TLDR- Assassin of Beacon Volume 1 and 2 are completed and waiting to be read.

Leone slowly made her way down the alleyway, looking down the blood began to seep through her cloak turning it a dark shade of red, quietly she made her way down the alley, after a few steps she tripped and fell to the ground, with a grunt she forced herself upward as much as she could, after a few seconds of forcing she collapsed to the ground

"Dammit... I guess this'll do." Leone said tiredly as she looked at her dark dank surroundings, boxes and brick walls. It wasn't that bad of an end, she got to smash that bastards face in so she could die happy knowing that. Closing her eyes she waited for death to claim her, but instead of death she found nothing but Qrow filling her mind, his dumb smile, his cocky attitude in the heat of battle, that tattered and torn cape that he always wore... that thought alone made her choke up a bit, how the hell could that alone be the thing that broke her? Not pain, not the lose of a friend, but the fact that she wasn't going to be able to hear Qrows voice again, that she wouldn't get to see his face again, that she couldn't feel his embrace again, for once in her life she was angry that she listened to her instincts, she wanted to be with Qrow right now, it was so cold and she was alone, why? She thought this was the right thing to do! But it wasn't, it couldn't be the right thing. Typically she couldn't care less when it came to her condition but she felt that Qrow was the one who could make all this unease and fear go away, that if only he was there than this wouldn't be so bad... this had to be wrong.

It had to be wrong. After a few moments of waiting the cold and numbness went away and the unease and fear followed, opening her eyes she was greeted to a forest of red trees, rising to her feet she looked around, no one was around her, lifting up her cloak she checked her stomach for wounds, nothing was there

"Hello?" Leone called out

"So, you've finally come to have you?"

"Umm, who are you?" Leone asked looking for the source of the voice, it seemed to come from everywhere

"I am, what you would call your past... or was it future? I don't remember they all happen at once. Now then, I gave you that information for free considering that's what everyone asks. You have three questions, they can be of anything, about anyone, I will provide an answer."

"Okay, that explained nothing, but hey if you're giving out answers I'll take 'em." Leone happily replied, clearing her head she began to think of what to ask it could be about anything... anything at all... "Was I pregnant when I died? Cause me and Qrow had a lot of sex before that final mission so I wanted to know, and I was feeling weird for that whole mission."

"Yes. It was to be a girl with pale skin, blond and black hair, with sharp red eyes."

"That's adorable, I can imagine what they looked like but... well this just hurt." Leone said feeling bile rise up her throat, she let her thoughts again return to Qrow and then their unborn child, she felt far more pain then she ever physically sustained before at that thought, the three of them, together. Something she didn't believe she could ever have... but she need to make sure.

"Two questions remain."

"Is it possible for me to return to Qrow and Akame in life?" Leone asked without hesitation

"The power to revisit is common among the dead, but the power to revive while frowned upon is very possible, but one must be of the prime worlds to do so, you are from a secondary world much like Qrow, instead you must face many trials to be deemed worth of returning, that may take centuries. One question left."

"I don't give a flying fuck, I will do whatever it takes to reach my bestie and her bird!" Leone shouted out clenching her fists and removed her cloak "How do I reach these 'trials'?"

"I do not know."

"Hang on I thought you can answer everything! What happened to that?"

"I said 'I will provide an answer' I never said it would be the answer you wanted or if it was correct. Zero questions left. Farewell."

"YOU DICK!" Leone shouted to the sky, but for the life of her she couldn't figure our why, one second she was lying in an alleyway bleeding out the next she was calling the sky a dick, yep... that's the way to live. Looking around she felt the sudden urge to walk North,like there was something waiting for her in that direction, given the fact it was the only information she had to go off of, it was the best information to go off of, and thus she began to march towards the sensation

