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Qrow Branwen, not an average huntsman, firstly he typically takes no missions from the mission boards or from villages in the middle of Grimm territory, the only missions he would take are quite frequently from the headmasters of the academies. Beacon, Shade, Haven and Atlas. (When he has absolutely nothing else to do... so basically never) With most of his missions taking him closer to deaths door then he would hope and also absolutely nowhere when it came to most tasks he got from Ozpin especially this assignment, the exact words that Ozpin had said were

'This is a very sensitive and and difficult mission, if Raven were still here id have sent both of you together on this but we don't have that luxury but I have the utmost confidence in you Qrow also no other choice but that's less important there's increased Grimm activity near the edge of the emerald forest and I want to know why there has also been strange energy readings from the same area and I fear they are related ill send the coordinates to your scroll when your detected in the area, good luck Qrow, I understand the irony of that statement but still I can turn to no one else.'

evidently that whole good luck thing did in fact not help in the slightest it probably made things worse, a pack of Beowolves or two are nothing, especially in the emerald forest. it was a cake walk, some Ursa easy as pie, a few Nevermore some other food related way of saying it was easy, getting there was at least, once at the location all he found was a bunch of Grimm surrounding a glowing purple yin yang symbol. So that was a thing that he never thought he'd see, Grimm. Scared, And that scared him... Oh well, its only Beowolves and Ursa nothing he can't handle then he can report back to Oz and get a short break to visit Ruby and Yang, then back to work, but, he can worry about family later right now, Grimm.

Transforming from his bird form and leaping down from his perch he proceeds to play around with the Grimm dodging and weaving about, only killing them when they tried to group up, keeping them divided and enjoying an easy mission for once. But then, out of nowhere the symbol exploded with energy growing much larger and brighter before returning to its natural state, for lack of information on what it was, but now the scenery was different no more emerald trees and no more Grimm he was in a completely different place.

'Almost a day has past no service and no civilization... fan-fucking-tastic, I'm lost.' he thought and continued to walk through the forest looking for any signs of civilization the farther he walked the more convinced he became that he was going the wrong way but his gut told him that the wrong way was probably also the right way, (makes sense. No? Good.)

Continuing to make his way onward as he walked the sneaking suspicion that someone was following him was growing, not that he wasn't used to it. (side effect from Ravens semblance) Walking until he reached a clearing before finally taking a pot shot at where he thought the pursuer, was breaking a tree and causing said pursuer to dodge the blast. A girl little older than Yang or Ruby but as her appearance and speed would suggest shes much more like him and Raven a warrior from a young age.

Drawing harbinger and blocking a strike from the mini raven of doom her calm gaze meeting his, pressuring her blade and forcing her away dodging back avoiding a strike and leaping into the trees diving from branch to branch watch for her, catching glimpses here and there but keeping her distance, hoping to draw the fight somewhere where he would have and advantage like he would with raven when they would practice his thoughts were cut of by her catching up to take a swing which doesn't land, a snapping sound echoes, she falls straight past him and plummets to the forest floor, not wasting the opportunity to strike he dives from his branch, getting closer to strike, alarm bells start going off shouting for him to move, to dodge, to do something, firing harbinger again forcing his body away from its original course just as a spear flies through the air, the alarm is still going off but before he can act he takes a blow from behind flying forward getting greeted by a second armored fist, and rolling to a stop.

Sitting up groaning and shaking his head before looking over his shoulder at his attackers.

Firstly a very tall man wearing a full suit of armor with a few openings that seem to be the only ones wielding what looks to be a large spear with a red blade in a v shape with a circular gem in the center not much to say other wise.

Secondly another tall person this time a women most likely a faunus guessing that by the fact that she has cat ears but the tail and paws are what makes him second guess, her on the other hand would be much easier to take down considering she has no armor.

Finally the mini raven, black hair, check, red eyes, check, wants him dead, check, tiny Raven and seemingly confused, rising to his feet and falling into a fighting stance.

"I would ask if we can put this off and talk so I can figure out what the hell is going on, but considering how my luck is going, I'm gonna go with you guys don't wanna talk, right?" Qrow says with an exhausted voice

"Well you never know if you don't try, wouldn't expect any miracles though" The blond one says sarcastically

Qrow blinks and tilts his head to the side a confused look on his face "Wanna talk this over as apposed to kicking each other into the ground."

The blond mimics his action before replying "No I thought the sarcasm was obvious please don't tell me hes like Sheele."

