A few days after my arrival, I am still in the infirmary. My wing will take a while to heal. That means that I won't be able to fly for awhile. The pain medication that Matron gave me makes me tired all of the time. "Good evening, Silverwing," A voice greets me from the entrance.

I look over to see Ezylryb standing there. "Hello, Ezylryb," I return the greeting.

"How are you feeling?" Ezylryb asks.

"I'm fine. The medication makes me tired, though," I answer.

"Hello." We both turn to see a blind green snake slither in.

"Hello, Octavia," Ezylryb greets the snake.

"How is everything here?" Octavia asks.

"Everything's fine. Any luck finding a hollow for Silver?" Ezylryb asks.

"No. There are no empty hollows," Octavia answers.

"Then, Silver, would you like to stay in my hollow?" Ezylryb asks.

"Sure," I answer. We walk away toward his hollow.

When we get there, Ezylryb addresses me. "I'd like you to tell me some things about the Pure Ones," He requests.

I open my beak a little in surprise. "I… I can't. I'll tell you only one thing. They're horrible creatures. They will try to kill me. They won't stop with just me. They won't stop until we're all dead," I gasp as soon as I am able to speak.

"You're shaking," Ezylryb tells me.

"I… I can't help it. I shake when I'm afraid," I mumble. I'm embarrassed at my admitting to being afraid.

Ezylryb senses that. "Silver, everyone is afraid sometimes. It's nothing to be ashamed of," Ezylryb says.

I look up at him. "That can't be right. Only the weak show fear," I reply.

"Did Metal Beak tell you that?" Ezylryb asks.

"Uhhh… yeah," I confess.

"Everything Metal Beak told you is a lie," Ezylryb continues.

"Yeah, you've got a point," I agree.

"Then, why did you say that the weak show fear?" Ezylryb asks.

"You forget. I was raised around them. It's not exactly easy to ignore their ideals. I can't escape the shadows cast by them," I tell him.

"Wait. You were raised around them?" Ezylryb asks.

"I was captured within minutes after I hatched. I don't know if I have any kin. Most likely I don't. Even if I do, I'll never find them," I reply.

"It's getting late. We should get to sleep," Ezylryb says after looking out of the hollow.

"I had a feeling that Silver would be staying here with us, so I had Matron make him a nest," Octavia says. She slithers into the bed chamber and shows me my nest.

I turn to her. "Thank you, Octavia," I bow my head slightly in gratitude.

"You're welcome, Silver," Octavia replies as she slithers out of the bed chamber.

Ezylryb comes in. "We should both get some rest," He tells me as he settles down inside his own nest. I nod my head and get comfortable in my nest. I close my eyes. It isn't long before I fall asleep. As I sleep, I dream:

I see Tyto Forest. Metal Beak is perched on one of the branches. "Bring him to me!" he shouts. I am brought forward. He jeers at me. He tells me to look. I do. I see the guardians surrounded by Pure Ones. The Pure Ones kill the guardians. Tears fall down my face. Metal Beak turns to me. "Now, you see what will happen because of your treachery!" He yells before he advances on me. I can't move. He raises his talons and tears into me. Blood splatters the tree on which I am perched…

"Wake up, Silver! Wake up!" I hear someone calling. My eyes snap open and I gasp for breath. I looked around. Ezylryb stands there with a worried look on his face.

"What happened?" I ask.

"It looked like you were having a horrible daymare," Ezylryb says.

"You could say that again," I look down as I say this.

"What was it about?" Ezylryb ask.

"What do you think?" I counter his question with another question.

"The Pure Ones?" Ezylryb asks.

"Yes. I dreamt that they killed all of the guardians as well as myself as punishment for my treachery," I tell him. I wilf at the thought of it.

"Well, that won't happen, now will it?" Ezylryb tries to reassure me.

"You can't be certain," I mumble. I pause. "Where's Octavia," I ask.

"When you were still in your daymare, she slithered off to fetch some tea and milkberry buns," Ezylryb explains.

Just then, Octavia comes in with the tea things on her back. "I see you're awake. I hope that tea will calm you down. What is tea without milkberry buns to go with it?" She tells me. We start drinking the tea and eating buns in the main portion of the hollow. When I gulp down the last morsel, I turn my head toward the entrance. My eyes widen in shock as a strange feeling overwhelms me.

"Silver, what's wrong?" Ezylryb asks.

"Something is going to happen. Don't ask me what, because even I don't know," I answer.

An enormous yawn issues from my beak. "Silver, you're exhausted. Why don't we both get some more sleep," Ezylryb suggests.

"Okay," I agree. We make our way to our nests and fall asleep.