This was suppose to be at the end of the last chapter... but I like multiples of five sooooo this is here now. Enjoy! (Or don't, I don't care, not like I made this just for you specifically [Your name here] or anything.)

It should also be mentioned that I'm only responding to the comments that I can give relevant information on, or add a bit of story to, or something that stuck with me for the whole way through

TheReaperCommander 'The Qrow And Raven bonding is just amazing. Too bad that Leone died I thought with Qrow and Raven here they would be able to save her.' Thanks for the complement on sibling bonding I take 'inspiration' from my older sister for that, and Qrow couldn't have saved Leone she was already dead on her feet at that point so unlocking her aura to heal her would have been impossible, Raven could have but neither Qrow nor Leone knew that and Raven wasn't willing to sacrifice that secret for her brother.

Toa IceHeart 'Did you skip Sheele's death?' Yes I wasn't very confident in my skills back then so I made the whole plot of Qrow going north to watch Esdeath just to keep him away from that event but during his time with Esdeath and co. he learned of what happened.

Jlargent 'You could have Raven kidnap Kurome and take her to her camp to flush the toxins out of her system.' I kinda, maybe, sorta, took that idea and ran with it by knocking Qrow out and leaving Raven basically unattended with a corpse, her brother, and a very VERY confused child... but it a better outcome than what I had planned (Nothing) so thank you for the aid in the outcome of this story.

It was a guest who wrote this so I don't know what to put here its also very long and would just pad the word count, it is good criticism and I am very grateful and hope that I have fulfilled your wants. 'Qrow isn't stupid, he was the right arm for Ozpin for info gathering. he may drunk, yes, but think of him like jack sparrow. Drunk enough to seem goofy to actually be dangerous and cunning. he won't let himself be captured that easily when in unknown or enemy territory.' This is a part of what was written down that stuck with me. I feel Qrow in the first chapter was yes not what he's was suppose to be, but he wasn't captured, six on one are hard odds to beat Akame also feel for his ruse of dropping his guard and releasing her showed that he wasn't going to harm them, In a few quick moments he earned a bit of trust and thats all he needed

Finally we have COBRS DARKNISS Once again its very long so ill do what I done do did with the last one... a clusterfuck, I guess. but in all seriousness I was very grateful for the advice I read the Review when I was in school the day after upload and when I got home I immediately rewrote the first chapter... and looking back now it was really bad and I hope that you stuck around until the end.

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