Qrow realizing they weren't attacking (as normal people would.), so they had to be stalling for something, jumping from his spot toward them, only for his legs to not move, falling forward leaving himself completely open, he transformed into a bird before they can take advantage of his moment of weakness, flying into the sky and shifting back landing on a tree branch looking around for the one who set the trap, the three with bewildered expressions slowly recovered, the first to act was the Raven lookalike deciding that fighting where someone was sneaking about was not a favorable place to be he takes off in the direction he was currently not facing avoiding the strike from Raven 2 as he did so they all gave chase from tree to tree avoiding strikes from Raven two and the blond and occasionally the man in armor continuing this for about a minute the trees he was using as footing suddenly vanish and hes now standing outside a castle like structure in the side of a cliff.

Surprise was the only word that could describe his current thought process.'They were about a minute away from this place in the middle of nowhere so they knew I entered the area before I saw them so there had to be some form of trip wire system and if they were willing to tail him that means that very few people come through here so that means they don't want to be found so that means that-' before he could finish his thought he dives out of the path of a yellow wave of energy then the other three show up along with a forth who looks to be much smaller then them except for Raven B, guessing that this is the guy who tied his legs together he was not happy another two people drop from the roof and get along side the rest a small girl with a massive gun (probably a bad shot) and a tall purple haired women with... a pair of scissors, he has to be in Mistrel there's no way anyone else would come up with that kind of weapon.

He sighs then collapses harbinger back into transport mode put it back on his waist reaches into his shirt pocket withdrawing a flask unscrewing the lid taking a sip and putting it back, then relaxing,

"So, six on one, that's fiiiiiiine, this is fine. I'm just that lucky to go from one on one, to four on one, to FUCKIN' EVERONE WITHIN A MILE RADIUS. Alright so given your skills and diverse forms of attack I would lose and considering you all were trying so desperately to keep me from reaching this place and even had a sniper up top to keep an eye out for trouble I'm assuming your some form of bandits, but no group of bandits could build a place like this so you must have some form of funding from somewhere as well as manpower. How close am I so far." Qrow ranted

The Raven lookalike rushes forward and attempts to stab the man in the chest but he quickly moves out of the way and kicks her in the knee causing her to collapse to the ground and grunt in pain grabbing her arm and twisting it behind her back causing her to drop her sword

"Look, kid I've had kind of a rough day can we please do this later so I can get things straight and figure out where the hell I am and what the hell is going on. Please." Qrow tried to reason

She just stares blankly at him and he stares back neither one willing to blink first until a new voice broke the silence

"You all do know that when I sent you all to eliminate the person who had infiltrated our bases perimeter I was more expecting them dead not having a staring contest." two sets of red eyes both move to the new speaker a women with white hair and a single purple eye and also just one eye. Qrow getting irritated with all the new people that keep popping up out of the woodwork's holds back a roar and settles for another sigh

"Is there anyone else that I have to worry about at all maybe an army of fucking sadists... actually don't answer that, I can tell I wont like the answer. So can I start getting names of the people who want me dead for some reason." Qrow says trying to not sound like hes seething with absolute hatred

"Well, we don't want you specifically dead we just wanted to ensure our bases security. And when ever someone enters the area of it we eliminate them." the women states coolly

"Damn and here I hoped I wouldn't run into any solders ah well what can you do so general, whats up with the secrecy?" Qrow growls

"Considering you knew my rank I would have assumed that you would have also known about Night Raid, which makes me wonder who you are and why your here the empire wouldn't send just one man against a group of known Teigu users and if so they must really hate you." The general replied calmly

"Well, that explained nothing to me and just raises more questions than answers so lets start with those, firstly, whats Your names cause I cant keep thinking up different ways to distinguish between Raven and Raven Two here. Secondly, I'm a bit disoriented after... well I don't actually know what that was unless it was a semblance. Bah, ill figure it out later." Qrow replied hoping to get answers the pink haired girl answered "What you have no idea who we are, what are you some village hick?"

"The Schnee wanna be says to the man holding your pal hostage." Qrow rolls his eyes before continuing "Fine names are clearly to important to be spouting out so I guess ill go first, I'm Qrow Branwen Licensed Huntsman and hostage holder, and you are."

"Well Qrow if you could release my subordinate I believe we may be able to speak on much more even ground then." the general reply's in a neutral tone and to everyone's shock he releases her and steps away grabbing the discarded sword from the ground and by the blunt of the blade and holds it out to the girl, who takes it and returns it to its sheath and then looks to the rest of them who only slightly drop their guard, walking toward the general he locks eyes with her for a moment before she gestures for him to follow as they walk past everyone else he slows down and looks at the boy with green hair for a few moments an unreadable expression before speeding up to catch up with the general.

