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Chapter 1

The smoke hung in the air like a fog, making it difficult for the waitress to see the entire table. There were men and women surrounding the large, round poker table, some with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths, some with the ash trays full in front of them. Everyone had a hand of cards, waiting patiently for the next person to ante up.

"Another round, y'all?" she asked, waving the smoke from her eyes.

Collectively, the table glanced up, nodding slightly.

"How about I'll tell you when to stop, honey," a gruff voice answered, staring at the cards in his hands. "We're just gettin' started, here."

The waitress pressed her lips into a hard smile, trying to keep her enthusiasm up, with the hopes that one of the regulars would end up being a good tipper tonight. Working at this particular truck stop was not a very rewarding career.

Pete's was just another stop along the highway, near the northern most United States border in Grand Marais, Minnesota. From the outside, it looked like a perfectly normal truck stop, complete with a seasonal wash, only open between April and September each year. On the inside, it was filled with sparse d├ęcor complete with a stuffed moose, large, bearded men, sprinkled with the occasional woman, coated in a layer of grease, cigarette smoke, and destitution. It wasn't a place you wanted to spend your days. The poker table in the corner of the main room was always occupied by the same rotating characters.

Pete, the owner of the truck stop, was seated in his usual spot in the corner, looking out to the rest of the restaurant and bar, dealing the cards for the never-ending game of five-card draw. He smiled at the waitress and winked, "Thanks, Holly," he muttered. "We're good for now."

"Alright, then, Pete," Holly replied, tucking her graying hair behind her ear. "Lemme know what you need."

The large, hairy man leaned back into his seat, sighing heavily. "I'm out," he grumbled, throwing his cards to the table. "I'm so fuckin' tired of losing."

Looking up at the large man sitting across from him, Pete chuckled. "You've had a rough week, there, haven't you, Glenn."

"Hell yeah, I have," Glenn answered, shaking his head and rubbing his face with both hands. His knuckles were scabbed and there were two large gashes on his arm and face. "That hunter down in Livingston almost had me."

A few of the men around the table glanced up, mildly interested in what Glenn had to say. "Hunter?" one of them asked. "As in just one?"

"I don't like your tone, Eddie," Glenn replied, lifting a single eyebrow. "Sounds pretty judgmental to me."

Eddie suppressed a grin, staring back down at his cards. "Not sayin' nothin'," he answered, "but come on, Glennie boy. A big, bad vampire versus a lone hunter? Sounds like a fight you should have been on top of, no problem."

"She was stronger than I thought," Glenn muttered.

Eddie slammed his hand down onto the poker table, forcing the chips to bounce in place. "She!" he guffawed. "You got your ass handed to you by a female hunter?"

Glenn tossed his cards down on the table, "I don't have to take this, man," he began, making the move to stand. "Some kinda bullshit."

"Sit down, Glenn," Bertie called, smiling. "Eddie don't mean nothing. We all got our survival stories."

Glenn turned to click his tongue at the older woman, shaking his head disappointedly. "Keep control of your mate, will you, Bert?"

Bertie clicked her tongue and added a chip to the pile. "Eddie controls Eddie. I control me," she stared over her cards at Glenn across the table. "Ante up, boys. I gotta hand to play."