AN: This takes place some years after the characters graduate high school and become adults.

Otako looks up from her computer when she hears her phone ring. Sighing through her nose, Otako wipes her eyes and grabs for her phone. She checks the notification bar and sees that Galko had messaged her.

Otako clicks on the notification bar and was greeted with a picture of Galko, boyfriend Yazuko and their two year old son at the park. Attached to the picture, Galko wrote, 'Wish you could have been there! Miss ya! ^3^'

Otako smiles. Before she could respond, she sees three dots on the bottom of her screen. Shortly after, Galko sends another picture with the three of them now at home. Galko took a picture of her son, Jyugo, laying on the floor on his stomach, his tongue sticking out and drawing on a piece of paper.

'Jyugo is so cute! Look at my little boy!' Galko sent afterwards, gushing through emojis.

Otako giggles quietly to herself. Despite how hectic work can be for Otako, at least she can look forward to Galko sending her pictures of her son every now and then.

Few minutes have passed since Galkos last picture and Otako was close to finishing up her work when her notification bell turned on. Otako glances over her phone and sees that Galko sent another picture.

Otako opens her phone and looks at the photo. This photo was different than the one before; it showed a drawing that Jyugo had drawn. It showed him, Galko and her husband, Yazuko and Jyugo, all holding hands with their very colorful house in the background.

A text was attached to the picture and it read, 'My child is more talented than me and he's only two years old!'

Otako smiles in amusement. Galko always gushed about everything Jyugo did. He was an adorable kid and Galko never made her forget it whenever they hung out. She wasn't wrong; he certainly is a good drawer - for a two year old that is. With one final glance at the drawing, Otako puts her own away and resumes back to wok.

'Maybe I'll drop by once I'm done with this paperwork.'

AN: This is short and nothing really happened but, I really wanted to write Galko as a mother and I thought this was a cute way to do it. Hopefully someday I might write more about Galko and Jyugo. I might even write about her and her boyfriend, Yazuko but, I am not making any promises.

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