After walking inside of the building and making their way up a flight of stairs with the others following closely behind they enter a room with a large chair under a flag with a black bird on a red background with 'Night Raid' written underneath it, well that answers one question he was currently in the presents of Night Raid. Once in the room the general sat down in the chair and lights a cigarette, takes a long draw from it, that whole conversation outside must have been very taxing on her mentally but he had put faith in them so the least she could do was the same.

"Alright, Qrow if you don't mind, how about we start with what you do know and go from there." she relaxes a bit

" Of course the beginning is always the best place to start. I'm a huntsman from vale currently on a mission for the headmaster of the academy to look into a strange energy reading, the source being a weird purple yin yang symbol, figuring it was that cause of all the Grimm activity around it exploded with energy now I'm here. Any questions" Qrow recounted.

"Several, what are Grimm, Where is Vale, and what is a huntsman?" Najenda responded

"are you serious? Alright then. Grimm are creatures of darkness or something like that nobody really knows cause when they die the turn to ash, they come in all forms of shapes and sizes from Beowolves to Goliath's, I cant really think of any equivalent other that werewolves and massive elephant. Vale is on the north most tip of Sanus on the western coastline its a port city, and to answer you last question a huntsman is a elite warrior trained to kill Grimm and maintain peace, how they go about doing it is completely up to the individual some act as police some act as bounty hunters and some do it just for the money, there are special cases of course such as myself I prefer to gather information and share it with other huntsmen, but they all aren't good a lot of them jump straight off the deep end into fire, acting as hit-men or thieves some even just go mad and start killing random people, and that's not fun to deal with." Qrow elaborated

Akame decided to speak up "He also can turn into a bird, most likely a trump card of some kind."

"Oh, well then Qrow what is you Teigu?" Najenda spoke once more keeping as neutral as possible

"well I got no idea what a Teigu is so how bout this you tell me about this place first cause clearly if its not near any of the four kingdoms it has to have somethings of interest, right."Qrow said trying to avoid the question as much as he could

"currently, our land is in turmoil the Empire is a large country with tribes neighboring it on three sides all subjugated in one form or another through fear, taxation or military, then there's the Revolutionary Army a force of guerrilla fighters and officials who want to be freed from the corruption that currently holds the Empire, and we, Night Raid, work for the Revolutionary Army removing the corruption as assassins. Now then, how can you turn into a bird?" Najenda replied

"Well, all huntsmen have the ability to manifest their souls as a shield, and that power also defines who they are as a person in the form of a semblance which is a unique power that manifests its self randomly my sisters for example is the ability to open portals to someone shes linked to or my nieces one can increases her speed and make herself harder to hit by turning into a cloud or rose petals the other the more damaging attacks she takes the stronger she can hit back but she has such low control over it when she gets angry outside of combat it can still flare up." Qrow said seemingly done so before

"And you expect us to believe that your a magical bird man from somewhere else in the world. Don't tell me you believe this bull, Boss!" mine exclaimed

Qrow ignored her still starring at Najenda, Najenda doing the same the two seem to just stare at one and other for what felt like hours until Najenda final asks "Why do you fight Qrow?"

Qrow seemed surprised by that question typically people ask if he will or who he fights never really asking why

"I... I fight. Because I'd rather try to change the world the only way I know how then to leave it in the fucked state its in."

Najenda seemed rather happy with that response if her grin was anything to go off of.

"Well then how about you join Night Raid then we are always looking for new hands to help around the base and with contracts." Najenda asked

"I'm assuming ill be paid for my work, but I don't think its the best idea for me to help around with chores, or be near chores, or chores in general if anything I should probably not be in the same room as anyone doing chores or anything delicate at all its just a recipe for disaster." Qrow trailed off before reaching into his coat pulling out a flask taking a drink and putting it away

"Well then Qrow allow me you welcome you to a life of carnage, unlike any other." Najenda says with what seems to be great enthusiasm despite what she said

"That. That doesn't seem safe." Qrow spoke sarcastically. Qrow sighed "Alright Ill follow your orders, but I don't do that whole 'yes ma'am' shit so if you want that than go ask your boy toy I'm sure he'd just loves to call you that. If you need me ill be situating myself as far from everyone's rooms as possible, especially Akame."

"HEY! what makes you think I like calling miss Najenda ma'am, bird brain!" Lubbock shouted clearly embarrassed Qrow just chuckled and responds coolly "I didn't say a name kid, that's on you. Have fun with that."

