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He tossed in his sleep. He couldn't escape the nightmare even when he dreamed. He knew that he had done the wrong thing selling out his friend but he had done it for the right reasons. He wished he had thought this through before doing it but he assumed he was doing right.

The memories came flooding back to him. His friend pointed out that it was in the past but the past couldn't stay in the past. It would haunt him day and night. Before he could wake up he would have to get through the night. Suddenly, Jesus was there.

"Judas," He whispered, "It's alright. You just had a nightmare."
He shook his head.

"It's not alright," he said tears filling his eyes.

"How long have you been suffering from these nightmares," He asked.

"Since it started," Judas explained.

"It's okay," He said, "The nightmares will go away eventually."
Slowly he caught his breath.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Don't apologize," Jesus replied, "You've been through a lot."

"Can you make the nightmares go away," Judas asked, "Make it like the past never happened."
Jesus sighed.

"The past did happen," He said, "and it HAD to happen but there's nothing to fear anymore. Your hard times are but a memory now. It will fade away like a storm and then there will be a bright sunshine and a rainbow."

"I felt so alone through those times," Judas said.

"Oh Judas," Jesus replied, "You were never alone. I was always with you."

"Why did I have to suffer," Judas asked sadly.

"Here," Jesus said handing him a glass of pure water, "Drink this and you will no longer remember that you did suffer."
He drank it up and suddenly a calm fell over him. For the first time in years he slept peacefully his suffering finally forgotten. He didn't know why he had to suffer but he knew that it was over. The nightmares would no longer plauge him and for that he was grateful.