She spent days walking, she felt hungry but no matter how much she ate she never felt full, she felt thirsty but no matter how much she drank she never felt her thirst drown, each step she felt pins and needles but she pushed onward even if her legs felt extremely heavy. She walked and walked until she couldn't anymore, collapsing to the ground again she sighed and relaxed, her body felt heavy and she was so tired it didn't really matter if she took a short nap, right? Closing her eyes her mind was again assaulted with visions of Qrow and Akame, with a groan she pushed herself up into a standing position and continued to walk

"I swear, when I see you again Qrow I'm gonna beat you." Leone said as she slowly continued towards the feeling that she had, she passed by upside down mountains, reverse trees, strange structures made of a white stone with no one inside, barely any creatures inhabited this place, wherever she was it didn't make any sense, there were masses of land floating in the sky, she could have sworn she saw a large one with a city on it, but with how tired, hungry, and thirsty she wasn't sure she could trust her eyes anymore, so she ignored it. Walking up to a normal looking forest she looked around it, this had to be her destination, every fiber in her being told her this has to be it, walking forward she entered the forest, walking with a new vigor she knew she was close, it was near the center of this forest, that's what her instincts told her... but should she trust them? What she really wanted in the end was denied to her because of them... but shes already made it this far, too deep to quit now. She continued to walk until she reached the center of the forest after exited through a large bush she collapsed again panting heavily, looking up she saw a cabin. With the lights on crawling towards the door, she grabbed a rock and threw it at the door missed and it crashed through the window

"Meh... good enough..." was all Leone said before collapsing to the ground and letting darkness take her again

Opening her eyes she looked around, she was in a bed, in a house... she was in her bed, in her house, the warmth she felt was extremely comforting, she looked down and saw a pair of arms wrapped around her naked body, looking over her shoulder she saw Qrow happily sleeping next to her, she didn't want to get out of bed but she felt that she needed to, removing Qrows hands from her stomach and breast she got out of bed and dressed herself, the only clothes she had were the ones she wore in the empire, not that it mattered to her she was always happy to show off, walking out of the room she made her way downstairs following the smell of cooking meat, entering the kitchen she saw Akame cooking, sneaking up behind her Leone hugged her and lifted her up, Akame made no attempt to escape

"Morning Akame! How was your night?" Leone asked as she set Akame down

"Sleepless." Akame answered as she went back to cook, Leone made an awkward noise and scratched the back of her head

"It couldn't have been that bad." Leone waved off awkwardly as she sat at the table

"We got multiple complaints from the neighbors, and the police." Akame clarified as she set a plate of beef stroganoff in front of Leone, she began to blush quiet profusely at the thought of what she was talking about

"Oriole should be waking up soon, I'll go get her." Akame said after looking at the clock on the wall, she then vanished into another room. 'Oriole... that's a dumb name. Who names someone something so dumb?' Leones' thoughts were interrupted by Akame reentering the room holding a small child with pale skin, blond hair with many streaks of black in it, with large red eyes. 'She is beautiful.' was all Leone could think as she stared at the child, her child.

"Leone? Are you doing okay?" Akame asked as she set the child down in a booster seat

"Yeah... its just... shes beautiful." Leone said staring at the girl as Akame tried to feed her meat, it was generally successful, but she kept spitting it back up


"Akame, I don't think shes ready for food that large yet." Qrows voice came from the doorway, both turned to see him fully dressed and with Harbinger on his belt

"Oh... then what does she eat?" Akame asked completely confused

"We got some baby food in the fridge." Qrow said and pointed at it as he sat down next to Leone, Akame nodded and walked over to the fridge and opened it grabbed one of the jars and gasped in surprise

"Whats up kiddo?" Qrow asked looking over to her, Akame held up a jar with 'Beef' written on it "Ha! You owe my twenty bucks." Qrow gloated at after reading it and looking to Leone

"I could have sworn... could have... sworn..." Leone began but felt strange, something was off with this

"You okay?" Qrow asked as he leaned on the table

"Are you real?" Leone asked looking around at everything, something was wrong

"Last I checked." Qrow snarked and smiled at her

"Is this real?" Leone asked again now looking directly into Qrows eyes, something about them was off, there wasn't the age to them, which drew her to them


"And who keeps saying my name?!" Leone asked as everything became dark and her senses failed her

Sitting up she banged her head into something

"Ow... I nurse you back to health and this is the thanks I get?" a familiar voice asked, forcing her eyes open she looked around she was in a cabin the looked like it was recently built, looking down she saw Lubbock sitting on the ground rubbing his head

"Sorry 'bout that Lubb, Where are we?" Leone asked as she looked around

"Were dead. I'm assuming you did what me and Tatsumi did, that was a few months ago now." Lubbock answered as he stood

"How did you die?"