"So Qrow, why do you want to be as far away from Akame as possible is cause your scared of a cute girl? No need to be shy about it." Leone trying to get him to blush Qrow replies completely unfazed "No, firstly she looks a bit like my sister so off the bat that's a no go, secondly I'm 36 and shes like 17? 18?, and thirdly she has a weapon that can kill in a single, insignificant, cut so I'd like to keep as far from her as possible."

"I'm sure that's the reason why." Leone replied clearly not convinced

Qrow sighed and stalks out of the room follow closely by Leone who starts to describe different reasons as to why he would go after Akame.


Najenda waited until they left the room before speaking up "Alright, so whats your takes on him?"

Akame was the first to respond "Hes unpredictable thus far and very skilled in combat, he could prove to be a valuable assist."

Lubbock was next "I don't like him but I wont say his powers wouldn't be extremely useful, like when he transformed into a bird to avoid getting attacked and escape my wires."

Mine next spoke up "He clearly doesn't belong in a group of well trained assassins like us."

Bulat was next "He was disoriented and confused when we caught up with him and he still held his own against Akame, me, and Leone and tried to lead the fight somewhere he would have an advantage I feel like he's good enough to make it here."

finally Sheele "I'm sorry, what were we talking about? I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry."

"Insight full as always. We still need Leones input." all confirm her question, and waited for Leone to return


"and your just waiting for the right moment to tell her how you truly, love blooming on the battle field between two assassins until their lust can be contained on longer and they-" the blond had not stopped since they left the room Qrow just continued to block her out, and walk until he remembered that he had absolutely no idea where anything was.

"Hey kid, whatever your name is where am I going to sleep, cause as it stands I'm guessing nowhere or in you mind mini Ravens' bed" Qrow cuts her off he was fine with the whole lewd jokes thing but right now he's too tired to even think of anything other then sleep

"I do have a name you know, alright, most of the rooms are on above the entrance going around to the left the side of the structure Mine sleeps on the forth floor along with Sheele, Bulat sleeps on the first floor along with Akame, Lubbock and Boss are on the second floor and me, Leone, all alone on the third floor, not that I sleep in my bed all that often, if you need me at any point in time check the kitchen first then the lounge if I'm not sleeping in either if those places then I'm in my room." Leone states

"Well then that perfect ill sleep on the third floor then and away from the rest of the group" Qrow replies seemingly pleased by the idea of being away from the rest of the group

"Alrighty than, follow me and Ill show you to your room, but still I don't understand why you showed so much trust in us when we were literally trying to kill you not even 30 minutes ago, so why the sudden change in opinion?"

"Well apart from you lot being the first people I've seen since I got here I also know for a fact if I didn't try and find a compromise I'd be dead by now and I'd rather be able to go home to tell Oz that I got absolutely no idea what the fuck that energy reading was cause I'm pretty sure he wouldn't believe a single word out of my mouth." Qrow explained

"Oh and here I thought its was cause you love to stare." Leone replies

"7/10 at best if you ask me." Qrow counters both share a small chuckle as they move up another flight of stairs and into a hallway stopping at the very end of the hallway

"alright this is your room make your self at home ill come get you in the morning for the meeting." Leone says and walks back down stairs as Qrow walks into the room it has a bed, a rug, a window, a dresser, and a desk and chair, wonderful, Qrow takes harbinger of his belt and leans it up against the wall and falling into bed letting the fatigue pull him to sleep.


Leone re-enters the meeting room to find everyone waiting

"welcome back Leone." Akame said

"Can we final finish this meeting." Mine exclaimed clearly tired

"So whats the vote." Leone asks

"currently its 2 for 2 all we need is your opinion" Najenda reply's

"I think he'll be a good assist and and take some of my workload so we can get and confirm more contracts." Leone explained

"Alright, its settled then, Leone he's working with you take him into the capital and confirm the Walver guilt. Ill be leaving to the revolutionary main base tonight Akame I'm leaving you in charge until I get back shouldn't take more than a day or two if I move fast." Najenda states as she gets up and starts walking to the door before pausing and speaking "I shouldn't have to say this but if he turns out to be more trouble then hes worth your free to kill him" the only reply was Akame nodding then Najenda continues walking until she left and into the dying sun.

Alright that seems good enough for now but I still feel like I can improve in many area so if there's any feedback that may be constructive and not worthless id be more than happy to learn. And yes this is heavily inspired by the story 'A Murder of Qrow' by MementoMori115 who more than likely has done this story much better than myself, but hey silver lining...Umm yeah I got none, and I don't know how to end this whelp you win some you lose some and this is most likely in the lose some category. 0/1

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