." Sheriff Little replied as he walked past Luke. He knelt down next to Hughie and felt for a pulse. He nodded and smiled as he did not feel one.

When Luke looked down at Bo, he was surprised to see that Bo was very pale. Luke knelt down, moved Bo's hand and held a bandana against Bo's side wound.

"Hold on, Bo."


"Damn it!" Luke knew that Bo was going into shock.

"Ambulance is on the way." Sheriff Little told Luke as he looked at Bo, who could barely keep his eyes open. "Bo?" Sheriff Little knelt down on the opposite side of Bo and turned his head towards him.

"You hold on, boy." Bo opened his eyes and looked at him not saying a word. He closed his eyes. "Bo! Wake up!" Bo once again opened his eyes and looked at the older sheriff. "You need to stay awake. You understand, boy?" Bo didn't answer him. He closed his eyes once again as the sheriff repeated, "open your eyes, Bo." This time, Bo didn't listen.