"Esdeath got me... I didn't put up much of a fight... sorry." Lubbock answered awkwardly clearly embarrassed by that fact

"You should be! Why did we even pay you?" Leone asked as she stood "Who else is here?"

"Me, you, Chelsea, Tatsumi, Bulat, and Sheele." Lubbock answered as Leone walked towards what she could only assume was the kitchen

"So do we got any alcohol 'round here or what?" Leone asked as she vanished into the room

"Yeah... you don't seem to have changed that much." Lubbock commented as he followed her

"Well, I'm not really planing on sticking around so I might as well be consistent." Leone replied as she she began to search cabinets

"Where are you going? You just got here." Lubbock asked as he sat at the table

"I'm gonna find the way out of here, Qrow and Akame are all alone having fun with out me. That's not allowed." Leone answered as she stood and continued her search

"Well Bulat probably knows something bout that, hes been here for... well he said about a hundred years, but I don't trust that. Considering is only been five-ish months."

"Well it doesn't matter, I had a kid and now I don't I have very little to lose right now." Leone calmly said as she leaned on the counter

"I had... no idea. I'm sorry." Lubbock apologized his voice conveying his emotion

"Don't worry about it, that's on me. I gotta find a way outta here so we can try again." Leone explained as she went back to searching "Where the hell do you guys keep the alcohol?" Leone asked getting angrier

"In the fridge over there." Lubbock answered and pointed at it a tall gray box, Leone walked over and opened it seeing a large amount of alcohol waiting for her

"Oh... well this thing is cool." Leone commented and grabbed a bottle slammed the door shut and began to chug the contents

"So can we discuss the fact that you want to defy death for the pure fact that you want to have sex with Qrow again." Lubbock asked as she gasped for air after she finished the drink

"No, there's nothing to discuss. I don't wanna leave my mate and bestie alone... wherever they are." Leone denied as she reached into the fridge again and grabbed more alcohol "So, wheres everyone else?"

"Everyone's got work during the evening, so their all asleep right now. I work during the days so I'm a awake right now." Lubbock answered as he stood "Speaking of, I should get going now. You stay here, until someone wakes up. I should mention Esdeath showed up here a few weeks ago."

"What the hell was she doin' here?" Leone questioned as she followed him out the door into the living room

"She came here for Tatsumi, Bulat talked her out of it and sent her off in some random direction I think. You can ask him when he wakes up." Lubbock answered as he pulled on his long coat and walked out the door leaving Leone alone in the room.

"I guess I'll wait..." Leone said to herself as she sat down and closed her eyes letting her mind wander

Opening her eyes she looked around, she was in a bed, in a house... she was in her bed, in her house...

A/N Its been a while, my friends, it has been a while. I cant express how happy I am to get to upload on Crow of Night Raid again, it has a strange feeling to it, but that can be elaborated on at another time. Assassin of Beacon Volume 1 and 2 have both been uploaded and completed, I forgot that most people followed the story and not the Author, so I decided to make a quick little story and latch it onto the end of Crow of Night Raid, you know how most people just give you Author updates in a full chapter, I always hated that even if they are important, so I decided if I ever need to make an update like this I'll make a quick chapter and upload it with the Authors Notes

TLDR- Assassin of Beacon Volume 1 and 2 are completed and waiting to be read.

(I will say I personally feel that volume 1 feels like it drags on when you get to the last 4 chapters, and volume 2 has some inconsistencies.)